China Is Our Greatest Threat – Biden Is China’s Enabler


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If What Is Happening Today In The United States Of America . . . with the Anti-Semites Protesting Nationwide, Supposedly for the Rights, Freedoms & Protection of Palestinians Doesn’t Ring a Bell . . . Think About The So-Called Summer-Of-Love In 2020 . . . For The Rights, Freedoms and the Protection of America’s Black Communities.

It Started with Whimpers & Ended With the Defeat of a President (Trump), the Victory of the LEFT in the House and in the Senate; the Election of a Dufus President (Biden) to be the Face of Obama’s Third Term . . . And The Fundamental Change Of America.


The Excuse Is Gaza, The Focus Is Israel & Jews . . . The Target Is The American Constitution.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . This is Black-Lives Matter & Antifa all Over Again – But this Time it’s on Steroids with a Whole New Cast of Players . . . To Augment The Bad Actors Of 2020.


America Has The Freedom Gold-Standard – Enunciated In The US Constitution – Use-It!

1 – Defund All Ivy-League, Legacy & Private Universities.

2 – Defund The School Boards.

3 – Remove All Attorney Generals Who Don’t Or Won’t Follow Or Enforce The Law.

4 – Arrest, Indict & Imprison All Rioters Who Step Beyond The First Amendment.

5 – Build More Prisons.

6 – Hold All Media Accountable For Knowingly Propagating Lies & Disinformation.

7 – Make It An Enforceable Crime To Assault A Police Officer.


For The Greatest Choice – Make It Punishable By Jail For Desecrating The Flag.

On June 21, 1989 . . . The Supreme Court of the United States  of America Ruled by a Margin of 5-4 . . . To Make It A First Amendment Right To Burn & Desecrate The Flag Of The United States Of America.

When One Considers The Fact, that Every Freedom Enjoyed by All People of the United States of America . . . And the Millions of Americans who Fought, Bled & Died for Freedom Under the Stars & Stripes . . . It is Not A Leap to Say that the Flag of the United States of America . . . Is Akin In Totality To The Foundation Of The American Constitution.

To Burn Or Desecrate The American Flag . . . Is In Itself A Fundamental Assault On America.

That Day On June 21, 1989 . . . When the Supreme Court Relegated the American Flag’s Importance to Kindling, was the Day that Opened the Sluice Gates for Domestic Enemies of America to Attack the Very Heart of the Constitution of the United States of America from the Inside-Out.

Maybe It’s Time For America To Take A Page Out Of The Israeli Playbook.


If You Can’t Or Won’t Defend The Foundation Of Your Country – What Will You Defend?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well, Mr. G, you are right on every point. Except for one point… Who and where is the executive team to implement the program? TBE To be elected. With enough mailed out, non verified, harvested ballots, who do you think might prevail? Bingo!

  2. You state,”America Has The Freedom Gold-Standard, Enunciated In The US Constitution,Use-It!” but most sheeples are “useful idiots”, they will never ask to implement the 7 points you bring up and in Canada, the same, a country filled with useful idiots. I don’t know what more it will take for sheeples to start taking action against these crooked politicians, so the status quo will remain and get worse as time moves on. 20% of the population uses logic, common sense and complain. 60% are need

  3. Either americans are dumbed down or elections are fixed! I can’t believe liberals are still being voted into office. I agree with this article you wrote 100% and also the first commenter…….where are the people in politics who will make these suggestions? they all bow down to keep the money stream rolling in. how do we counter that?

  4. I am in full agreement. Also, I echo Joni’s remarks (above). The American “Educational System” has been very deliberately “dumbed-down” —– note: Items #1 and #2 in your “Gold Standards” list. Now, how can/do we correct it? Who will lead this correction? It can NOT be corrected via the current fraudulent voting system!!! And, who is going to correct the crooked voting system(s)?

  5. Have you noticed that many, if not most, of the college protesters are foreign and Moslem? Things could change dramatically when these enemies of our country are sent home…..along with the teachers that hate this country. Strange that we always finance those who want to destroy us.

  6. After reading your article, then while reading through the comments, two people popped into my mind — Donald Trump & maybe Vivek Ramaswamy. They both are willing to fight the “system”. It would be nice if they could work together, but afraid egos would get in the way. What a formidable force. As for where are regular citizen fighters, few will stand to fight Until the abuses of our freedoms hits them personally. Me? Not physically able, but do talk to friends/family about it.

  7. Howard, once again you hit the nail on the head. Now where to start cleaning house. Trump tried in the States. I am not certain who could start doing the same in Canada. There are too many people (voters) who are easily “bought off” by some of these divisive cash refund programs. They do not look beyond the funds received as to who is paying and who is getting. Who is being favored? Where do they reside? Your 7 points may be too idealistic; but certainly cover the problem areas. Still in praye

  8. Very good piece. You are correct on all fronts. Isn’t it to bad that the old adage: liar, liar, pants on fire is not a reality. There would not be a demorat or rino left. Ramaswamy is not qualified to run. He is anti Israel and anti worker.

  9. Great thoughts! Yes, barbarians have walked in, but a good many of them have grown up right here, too, over the last few decades. My Mom used to say, when someone overstepped a boundary, “Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile.” We’ve given away a lot of miles, and I worry we may never regain all of them. There’ve always been malcontents and haters, but the current level is unlike anything in my memory. As a Christian I recognize the handiwork of Satan and his henchmen, but God win

  10. Build more prisons is a solution but would require more police and judiciary creating an even heavier tax burden. Better would be to do what they do in Banana Republics, much more expedient and less expensive. Everything is upside down. The criminals walk free and the victims are charged.

  11. Excellent Editorial, as always, Howard. Thank You for telling it like it is. We saw Bob Dylan perform at Place Des Arts a couple of weeks ago. He even did a tribute to Montreal’s beloved poet, Leonard Cohen. Back in 1962, when JFK was dealing with Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis and the threat of World War III, Bob Dylan wrote a song “With God On Our Side”: “The Words Fill My Head And Fall To The Floor, But If God’s On Our Side, He’ll Stop The Next War.” – Bob

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