Not All Atheists Are Anti-Freedom


A Big Tent Doesn’t Mean The Need To Bring-In The Enemy.


Not All Gays & Lesbians Are LEFTISTS, Neither Are All Black & Hispanic People. Nor Are All Women & Young People.

Add To The Above List . . . All Atheists Are Also Not Democrats, Nor are they Liberals, Debaucherous Fiends or LEFTISTS, Since there are No Shortages of Non-Religious Believers who are Staunch Adherents to Decency, Respect and the Values Enthused by Judeo/Christian Principles & Morality.

As I’ve Written Repeatedly . . . I am a Staunch Conservative Non-Practicing Jew who Believes in the Incontrovertible Values of all the Judeo/Christian Philosophies & Morals. Ask Me What I Am & I’ll Tell You That I Am A Proud Uncompromising Jew.

I Shouldn’t Have To Explain Myself By Personal Example . . . But I Will.

During Our Conservative Bike (Motorcycles) Rides, My Partner in Crime was Texas Pastor Gary Burd, who at Every Stop for Gas Offered a Prayer to Jesus for the Safety of the Riders Until the Next Stop, which was His & His Followers Ritual Until Pastor Burd Met Me, Thinking Perhaps, that Me Being Jewish, I Might Not Feel Comfortable With A Prayer To Jesus.

When Gary Burd Asked Me If I Would Mind If He Delivered A Prayer . . . My Answer Was Not At All. In Fact, I Thought it was Somewhat Comforting to be with a Large Group of Tough-Minded Bikers (Real Tattooed Born-Again Bikers) who Believed Enough in their Savior to Take a Knee Asking for Safety & Comfort.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . The First Time this Happened Somewhere in Pennsylvania at a Truck-Stop, After Gary Burd Asked Me if I Would Feel Uncomfortable with his Prayer, To Which I Replied No . . . As Pastor Burd Asked His Bikers to Take a Knee, there were Some Construction Workers a Few Pumps Over Using a Very Loud Jack-Hammer Breaking Concrete.

And Just Before The Start Of Pastor Burd’s Prayer, I Walked-Over to the Construction Crew & Asked them if they Would Please Stop Jack-Hammering for a Moment while Our Pastor Delivered a Prayer . . .

Not Only Did They Stop . . . They Removed Their Hard Hats, Bowed Their Heads & Prayed Along With Our Group.

Then Pastor Burd Turned to One of our Jewish Riders & Asked Him if He Would Lead this Group of Mostly Christian Born-Again Bikers in a Jewish Prayer, which he Did, As All The Bikers Listened In Gratitude.


It Took One Trip For Two Very Different Strangers Sharing Like-Values – Who Couldn’t be More Different in Lifestyle if we Tried . . . One A Devout Christian-Believer (Pastor Gary Burd), the Other a Devout Non-Religious Jew (Myself) . . . For Us To Bond In Absolute Conservative Brotherhood.

Before We Become Judgmental Of The Lifestyles Of Different People . . . See Who Fits In The Tent Vis-A-Vis His/Her Values.


Why Don’t They Want To Indict, Arrest & Try Donald Trump In Court?

If You’ve Been one of the Very Few People Watching the January 6, 2021 Kangaroo Court Hearings, you Would Have Heard that the Chairman (Bennie Thompson) of the January 6 Hearings Doesn’t Want any Criminal Referrals to the Justice Department (FBI) Against Trump & Trump’s Significant Followers for the Indictment, Arrest & Trial for Participating, Planning or Inciting an Insurrection . . . Why Not?

Besides the Blather that we Are Hearing & Seeing from the January 6-Committee about Discovering Who Did What, Who is Responsible for What Happened & How the Government Could Guarantee Nothing Like this Could Ever Happen Again . . . The Absolute Truth About the Purpose of the Committee is Simple – How Do They Stop Trump From Running & Winning Again For The Third Time?

So – To Someone Like Liz Cheney, who I Believe Isn’t Nearly as Smart as she is Politically Vicious, like a Deadly Serpent Waiting in the Shadows to Strike, is so Focused on her Ignorant Hatred, that she Doesn’t Understand the Consequences of Having Trump or one of Trump’s Closer Allies Arrested & Tried for a Non-Insurrection.

Where Is Nancy Pelosi Or Chuck Schumer During All These Staged Committee Theatrics?

Where Are The Voices From The Other-Side Of The “Debate”? Where are the Witnesses for the Republicans being Demonized? Where is the Cross Examining of the Government’s Witnesses? Did Pelosi & Muriel Bowser Really Turn-Down 10 To 20 Thousand National Guard Troops . . . Offered Several Days Before The Rally? And why Did they Turn-Down the “Guard” Knowing there was Going to be a Massive Crowd at the Trump Rally?

Why Was Congressional Security Halved On January 6, 2021? Who Ordered the Capital Police to Open the Gates and the Doors to the Capital Building? Why was Ashli Babbitt Murdered by an Already Previously Disciplined Officer of the Capitol Police for Firearm Negligence, Which Was Swept Under The Rug?

Why are Thousands of Independent Videos with Sound, which were Seized by the FBI Being Withheld from the People? And Why have so Many of the Videos Played During the Hearings Been Clipped, Modified & Edited?

And Why Is The Committee Including Biden . . . Pushing the Narrative that 6-Cops Were Murdered During The Riot, When In All Fact & Truth – None Were?

And Even Though The FBI Ruled That The Riot Was NOT An Insurrection, That Is Still The Claim Used By The LEFT?

What Would Happen if the Kangaroo-Court Committee would Move to Indict Donald Trump or One of President Donald Trump’s Insiders? All Of A Sudden All Of The Above Would Be On The Table, Meaning that Pelosi, Schumer, Bowser, Schiff, Cheney, Kinzinger – Etc . . . Would all be Subpoenaed Where they Would be Under Oath & Not Protected by Congressional Privilege.

The FBI Plants who Egged the People-On to Enter the Capital Building would Also be Subpoenaed. So Too would be the Senate & House Sergeants-At-Arms who were Ordered to Stand-Down Before the Big Rally – Why?

Do You Think They All Want To Lie-Under-Oath And Go To Prison For Pelosi And/Or Schumer?


This January 6 Democrat Commission To Lynch Donald Trump . . . is Not Just a Democrat Disaster as it Stands, but Could Become the Death Knell for the Entire Democrat Party in Ways the LEFT Had Never Perceived.

Life Is Tough Today For Conservatives . . . But Life Is Going To Get A Whole Hell Of A Lot Tougher For The LEFT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My comment as asked for in this box: You can’t prove whether God exists or not, nor even define what one means by the usually expressed term God. So as a scientist is it not better to believe in the Judeo-Christian God (my choice) and find out that such does not exist OR to not believe in God and find out that such does exist? I feel sorry for the atheist as by definition he has a dead end life with no asperations to a noble goal. Limitation of the box – my sentiment, is it understandable?

  2. Howard as always right on the money, There goes the Dems if they go to court after D.J.T.. But here in Canada Trudeau is worst than Biden.

  3. Awesome example of brotherhood – wish more could find it. I am truly honored and blessed to have that with you! God help us find that brotherhood for the salvation of our countries

  4. All the while, that kangaroo committee bankrupts private individuals w/loss of income, attorney fees, loss of property, etc., not to mention over a year held in jail without just cause or trial. Tell me they care. They care not for anyone outside their pompous selves & immediate families, if that. There is a lawsuit filed by one of the defendants, & it’s gaining traction as more sign on. I hope & pray it winds up in court & the defendants win. AND when GOP wins in Nov, Dems left will pay BIG.

  5. I know a person who was in DC at the rally. He was smelled the tear gas, saw the crowd surge. He also say 3 buses arrive, folks stepping off them, ushered to the “fence panels”, watched as 2 security people opened the panels and allowed them into a supposed secure area. Shortly afterwards he smelled and felt the burn of the tear gas that was fired into a different section of the crowd. He and his friend left the area, friend stills lives near DC. It is all a sham, cover up, and lies.

  6. Thank you for another great editorial!! May God bless us all & help us save our precious America (& the entire world) from the cancer that is spreading fast! I still believe that there are more good people than there are evil ones, but we must speak up in a MUCH louder voice to protect our freedom, morals & values! Kindness, often mistaken as weakness, will not stop us from fighting back against those who want to harm us! As with your conservative bikers, we are a kind but strong brotherhood!!

  7. You’re points are well put, but never underestimate the drive of hard core totalitarians to let their alligator mouths, overload their canary asses… “Juuust sayin”

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