Greta Thunberg With The Crazy, Angry, Contorted Nazi-Like Face


Anne, Tavor & I Went To A Small Waterside Eatery Saturday Night (July 9, 2022) With Two Good Friends . . . The Restaurant was Really Good, Not Fancy, Nor Haute Cuisine, where we Sat at a Covered Wooden Picnic Table Beside the Water. We Had Hamburgers, French Fries, Coffees & Two Beers Total . . . For The Four Of Us.

When The Bill Arrived . . . The Cost For This Simple Meal Including Food, Tax & A 20% Tip Was $73Just For Anne & Myself.

Anyone Who Says We’re Not In An Inflation Induced Recession . . . is Either a Blithering Idiot, Ignorant, Unfeeling Stinking Rich or a LEFTIST Government Stooge. Either Way, Anne & I Sacrifice a Great Deal to Maintain our Modest Lifestyle & Keep the Blog ( Going, Which Means the Best Restaurant for us . . . Is The Restaurant Found At Our Own Kitchen.

In Essence . . . Gas Included – This Simple Meal Cost Us An Unconscionable $100.


You Have To Be A Special Kind Of Stupid . . . Not to See the Treason of Biden’s White House for Opening the Southern Border, which is Flooding America with Undesirables & Illegal Immigrants, Locking-Down the Entire American Nation over a Contrived Virus, Criminalizing Medical Dissent Over the Same Virus, Forced Medical Mandates, Freezing the American Port-Supply-Chain, Weaponizing the FBI, Justice Department, CIA & Others Against American Citizens . . . To Ending the Oil & Gas Industry in America, Including the Shutdown of the XL Pipeline from Canada – To Pissing Away VITAL American Strategic Oil Reserves To Countries Like China.


And That’s Just Part Of It . . . If The Preceding Isn’t Willful Treason – What Is?

And While We’re At It . . . Why in a Supposedly Free Society, Has it Become Almost Illegal to Question the Validity of a National Election, when the People KNOW the Truth that the Self-Admitted Media Were All-In to Get Biden Elected & Trump Defeated?

The Legacy Media Self-Admitted To Propagandizing the 2020 Election, Same As Social-Media Censored All Things Trump.

When the Social-Media and the FBI Withheld & Blocked Crucial Information About Hunter Biden’s Nefarious Schemes through his Public Antics & “Lost” Computer Laptop . . . With His Father, The Vice President, Being Deeply Implicated . . . What Does That Say?

What About The Mass Unrequested & Uncontrolled Ballots By Mail? Drop Boxes? Ballot Harvesting? Unregulated & Unwitnessed Vote Counting? Unsigned, Unverified, Undated & Late Dated Ballots?

And What About The Half Billion Dollar Zuckerberg Fund Used To Swing Vote Counting Towards The Democrats?


Remember The Swedish Teenage High School Drop-Out Nut-Job Greta Thunberg, Who Set the World Ablaze with her Insane Apocalyptic Prognostications of How the World will Come to an End if we Continue to Use Fossil Fuels.

In 2019 . . . After Delivering a SCREED at an Environmental Conference in the United States of America, where Thunberg Accused the Sane World with her Crazy Bugged-Out Eyes – “HOW DARE YOU?!” . . . As she Shrieked to the World at Large, for Ignoring HER TRUTH and the Insane Truth of Other International LEFTIST Numbskulls, with No More Knowledge of the Environment than Had this 16-Year-Old Environmental Nazi. . . That We’re Leading The World To Destruction.

This Piece Of Swedish Excrement Who Lit The Spark That Broke Our Societies, Was Canonized For Her Stupidity.


Not Only Was Thunberg Idolized For Her Psychotic Rants & Ravings . . . She was Awarded Multiple Global Honors Including the Front-Page Times Person of the Year, an Unconditional Endorsement from the Ultra LEFT WEF (World Economic Forum) & Two Nominations for Nobel Peace Prizes, while President Donald Trump, Who Brought Real Peace to the Middle East Gulf States Including Morocco & Other Moslem Nations . . . Was Not Even Recognized For His Unbelievable Global Accomplishment For The Long Sought-After Middle East Peace Deal.


When Is Enough Going To Be Enough With Serious Personal Defense & Pay-Back?


Maybe It’s Just My “Supposed” White Privilege Talking.

Do You Notice . . . that When Extreme Violence, which Includes Beatings, Theft & Murder as is Seen in Video, Photo and/or On the News – That Virtually Most – if Not All of the Despicable Thugs are Black – Girls, Women, Boys & Men. WHY IS THAT? . . . Since Liberal Inspired Affirmative Action Has Given Black People A Massive Undeserved Racial Advantage.

Black People Wanting To Beat, Rape & Murder Other Black People . . . That’s On Them.

Black People Wanting to Rob, Beat & Kill White People Because White People are Easy & Juicy Targets . . . That’s On White People & It Shouldn’t Stand.

Following The Globalist Green Hysteria & The Murder Of George Floyd . . . All Cops . . . Good Hard Working & Descent Cops are Being Vilified, Hunted, Shot & Murdered by the Same Animals, who are Criminally & Socially Repugnant, who in Essence are No Different than the Murdered George Floyd & Other Reprehensible Black People Just Like Him.

At One Point . . . As I Keep Promising – If The Governments Don’t Do Better, The People Will & It Won’t Be Pretty.


Everything Happening To The USA & Canada Isn’t Accidental . . . It’s Planned LEFTIST Devastation.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Howard you are incredible. Just about every essay you write I agree with 100%. This one is one of your best. I think and hope that the general public is beginning to see what is going on. I think it is as I see bits and pieces of truth coming out or the 90% of the media that promotes lies and propaganda for the left. I hope I am right for the future of America.

    Harry Winkler, West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
  • What an incredible editorial! I keep wondering the same thing. Everyone of these democrats need to be ‘frog-marched’ before a board and brought up on treason charges with Biden and his entire administration for willfully and knowingly destroying our economy and country. They ALL blatantly ignored their Constitutional oaths they swore on.

    Vito DeGregorio, Shippensburg, PA,
  • Howard, you echoed my sentiments and put them in words I could have never done so well. Keep on writing and be well and healthy together with Anne.

    Judith & Antonio Rosenthal, Montreal, Quebec,
  • Howard, as usual, you are right on with your comments, as scary as they may be. Don’t forget to also mention that there have been similar goings-on up here in Canada. Most of the media has been bought and paid for with taxpayer dollars by the current government. If the general public does not “wake up” soon it may be too late to have a peaceful resolution! We appear to be becoming a “police state”.

    Alan Fraser, Barons, Alberta, Canada
  • Howard 100% SPOT ON…. While no “Politician” has the CHUTZPAH To Call It Like It Is, There are most likely over ONE HUNDRED MILLION WHO HAVE! GOD Willing the polls will Verify It! Semper-Fi

    Frank Canzone, Franklin, North Carolina, United States
  • Right again Howard…. Time for us to speak up and do something or lose our freedom forever. I have written to Trudeau, Tam, Ford, Freeland, my member of Parliament both Federal and Local. More people should let these @#$%^ know how we feel with this Communist thinking being forced on to us. ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

    Carol Ann Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • All this crime by young blacks is turning the Hispanic people against them. Notice the New York robbery. I see this with the Hispanic people I know. More division among us is being created by what you just described and nothing gets done. I quit watching Atlanta news because the first 10 minutes is how much black on black crimes can you stand. A tv cameraman told me “ we do not show it all – just the ones that make news”.Excellent article Howard.

    William P Chandler, Cornelia, GA, United States
  • Fighting mad is what we all need to be. Thank you for again stating what for most of us is obvious. Trouble is, there are plenty out there who don’t think for themselves but believe what the media & current administration tell them. Hopefully they’re waking up & seeing it for what it really is. Am sending email with some exact sensible conclusions to today’s push by OWO ‘cabal’, WEF, & others for a one-world gov’t dictatorship – Great Reset & Agenda 21.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • When the world wonders why Americans support the Second Amendment and want guns, the current political threat explains it all. The founding fathers understood that a public without guns would become slaves to the armed government. The shot heard around the world was because the Brits were coming for our guns. Americans should never forget their history.

    Jeffrey Zucker, Edonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Howard…. you did it again, saying what most of us are thinking and glad you mentioned that Swedish pile of S##T who should be locked up! Keep it up you speak for all of us !!!

    Roger Valligny, Spring Hill, Florida, US
  • One of the finest articles I have read for a long time – sadly, in my opinion, the Western political system will never free us from our enevitable final fate and as usual, determined violence against our oppressors is our only hope – thank you for highlighting what we all fear

    Chris Kisko, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom
  • You should share this editorial with all the real Republicans in Washington and not the rinos and I got a strong feeling that you know who is a true Republican in Washington D.C. and who are the rinos. This would be the best way to try to get just one of those politicians to, as you quoted, “WHEN WILL JUST ONE POLITICIAN WITH ENOUGH COURAGE . . . CALL BIDEN A TRAITOR?” my 2¢.

    Robert Daigneault, Laval, QC, Canada
  • GREAT editorial today!!!! So sorry I can’t remember where I read my post, so not fact checked, but it puts a smile on my face every time I think this thought. Americans have bought 1 million guns a month, EVERY month for the last THREE YEARS!!!! Truly makes me smile picturing what I hope is true!!!!! The good guys are still here, keep the faith, the bad guys will not last much longer. More and more truth comes out every day. You, Anne, and Tavor are HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Susan Sheldon, Coral Springs, Florida, United States
  • Great article Howard. Did you hear the Wisconsin Supreme Court 4-3 decision today said that the Ballot boxes that were used in the last election were ILLEGAL! That also means ALL the ballots put in them should NOT have been counted! Remove those ballots and Trump would have Wis. Proof keeps coming in on the ‘rigged’ election. Boils my blood!!

    Beverly Coleman, Wilmette, Illinois, United States
  • You hit the nail on the head about going out, my wife and I have experienced the same things at eateries, stores, fueling up. Yes, this WH has been a boon to Gun Sales. I have given weapons safety training to many men, women and teens this past year, only when Obama was in did I give more classes. With the likes of Soros, Zuckerburg, and idiots money has our elections been corrupted. “Be Prepared” is a great moto to live by. Food, Water, fuel, cash, Guns and ammo are a start, get safetytraini

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States
  • Greta Thunberg With The Crazy, Angry, Contorted Nazi-Like Face ● LOL …… I could NOT tolerate gretabug from the first time I heard her garble.

    Elizabeth Cox, Watauga, TN., United States

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