When We Believe Without Merit


I’m Not In The “Mindset” Of Shilling For Politicians, Except Those I Truly Support.

But I am in the “Business” of Criticizing Political Ignorance and a Lack of Fairness & Objectivity, because We Are Inundated With Propaganda. And Just Because the Lies, Innuendoes & Half Truths are Promoted by People & Media we “Trust” . . . Doesn’t Make The Lies True.


I’m Referring to Some Emails, Comments & Conversations I Have Recently Had with People who HATE, and I Really Mean DESPISE – Pennsylvanian Kathy Barnette, Because They Know For A Fact . . . that Kathy Barnette is a Black Lives Matter Activist, a Trojan Horse for the LEFT, Campaigned to Erect A Statue to Barack Obama, Doesn’t Like White People, Really Dislikes Jews & Lied About her Entire Life, Including Her Military Service.

And If Kathy Barnette Won The Primary Election. . . She Would Be Creamed In The General Election.

So How Do These People Know All These Things For A Fact? . . . Because they Read it on the Internet. They Heard or saw it Somewhere on or in the Media. Or their Friend or Relative Swears it’s all True.

So I Dug-Down Deep & Verified All The Claims Against Kathy Barnette, Not because I was or am Invested in the Campaign of Kathy Barnette, but Rather, Because I Am Invested Heavily In Knowing The Truth.

So I Started At The Beginning . . . Where Did These Nefarious Claims Come From & Who Endorsed Them?

It Was no Surprise to Me, that the Claims were in Many Ways Unattributable, but Nonetheless Prompted by the Media & Regurgitated by Kathy Barnette’s Republican Opponents.

It was also No Surprise as to How all of the Claims Made against Kathy Barnette were Sound & Video Bites Taken out of Context. And Why was this No Surprise to Me? . . . Because Over The Years I Was Privy To The Same Nefarious Treatment.

One of the things I Found Most Disgusting was Sean Hannity of Fox News, who Brought-Up all these Slurs Against Kathy Barnette Saying Live on his Show(s) – Radio & Television . . .

(To Paraphrase Hannity) . . . I Don’t Know If These Serious Claims Against Kathy Barnette Are True. But Kathy Barnette Has Not Been Fully Vetted, And If Kathy Barnette Can’t Verify Herself, She Will Have No Chance Of Beating The Democrats In The General Election.


In Essence . . . Hannity Ripped Apart Kathy Barnette Passive-Aggressively.

First . . . Hannity is a Close Friend & Political Supporter of Dr Oz, who has Used his Radio & Television Shows Multiple Times to Promote Mehmet Oz. Second . . . Kathy Barnette is the Ultimate Outsider, who the Republican Institution Didn’t Want Upsetting its Applecart . . . Those Two Things In Themselves Say A Lot.

And then there were the Two Main Characters – Oz & McCormick, Both of Whom Have Invested Tens of Millions of Dollars EACH, to Win the Pennsylvania Primary . . . Do You Think They Had Reason To Dirty-Up Kathy Barnette As Much As They Could?

So – Unlike a Large Number of the People who Developed a Hate-On for Kathy Barnette, Because of What they Heard & Read About Kathy Barnette, I Did Something Most People Never Consider Doing . . . I Checked-Out Kathy Barnette as Best I Could from Head to Toe . . . And It Wasn’t Hard To Discover That Kathy Barnette Was An Extremely Maligned Person.


When People Like Sean Hannity Plant The Seeds Of Doubt In Such An Underhanded Way . . . It Must Be True – No?


Let Me Remind Everyone . . . Sean Hannity was Proud to Call the Recently Deceased Democrat Pig & BullyBob Beckel, One of his Close & Personal Friends, Just as Hannity Lauds his LEFTIST Narcissist Buddy – Geraldo Rivera, while Using his Media to Promote the Biggest Bull-Shitter in Congress (Senate) . . . Lindsey Graham.

It Bothers Me Enormously How Easily Duped People Are, Which Opens The Door To All Forms Of Political Grifters.

If You Want To Believe All The Propaganda . . . You’ll Have to Believe that Donald Trump was a Misogynist who Abused Women, who was a Beast who Urinated on Prostitutes in a Russian Hotel, who had a Vulgar Affair with a Payoff to a Porn Prostitute (Stormy Daniels), was a Spy for Vladimir Putin, Colluded with Russia to Destroy an American Election & Used a Congratulatory Phone Call with the New President of Ukraine (Zelenskyy) to Somehow Undermine the Security of the United States of America . . . Because The Media, The Democrats & The RINOS Said-So.


OR . . . What About The Judge Kavanaugh Hearing? . . . Which Brought a Good Man to Public Tears, because Going Back to the Time When Kavanaugh was a High School & College Boy, Kavanaugh was Accused of Committing a Series of Drunken Assaults on Girls & Young Women, all of Which were Proven Completely Untrue & Absolutely Unsubstantiated.

The LEFT Dragged-Out a Woman with Serious Ties to the Democrats, who Swore on a Stack of Bibles in Explicit Detail, How Kavanaugh Sexually Assaulted her at a Teenage House Party, But She Couldn’t Remember Exactly When, Where & How She Got There & How She Got Home.

Better Yet . . . Her Corroborating Witness (Friend) Couldn’t Remember Any Of This Sordid Event Ever Happening.

Even Though The Kavanaugh Debacle Was Thoroughly Non-Credible, The Vote To Approve Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was 50 Yes & 49 No with One Republican Objection (Lisa Murkowski) and One Yes Vote from Democrat Joe Manchin.

It Was Republican Susan Collins Who “STRUGGLED” To Cast The Winning Vote . . . Because Collins Also Bought The Bull-Shit.


We’ve Been Indoctrinated By Academia, Media & Politicians To Buy The Sizzle & Not The Steak . . . It’s Time To Buy The Steak.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sadly, I had to ditch Hannity months ago for all the reasons you listed. He’s been a shield for traitor Rinos all along & I can no longer watch/listen to him. Thanks for your research & truth; much appreciated.

  2. It is getting hard to discern truth. Unless you have the time and skill to do your own research, it is hard to know who or what to believe. I get the emails from all Conservative candidates in the leadership race and they accuse each other of various things to the point that I just want to delete all of them but know that I have to read and take notes of who says what in their own platform, who they accuse of what, so I can figure out who is somewhat honest. When did truth stop mattering?

  3. I am a retired high school health teacher who saw a serious need for a subject to be taught that wasn’t on the required list of subjects. So I created a unit entitled “How to think and determine reality. I taught this to my classes for my last 4 years of teaching. This subject should be required from 1st grade thru high school graduation. Sorry to say this is not the case. Your comments here are absolutely on the money and it is too bad the general public just follows the herd.

  4. I’ve no respect whatsoever for Kavanaugh for not having sued Christine Blasey Ford into penury for the defamation and lies she spouted in that Senate hearing. I could be wrong but to my knowledge only elected congress or senate critters are exempt from prosecution for lies they tell in the house or senate. As soon as he was confirmed he should have turned around and gone all scorched earth on her. You only get more of what you allow to happen.

  5. A while back Nancy Pelosi was videoed explaining to reporters how she makes a lie become a truth. She tells the press a lie which they print. Once in print she claims it must be true because it appears in print. And she laughed.

  6. I gave up on Hannity years ago… Always about himself. When he had guests on radio or TV he constantly talked over them…Sen.Graham is a pathetic excuse even for a RINO…His attack on candidate Barnette was pathetic.. Dr. Oz may well be another Manchurian candidate… granted he will never be able to run for President….

  7. Excellent reporting! I do diligence with Bloggers like yourself and I start digging on my own. ‘Data’ is not as available nor as reliable as it once was, so I have to be VERY careful where i look. It is becoming difficult, but I keep on going!! I gave up on Hannity, I believe before the election…YUCK! There are so many RINOS that you can no longer distinguish them from DemoRats!! And to think, Biden wants to run for the 2024 election..Good Grief. I want my country back!

  8. It is like the game of whisper a secret in one persons ear, they repeat it to another, and then another, the end result is nothing close to the original secret. Most Politicians are lawyers, they are taught to spin the truth to win for their clients, they carry that into their political lives. They say things to win, period. When you have an “Expert” speak before Congress and say ” Men can get pregnant and have abortions” the lies have gone too far. Woman are destroying what Woman worked for

  9. Greetings: I’ve been super busy with home renovations so I’ve not had much time to read your column, BUT… I’m SO GLAD I DID! IT WAS SOOO INCREDIBLY WELL WRITTEN and SOOO ACCURATE!!! I LOVED IT and I’m busy forwarding it to friends! Way to go, H.G.!!!

  10. Hannity’s show has definitely DECLINED & COULD cause Trump some FUTURE political harm! As Azevedo [above] stated, Woman are destroying what Woman worked for. Also agree w/Ms. Payne that one must have the time & skills to do their own research to seek the TRUTH! Of course, these days, this includes doing so for EVERYTHING ELSE as well. Joe Manchin should become a CONSERVATIVE & LEAVE the Progressive Party! TRUTHFULLY, there will ALWAYS be HURTHFUL PROPAGANDA in Politics. GO TRUMP GO–MAGA! AMEN!

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