I Just Sent Money To GiveSendGo


This Morning – Pacific Time . . . I Sent Money To GiveSendGo For The Truckers. It Wasn’t A Fortune – But It Was A Statement.

I Just Used my US/Canadian Credit Card to Send the Truckers my Financial Support, which According to Trudeau’s DRACONIAN Emergency Law, Puts me in the Cross Hairs of Being a Criminal.

It Also Carries The Risk Of Me Being Fined, Having Property Seized & Imprisonment.


I Filled Out The GiveSendGo Form, And Where It Asked – Anonymously Or With Your Name? . . . I Proudly Included My Name.


ONLY TWO OUT OF TEN PROVINCES (British Columbia On The Canadian LEFT Coast & Newfoundland, Which Is In Itself A Newfie Joke), Sided with Justin Trudeau’s Draconian (Fascist) Emergencies Act, with Ontario’s Boot-Licking Premier Doug Ford, who is Now all of a Sudden Saying he was Never Really for the Emergencies Act (Which Ford Was), and was Always Against the Mandates (Which Ford Wasn’t).

And Remarkably (But Not To Me), Quebec’s Racist & Ethnocentric Premier (François Legault), has Even More Forcefully Reiterated his Initial Opinions on Trudeau’s Emergencies ActNever In Quebec . . . Jamais! as All of a Sudden, Quebec is Lifting its Own Draconian Over-The-Top Mandates, Much Sooner than they Originally Said they Would.

As I Just Previously Wrote . . . Even the Trudeau Ass-Wipe, Ontario’s Doug Ford, has Just Announced that Ontario will be Super-Speeding-Up the Demise of the Ontario Mandates.


It Seems To Everyone With Half A Brain . . . The Provinces Are Racing Against Each Other To Be First To Free Their People.

According to all the Premiers, the Trucker Demonstrations & Convoys Had Nothing To Do with their All-Of-A-Sudden Decision to Begin the Immediate & Expedited End of all their Mandates . . . So What Then Brought Them To This All-Of-A-Sudden Come To Jesus Moment?

Isn’t It Curious That American States Have Also Discovered That Freedom From Mandates Is More Important Than Mandates?

Why Do you Figure that this Too . . . Is All-Of-A-Sudden More Important to LEFTIST Governors than Vaccine Passports, Social Distancing & the Wearing of Masks? Could it be Because the 2022 November Election (Primaries) is Underway . . . And The Trucker Convoys Are Scaring The Bejesus Out Of The Politicians?

While the Truckers and the Massive Crowd of Trucker Supporters Remain in Downtown Ottawa, Trudeau’s Government just Surrounded Parliament Hill with an 8-Foot Chain Link Fence Akin to Pelosi’s Reprehensible Fence Around the Washington Capital Building. Now isn’t That A Coincidence?

In Addition . . . Trudeau has Bussed-In a Small Army of Police Officers, and has Ordered all Downtown Streets in Proximity to the Parliament Buildings Closed to Normal Vehicle Traffic & Pedestrian Traffic . . .

What Is Trudeau Expecting Or Wishing For . . . A Contrived Insurrection Like The January 6, 2021 Demonstration On Congress?


Trudeau Declared – That Anyone Going to Downtown Ottawa to Give Aid & Support to the Truckers, Will Be Arrested & Criminally Charged As Co-Conspirators . . . In as Much as, if the People Arrested are with Children, the Children will be Taken and Placed for the Time Being in Foster Care. If the People Arrested Have a Dog with them, the Dog will be Seized & Placed in a Pound.


Trudeau Called The Truckers A Fringe Minority With Unacceptable Views. Tell That To Freedom Lovers Worldwide.

How Does a Fringe Minority with Unacceptable Views – Stir the Imagination & Passion of Men, Women and even Children Worldwide . . . and From Coast to Coast in Canada? And What Exactly Does “Unacceptable Views” Mean In Trudeau’s Authoritarian Democracy?

How Much Lower Can This Liberal Clown Fall – As He Accuses A Jewish Conservative MP Of Supporting A Nazi (Swastika) Flag?

Trudeau Starts a Confrontation which Never Needed to Happen. Then Trudeau Inflames the Confrontation by Demeaning Peaceful Canadians Demonstrating for our Freedoms. Then Trudeau Starts Calling Canadians Racists, Misogynists, White Supremacists & Terrorists. And then this Idiot who Became Minority Prime Minister of Canada with Only about 20% of the Canadian Vote Invokes the National Emergencies ActCONTRARY to the Advice & Support of the Majority of Canada’s Premiers.

And Don’t Believe What You Hear Or Read . . .


It Is Being Reported That Trudeau’s Father Invoked The Emergencies Act – Not True.

In 1970, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Invoked the Canadian War Measures Act in Response to a Threat from the Quebec Separatist FLQ, which was in Fact a Declaration of National Martial Law, for Which Trudeau Senior was Vilified, Even to this Day in Quebec, Which Brought About The National Emergencies Act Of 1988.

The War Measures Act To Deal With The FLQ . . . Was Like Hunting For Mosquitos With An Elephant Gun, which in Later Years Brought about the Emergencies Act, which Removes the Draconian Aspects of All-Out National Martial Law.

Not Only is the National Emergencies Act Absolutely Inappropriate for What’s Happening with the Trucker Convoy . . . the Use of the Act by Trudeau Flies in the Face of Canada’s Charter Of Rights & Freedoms (Constitution), For Which Trudeau’s Own Father is Wholly Responsible, For Establishing The Constitution Act In 1982.


The Good News In All This . . . Trudeau Is Thoroughly Destroying Himself & The Liberal Brand In Canada.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The National Emergencies Act for an incredibly peaceful demonstration. Trudeau truly is a tyrant. He cares nothing for the good citizens of Canada. He is but an obedient servant to Klaus Schwab.

  2. I have sent money to them thru Give Send Go and have received personal thanks. I appreciate their mission and their attitude.

  3. Sent a small donation. AND, posted my name. Let true freedom ring loudly in Canada

  4. Thanks Howard for all your hard work and for the GiveSendGo donation site. I just sent in a donation also proudly included my name. Will be praying for you, Anne, your pets, and all the protesters. Your editorials are awesome.

  5. This is the idiot who said that the Chinese for of government is a good example….. AND considered Fidel Castro his uncle. YES, the TRUCKERS are bringing him down.

  6. Truckers should concentrate on local meetings all across Canada in towns and cities on Saturdays or Sundays for 3 hours so truckers, farmers and the supporting public (with their children and dogs) can rally their support in large numbers. This process will let all levels of governments know that public support is widespread and expansive. Congregate safely, widely , and quickly, but be gone before the complainers have time to oppose. AEN

  7. I’ve been doxxed and outed on Twitter by name as a doner on givesendgo to the truckers but I don’t give a crap. We’re in a war and I’ll never turn tail. I love Canada but I hate what so many of my countrymen have and still are in support of allowing to happen to her. Shame on them.

  8. Even though I am unemployed at the moment, I gave $10 to the gofundme website and when I learned they were stealing my money, I took action with my bank to get my money back and they gave it back. Then I used the same $10 and gave it to givesendgo with my name and now I learned there are also issues with that foundation. givesendgo asked for the FBI to investigate their site being hacked and now governments are seizing the funds. This is a criminal act that will go unpunished like usual.

  9. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Trudeau is possessed. You can see it in his eyes. He’s ready to rough-shod over the whole population of Canada. This has nothing to do with mandates anymore, he’s showing us that he’s the boss and we’d better do as he says or else!!! Hmmmmm. doesn’t that sound like something coming out of China. I wouldn’t be surprised if he announces that there will be no more elections in Canada as now he is the supreme ruler. He’s insane enough to pull something like that of

  10. Is it correct that Truedoe bought himself an election with the support of one of the opposition parties who has since reneged on it or cleverly walked it back? Sleepy. creepy Joe has a reason for his ineptitude what’s Truedoe’s excuse? These idiots have gone flat out Marxist!! Haven’t read you for awhile. I’m going to work my backward through your posts. I’ll do a givesendgo in your honor. Keep up the good fight. C L Watson

  11. Don’t forget his sidekick Singh. The leader of Canada’s ex labor party that now shills for the swamp. Likely because they know that if an election is called, they will in all likely be wiped out along with our Prime miniature and his lackeys. Oh, welcome to the club. I got my refund from go-fund-me and sent it to GIVESENDGO as well. See ya in the poorhouse.

  12. If BLM or Antifa (or some other left-wing group) was ‘demonstrating’, such as looting, setting fires, destroying properties and endangering lives, you can be sure Trudeau would be meeting with them and ‘showing concern’ for their demands, kowtowing to their wants. I sincerely hope (and pray) that the truckers and all their supporters can hold the line. I hope Trudeau’s actions bring him down; he is an evil man, IMHO.

  13. Thank you for your messages. Great history lessons and keeping us focused. I’ve said it before on this Forum: At this moment in history, Trudeau is the “Tip of Kalus Schwab’s spear” for a “one world gov’t,” i.e., World Economic Forum. Trudeau is a student and disciple of Schwab. If you will look at Trudeau’s actions from that standpoint everything, he is doing makes sense. THE CANADIAN PEOPLE BE DAMNED!!!!

  14. Good stuff Howard! My wife donated via GOFUNDME and was intercepted by the Trudeau Gestapo last week so I immediately donated via GIVESENDGO – I’m in my 87th year so will not be surprised when I spend my remaining years in a cell for political prisoners, as I also proudly identified myself on the site. I was no fan of the father of this arrogant punk Prime Minister but as despicable as Pierre was he wasn’t as dumb as his offspring.

  15. This young punk of a PM should e reminded that before WWII his old man was riding a motorcycle around northern Quebec with swastikas and other Nazi paraphernalia.

  16. It’s good to see people becoming aware of Klaus Schwab & his WEF convincing world leaders to work HARD toward a one-world-order/government. It will happen at some point, but not quite yet. And dear ole Klaus won’t be it’s leader, though he apparently thinks he will.

  17. Howard, thank you for the reminder. Now IS the right time to stand up. We are in Sparticus territory.

  18. As with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and many other dictators, your idiot will meet his Waterloo. I have seen and heard of so many Veterans, truckers and citizens being fired for not taking the JAB it says loud and clear that he will have to hide forever. His folks raised a spoiled, foolish entitled idiot who believes his own BS and ultimate power. Life will bring him down, you can only kick a downed man so hard and long before he rises and bites back with hatred in his heart. United we stand.

  19. Awesome article and terrific dedication. I’m trying to donate from Israel. Probably Sunday.

  20. Oh, how I admire you, Howard ! Just got a letter from a person in Australia which she said “Trudeau and Freeland woman are die hard Communist”. If the people in Canada don’t take a stand. Then it will be Chinas property. which I think it is already

  21. The convoy to DC starts Feb 25. Americantruckersfreedomfund.com. This fund is controlled by the drivers and is not subject to hacking.

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