The Barbarians Have Breached The Gate


How Stupid Do The American People Have To Be To Have Elected An Absolute Numbskull To The Oval Office?

SICK ANSWER . . . No Less Stupid than the Canadians Who Elected Justin Trudeau to Become Canada’s Prime Minister, and Canada’s Equally Incompetent Leaders of the National Opposition.


No Power on Earth is More Responsible for the Utter Demise of the Freedoms of the People, than has Been the Educators, Who’ve Been Indoctrinating our Children for More than a Century since the Founding of the Organized International Communist Movement.

Academia Has Successfully Dumbed Down Our People To The Point Of Civic Ignorance & Welcoming Dystopia.

What’s Happening Today . . . But Specifically in North America (Canada & The USA), which is our Backyard, is the Result of a Global Elitist Communist Strategy to Undermine the Constitutional Freedoms of the People . . . In Favor Of Power To The Elitists – And We Let Them.


The Globalists will Do in America as Best they Can, to Cheat at the Ballot Box & Through the Propagandized Media, Use all Manner of Nefarious Tactics . . . All Of Which The People Can Undo If Necessary Through The Ammunition Box.

On January 30, 1933 Hitler was DEMOCRATICALLY Appointed to Become the Chancellor of Germany. Four Weeks to the Day After Hitler was Sworn-In to Become Chancellor of Germany, there was a Suspicious Fire that Gutted the Reichstag (German Parliament), which Gave Hitler (With No Evidence Other Than What Hitler Could Concoct), the Excuse of Declaring his Domestic Opponents to be Enemies of the State.


Six Months Later . . . August 2, 1934 – Hitler Assumed Total Command Of Germany Declaring Himself To Be The Fuhrer.

On September 15, 1935 – Hitler Passed the Nuremberg Race Laws, Declaring all Germans who Hitler Believed to be Inferior (Not Only Jews), or on the Wrong Side of Politics to be Enemies of the State.

On August 1, 1936 . . . The World Opened the Nazi Olympics, which Showcased (Propagandized) to the World, but More Specifically to the German People . . . The Extraordinary Prowess Of The Aryan Nation.

On September 30, 1938 . . . Hitler, Mussolini (Italy), Daladier (France) & Chamberlain (England) Agreed to a Pact that Gave Sudetenland (The Industrial Heartland & Gateway To Czechoslovakia) to Germany, in Exchange for European Peace, Based on the False Premise that Ethnic Czech Germans were Under Threat from Czech Nationals & Needed German Protection (Military Intervention).

On November 9/10, 1938 (Kristallnacht) . . . Jews Throughout Germany & Austria were Vilified, Beaten, Raped & Murdered, as Jewish Owned Businesses, Synagogues & Religious Books were Destroyed in Fires Throughout the Third Reich.

On September 1, 1939 . . . Just Eleven Months (Almost To The Day) After the Cowards of the Munich Accord (Daladier & Chamberlain) Sold-Out Czechoslovakia in an Act of Tremendous Appeasement to a Thug Leader of a Thug Nation, for a Peace that was Never to Be, the Nazis Invaded Poland . . . And The Start Of WWII Had Begun.


To The National Socialists (Nazis) Of Germany . . . Three Strategies Were Of Utter Importance . . .

Divide the Nation Amongst Itself, Creating Enemies from Within who were a Viable Threat to the Very Fabric of Society. In the World of Nazi Germany, it was the Reichstag Fire.

In America, it was the Assault on the National Capitol Building (January 6, 2021) that in Retrospect was Seemingly More Likely to Have Been Caused by the Government Itself, than by the Hundreds of Thousands of Mostly Peaceful Demonstrators.

In Nazi Germany . . . Freedom of Expression Became the Enemy of the People. In the United States of America, Freedom of Expression is Silenced by the Media, Big Business & Big Tech, Where Questioning Authority . . . Has Become Anathema To Free Speech & Has Become Anti-American.

In Nazi Germany . . . The Ability of Certain People to Bear Arms was a Threat to the Existence of German Freedoms. In America . . . The Right To Bear Arms Is The Last Defense Of National Freedoms.


Think Of The Sequence Of Events I Just Laid-Out Of The Nazi Progression.

The Russians Took Part of Georgia – No International Comeuppance. The Russians Took Crimea – No International Comeuppance. The Russians are Poised to Take Ukraine – And In-Spite-Of a Lot of Bluster – No Real International Comeuppance.

The Chinese Operate Concentration Camps & Murder Uighurs & Falun Gong. Where’s The International Outrage?

The Chinese Took Tibet – No International Comeuppance. The Chinese Murdered Thousands of their Own in Tiananmen Square – No International Comeuppance. The Chinese Took Hong Kong – No International Comeuppance. The Chinese Have Built Artificial Military Islands in the South China Sea Declaring Marine Sovereignty – No International Comeuppance. The Chinese are Poised to Take Taiwan. Who Will Come To The Defense Of Taiwan?

The Communist Chinese are about to Showcase their 2022 Winter Olympics to an Adoring . . . Too Screwed-Up International Audience to See the Correlation of Who & What the Communist Chinese Are in Comparison to Who & What the Nazis Were Less than a Century Ago.


The Reason Why The LEFT Hate People Like Me – Is Because People Like Me Remind People Like You Who & What Are The LEFT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The greatest error the West has done, apart from the glorification of Catholicism is allowing Women the right to vote. Not that Men are so much better but the GREAT MAJORITY of Women have voted Left since 1918 while they wish their first husband was Trump, a rich Right Wing guy with assets to take. Female logic in a nutshell

  2. Thank for the great history lesson. And, yes, we are seeing almost the same things happening here in the US and Canada. As you point out, it can all be traced back to our educational (indoctrination) system. To Lani Moore above, you are 100% correct!

  3. I am sick and tired of your statement, made way too many times, we voters were stupid enough to elect an idiot. That is a LIE. WE DID NOT. Even Witchillery was probably guaranteed they had cheated enough to beat Trump. I don’t believe Obama won either election fair and square either. Even your time line on Hitler shows he deliberately lied to the German voters to get elected. Quit blaming the voters. When you start with a lie, it taints the rest of your truth. Good guys finally win!!!!!

    FACT! – Tens Of Millions Of Americans Voted For Biden. FACT! Biden Is The President Of The USA. FACT! Whether Biden Won By Cheating At This Point Is Irrelevant – TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS VOTED FOR BIDEN!

  4. How much more will it take to hurt the sheeple’s wallets before they finally wake up and retake control of their governments both in the U.S.A. and Canada !!!! How much more will they tolerate the inflation going higher and higher !!!!

  5. The whole world knows Biden admin will do nothing against China or Russia; they know that. The reason Biden is in office is the illegal mail-in balloting to keep Trump from a win. Mid-terms & if Trump runs in 2024, the same will be set in motion again. It’s up to citizens who still hold to the Constitution to combat their tactics. The “fool me once, fool me twice” bit is center stage this time. We need our poll watchers & guards to make sure no after-hour illegal ballots show up.

  6. You attach blame to our Educators. I agree. In the Province of N.B. when Frank McKenna became Premier, one of his first moves was to appoint School board Members. Previously they had been elected by the local community. That was a major move in controlling the message, without interference by Parents. Today we are paying dearly for that move. Some Teachers who have never worked a productive day in their lives are teaching absolute rubbish to our malleable children. Consequently respect is lost.

  7. Americans seem to be OK w/ the millions of illegals entering their country and being treated to every convenience possible (fully paid for by YOU, the taxpayer). But who’s speaking out against all the illegals running OUR Canadian border? People are only speaking out about inflation which they can SEE is hurting their pocket book. They don’t realize how many millions of dollars they are spending to house, clothe, transport, educate and hospitalize all these illegals

  8. Finally thanks to Mark Steyn on GBS NEWS, Tonight he had on MAXIME BERNIER FOR about 15 minutes. He was your choice,not approving of TRUCKERS not being able to go to US and Mexico from Canada! Anti TRUDEAU! Thought his hate of Ukraine was not to my liking but he is so with Germany and NATO, WITH RUSSIA! SURPRISING!

  9. Pink Stockings Justin Trudeau, our Part time Drama Teacher and Ski instructor……Head of Canada! Now that’s a Laugh! Just a Puppet for Georgie Soros

  10. To:Robert Daigneault Canada is a tripartite country. (See: W. GAIRDNER- The Trouble w Canada Still…)1/3 of pop is small biz, 1/3 is on social assistance, 1/3 is sucking on the public teet…the last 2 groups like it just the way it is. That is your answer!

  11. Everything you say is the truth. Couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks heavens we have your voice for the people. I wish the morons would wake up and see for themselves what evil people we have running Canada and the U.S.A. I see the 1930’s happening all over again. Very scary, indeed!!!!!

  12. Mom thought of a good reason for Biden involving us in the Ukraine/Russia situation: blackmail. They’re blackmailing him because of his and Hunter’s involvement with Ukraine with Burisma (sp?). Plus, Biden doesn’t dare go up against China with Taiwan because they also own him and Hunter… and most of Hollywood.

  13. What you have written is history, we are repeating it. What Robin wrote is quite probable, Ukraine/Russia and China have a huge investment in the Biden Cabal. Why is Soros’ name continue to pop up in Jewish History, he was a War Criminal as a child, what are his connections around the World. Pelosi must be the greatest investment mind in the world, making more than 50% on all her investments. It is going to come to Civil War, the Working Class against the Socialist followers sooner than later.

  14. Well, not be a conspiracy theorist… But winning an election, in the middle of the night, because of votes that were “found”, behind closed door… It is a little fishy.

  15. In America, I blame the Republicans just as much for what is happening as I do the Dems. The Republicans are and have been a bunch of Cowardly do-nothings. Rather than get down in the gutter and fight like men, they take a passive view and when it is too late to fight back all they do is complain. The old adage,”fight fire with fire” is what is needed, not passive resistance. Trump was and is a blessing to the Republican party, he is showing the people how to fight the scum.

  16. H.G. Great editorial. I’m so concerned with what can happen before the conservatives wake up and vote someone with brains. I have changed my email address and don’t want to miss any of your Eds. How do I do that? Thanks

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