Did The Needle Move?


If There Was A Big Winner, Depending On What You Think, it Could Have been Ramaswamy who Came on Like a House on Fire, Nikki Haley who Stood her Ground like the Rock of Gibraltar, or Ron DeSantis who was Steady-Eddie all the Way.

Remarkably . . . I Was Surprised To Like North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Who Was 100% Levelheaded . . . And Unexpectedly (At Least To Me), Burgum Never Hesitated to Answer Questions Succinctly, with the Type of Answers that Completely Represented What America and the Rest of the World Needed to Hear and Has the Need to Deal With.

My Most Disappointing Candidate Was Tim Scott Who I Thought Would Do Much Better . . . but Kept with the Same Rhetoric About his Family History and the Hardships they had to Overcome. That’s Not What The People Wanted To Hear.

As For The Likes Of Pence, Hutchison & Christie . . . They Were A Waste Of Space.


I Don’t Know How Many People Watched Trump With Tucker Carlson Last Night On “X” . . . But I Seriously Doubt that the Number was More than 150-Million as Reported, since Everyone Plays Fast & Loose with Internet Numbers Between Clicks, Views, Visits – Etc.

However – That Written . . . I Am Quite Confident that the Number of People who Saw, Will See, or will See Snippets of the Carlson/Trump Interview will be Quite Substantial. But Either Way, Trump was very Much on the Debate Stage, Even If He Wasn’t Actually There.

The Dumbest Media Complaint About Trump Not Being At The Debate Was (Is) . . .

. . . Trump Has To Be On The Debate-Stage Because The People Have The Right To Know Where Trump Stands On Every Issue.

Trump Is Without Question The Most Open-Book Former President & Current Campaign Candidate In American History. And if the Media Has a Problem Knowing Where Trump Stands Literally on Every Issue from the Economy, Social Issues (Abortion), Borders, Defense, Trade, Crime, Constitutional Freedoms – Etc . . . What Does That Say About The Media?


That’s The Problem With The Media . . . They Don’t Know How to Deal with Someone Like Trump, who is an Authentic Candidate, where His Entire Socio/Political Bent . . . Is Laid-Out For All To See.


I Don’t Think All That Much Is Going To Change.

I Think DeSantis will Probably Stay Where he is or Perhaps Fall Somewhat because of Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy will Get a Bounce. And Haley will Probably Stay Where she is or Perhaps Also Get a Bit of a Bounce.

For The Others, They Will Probably See Their Numbers Dwindle.


For Trump . . . If He Goes Down Some In The Polls – It Won’t Be By Much.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This morning’s count on Trump/Tucker is over 180 million clicked on. Trump is the MAN.

  2. After last night’s debate, Trump is the sure winner even though he wasn’t there! Pence makes my skin crawl. Haley and Christie are WEF creeps. Scott was a disappointment. De Santis who I still think is a good man, I’m afraid the Deep State might have bought him off! Vivek, Is Big Pharma guy He has question marks all over him???? reminds me of the Communist Obama.

  3. My husband and I watched President Trump on OANN via Roku. So the TV count for President Trump also needs to be added in. We have no interest in anything Fox has on their channel from their trying to push climate change to refusing to allow Larry Elder, Erik Trump and Gillforte access to even back stage.

  4. Watched Fox and Tucker. The absolute best potential candidate is Vivek. His platform is succinct and what America needs. Trump never fulfilled his promises (swamp didn’t drain, wall didn’t build) and most egregiously he caved to Fauci, wreaking untold harm. Need new blood, and someone who will fulfill promises ….Vivek !

  5. Trump won, the rest of the candidates are stagnant. The Debate WAS informative. It cemented my thoughts. The Tucker interview, truly reinforced my Trump Vote.

  6. I have always believed that Trump is the ONLY one who can bring America back! He is the ONLY one strong enough & feared enough to do so! I agree with Sherry’s comment from Texas especially the part about Pence, he is totally sickening! I’m don’t think we can swallow all that Vivek is feeding us with his well polished words & I think Haley is correct in her concerns about him. Trump didn’t have TIME to drain the swamp or finish the wall, but given the chance he WILL! God bless him & Americ

  7. Where has the media been for the past 7 years? There needle is stuck on “DUMB AND NUMB”. Does not mean they are less dangerous and poisonous and destructive to this country

  8. Christie underperformed. Pence overperformed. Asa dead. Burgum dead. Scott on life support and now irrelevant. Haley lives to see tomorrow. Ramaswamy pugnacious but naive. Nikki cleaned his clock. DeSantis did not land a knockout but he was best of the bunch. Solid, steady, and on message. The field will be winnowed quickly, thank G-d. My dear Sherry from Texas, To refuse to see anything outside your Trump bubble is not the way to be informed. It’s the way to be (remain) indoctrinated.

  9. Trump WAS on stage. I thought it interesting that ALL except for Nikki Haley, worn the “I wanna be Trump” “uniform”~~~blue suit, white (except for Scoot) shirt and red (except for Christi (red with white doodads in it) ties. They should all drop out now, pool the campaign monies and start working on foiling the NEXT stolen election which the Dems are polishing up the steal tactics already! Impeach Bozo the clown and get on with a UNIFIED effort. Trump.

  10. Vivek Ganapathy Ramaswamy IS A PRACTICEING HINDU !!!! Vivek Ganapathy Ramaswamy Leans Into His Hindu Faith to Court Christian Conservatives. There is a Great Divide between Christians and Hinduism…..Please keep this in mind !

  11. President Trump’s palpable specter is ubiquitously all over everything; Democrats, Republicans, America, the world.

  12. Vivek will never get my vote. He is antisemitic and definitely is not a leader. He is a puppet and needs to be sent to the trash heap. Burgum might be good in VP slot. Scott disappointed.

  13. Watched Trump w/Carlson today. He never directly answered some of Carlson’s pointed questions so Tucker asked same question several times. I was a bit disappointed, but was glad Trump limited his negative comments of other candidates, even Pence. I’m sure Trump’s responses will be ‘fact checked’. Didn’t watch Fox & haven’t watched that debate as yet.

  14. I caught a few clips of the “debate” of the Keebler Elves on youtube.The only one IMHO that isn’t a mile wide and an inch deep is RD but he should have waited his turn.

  15. I don’t trust VIVEK – don’t buy the “I was in my 20’s when I got the Soros offer-who would not take it??” He is an establishment cronie in sheeps clothing.- Mr. SLICK behind a fake smile!! Yukk with Pence, Christie. DeSantis, Haley, Scott get a pass. What are the rest of the wannabe’s doing on the stage??? Trump -the winner!!

  16. Howard, strange no one asked North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum what he thought about someone selling a large piece of ND property 12 miles from a big important Air Force Base to the Chinese?

  17. Agree with most all comments, except one, Mr. T may not have drained the swamp, but look what other great things he did, and take in fact the attack he was under from all sides (still is). Mr. T is still the ONE, all others in line are weak and paid for puppets planning to keep business as usual. Great article Mr. G. Thanks.

  18. 1) Have you seen Trump’s mugshot? His look says it all. If elected, I am coming after you, the swamp. I know exactly who you are this time around. I will bankrupt you with lawyers fees. 2) Smartest debate line belongs to Nikki in response to Vivek…. “Israel does not need America. America needs Israel !!”

  19. I watched most of the debate, DeSantis did OK but at the end of his remarks he had a smile “like a kid that messed his pants”. I still think he would be a good VP. Vivek is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing. He owes Soros and is part of big Pharma. I do agree with his comment that all Drugs should be legal, let the dumb buggers kill them selves. Execute the Dealers No rehab. DJT stands on his merit, he did so much for this while fighting the Swamp, his party and the Idiots that are Climate Change.

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