We Didn’t Do-It . . . Then Who Did?


How Come . . . All Of A Sudden, Media Like The New York Times & Talk Show Hosts Like Bill Maher Are Seeing The Light?


And It’s Not So Much That They’re Seeing The Light . . . As Much As They’re Acting Out Of Self-Preservation.

Could it be that the LEFTIST Media are Finally Understanding the Damage they Did to America, and by Extension to the World by Colluding With The Political LEFT To Elect An Imbecile?

I Don’t Think So.

I Think the LEFTIST Media are just Worried that their Credibility . . . is as Much in the Tank as is the Credibility is of Biden & Biden’s Entire Administration.

Please Understand This . . . THERE IS NO BIG MEDIA.

There are Only Globalist Gargantuan Corporations with their Fingers in Every Pot, who Own the Media Lock, Stock & Barrel, who are all Part of the Global Communist Conspiracy to Create their One World Government where they Will be at the Seat of the Throne.

In the Case of a Not So Funny Comedian like Bill Maher, who Really is a Bright & Articulate Guy, who has Served as a Mouthpiece for the Media for the Longest Time . . . Many Public Speakers, like Maher are Beginning to Realize that they Have Been on the Wrong Side of the Debate from the Beginning, But Just Don’t Have The Juice To Admit-It.

That Said . . . Many People Who Were On The Wrong Side Who Are People Of Consequence Are Admitting It – Like JD Vance.

But Many More who are Not Coming-Out & Admitting they were on the Wrong Side of the Debate, are No Longer Running as Much Interference for the Democrats as of Old, Still Too Much, But Not as Much, while Trying to Moderate their Political Opinions Before it’s Too Late.

But The Damage Has Been Done . . . And Like It Or Not – Those Pundits who are Now Running for Cover, Can Never Undo that which Has so Severely Harmed our Independence, Freedoms & Lifestyles Because of their Written & Spoken Words.

However . . . I’ll Take The Win.

Even though I Have No Use for the Losers who Helped Put us in this Communist Box, from which we are Struggling to Free ourselves, I’m Pleased that at Least there are More People who Aren’t Poisoning the Minds of the People Against our Freedoms, Who are Lending their Voice to the Fight they Should Have Always been Engaged-In on Our Side . . . Whether They Come Clean About Themselves Or Not.

I Have Written & Spoken For The Longest Time About The Thrashing The LEFT Are About To Experience This November (2022).

I Have Heard & Read Many Well-Informed Bright Men & Women . . . Prognosticate as to How they See the November 2022 Mid-Terms Shaping Up, Suggesting that the Republicans Could Win as Many as 20 to 30 Additional House Seats . . . I DISAGREE.


I Am Quite Confident To Go-On-Record . . . Suggesting that the Republicans Could Win as Many as SEVENTY Additional House Seats & Enough Senate Seats to Comfortably Win the Senate this November.

Remember . . . You Need A Two Thirds Super Majority To Impeach A President & Just 60-Votes To Stop Him In His Tracks.


Because of the Number of LEFTIST Attorney Generals & District Attorneys, who are Destroying the Safety of so Many American People, while Throwing the Very Fabric of Law & Order Into the Dumpster . . . A Well-Deserved Finger Of Condemnation Is Being Pointed At The Monster Most Responsible For Getting These Bad Actors Elected . . . GEORGE SOROS.

That Said . . . Many of the Criticizers of George Soros are Coming Under the Attack of the LEFT , who are Claiming that the Only Reason the Republicans are Criticizing George Soros, is Because George Soros is Jewish . . . And With Even More Chutzpah, Many Are Claiming That Soros Was A Child Of The Holocaust.

Soros Was A Child Of The Holocaust . . . But Not What & How You Would Think.

The Fact That George Soros Is Presumed To Be Jewish Shouldn’t Be A Factor In What Soros Is Doing . . . But It Is. So Let me Set the Argument Straight. George Soros was Born Pre-WWII & Subsequently Pre-Holocaust to Two Jewish Parents in Hungary.

As the War Approached Hungary & Hungarian Jews were being Rounded Up for Slaughter at the European (Nazi) Death Camps, Soros’ Father Made Arrangements with a Christian Man to Take Soros Under his Wing, Portraying Soros as a Non-Jew.

As A Large 14-Year-Old Teenager During The Holocaust, Soros was Mandated to Seize Jewish Property, which Soros Did with Zealousness. And Many Generations Later During A 60-Minutes CBS Broadcast With Steve Kroft On December 20, 1998 . . . Kroft Asked George Soros if he Had any Remorse in Taking Away the Property from Fellow Jews who were Led to Slaughter for Being Jewish.

George Soros Had No Regret Or Shame . . . for Seizing Jewish Assets from the Homes of Jews, who were Sent-Off to the Extermination Camps . . . Saying with a Certain Smugness . . . I Paraphrase – If I Didn’t Do-It – Someone Else Would Have.

George Soros Describes Himself As NOT Being Jewish, But in Fact Being an Atheist, which is Fine, but Doesn’t Mean an Atheist Has to be an Anti-Semite. I Know Many Atheists who are Jewish, who Identify as Being Non-Religious Jews, who Base their Jewishness Upon Birth, Social Values, History & Culture . . . Who Don’t Hate Jews.

I’m Not A Religious Jew . . . But I Am Jewish. I Celebrate all the Major Jewish Holidays & Stand-By the Moral Values of Judeo/Christianity . . . So Want Does That Make Me?

George Soros Isn’t One Of The Jewish Atheists Who Isn’t An Anti-Semite, Since George Soros Financially Supports all Measure of Anti-Semitic & Anti-Israel Groups Worldwide.

What Makes the LEFT Calling George Soros-Haters Anti-Semites is Rich – Considering that the LEFT, which are the Red Meat for Soros – are Amongst the World’s Great Anti-Semites Themselves.

For The LEFT . . .  From The Media To Academia To The Politicians To The Voters . . . It’s All Becoming Their Shit-Show.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My father always told me there is no free lunch. Somebody, somewhere, always pays. And very often that somebody is you. If you are stupid today the chances are great that you will pay tomorrow. People do have a shot at getting something right, but people instead choose to follow their phobias, prejudices, sensationalist media, lying govt and so on, instead of good sense and intellect. So people pay. Putting an X for a tyrant like Trudeau or a senile Biden definitely has its cost.

  2. We didn’t do it, but as a nation, we allowed it to happen. Hopefully the lesson was learned and it won’t be allowed this November, but I don’t really know if the left has learned the lesson or if they are just ignorant.

  3. We just NEED to remember that RINO starts with an R too! So when voting, be informed! I think many D’s know they’re on the s**** end of the stick and will grab up an R to get elected. …and yes, I believe they are that sneaky.

  4. Soros is simply an instrument for the deep state and globalist agenda. Hitler supposedly coined the phrase New World Order in a Zweites Buch (second book). Is it possible these elitist are the very embodiment of who President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address? Joe Biden is no surprise. He filled his administration with former Obama loyalists “to finish the job” Obama started.

  5. It abounds, the stupidity of folks. My wife and I were at Yard Sales this past sat. We were in a very high end area with homes in the 1.5 mil. and above class. I was wearing my “Vets For Trump” hat, an owner made the comment “I won’t vote for that SOB” in 24. So I asked her How do you like Biden Policy. She got very defensive, and said the” Prices don’t bother me”. I told her, Your Lack of Freedom Will, soon”. Why is there Gay Pride Month and only 1 Veterans Day, we served 24/7 365?

  6. “The prices don’t bother me !”.. That quip speaks volumes to me.. I wonder if this self serving slaps are just common to Liberals , or found amongst conservatives as well .. It’s hard for me to hear selfishness from a civilized human being..

  7. Now the next push (from WEF & global banking system) is for a social scoring (ESG) here in the US to go along with separating folks for vax or no vax. It’s no longer a credit score that will determine if you are a loan risk, but the global cabal wants to judge whether we are “socially” responsible. My question is, “By whose standards?” But we know the answer to that. The OWO cabal is on steroids while we’re under Biden admin. I feel there will be some major event b4 Nov or right after.

  8. If you want to know the mind bending stupidity we are up against in this country read an editorial by Robert Riech or as Rush used to say “Riechhhhhhhhccccaaaaa.He would vote for Biden again or Liz Cheney if the Republicans would nominate her.

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