A Name Can Be Deceiving


What’s In A Word & How That Word Is Used Is All About Our Freedoms.


The German Secret Police (Stasi) Were Brutal . . . Yet East Germany Called Itself The “Democratic” Republic Of Germany.

The Nazis were Actually “The National Socialist German Workers’ Party”, Yet the Nazis were Anything but the People’s Party, since any German Person who Disagreed with any Part of the Nazi Agenda was Lucky to Survive the Wrath of the State.

The Newly Self-Identified American Socialists . . . Call themselves Democratic Socialists. But What’s Democratic About Seizing the Wealth & Independence of Some People Who Worked for What they Had . . . Only For The Government To Give What They Stole, To Others, Who Didn’t Work For It & Were Less Deserving & Worthy?

They Call Themselves “J” Street, Defining themselves as the Other Jewish Voice of Israel in America, but in Reality, they’re Socialist Members or Supporters of the Democrat Party who Have Been Created Specifically to Propagandize Against the Jewish State of Israel.


Every-Time the American Democrats or Canadian Liberals Shout-Out DEMOCRACY . . . They’re Actually Shouting-Out Tyranny, Because, in a Democratic Nation, People aren’t Locked-Down, Selected Businesses aren’t Forced to Close, Schools aren’t Shuttered, People aren’t Mandated to Wear Masks, Stay Away from One-Another (Social Distancing) & Forced to Take a Vaccine they Don’t Want to Take.

Opposing Scientific Opinions & Scientists Through Government Censorship & Ridicule Is Hardly Democratic.

In A Real Democracy . . . Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Travel & Freedom from Government Abuse Amongst other Freedoms . . . Are Linchpins To Who Free People Are.

To the Democrats, Liberals and other Associated Socialists/Communists or Whatever they Choose to Call themselves, Democracy Lies in the Power of the Government Over the People . . . Opposed To The People Reigning Power Over The Government.

When Did It Become Of The Government, By The Government & For The Government?


While We The People Were Sleeping . . . The Government(s) were Planning & Scheming to Implement their Great Reset, which was in the Works for as Many Generations as I’ve been Alive (More Than 70-Years), to Overthrow our System of Political Checks & Balances, Culminating with What Has Evolved as a Singular Government State, Where it’s Become Almost Impossible to Discern One Political Party from the Other.


In The United States Of America For Example . . . The People Thought they were Voting for Very Different Political Philosophies Between the Democrats and the Republicans. In Canada, we Believed the Same Between our Conservative Party & Canada’s Socialist Parties, which Include the Greens, the NDP and the Liberals, where in all Reality, in Both of Our Countries . . . Our So-Called Conservatives Are Liberals In Conservative Name Only.

It Has Taken Many Generations For A Good Number Of Americans To Wake-Up. Canadians Are A Bit Slower, However, that Said, we are Waking-Up and are Now Realizing that we Have been Hoodwinked by our Politicians & Media.


We Allowed Our School Systems (Academia), which have Been Usurped by Communism to Brainwash our Children, to the Point that the Leaders of Today are the Products of Generations of Propagandist Lies, which Have Permeated Throughout all Aspects of Life . . . from Kindergarten, to Mainstream (Legacy) Media, the New Social Media, the World of Entertainment (Movies & Music) . . . And News Which Has Morphed Into Entertainment As Much As Information.


I’m Not Following The Big Libel Case Between Johnny Depp & His Ex Wife Amber Heard . . . Why Should I?

Depp & Heard are Two Useless People who are Prime Human Examples of the Worst Within our Society, who are Drunks, Druggies, Violent & Philanderers (Male & Female), whose Concepts of Self-Importance are So Far Over the Top, that they Don’t Merit a Moment of our Time.

Why Should I Give A Rat’s Ass About What One Drugged-Out Jerk Did To Another?

Think About-It . . . Besides the Entertainment Factor, which is Akin to Watching a Blood-Soaked Car Wreck with Mangled Bodies . . . Of What Value Is There To Watching Two Demented Excremental People Self-Implode?

Is There Not Enough Real Socio/Political Tragedy In Our Own Daily World . . . that we Have to Entertain Ourselves with the Tragedy of Two Sick Pieces of Work, of which, Neither Is Worth A Thimble-Full Of Crap?

TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO . . . To Distract the People from their Own Misery, the Romans Entertained the Masses with Gladiator Battles to the Death, Christians were Fed to the Lions & Chariot Races where Drivers & Steeds Suffered Horrific Injuries & Death . . . Just To Satisfy & Titillate The Hordes.

So What’s Changed Other Than The Governments’ Form Of Entertainment To Soothe The Masses?

NOT TO DESPAIR . . . As I’ve Written Repeatedly, the “WOKE” has Awakened the Sleeping Masses, and as Best as the LEFT Can Try to Destroy all that We’ve Achieved Before they Lose Power . . . Their Efforts Will Be Equivalent To A Mosquito Bite On The Ass Of An Elephant.

What They Will Destroy We Will Re-Build-Back Better!

Here’s A Message For The Current North American Communists . . . the USA & Canada were Created out of the Wilderness, where Hard Men & Hard Women Sacrificed & Survived all Hardships, Including Sicknesses, Food Depravation, Multiple Wars & Years of Racial Bigotry. Yet We Still Prevailed.

Does The LEFT Really Think We Can’t Overcome The Likes Of An Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Attempted Society?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I too won’t listen to anything about Depp & X, they’re not important. I will NOT be overcome. I believe in Truth, Freedom & Justice. It’s not just a slogan, many People have risen to the challenge & will NOT relent. Though it has been & may very well be a long, hard road to recover Cda, so be it. Our eyes are wide open & nothing will deter us from victory. Will (last name ?) from Strong & Free Canada interviewed Tom Marazzo 5/26. I love that interview. We are Strong. Give it a li

  2. Democracy isn’t all about freedom , because without enough checks and balances , it’s just mob rule. We are alot closer to it here in Canada, than in the USA. Many people take too long to realize how political apathy , is a freedom killer.

  3. As usual Howard, Your editorial is an illumination! I cannot understand why a single mature individual would have the slightest interest in the Depp trial! The “Big Lie” is that Biden was elected honestly! The second biggest lie is that Democrats believe in ‘democracy’ when they will not allow any conservative a voice on campus or in 90% of media. True democracy encourages dissent!

  4. You are spot-on —– as usual. And, yes, our so called “Educational (indoctrination) System, from pre-K thru university, has been teaching pro-Socialism for decades. Now it is here and there will be consequences. There will a great deal of collateral damage as the “One World Order” is installed. It is not going to be pretty. Just listen to the words coming out of Klaus Swab, in Davos, and the WEF this week!

  5. I often think the WEF is holding the democrats’ leashes. Schwab has a bust of Lenin in his office – I’ve seen a photo of it. What I really can’t figure out is *why* this bunch of deranged elites think they are supposed to be running the planet or why they’d even want to. They need to go back to playing show-and-tell with their expensive toys and leave the climate alone, as its just fine and doesn’t need their “help.”

  6. Smoke and mirrors is how Magicians fool us with their trickery. BS and side shows are how Politicians do the same. The Susmman trail is but another side show to get us occupied while Hillary and gang make away. Hunter is a drug addict who is enabled by his father to make Family Money, it will come out how many Politicians on both sides are involved in the wealth sharing. Why has so many Billions of dollars still remain unaccounted for in school budgets while children are not protected..

  7. Don’t know about Canada, but here in US a # of States conducted State Constitutional Conventions. In 1972, MT adopted a “new” state constitution. In essence, it replaced the organic, original constitution, with a Living Document, constantly changed, amended, by vogue court decisions & questionable, corrupt, self-serving legislators. It’s called the MT Constitution Annotated. Same as with the US Constitution Annotated. So yes, we no longer have a constitution of, for & by the people.

  8. Spot on ~~ As for me, I’m watching earnestly for the “Duke Ferdinand ” moment, as I am sadly convinced that it is on the horizon.

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