Unexpected Consequences . . . Crunch Time Is Coming


Before Getting Into The Meat & The Potatoes Of This Editorial, because of the Blowback, the Salvation Army has Pulled-Back from their WOKE (Anti-White) Training Philosophy – Good For Them. Too Little Too Late . . . They Can Still Screw Themselves. I Won’t Give them a Penny, First Time In My Long Memory Not To Support The Salvation Army.

If We Don’t Really Punish Our Victimizers . . . They’ll Keep Victimizing-Us. It’s Past Time To Send Them All A Message.


32-Years Ago (December 6, 1989), a Madman by the Name of Marc Lepine, who had an Insane Hate-On for Feminists, Massacred 14-Women Students at The École Polytechnique (Engineering) at the University of Montreal.

Lepine Used a Semi-Automatic Rifle to Accomplish his Dirty Deed, which Led to a Relentless 32-Year Government Assault on Legitimate, Honest & Reliable Gun-Owners Across all of Canada, only Because of One Senseless Incident in Quebec (Montreal), to the Point that the Canadian Government is Inching Towards the Seizure of all Guns in Canada from the Most Law-Abiding Citizens in the Country.


Canada Has Perhaps The Least Amount Of Gun Violence Compared To Any Country That Has Legal Civilian Owned Firearms.

Legal Gun Owners Like Anne & Myself . . . Should Not be Held Responsible for the Actions of Illegal Gun-Owners, who Obtain their Weapons Through Theft & Smuggling, Especially since the Theft of Legally Owned Guns in Canada by Thugs & Gangbangers is a Rarity.

Yet, with the Help of a Compliant Media, Gun Violence in Canada which is Hardly a Blip on the Radar has Become an Integral National Security Issue that Exists Only in the Minds of Ignorant Gun-Haters.


In All States That Are Transitioning Into Totalitarianism . . . The Tyrants Always Seize Communications & Guns.

If The People Can’t Communicate, The People Can’t Organize & Rally. And if the People Can’t Defend Themselves, the Regime Generally Has a Free Hand to do with the People What the Regime Wishes. So . . . Which of the Two Seizures is the Most Important to the Usurpers of Freedom?

It’s Like Asking What Came First . . . The Chicken Or The Egg? Which Is Irrelevant, Since One Cannot Exist Without The Other.


Back Home, in Southeastern Ontario where Anne, Tavor & I Live in the Summer, When we Decided to Live the Lifestyle we’re Enjoying Now, we Built a Substantial Covered Deck Right Beside our Horse’s Paddock, which Includes a Full Outdoor Cooking Kitchen and a Great Separate Dining Area, where Anne, Tavor (Used To Be Stryker), Myself & Friends Share No Shortage of Great Meals from Breakfast to Supper & Late Evening Snacks, which is Surrounded by a Dozen or So 1-Foot by 2-Foot Metal Plaques With Cleverly Created Artistic Pro-Gun Artworks.

All The Plaques Were Bought By Me Over Several Years From The Gun Range We Were Members Of In Texas.

All the Plaques are Great, but Two of them Stand-Out in my Mind More than the Others. One is Illustrated by a Beaten Looking Indian Band that Reads . . . “First They Came For Our Guns”.

The Other Plaque Which Is Also One Of My Favorites Reads . . . “When They Come For Your Guns – Give Them The Bullets First”.


The LEFT Is Desperate, as their Sick-Dream of a One World Communist Government Ruled by Elitists . . . In-Spite of all they’ve Tried to Do and are Still Trying to Do to Destroy the Essence of American Values & Freedoms . . . Is Slipping Away.

The American LEFT has Come to the Realization, that if they Try to Seize the Nation’s Guns BEFORE they Seize Freedom of Expression (The Media), the Result will be . . . The Bullets Will Come Before The Guns.

I Don’t Have to Go as Far Back as the Nazi Seizure of Guns & Communications, Or What the Russians and so Many other Dictatorial Regimes did to Suppress their People as the Communists Took Control, Since all we Have to Do is Look at Venezuela & Australia, where the Citizenry of Each of the Aforementioned Countries Have No Way of Defending Themselves from their Own Belligerent Governments, as National Government Forces (National Police) Manhandle & Arrest their Own Citizens on the Whim of the Government.

We Would See The Mayhem On The News Everyday If The Mainstream Media Wouldn’t Suppress It.


In-Spite Of All The Consternation Of The People, Caused by the Propagandized Media (Canada, US & Elsewhere), the Globalists Have Not Nailed-Down their Ultimate Goal of World Communist Domination . . . Far From-It.

In Fact . . . It’s All Beginning To Become Undone, Because The LEFT Thought They Were Smarter Than They Actually Were.

And the More the LEFT Try to Turn the Screws on the People, whether in the Courts, on the Streets and/or in Congress, the More their Own LEFTIST People who Aren’t Nearly as LEFT as the Elitists Thought they were . . . are Beginning to Turn on the LEFT who have Shown Themselves . . . For Who & What They Really Are.

I Will Keep Reminding The LEFT Of The Consequences Of Their Actions.

At this Point in Time & History, all that the LEFT has Achieved, has Been to the Detriment of the People. No One But A Lunatic Votes For Someone Who Promises To Make His Or Her Life Worse, which is Why Virtually all Politicians Either Lie or Obfuscate their True Intentions while they Campaign, which they Subtly Slip-Into their Mandate if they Win.

In The Case Of Biden & His Cohorts – They’re All Too Arrogant To Think The People Wouldn’t Notice.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. They will come for the guns of law-abiding citizens, while the criminals continue to get illegal weapons from the underground gun-smuggling networks.

  2. I understand that the weapon that Mark Lepine used is still available for purchase ? As we come up to the yearly Dec6 punishment for being a male and a gun owner

    The Weapon Marc Lepine Used was Deemed PROHIBITED (Illegal) in the last Volley against Guns in Canada, less than a Year Ago – HG:

  3. Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi oops that was his name. Every country that takes gunstakes freedom next. WAKE UP PEOPLE. I have never seen a gun kill somebody.

  4. Why doesn’t the government try to Seize/Ban All SUVs after the massacre in Wis. by the White hating Black Leftie ? However we all Know the Answer(s) to that question – Guns Defend Freedom from government Tyranny. I have Given, Supported and Donated to the Salvation Army for untold years, I will NOT Support that organization Ever again. I’m sure their agenda is LEFT, and they are recanting the CRT publication ONLY because of the Outcry of Donors, NOT a Dime to you Scumbags.

  5. Like you, I have donated to the Salvation Army for years! I am tired of white people now being blamed for all the ills in society and especially being accused of racism. Every organization that relies upon donations had better wake up; for some, it’s too late.

  6. I’ve had about enough of people wanting me to apologize for my “racism”. F that. You want to call me a racist when you have zero proof I have ever done or said anything racist? Fine. Hold my beer. I’m busy making sure I never hire or patronize another black owned business or anything else. I’m changing doctors to a white doctor and cutting off every other contact. I’ve had enough of this BS. I will also never give another dime to the Salvation Army. Enough is enough!! I will use the money I USED to give to the Salvation Army to people in need in my community where I can directly make a difference rather than see 90% of it go for “administrative expenses” including bloated salaries. I’m livid over the Salvation Army–how DARE they!! Also, want my gun? Molon Labe!!!

  7. HG, your statement of-In The Case Of Biden & His Cohorts – They’re All Too Arrogant To Think The People Wouldn’t Notice-says it all, as is being proven by the PEOPLE’S most recent RISING to the TRUTH! The PEOPLE are speaking out more OPENLY & are FED UP with the DICTATES of the O’Biden administration.THEY have tried to RUIN the people’s FREEDOM by DISREGARDING the CONSTITUTION. Without a doubt, this ‘Rules for thee and not for me’ BUNCH are RUINING themselves, & YES, due to their ARROGANCE!AMEN!

  8. I also bristled at the Salvation Army’s comments and said so, on my radio program Monday morning. A listener heard me mention my annual $150 check normally sent to the SA was being diverted to my local Catholic Church who is starving with reduced church goers; a friend & listener decided to match my check, so both were hand delivered yesterday. Thus ends my annual donation to SA.

  9. I’m reading a book on early Britain. Around 53 AD the Romans attempted to disarm the local population. It didn’t turn out well.

  10. The real reason marc lépine did what he did was that his father was algerian and a devoted non-practioning mooselim. Like the talibans, women are objects and should always be covered by the niqab and burka and are not allowed to work or hold any titles. marc lépine killed those women because they were going to become engineers one day and it is not acceptable when you are a radical islamic terrorist just like the taliban and al-qaeda. His father had the same mentality about women.

  11. I will never give another$ or article to the SA. I will give to my church or someone I know appreciates it. Let them solicit BLM!

  12. Howard you answered your own question. As long as the people are capable of stopping these Satanic Deciples, they will never rest in the effort to disarm the populace. They know that by going outswide the law to confiscate, there are going to be many dead people, most of them on the left The right has most of the guns, but their stupid and will keep on trying, until all hell breaks loose.

  13. Kipling’s great poem, The Death of the Awakened Saxon may be an indication of the current mood of the so-called American “silent majority.” Leftists and feds should carefully take note.

  14. As usual Howard you are spot-on. No more $$$ to the SA —– after about 65 years of giving to them! I am PRAYING that your forecast will become true. We are on a very slippery slope into a One World Gov’t.

  15. My wife and I changed our Donation pattern when I came across information on how much of my donation actually made it to the folks it was intended for. SA was one of the worse for Overhead and Salaries. We donate to a couple Disabled Vet organizations and to specific needs of families that have fallen on hard times thru no fault of their own, not couch sitting lazy, gimme people. Our Guns are last effort to have a stable life, without them we are so many Sheep being lead to slaughter and abuse.

  16. Great editorial, as well as the comments. It’s SO GOOD to hear of & read about people fighting back against globalist push. One really good example is in Loudoun County, VA where parents are fighting back against CRT taught in schools. The parent group has grown & called for resignations of Superintendent & School Board mbrs who say parents have no say in what schools teach their kids. That’s total BS. BTW, the chicken came first (God created all things, then told them to procreate).

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