Another Biden Anti-Semite To Teach Israel A Lesson.


There Aren’t Enough Words & Phrases To Describe The Condition The World Is In Today Because Of The LEFT.

They Will Do Anything to Destabilize America & Destroy What has Taken More than Two Centuries of Blood, Guts & Treasure to Create & Build, Including the Hundreds of Thousands of White American Lives Lost Fighting During the US Civil War . . . To-Free-The-Slaves.

I Won’t Keep Beating A Dead Horse . . . But You Know As Well As I Do – That The Evil Of The LEFT Never Stops.


If What I Am Surmising Is True & Accurate – Fauci & Company Can Very Possibly be Amongst the Most Prominent Mass Murderers In Human History.

And Just As Bad Or Worse – If it Can be Proven that I am even Remotely Accurate, that Fauci and his Accomplices Could be Responsible for the Worst Social, Political & Economic Travesty to Have ever Visited a Civilization, Let Alone the Global Civilization . . . Fauci and his Sick-Minded-Ilk would Have the Distinction of Even Surpassing the Likes of Adolf Hitler, for the Damage they would have Wrought Upon Humanity . . . If I’m Even Remotely-On-Target.


To Quote A Line Out Of Shakespeare’s Hamlet – By Queen Gertrude . . . “The Lady Doth Protest Too Much Me Thinks” – Describes Fauci at his Various Senate Hearings with Senator Dr Rand Paul, where Fauci Bobbed-Weaved & Obfuscated – Opposed to Answering Direct Questions.

Don’t Discount the Very Possible Direct Culpability of the Little Prick Fauci, in the Murder of 6-Million People Globally . . . Along with Francis Collins of the NIH, Through their Nefarious Back-Door Funding of Gain of Function Research by the American National Institute Of Health, who Seemed to Be Mastermind “Investors” of the Wuhan Virus.

We Can’t Say For Sure . . . Because Fauci Dances Politically, Better Than Either Fred Astaire Or Michael Jackson Danced To Music.


When Asked – Did The NIH Finance Gain Of Function Research? . . . The Only Two Answers Are Yes Or No.

In A Perfect World . . . Fauci, Collins and all the Others who were Probably Responsible for this Unparalleled World Catastrophe, Would be Found-Out through Forensic Accounting, Because Like-It-Or-Not, Money Always Leaves a Trail, and there’s Almost Always Someone Willing to Snitch, who Could Provide Enough Evidence to Put the Little Prick Fauci Away . . . Where No One Will Ever See Or Hear From Him Again Until The Day He Dies & Withers-Away.

But Now – The Little Prick Is Talking Retirement . . . Because He’s Terrified About A Conservative Sweep In November.

Representative Darrell Issa . . .  is Speaking About Hard-Cold-Fact-Hearings by the Republicans If & When the Republicans Take the House in November 2022, which will Encompass Far More than just the Little Prick Fauci – But Snare The Little Prick No Less.


The Problem As I See-It . . . Even if the Little Prick & a Host of Other Serious Bad Actors Become Indicted . . . I Guarantee that Biden, or Whomever is the President at that Time, will Issue Pardons for All of them, to Keep their Mouths Shut, So As Not To Finger The Others Who Lurk In The Shadows.


I Don’t Get It, Since the Future for William Barr, Trump’s Ex-Attorney General, who Turned-On Trump, Blaming Trump for Losing the 2020 Election, which Barr Considered to be a Fair & Square Election, even though Barr Knew that the Media Colluded with the Democrats and with Each Other from the Mainstream to Social-Media, to Demonize Trump while Doing all they Could to Protect & Promote the Useless Biden . . . Why The Barr Contrition Now?

Why Is William Barr, All Of A Sudden Just Now Seeing The Truth, When The Truth Was Always There To Be Seen?


1 – Barr Really Doesn’t Want to Be on the Wrong Side of History, as Barr’s Watching Biden Destroy America.

2 – Maybe This Is Somewhat Off-The-Wall . . . But What if this is a Trump/Barr Long-Game, where Barr has Gained Near Full Credibility with Centrists, Independents and those on the Center-Left, so as not to be Seen as a Lap Dog for Donald Trump . . . who can Now Come-Out with a Mea-Culpa, that as Hard as he Tried to See-It Through the Eyes of the Democrats . . . Barr Was Wrong, As Was Proven By The New York Times & Just About All Other Mainstream Media.

Just Think About How That Would Play-Out In The 2022 & 2024 Elections? However I Think It Is More Likely Number-1.


This Past Week . . . Biden’s Ambassador To Israel – Thomas Nides Started His Tenure By Calling Israeli Settlements “Infuriating”.

But Nides Didn’t Stop There . . . Nides Went-On to Express his Unabashed Support for a Two State Solution, where there has NEVER Been, Even since the Beginning of Middle Eastern History – A State Of Palestine, While Without any Theatrics or Lies, The Jewish State Of Israel Dates Back More Than 3,000-Years To King David.

And In Spite Of The Israeli Stated & Unequivocal Position, that Jerusalem will NEVER be a Divided City, and will Always be the Capitol of Israel, Nides Insists that Jerusalem Must be Divided to Accommodate the Capitol of the Non-Existent State of Palestine.

In Spite Of The Airy-Fairy Prose From Obama – That . . .  “There Will Never Be Any Daylight Between Israel & The United States Of America”, that was Just a Lot of Bunk (Propaganda) to Make the American Jews Feel Good about the Israel Hating Obama.

So Now We Have Biden . . . With a Profound History of Screwing-Over the Israelis, as if Israel was Some Form of Two-Bit Country in Need of American Charity, Too Stupid to Make it’s Own Sovereign Decisions.

Seeing What America Did In Afghanistan Under Biden, Knowing What America is Doing with Iran & How America has all but Left Ukraine to be Savaged by the Russian Bear – Israel & Jews Worldwide Better Be Worried. And Not Just A Little Bit Worried . . . But Very Worried – Because Biden Is An Evil Idiot Incarnate.


If Not Stopped – This Great LEFTIST (Communist) Reset Is Going To Destroy More Than We Can Imagine.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If, as you say, Barr wants to be on the right side of history, he should have thought about that several years ago while under Trump. As for the Reset, I feel Schwab is Hitler incarnate and supported by Soros & Gates. What these idiots don’t realize is they are under Satan’s control because of their greed of wealth & power especially. We can all see how the evil in this world is growing by leaps & bounds in the 21st Century. We’ve not a whole lot of time left & it will get much worse.

  2. Howard, I could not agree more. Fauci and Justin should be behind bars awaiting a sentence. A sentence that would terminate their life on this Earth. But only if our Justice System was JUST. You know and I know that we do not have a just system to deal with these villains. The Dyke in charge of the RCMP is subservient to Trudeau, Fauci is protected by money from Big Pharma. In fact, there is no Justice in North America.

  3. As for your #2 on Barr, HE AIN’T THAT SMART. He’s just a better speaking Lindsey Graham, opportunists seeing how the wind blows. A POX ON BOTH OF THEIR HOUSES!!!

  4. Howard: Spot-on, as usual. I think Falsey should be hung for premeditated murder! But, as usual w/ these criminals, nothing will happen they are too well protected —— and the bastards (criminals) know it!

  5. Remember the movies with cowboys & Indians? I remember them well. Thieves were Hung The Indians SCAPLED YOUR HEADS. There are so many crooks, thieves, we all know who they all are. . What a shame we do not have cowboys & Indians left yet to take care of the bad guys. For we have plenty of them ,There is only ONE who is going to save us all. Better be ready for him he will be taking all the good with him. I believe his name is JESUS.

  6. The supposed palestinian state and the first palestinian citizen started in 1948 when the united nations gave Israël back to the Jewish people to form the new country of Israël that as a 3000-year history. arabs that started claiming that they were palestinian in reality were citizens of arab countries like jordan, syria and egypt that left their own country because life was terrible there. Some 20% of the whole Israël population call themselves Israëly Arabs and run the country in the Kness

  7. Spot On! Biden is going to join w/Iran on the Nuclear. Next..he gives$800 Mil to ‘Z’. ‘Z’ was mentored & coached by Soros. China is saying they support Russia’s moves. Think about this…Bankrupt America & you can RESET the world. How the USA goes so goes the world. Also, Ukraine had the largest airplane in the world..they have NO fighter airplanes, no helicopters, no ammo…doesn’t make sense does it. Fauci & the rest will NEVER be prosecuted. Barr is SWAMP. It’s all for RESET!! God H

  8. Israel should reject Thomas Nides as US ambassador to Israel. If the Biden so desires he can appoint him the US ambassador to the Palestinian territories with his office and residence in Ramallah.

  9. It is time for the Rich Politicians to create another money making WAR. Its been nearly 50 years since VN with 50K+ of our young killed in a foreign land. Population is growing too fast even with the thousands of abortions by the Libs, mostly blacks. This time the foes have real weapons of mass destruction, imagine a bomb with 10X more deadly than Hiroshima dropped anywhere in the US. That would create HELL on earth. Putin sees us as an immoral place with LBGQT taking leadership political seats.

  10. Wow Howard you are beginning to see the light and you are now sounding like a conspiracy realist!!!!

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