While We Were Sleeping

Do You Really Think The “WOKE” Generation Has A Clue As To What Life Is All About?

If the “WOKE” Jackasses Had an Inkling about their History and the Great Men & Women who Shed Blood on Both Sides of the Aisle, to Give all of us What we Have Today, these Undeserving Jerks would Suffocate the Flag with Hugs, while they Fall to their Knees to Kiss the Ground our Forbearers Walked Upon.

I Just Had A Very Interesting Exchange With The Montreal Gazette. You Can Read-It Further Into This Editorial.


While My Dad & His Brothers Were Slugging It Out Going To-To-Toe With The Nazis . . . Trudeau’s Dad Sat-Out The War.

That’s Actually Not Accurate . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau Didn’t Just Sit-Out the War. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Took the Socio/Political Side of the Nazis, Touring Quebec on his Motorcycle, While People like my Father were Fighting Overseas, As Trudeau Wore Nazi Paraphernalia.


My Dad Also Toured During the War on a Motorcycle, but Instead of Riding Through the Plush Safe Countryside of Quebec, my Dad, Amongst Millions of Other Canadian Dads, Sons, Brothers, Boyfriends, Friends & Neighbors were at the Front Lines, Giving it Their-All to Defeat Fascism, while my Dad did Most of his Touring by Motorcycle Behind Enemy Lines as a “Runner”, which in Military Parlance was a Death Sentence . . . Carrying Messages from Commander to Commander, while Also Carrying his Bren-Gun as Part of His Canadian “Paraphernalia”.

Even My Mother Served In Uniform On The Canadian Home-Front.

For my Father’s Efforts, He was Wounded at Monte Casino, Bed-Ridden with Malaria Elsewhere, Lived in Mud & Rain, Ate a Hot Meal only when One was Available, Sailed, Marched & Rode Across Europe from England to Italy, to the Netherlands, to France, to Belgium and Finally to Germany  where it was Life or Death Fighting for the Length of the War . . . and was Amongst Canada’s Most Decorated Soldiers for Bravery Above & Beyond the Call of Duty in the Canadian Military.

And What Did My Dad Do When He Came Home From Europe After VE-Day?

My Dad Went to Work, Married my Mother, Struggled to Make a Living & Raised his Family of two Daughters and a Son with Strong Canadian Values & Morals.

And What Did Pierre Elliott Trudeau Do After Sitting-Out The War?

Trudeau Flirted with Fascism, he Became a University Professor, a Liberal Political Insider (Justice Minister In The Liberal Chretien Government) And Eventually Prime Minster of Canada from the Very Late 1960’s to the Early 1980’s, where Trudeau’s Socialist Folly is Still being Felt (Suffered) Throughout Canada.

And Now . . . The Son Of Pierre (Justin) Is Finishing His Father’s Job To Enslave Canada To A One World Communist Government.


Yesterday (October 18, 2021), A Montreal Friend Sent Me An Email Of A Gazette Article Which Mentioned My Name.

The Montreal Gazette, which Once Asked me to Write Features for them, Hoping that if I Did, they Could Shut-Me-Up-Some, was Never Kind to Me & Too Often Inaccurate About Me . . . I Wasn’t Interested In Shutting-Up, or Accepting their Generous Financial Offer, or Having my Name Somewhere on their List of Writers or Contributors, since Journalistic Integrity was Far More Valuable to me, than it (Was) is to Most of the Media, Which Lost Their Purpose Long Ago.

I Actually Successfully Sued The Gazette Amongst Other Montreal Newspapers For Publishing Government Lies.

The Montreal Gazette Published An Article Yesterday, Accusing me of Supporting a Movement to Create a Referendum (Circa 1996/97) to Separate Montreal from the Province of Quebec.

In All Reality . . . 100% Of The Opposite Was True. I Publicly Thought it was a Dumb Idea Then as I still Think it’s a Dumb Idea Today. But that Didn’t Stop the Writer who has Self-Proven to be an Untrustworthy, Lazy or Incompetent Hack to Make such a Baseless & Dishonest Claim.

It Also Doesn’t Speak Well For The Gazette’s Fact-Checkers.


The Montreal Gazette’s Editor In Chief Is Lucinda Chodan . . . My Words In The Email Subject Box Were . . .


On October 18, 2021 . . . Lise Ravary Wrote A Lie & The Montreal Gazette Published-It . . . In Ravary’s Article She Wrote:

“Coderre or Plante will be elected mayor, not Holness. Not this time around. But bringing the issue of secession back, as in the days of Howard Galganov, is irresponsible, dangerous and leads to strife.”

My Feelings Aren’t Hurt, because I’ve been Lied About, Demeaned & Falsely Accused of Doing this or that by the Media for so Many Years, that my Skin has Grown Quite Thick. I Don’t Even Want An Apology Or A Retraction.

Knowing That Your Paper Publishes Untruths Is What Concerns Me, Since You Are (Or Were) At One Time The Guardians At The Gate.

Just For The Record . . . I Never Supported A Referendum to Separate Montreal From Quebec, and I am on Record Multiple Times Throughout that Stupid Initiative as Saying How Bad an Idea that was.

I Truly Believe In Journalistic Integrity. Perhaps That’s Why I Have More Readers On My Blog Than Your Editorial Section Has.

TO MY INCREDIBLE SURPRISE . . . LUCINDA CHODAN RESPONDED . . . Offering to Publish my Letter to Her, I Guess with an Apology, To Which I Responded Negatively. I Don’t Need Nor Do I Want an Apology or a Retraction for their Carelessness or Lack of Journalistic Integrity, since I Have Been on the Receiving End of Misinformation for Multiple Years from all Manner of Mainstream Media INCLUDING the Montreal Gazette.

But the Fact that Lucinda Chodan took this Issue Seriously Gives me Some Hope that there is Light at the End of the Dark Media Tunnel. The Take-Away from this Exchange with the Montreal Gazette . . . Is That You Don’t Win By Surrender.

Your Voice Is Essential. Whether It Be For Large Or Small Issues . . . You Have To Stand-Up & Be Heard.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good for you, Howard! You’re right…although may think our individual voices don’t carry much weight or that speaking up/out isn’t worth the effort, doing nothing will never yield results.

  2. Howard, your disdain for Pierre Trudeau is shared by me. How did this Commie lover ever become PM of Canada? Are Canadians generally that stupid? I guess I just answered my own question. And Socks Boy isn’t any different from my view. I was in the AB oil industry when Pierre set up PetroCanada, and had two skyscrapers built right in downtown Calgary, I think just to rub it in our faces. They are still there, pink in colour of course. They are known as Trudeau’s Finger in Calgary.

  3. I must disagree with you on this. She has admitted wrong doin, press her on it, require a Front Page retraction admitting she lied or was completely incompetent. Rub the Gazzette’s nose in it. I assume it is no better than the cheap rags you see at the check stands in stores. Biden is set on Destroying Our Great Country by any means, failure to uphold Laws that are on the books is a big one, Vaccine Mandates is a killer of Jobs as is the Oil Pipeline shutdown, coal is next.

    I’m Not Them . . . I’m Not in the Lesson Teaching Business. And I Have no Desire to Debate with LEFTISTS. Frankly, I couldn’t give a Rat’s Ass what she Does – HG:

  4. Not at all surprised at you “standing your ground” and respect you for doing so. Media these days are either bowing to bosses or totally delusional, or both. Seems peoples and nations desiring to be sovereign and free and under heavy assault. We all must Stand for Freedom, Liberty and our beliefs, and STAND TOGETHER.

  5. For your reasons and a plus I haven’t bought or read the gazette since 1970. But I disagree on the only issue. I think that the total separation of Monteal from quebec is a very good idea. Being still attached to Canada will give the territory the means to prosper both economically, physically, and mentally. I also fully support the extraction of Alberta from this Canada. They can do no other. I think.

  6. My oldest Brother, now deceased, it would seem, followed in your Fathers footsteps during WW ll. At the young age of 15 he landed in Sicily, followed the campaign through Italy on to Belgium, Holland and finally to Germany. When WW ll was over he became of age to enlist. Our Family often said, “He never had time to be a Boy.”

  7. I had a great uncle who was a Provost Marshall during ww2. He was a huge man tasked with the job of finding and grabbing up Conscription dodgers hiding in the hinterlands which for the most part were French Canadians who didn’t want to fight the English King’s war. Pierre Trudeau was a much wanted target of his. As the family story goes he couldn’t wait to get his hands on his scrawny neck. He was a visible, easy target but powers that were at the time told him to leave Pierre alone.

  8. Canada as a country is no more. Break up the country into 5 regions, the West, onterrible, queeeebec, Montreal, and the maritimes. The maritimes in no time will become part of the U.S.A. my 2¢. This country is now the new soviet union with the u.s.a. not far behind. The sheeples are still asleep at the wheel and will finally wake up when it’s too late !!!! Same with the u.s.a.

  9. The older we are, the more we realize how TODAY’S Society is so-o-o SELFISH, especially the MILLENNIALS who feel ENTITLED to EVERYTHING.However, the HELICOPTER PARENTS are at fault, not the children!HISTORY has also been REMOVED from our EDUCATION system, thus it LED to the REMOVAL of learning about our SOLDIERS’ sacrifices, fatalities, etc..Government ALLOWED this removal. America is sadly JOINING Canada re: its SOCIALISTIC lifestyles.The word, SACRIFICE, no longer exists!God help us all!AMEN!

  10. What Lucinda Chodin doesn’t understand is that passivity and acquiescence to the French tyrants that rule Quebec has gotten the English nowhere and only put them deeper into the political/social/economic hole. The English are suffering greatly with things only getting worse. The English, like most leftists and weak, empty headed fools, stabbed HG in the back and threw him out themselves. HG being the only voice of fight and reason for them. The very same that happened to Trump. Now we pay.

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