Who Killed Epstein?


The Question In My Mind . . . Is Somewhat the same Question Which is In the Mind of MILLIONS of Others, WHO KILLED JEFFERY EPSTEIN? It’s not as if we will ever Really Know, or if it will Really make a Difference to our Lives.


I Doubt if any People are Wondering WHY Epstein was Killed, while in Federal (New York) Penal Custody. The ONLY Question in my mind is – Who ordered the Murder, which could have been any amongst the “Army” of Reprobate Guests, who Epstein Treated to his Bevvy of Underaged Sex Toys?


I Imagine We Will Never Know The Truth. Even if it is Indeed Possible that the Justice Department “Might” Discover who actually Did the Dirty Deed, but NEVER who was Responsible for Making it Happen, since Men & Possibly even Women of Extreme Power & Influence had Great Reason to Make Certain Epstein Could & Would Never Spill the Beans.

To Me . . . Epstein Was The Acknowledged Procurer Of Sin For The Powerful.

I Bet – That Amongst The Suspects Of Epstein’s Murder . . . There Are Very High-Profile Lawyers, Judges, Entertainers, Politicians, Religious Leaders, Captains Of Industry, High Tech Gurus, even British Royalty . . . To Perhaps Major Players Of Foreign Nations.

But Does It Really Matter Who Ended This Reprobate’s Life?

The Epstein Saga To Me . . . is Nothing more than a Distraction, since we will all be Titillated for a While, trying to Guess who Did It, since Everyone who was Entertained by Epstein has (or in this case) had Motive.

So Basically . . . Unless Bill Clinton and a few other Holier-Than -Thou Political Figures, who Ride and have Ridden Roughshod on the Rights of the People take the Fall for the Epstein Debacle . . . Why Should I Really Care? It’s Just More Reality TV.


I Care Deeply that our Nations, the USA More than Canada, is becoming so Divided on LEFTIST LIES, that there is every Possibility that America could bear Witness to a Second Revolution, with the Potential for another Civil War at Worst . . . and at Best, if Truth Doesn’t Win-Out – a Real Dystopic Society, as we are Beginning to see on the Streets, Sidewalks and Underpasses of so many . . . Once-Upon-A-Time Great American Cities.


Try Changing The Sun, The Moon & The Stars . . . Before Trying To Change The Climate.

I Also Care A Great Deal . . . About how the LEFT are pushing the Cost of Living & Sustainable Real Progress to the Brink, with their INSANE Propaganda over Climate Change, to the Point that the LEFT are doing all they can to Mandate how our lives MUST be Altered to “Save” the Planet, as if these IDIOTS think that anything Humanity can do to Stop or Alter the Planet’s Climate from Changing is Possible, as it has been Changing for BILLIONS of Years from the Time the Earth was First Formed.


Please Understand This – Jews Are The Canaries In The Social Coal Mine.

I am extremely Concerned About International ANTI-SEMITISM Couched in the Euphemism of BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions), which is Supposedly Aimed at Israel, for the way Israeli Jews Supposedly Treat Palestinian Arabs, and Act as “Occupiers” of Arab Land, which was Never Arab Land to Begin with . . . But I Digress.


This BDS Crap Is Nothing Other . . . than a Squirrely Mealy-Mouthed Excuse to be an ANTI-SEMITE without Outwardly Exposing Oneself as Such – Being An Anti-Semite That Is.

Several Issues have Become Terrifying To A Pro-Jewish Person Like Me.


1 – Because of BDS, Anti-Semitism has Gone Mainstream Throughout Europe & North America.

2 – BDS is Promoted Throughout Academia from High School Through University.

3 – Courses at Multiple Levels are Taught in our Schools on the Virtues of BDS.

4 – California – America’s Largest State, has just Introduced Anti-Israel (Anti-Jewish) Studies throughout the State’s System of Academia.

5 – Jewish Pro-Israel (Zionist) Students are Terrified to be Seen as Being Pro-Israel or even Religious . . . And Not Just In The United StatesCANADA TOO.

And What Are Jews Like Me To Think, When The Democrat Led Congressional House, Can’t Even Pass A Simple Law Condemning Anti-Semitism & Purveyors Of Such?

BDS has Become such a Problem, that even LEFTIST Jewish Students and their LEFTIST Parents have Bought Into the Bromide that Israel is Evil, and Jewish People Must Stand Against the Evil of Israel . . . Even though Israel is Probably one of the Most Democratic & Progressive Countries on the Planet . . .

To the Point where American LEFTIST Jews, more so than Canadian Jews, have More Loyalty to their LEFTIST Politics, than they have Little to no Affinity with the Jewish State of Israel – And Israel’s 3,000-Year Old History & Purpose For Being.

I Just Read how More than a Hundred Tires were Slashed in a Jewish New Jersey Neighborhood. Over the Past Two Weeks, in Several Unrelated Circumstances, Jews were Beaten-Upon in Montreal & Toronto, because they were Visibly Jewish, in some cases Leading to Emergency Medical Care.

This Is Not The Way A Decent Society Should Have To Conduct Itself.

And Now – Because of the Real Anti-Semitic Threats Against Toronto Jews, Specifically Jewish Students, the JDL (Toronto Jewish Defense League) are Patrolling Jewish Communities to Provide Security, so Jewish Children and the Elderly aren’t Harassed or Beaten-Up.

I Know As Fact – First Hand . . . that there are Three Major Canadian Universities, one in Montreal (Concordia) Quebec, one in Hamilton (McMaster) Ontario, and one in Toronto (University of Toronto) Ontario, which are just the Very Tip of the Canadian Academic BDS Spear, where Jewish Students Feel from being Uncomfortable to Frightened to Attend.

SO . . . Like Nero, While The North American Society Burns – The Media, Academia & LEFTIST Politicians Fiddle, Worrying More about how a Sex Reprobate like Epstein Died while in Custody, Far More-So than how the Essence of our Entire Societies (USA & Canada) are Dying a Little Bit Day-In & Day Out.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on! We need to ALL keep calling out this anti-Semitism out whenever it happens. Never give in to this liberal evil. Never!

  2. I agree with you 100% Howard,as usual.keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks again Howard for saying what MUST be said, keep em coming. pw

  4. All of Western society is under threat from post Modernism in all its manifestation. The Jews are being targeted because the Extreme Islamists are on the march. Why does George Soros want to helps destroy the Jewish society – that is something I will never understand. Is he a different kind of Jew – why would he hate his own people? Are the Jews divided by different factions of the religion just like Christianity is divided into the RC Church, the Anglican Church, the Methodists, etc. etc.?

  5. To add to your article the one big problem is that the Democrats keep stirring the pot. They will never give up, that is the ones who are doing the stirring. The Democrats had it going all their way with Obama as President, but he was nothing but a mouthpiece taking orders from the Democrats. They were sure that Hillary would be the President with all of their voter fraud but the good people of America woke up. If these Democrat keep it up there will be a civil war, but we have all of the guns.

  6. ‘Someone’ murdered Jeffrey Epstein. Considering that many other people have died by so-called suicide, I expect that we will never know ‘for sure’ who killed him. It took several persons in the line ….some to cover up, someone to actually do it.

  7. I don’t believe he’s dead but in Israel as he’s Mossad

  8. Pres.Trump is slowly DRAINING the Swamp, so it DOES MATTER who was INVOLVED WITH & WHO ended Epstein’s life!This saga IS a DISTRACTION, but it will REVEAL MORE than we could ever IMAGINE!Due to the Social Media, NOTHING is CONFIDENTIAL anymore!People now THRIVE on DRAMA.Even WEATHER events are presented in a DRAMATIC fashion!Epstein KNEW that sooner or later, his LIFESTYLE would, somehow, be EXPOSED & was PREPARED for this outcome! Those INVOLVED should be CONCERNED! THERE IS MORE TO COME! AMEN!

  9. We have to know the truth about epstein because he was a child trafficker, especially young girls of 14 to be used by very important pedophiles and himself as their plaything. Hope that whoever goes after this case gets the collaboration of these victims, whoever they may be, young girls or young boys and pedophilia must be exposed as the true-crime it is, children exploitation for sex. bill clinton is known for going on epstein plane and island and we know why. How many high profile involved.

  10. Howard, I believe the 2 issues are linked…in a society where the upper echalon of leaders are nothing more than a bunch of depraved animals, deserving to be drawn and quartered, could the real issue of BDS froth at the mouth rabid Jew hatred thrive! Only when we as a society deliver justice to the very animals of Epstien’s circus, can we as a society live morally and deliver back to the BDS garbage the very justice they demand.

  11. Some schmuck will take the hit for Epstein’s death …and life will go on. Within a month the issue will be forgotten. Me thinks that the killer will serve time and retire with sufficient !!! funding.

  12. Who has the operatives and reach to harvest a target? Most of the clients do. Clinton shines darkly… above… all of them. Still, the sledge hammer that will crush the Obama Clinton led coup is the true justice to come. No question that at a very least the sexual vermin was set up for it. Pleased to see you Site back and fine. Well done.

  13. Good job Howard and keep it up! Watched Life Liberty & Levin Sunday nite, Jako Booyens was about sex trafficking in our U.S. Learned so much. Wonders why our presidential candidates are not talking about how our children from age 12 being picked up by these pimps. I wish everyone would listen to this, Levin usually has a rerun the following Saturday. I’m going to watch it again. Of course, Epstein’s name was included.

  14. Like you, I have learned that, when a lot of MSM is drawing attention in one direction, I need to look “at the other hand.” In this case, the Left is making a scapegoat of Israel, so surely they are opening a floodgate from another direction, I.e. Agenda 21 from the U.N. please continue to be the watchman on the wall.

  15. I don’t know if Epstein was murdered or hidden away in WitSec but I am 100% certain he did NOT commit suicide. I’d believe anything about the government powers that be these days. Systemic corruption from top to bottom–from the beat cops to the 7th floor of the FBI/DOJ. Scumbags all.

  16. I’m not surprised. You hit the nail on-the-head again. Can’t imagine a better spokesperson. Thank G-d for Howard Galganov. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  17. Epstein is another ‘casualty’ of the Clintons! BUT..is he ‘really’ dead? You are correct this is a (diversion). I will never understand anti-Semitism. What happened to the GOLDEN RULE? Just because we have 4 Islamic elected officials it seems to have intensified anti-Semitism & like The Pied Piper leading the lemmings to their demise so goes the LEFT & those who don’t know the FACTS & Ideology & History. Slowly, Trump is making the effort to Drain The Swamp. MYPOV

  18. Just wait… there will soon be another shooting to divert attention… But seriously, I always thought that in life, you had to pick-side, know who your friends are, defend them… fast forward to 2019 politically-correct-Canada, criticizing Iran/Hamas/Hezbollah will get you labeled a “racist”… Because, you know, they deserve a chance!

  19. Howard, I gotta tell ya…..I like what Kathy West (from Michigan) wrote. Yes, another casualty of the Clintons, for sure… but there’s even a larger truth to all this: Is Epstein really dead ??? Excellent question, Kathy….And And And….if Epstein is in fact DEAD…he did NOT kill himself. This sexual predator of underage girls wouldn’t have the guts to commit suicide. As Bob Dylan once sang: “There’s something happening but we don’t know what it is, do we Mister Jones?” :>( Brucester

  20. To Kim McConnell in Ottawa. It’s not that Jews are on the march’ – you must surely mean Islam! And for years Islam resents that the U.S. supports (and for good reason) the state of Israel’s existence. Got it? We are ALL in peril to the ‘march’ of Islam, especially from their radical Sharia wing of nit-wits!!!

  21. I couldn’t care less about Epstein, he was a POS. I do care about Israel, hate Anti-Semitism & what the BDS movement is doing!!! The Dimwits are pulling out all the stops, on the issues I care about. They have used all of these issues to gain leeway in destroying the USA & Canada. The MSM is all part of this B/S, too!!! They have been the main force behind all of what has happened & what will happen in the future. The world is going to Hell in a Handbasket, as I type(old expression).

  22. The Naked Communist, The Naked Socialist, both by W. Cleon Skousen, relate exactly what’s been taking place for 100+ years; ultimate goal being world domination–sound familiar? 1st, written in 1958, laid out plans that over next 50 years have played out to the letter. By infiltration & propaganda, their agenda has unfolded–get control of education (even seminaries), get rid of family, morals, God, capitalism. Push social justice. Without USA, socialism/communism can take over world.

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