It’s Time For Independents


Joe Manchin Pulled The Pin & Threw The Grenade . . . The Communist Build-Back-Better Fiasco Has Been Fragged.


CNN and a Host of Other Media Providers, Including Big Names in the Democrat Party are Calling for Manchin’s Head to be Delivered on a Stick. Some are even Calling-For Manchin to Leave the Democrat Party, as if that would be a Good Thing, which it Really Would be for the American People, since that would Make the Republicans the Majority Party in the Senate.

But Joe Manchin Doesn’t Have To Join The Republicans, Just Like Bernie Sanders Is Not A Member Of The Democrats . . . But Caucuses with the Democrats, which Gives the Democrats that Extra Seat in the Senate, which Gives Chuck Schumer Control of the Senate, Enabling Kamala Harris to be the Tie Breaker on all 50/50 Legislation.

As An Independent (Manchin) – Aligned with Neither Party, the Senate Becomes a 50-Seat Republican, 49-Seat Democrat & 1-Seat Real Independent Upper Chamber, Giving Full Control of How the Senate will be Managed to the Republicans.

It’s Christmas After-All . . . Maybe The Democrats Will Force Manchin To Quit & Sit As An Independent.


Can You Imagine How Desperate It Must Feel . . . Watching All The Walls Close-In? Ask The Democrats.

Manchin Has Finally Laid-Down His Marker . . . I Suggest Kyrsten Sinema is Most Likely Next to Lay Her Marker Down Too . . . And Don’t be Surprised if More of the Center-Left Democrats Don’t Follow-Suit in the Senate and in the House.

Their End Is Near . . .  and Like all Rats on a Sinking Ship – Screw The Women & Children, because they’ll do Whatever they Can to Abandon the Sinking Ship before it Entirely Goes Down Regardless of Who’s Going to Go Down with the Bad-Ship-Democrat (Communists).


Goodbye To Build-Back Nuttier.

Goodbye To The Massive Communist Spending Lollapaloosa.

Goodbye To Congressional Manipulated National Fraudulent Elections.

Goodbye To The Anti-Freedom Green New Deal.

Goodbye To The Phony Climate Change, Global Warming Or Whatever The Communists Want To Call-It.

Goodbye To 51 & 52 States.

Goodbye To Court-Packing.

Goodbye CRT . . . Or More Honestly Described As – Let’s Teach Racism To Weak Brained Americans.

Goodbye To The Orgy Of Baby Murder (Abortion) After An Unreasonable Time Delay & For An Illegitimate Purpose.

Goodbye To Defunding The Police.

We Could (Should) Probably Also Include . . . Goodbye to the Lockdowns, Goodbye to the Forced Mask Wearing, Goodbye to the Vax-Passports & Goodbye to Forced China Virus Vaccinations, as State Governors, Mayors & Police Departments are Saying No to the Enforcement of the LEFTIST Mandates.


In Canada, Which Affects Anne, Tavor & Myself Directly . . . We’re Witnessing a Surge in Conservative Voices Coming Together to Unite in Certain Provinces. The Province Most Important to Anne & Myself Right-Now, is Ontario, where the Current Premier Ran as a Conservative & Governs as a Rank Liberal, is About to Get his Retaliation from the Voters, as Community Organizers & Provincewide Conservative Parties are Organizing.

I’m Pretty Sure That I’m Putting My Money On Dereck Sloan’s Conservative Ontario Party, Which Seems To Be Building Momentum.

As For Canada’s Federal Party . . . The ONLY Conservative Party in Canada that has Fought Consistently for the People’s Constitutional and God Given Rights has Been the People’s Party Of Canada Headed by Maxime Bernier, which also has my Unabashed Support.

In England . . . The Most Unpopular Conservative Politician In The Entire Realm Is Boris Johnson – The Conservative Party Leader. And in Australia, the Land of Modern Tyranny, where the People are Locked-Down from Everything, Living Under the Thumb of Martial Law, are Poised to Politically Castrate the Liberal Prime Minister at the Forthcoming Election.


The American Conservative Republicans Are Organized & Organizing . . . They Know Who Their Enemies Are.

Unlike in the Past with RINO Leaders Like Speaker John Boehner & Speaker Paul Ryan in the House and the Current RINO Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate . . . The New Slate Of Conservatives Will Not Be A Continuance Of The Uni-Party.


The New Slate of Republicans in the House & the Senate Will be Unapologetically Conservative. And if I’m Right, which I Suspect I am, if I was Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and a Host of other Traitors to their Elected Oaths of Office . . . I would Be More Frightened Than Just Somewhat.

Even Nancy Pelosi – Once Kicked Out Of Office Isn’t Too Big To Take A Beating.

As Christmas & The New Year Approach . . . And in Just 4-Days I Get to Celebrate the Birth of Anne (December 24), I’ll Probably Write One or Two More Editorials, Since In-Spite of all the Crap our Governments Have Made us Endure over the Past Nearly Two Years . . . I See A Light At The End Of The Tunnel & It Ain’t An Oncoming Freight Train.

Before This Year Comes To An End & Billions Of Good People Celebrate The Birth Of Christ – Let There Be Some Good News.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Am so impressed with Manchin standing up to and staying firm on his word. Figures it would take a “hillbilly” from West Virginia. It’s going to be a difficult 11 months with upcoming elections in Nov. I hope it’s a figurative slaughter of Dems. But as it plays out in the months ahead, if Dems see more handwriting on the wall in popularity of conservatives, they will create another situation to declare martial law to stop any change-over. We all know their playbook now; just not details of

  2. In the next year several Democrats will quit the Democrat Party and become Republicans because they know in the next election very few Democrats can win.

  3. Belated Happy Hanukkah Howard, Anne and Tavor. Merry Christmas but “NOT” happy new year. Every year since I can remember has turned to crap so I don’t see the usefulness of wishing each other a happy new year when we know it’s going to turn to crap anyway with the last 2 years proving my point. I am still trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel but in vain, I can’t see it yet. I am relying on your message of hope hoping it is actually coming. You seem to have the same weather as we

  4. It’s not often I disagree with you. No way would I support Maxime Bernier because I don’t see him aa a team player. Ray Moscato, Calgary Alta

  5. I left the Demo Party in 1974, when they legalized abortion! I said it then as I say it now, you don’t want to get pregnant, keep your legs closed and or keep it in your pants. Or take precaution’s. I’ve been a Pro-life speaker, also a volunteer with a crisis pregnancy center. I learned much then. I left the Republican Party when Paul Ryan was the pathetic speaker. All I see for the most part are RINOS! I am now an Independent Conservative. A G0D, Family, Country Patriot. OooooRa

  6. As a cynical realist, I’m hopeful but highly apprehensive. After working for decades (or much longer) to get this close to their ultimate goal, I don’t expect liberals to go quietly into the night. With nothing more to lose, I fear they will resort to desperate measures and who knows what unspeakable evils they might have waiting in the wings? I hope I’m wrong.

  7. Thankful for Manchin and hope it is the start of another movement. Also thankful for you Howard – you give us hope! On the dark side – watch Biden and his clan try executive orders?

  8. The only hope for democrats is to field a ticket of Manchin/Cinema for 2024. As for me; I will vote for Trump and vindication! God bless us all in Canada and the US.

  9. I needed this Editorial!! Thank You. And just an FYI…I guess that Biden figures since he got the vote from folks with Student Loans he doesn’t need them any longer. That WISH has been swept under the table and the students MUST continue to pay their loans! What a Christmas Present that must be for them. Manchin is one Democrat who is actually doing his job. Now if we can get Term Limits voted in we will be heading in the right direction. Merry Christmas to everyone in your BLOG!!

  10. Just joking. The winner of next year’s JFK Profiles in Courage Award is Joe Manchin. Of all people, he is showing true courage in going against his party and voicing the desires of his electorate. GO JOE!

  11. “Light At The End Of The Tunnel & It Ain’t An Oncoming Freight Train” and what’s wrong with the freight train worked them for over 36 years. But yes P.P.C. “Mad Max”, The Blue Party of Ont. And of course D.J. Trump to the south . now that would fix things up and make my day. Happy birthday Anne and Merry Christmas to you two and all the readers on this blog.

  12. Why is everybody deifying Manchin? Any Democrat who drives a Maserati is into self preservation, particularly in his state that is anything but Blue. He knows the voters are pissed and does not want to be ousted in the upcoming election. If his NO stays NO, then watch as many Democratic politicians quit to make themselves eligible for lobbying jobs in the near future( you must be out of office one year and a day in order to register as a lobbyist).

  13. Only too happy to vote for Max Bernier . A true conservative. Wake up Otoole. Your not listening to us AND being a team player !

  14. Manchin made the comment that he struggled over this bill but could not bring himself to support it because of the impact on the people he represents, so have the rest of Congress read the Bill. I think a majority of the Fools that sit in Washington have someone else read these monster Bills and tell them their understanding. The Folks in WH are humans with flaws as the rest of us except they have written rules to protect them from being held accountable when they break the law, TERM LIMITS.

  15. Our planet with insane people who are power hungry nuts in and out of office Satan himself has got a hold of people and is enjoying all of what is going on all over the planet. With China taking over day by day & we dumb bunnies letting them as well as Mother Red also. Need I say anything about the Meddle East? That the sick man in the W/House left all our equipment over there to hurt and kill people with. As for you three in Canada I am so sorry for all of you as well. Run if you can be sa

  16. Their time is short lived, the scum know it and that was why the big rush for every thing. They have to get it done in one term, and it is NOT going to happen. These people are not just Socialist, Communist or Liberal, they are agents of the United nations move toward a one world government by 2030. The United States and probably Canada and England will not be a part of it, nor will they be a part of the one world religion. Most certainly Israel will not, this group of low lifes have failed.

  17. First off – I wish a wonderful, joyful and peaceful Christmas to your family. Second, Happy Birthday Anne. And Third, thank you for your being the articulate voice of my heart, my patriotism and mind for MANY years. You prevent me from thinking our country and world are right and I’m the insane one. May God continue to bless you, Anne and Tavor and guide you forward in your mission to help humanity right itself.

  18. In my humble opinion, the fact that the total number of Congressthings and Senatorthings are 535, representing 333 million is itself insane. Bernie ” 3 Home ” Sanders is mum on this subject of course. They do not want to increase the number because we would eventually know of their slush funds and details of their allowances

  19. Well, maybe Manchin has some principles. And some common sense? John 1:1-5 1) In the beginning was the Word (Jesus), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2) He was with God in the beginning. 3) Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4) In him was life, and that life was the light of men. 5) The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. Merry Christmas everyone!

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