The Culmination Of Failure


The Only Thing I Can Write About Biden’s State Of The Union Address Is That It Lived Up To My Lowest Expectations.


In Essence Though . . . The Vast Majority Of Emails & Comments I Received Were Supportive Of My Opinions.

Some Writers Agreed with me in Principle, that What the Russians are Doing in Ukraine is Both Despicable & Criminal. Some would Like to See Real Retaliation Against the Russians for what the Russians are Doing Against the Ukrainian People, but Don’t want the World to Get Sucked-Into a World War.


And Some People Have Been Writing That Ukraine & Russia Are Like Two Scorpions In A Bottle.

One Editorialist Wrote an Interesting Historical Piece, which was Sent to me from a Friend in Montreal, which Very Much Caught my Attention.

The Editorialist Wrote About the Anti-Semitic & Genocidal History of Ukraine Over the Years, Culminating During WWII with the Slaughter of MORE Than 34,000-Jewish Men, Women & Children In 1941 at a Ukrainian Ravine just Outside Kiev Known as Babi Yar.

But The 34,000 Didn’t Scratch The Surface Of Ukrainian Jews Slaughtered.

It Wasn’t Just that the Jews Were Slaughtered at Babi Yar at the Behest of the Nazis . . . It was that the Slaughterers were Mostly Ukrainians, who Did the Slaughtering of Innocent Jews Up-Close & Personal with an Enthusiasm that Even Surpassed all Nazi Expectations. BUT THAT WAS THEN & THIS IS NOW!

What the Writer Failed to Mention in his Editorial, was that About 1.5-Million Ukrainian Jews Were Slaughtered Or Enslaved By The Nazis & Their Cohorts During the Holocaust – Both Inside & Outside of Ukraine in Nazi Death Camps, Which Brings To Mind The Total Number Of 1.5-Million Jewish Ukrainian People Slaughtered, Which was a Very Large Proportion of the Overall Ukrainian Population (5%), which Amounted to Slightly Less than 41-Million People at the Time of the Second World War.

While it is True, that there was no Shortage of Ukrainian Nazi Collaborators who Fought Either For or Alongside the Nazis; What is Also True, which the Writer Failed to Mention, was that About 6-Million Ukrainians Fought the Nazis Alongside the Russians – INCLUDING UKRAINIAN JEWS.

ALSO . . . What the Writer Ignored are the French Collaborators, the Dutch, the Polish, the Hungarians, the British Anti-Semites in Royalty & Government and a Huge Number of Other Nations & Leaders who also Collaborated with the Nazis, Passively or Actively.

You Can’t Point A Finger Of Guilt At One Group Of People & Ignore The Rest.

I Have No Doubt There Is Still A Substantial Number Of Anti-Semites In Ukraine . . . However, the Same Can be Said about the Middle East, Much of Moslem Africa & Asia, Most of Europe & Much of North & South America, including Canada and the USA . . .

So What Should We Jews Do In The Face Of The Genocide Of Others?


I Will Hate Their Parents Until The Day I Die . . . But How Can I Hate The Children For The Sins Of Their Parents?

As I’ve Written Recently . . . Over the Years, I’ve Made Many Friendships with People of Ukrainian Extraction from the Time when I was a Child, to Now as an Adult. And I Can Say the Same About German Progeny whom I Have Befriended of Parents who Fought on the Side of Germany During the War.

THE OTHER THING I READ . . . Was an Assault on Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Commitment to Being Jewish, Since in a Russian (Soviet Union) Controlled Communist Society, the Practice of Religion, Perhaps the Jewish Religion More than the Others was Forbidden.

However – At No Time Have I Heard Zelenskyy Ever Refute His Jewish Identity Or Jewish Ancestry.

It’s Interesting . . . The Christian Ukrainian Community had No Adverse Reaction to a Jew Running For the Presidency of Ukraine . . . It was the Jewish Community who were in Opposition to Zelenskyy Running . . . For Fear Of A Jew Raising The Specter Of Provoking Pogroms of Old.

And If Electing a Jewish President Isn’t Enough to Show A Graphic Lack of Endemic Anti-Semitism in Ukraine . . . How About the Election of Ukraine’s First Jewish Prime Minister, Volodymyr GroysmanJust Prior To The Election Of Zelenskyy?

It’s Unfair & Dishonest To Quote Some Of The History Without Quoting All Of It.


While it is True that Ukraine was and Probably Still is an Extremely Corrupt Nation, Who’s to Say that America Isn’t also an Extremely Corrupt Nation Given the Mega Millionaires in the US Congress and the Lobbyists who Play Fast & Loose with the Government? And how about an Election In The Year 2020 that would Make the Handlers of Election Results in any Tin-Pot Third World Country Blush.

Besides . . . Wasn’t Zelenskyy Elected To Clean-Up The Corruption? And Maybe That’s Why Ukraine Is Taking Such A Beating?


How Does Anti-Semitism Of 80-Years Ago & Corruption Of The Oligarchs Reflect This Abhorrent Terror Upon The People?


If We Do Nothing To Stop The Tyrannists . . . Where Are We Any Better Than Them?

We Can Cower in the Face of Vladimir Putin’s Threats & Tyranny, Like our Ancestors Did in the Face & Threats of Adolf Hitler . . . Or We Can Stand Now – While We Still Can & Still Win.

To Paraphrase The Old Fram Filter Ads . . . You Can Fight Me Now Or Fight Me Later. But Eventually Fight Me You Will.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, but you will find time and time again in the Bible, where God punished the children for the father’s sins, and whether anyone likes it or not, the Jewish people are still the chosen of God. This could be the punishment from God on the Ukrainians for the exact thing that you mentioned in your article God uses wars to punish nations, and this may be the case.

  2. My favorite General, George Patton, predicted this would come and wanted to arm the German soldiers and have at the Soviets. But as with all good Generals they just canned his ass.

  3. Have to say what Bill Dexter has said about General Patton yes he anted to go into Russia many long years ago but they would not allow it then. We are dealing with rats in D.C. who want to take the world over. I know you know of what is going on there. Who is in the White House now is a rat & has always been one. Last night State of the Union was sickening to watch. I almost came close to throwing up watching Nancy. Of course they said U don’t have to wear the masks anymore. Ha Ha what a jo

  4. Biden and the EU just talk the talk. If they don’t intervene, the Ukraine will fall and Moldova would likely be next. The prognosis is grim. Freeland’s maternal grandfather was a Nazi collaborator in Poland and then Vienna. She has never renounced him for his misdeeds. China and Iran are watching to see how much they can get away with. Russia must be stopped.

  5. This war was predictable from the first week of the Biden presidency when he initiated jihad against the (successful under Trump) USA fossil fuel industry, compounded by his advocating for further European dependency upon Russian fossil fuels and further compounded by the immature/naive Green party in Germany and their progressive American counterparts, all of whom took their marching orders from an emotionally distraught Scandinavian teenager. I don’t recall little Greta ever chastising Puti

  6. I think it should be mentioned that ; 3-4 million Ukrainian peasants were killed by Stalin in a forced famine , due to their refusals to give up their lands for “ collectivism “ Many Ukrainians also fought against Lenin , in the Russian civil war. This war is not the first time they have resisted tyranny and corruption and had to greatly suffer the consequences.

  7. You can not name a country at this time that is not corrupt. Rich Politicians and business Lobby Players buy and sell themselves like so many cheap prostitutes. At least with a prostitute you kind of know what is going to happen. Political power since time began has always been sought after and purchased. Biden and his followers tried to change their spots for votes, after causing the crime wave, the inflation, the hatred. But so have many RINOs. Term limits, limits on political contributions

  8. Putin for the Nobel prize in peace and in Medicine. He has cured all things covie in what two to three days.

  9. As a Christian, I have NEVER been able to understand anti-semitism. We worship a Jew. The only thing I can come up with is envy, jealousy. All my Jewish friends (there are many) are hard working, smart, and therefore prosperous. I know of one incident at a dinner, the host got so mad that he stormed out of the room when I sand. “Jesus was a Jew”. He said “Jesus was not. ‘He was a Christian”. WHAT IGNORANCE. The word “Christian was not even invented until about 50 yrs after his deat

  10. I concur with this blog and the previous. However, will someone tell me when the heck is that 40 mile long Russian convoy gets destroyed? Good Golly miss Molly. Putin has had his forces in a bottleneck and thus open to imminent destruction. Yet nothing is happening! Why?

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