Don’t Get Sucked-In By The LEFT


Tonight’s The Night (Tuesday – October 26, 2021) For The Zoom Get Together.

It Would Have Been Sunday Night, but the Canadian Government Weather Forecast Never Materialized for the Close-In Interior of the Canadian (Vancouver) West Coast, which Predicted Heavy Rains, High Winds & Massive Blackouts.

It’s Too Bad We Have Had To Wait Until Now . . . But Better They Were Wrong & We Didn’t Get The Storm.


So Please Be Patient, Expect Screw-Ups . . . And Let’s All Hope For The Best.


The Zoom Meet & Greet Will Begin At 7:00 O’Clock Sharp – Eastern Time. I’ve Decided Not to Pop for the Pro-Plan, which Means the Number of “Guests” Will Be Restricted To The First 100, and the Amount of Time we Can Chat will be Restricted To 40-Minutes Total.

I Will Speak For Approximately 15-20 Minutes & Maybe Even Somewhat Longer. When I’m Done Speaking, I will Throw the Zoom Meeting Open to People who Want to Ask Questions or Make their Own Comment(s).

Please Keep Your Questions And/Or Comments Succinct & Brief.

To Ask A Question . . . There Is An Emoji Of A Hand. Click on the Emoji & I will Recognize you as the Speaker. UN-MUTE Your Microphone which you will Find on the Bottom Left of the Zoom Page in the Form of a Microphone. I Believe the Microphone Image Might also be on the Video Screen of Yourself.

After Speaking, Please RE-MUTE Your Microphone.

If You Want To be Seen During The Zoom Get-Together, Make Sure to UN-LOCK the Video Button, which you will Find Beside the Mute Button. Please be Aware, that Depending on How Many People Participate Tonight, Not all People will be Able to be Seen During the Meet & Greet.

I’m Expecting & Hoping For As Many As A Few Dozen Participants.


Anne & I Are Double Vaccinated, and When we Will be in the Group to Receive the Third Dose, It Is Far More Likely Than Not, That We Will Do That Too.

We Decided To Get Vaccinated For Two Reasons . . . the First Being the Most Important. There Is No Country On Earth That Is More Protective Of Its Military Than Israel . . . And if Israel Decided to Have all of its Troops Vaccinated – That Was Good Enough For Anne & Myself.

I Couldn’t Give A Crap About What Biden Or Trudeau Mandated . . . But Anne & I Wanted to Comply with Standards that would Make-It Easier for us to Cross the Border into the United States of America Once the Border Opened-Up, which Certainly Wasn’t our Prime Decisionmaker.

Getting The Shot Was Predicated Not On Crossing The Border, But On What The Israelis Decided Was Prudent.

That Said . . . I Will Neither Recommend Nor Suggest What You Should Do. And if you Decide to get the Vaccine, That’s-On You. If you Decide NOT to get the Vaccine, That’s On You As Well.

Either-Way, As I See It, What You Decide For Your Own Body Is Not My Business & Has No Effect On Me Whatsoever . . . I will Still be Happy to Spend Time with you UN-MASKED, Share a Meal with you, Shake Your Hand, or Give you the Quebec (European) Hug & Two Cheek-Kiss . . . Vaxxed Or Not.


We’ve Had Far More Than Enough Of This Bullshit.

And Except for a Few Weeks at the Very Beginning of the Panic Pandemic in March/April of 2020 . . . Anne & I Threw-Out the Masks, Except for Where we Had No Choice, such as at Grocery Stores & Shucked the Whole Stupid Concept of Social Distancing . . . And So Did All Of Our Friends.

Our Bubble Included Anyone Who Wanted To Share Our Space. And Staying Close to Home Included Wherever our Vehicles Could Take Us. I Refused Then & I Refuse Now . . . to be Controlled by the Government and all the Governments’ (Municipal, Provincial & Federal) Unconstitutional Mandates.

If You Think I’ll Spend A Dime In A Place Where I’m Asked To Show My China-Virus Passport, They Can Kiss My Independent Ass.


Either We Control The Government Of The People, By The People & For The People . . . Or We’ll Be Perpetual Slaves To The Bureaucrats Of Our Own Making.

Everything That’s Happening Today . . . From the Way our Governments are Dealing with the China Virus, to the Promotion of Racist In-School Teaching, to the Trans-American BLM & ANTIFA Riots, to the War on Religion & Small Business, to the Illegal & Horrific Surge at the Southern US Border with Mexico, to the Spending Disgrace (Budget) that will Destroy the American Economy, to the Green New Deal and the Purposeful Destruction of the American Energy Industry, to the Collapse of the Supply Chain . . . Are Neither Accidental Nor The Cause Of Incompetence . . .

All Of These Horrors are Well Planned Globally Coordinated Attacks Upon the Free World to Create the Elitists’ Communist One World Government. This Was In The Long-Time Coming.

Do You Think We’ll Have Enough To Talk About Tonight At 7PM Eastern Time?


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bless you Howard, you are a man among men. “Teach them correct principles, let them govern themselves”. RC&SunA

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you about the vax being a personal decision, either way. Unfortunately, our governor here in Oregon is still demanding masks for everyone, inside and OUTSIDE. Some citizens are standing up to the tyranny. On a personal note, many of my vaxxed friends are shunning me, because I am unvaxxed. We’re living in a weird world. I’m tired of the paranoia and fear perpetrated by this “President” and administration on many levels.

  3. I decided to get vaccinated for my Mother who is still scared of getting covid even if she is fully vaccinated and lately we found out that by being vaccinated, you can still have the virus and spread it, wonderful hey ????!!!! That leaves us little choice for grocery shopping, going to restaurants etc… if they ask us to be masked or show our communist vaccine passports. I am asthmatic, being masked for more than 5 minutes gives me trouble breathing but try to get a slip to comply ,regulations

  4. Thomas Jefferson: “When the People Fear the Government There Is Tyranny. When the Government Fears the People There Is Liberty!”

  5. I agree lockdowns are not good but when the hospitals can perform normal surgeries because they are filled with COVID cases then something needs to be done. As much as you should be able protest I challenge you with “what are you doing to reduce the problem?” You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem.

  6. I watched every minute of the zoom and enjoyed it all. Some minor problems with recognizing those who put up a hand, but very minor – especially for the first time out! I watched my wife recently spending hours trying to organize a successful zoom session. Finally did succeed. Incidentally, I was really Dick, on Cindy’s computer as I do not yet have zoom installed. I suspect that a large part of your normal audience does not have it installed. Keep after it!

  7. So Biden, who said “I will not let another foot of fence be built in the US” has built a fence around his vacation property in DE. Amazing is it not, we the people paid for it. What is he afraid of. HIs hapless VP who seems to have gone in hiding since she did the video with bought and paid for kid actors. Both are idiots, or they are very smart. We the people have done nothing to stop them from breaking the law repeatedly. One World Order is their plan, what is going to stop them, Brave People

  8. Your subtitle of ‘vax or not to vax… is a freedom issue’ is spot on, as well as a control issue for would-be dictators. I choose not to get the vax & have a friend who got both Pfizer shots and is more afraid of getting covid than I am. It seems our country, & yours, have gone nuts. We have no “compass” anymore it seems, & we’re floundering like lost sheep. The Bible talks of such times when total chaos reigns. It seems we’re nearly there, but as you say, some are waking up to reality.

  9. I tried to get on the zoom but could not find a password anywhere. Probably my oversight

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