When Words Aren’t Enough



Sometimes, Polite Words & Civilized Debate Just Don’t Cut-It. Sometimes Boycotts & Civil Disobedience Are The Answers.


Anne, Tavor & I are Still on the Road (Friday – October 15, 2021) in Kamloops British Columbia, but will Arrive at our Winter Home in Fort Langley British Columbia Near 3pm – Where we will Spend the Next 6-Months. It’s a Terrible Pity that Biden Opened the Canada US Border After we left Home (October 4, 2021) for the Very Long 3,000-Mile Drive to Canada’s West Coast, Otherwise I would be Writing this from Florida as Part of our American Cross-Country Journey to Texas.

But It Is What It Is.

So Just Before Anne, Tavor & I Head-Off for the Final 200-Mile Drive to Fort Langley, I Figured I would Rather Write Now, other than Once we Arrive at Fort Langley, where I will be Too Tired After the Drive and the Set-Up.

And Before I Progress With This Editorial . . . Please Accept this Heartfelt Thank You to all the People who Stuck with Me During this Long Drive, when I Could Only Write as Often as I Could because  of Travel Circumstances, And For Your Uplifting & Very Often Informative Emails.

It has Been Quite a Journey with Great Weather, Excellent Roads, Beautiful Scenery, and some Fabulous Wildlife Along the Way . . . But You-All Made It Better & Easier.

As I Just Told a Texas Supporter of Galganov.com by Email, Traveling the Vastness of this Land, which by all Means Includes all of North America, where Anne & I Have been to Almost Every State in Continental America & Every Province in Canada . . . How It Reminds Me Of What We’re Fighting For & Why, Which Is A Reminder We All Need From Time To Time.


AS ALWAYS . . . ON THE 15TH OF EVERY MONTH, I Ask Galganov.com Readers for Financial Support, which in these Tough, Challenging & Somewhat Dark Times is Hard for Me to Do, but Unfortunately, as you all Know, I Can’t Do All Of This Myself. And Only with the Help of People such as Yourselves, will I be Able to Write, Say, Do & Broadcast by Whatever Means Possible the Truth we All Need to Know.

I Know These Are Really Tough Times For The Vast Majority Of Canadians & Americans, But If You Can Help Me Lighten My Load, It Would be Greatly Appreciated.

You Also Have To Know . . . One Way or the Other, I will Not Stop Doing All I Can to Fight for our Rights & Freedoms, whether you Can Financially Support Galganov.com or Not. And I Also Have to THANK the People who Have Always Been Generous to Galganov.com in any Way they Could Afford. It All Makes A Huge Difference.

So – If You Can Support Galganov.com & All I Try To Do Through Galganov.com . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE.


I Think Sometimes Is Now . . . as the LEFT Scrambles to Impose their Tyranny Upon a Sleeping World, Hoping they will be Successful before the World Wakes-Up.

In my Last Editorial, I Made it Clear, at Least to my Mind, the World is Waking-Up, but Nowhere More-So than in the United States of America, and Even in the Socialist Country of Canada, Leaning Hard in the Direction to Communism.

The Old Adage . . . Sometimes You Have To Fight Fire With Fire; It’s Happening, and it’s Happening Throughout the United States of America on College Campuses, College Football Games, NASCAR Races, Country Music Festivals & Wherever Large Groups Meet in Social Gatherings.

Even Non-Fanatic Liberals Are Getting The Message.

It’s Happening Amongst People who are Judicious about Where they Spend their Money, Where they Shop & What they Buy. It’s Happening Amongst People in what they Choose to Watch on Television, in Movie Theaters & Even on Internet Entertainment Providers like Netflix . . . And It’s Just Starting.

Don’t Let Southwest Airlines Con-You . . . Because It’s Happening to them as Well and Others Like Them, with their Ludicrous Vaccine Rules & Mandates, just as it’s Happening Amongst Professional Athletes & Others who Also Refuse to be “Vaxxed”.

And Even More-So, Its Happening Amongst our First Responders . . . Police, Fire Fighters, EMS, Nurses, Doctors and even our Military. And Perhaps More-So in the World of Grade-School Academia, Where Parents are Coming Forward to Read the Riot-Act to School Boards & School Administrators – Face-To-Face.

And If You Think The WOKE Bastards Aren’t Scared & Taking Notice . . . They Wouldn’t Have Called-In The FBI.


As More People Stand-Out to be Counted Amongst the People Willing to Publicly Say No . . . More People will Have the Courage to Stand-Out Too. And Like an Avalanche that Starts with a Snowball, this Movement of Constitutional Resistance, will Swell to Take-Down Whole Governments. And The LEFT Knows-It.

And Here’s Two Tidbits You Might Not Have Thought-Of.

1 – If Biden Leaves the Oval Office & Kamala Harris Becomes the De-Facto President . . . The Senate Falls to the Republicans & Kamala Harris Will Not Be Able to Name or Appoint a New Vice President, because Harris Will Need a House & Senate Majority to Approve her Choice, And That’s Where The Democrats Anti-Constitutional Reign Of Terror Comes To An End.

2 – If the LEFT Push Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema Too Far, Constitutionally, they Could Leave the Democrats & Choose to Sit as Independents, or Even Join the Republicans, which would Also Change the Senate Leadership Back to the Republicans at Best, if Either of these Two Decide to Caucus with the Republicans.

And at Worst for the Side of the Good Guys . . . Manchin & Sinema Will Be Away from the Extreme Pressure from the LEFT, which will Basically Solidify their Position with their Own Electorate.


Times Are Tough . . . But A Victory Never Comes Cheap Or Easy, And Our Victory Is Around The Corner.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I was wondering why you could not come to Florida and Texas. I see Canadian license plates all over SW Florida. So how did they ross the border?

  2. HG, Re: your destination, “Everything happens for the best!” You, Anne & Tavor will be happy to arrive. Relax when you get there! There are more & more people who are OPENLY speaking out re: O’Biden’s HORRIFIC Administration…they’re FED UP! The Democrats will SUFFER their repercussions regarding their”Ludicrous Vaccine Rules & Mandates”! Sure would be NICE if Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema would change their affiliation! Meanwhile, people are SLOWLY waking up–it’s NOT TOO LATE! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  3. Fantastic Positive Editorial! Most now realize these Vaccine Mandates are illegal & unconstitutional. Their lives are being turned Topsy Turvy and they don’t like it. WE THE PEOPLE are starting to push back and by goodness we will succeed with a hope we can UNDO most if not all this administration and its band of treason idiots perhaps MOST of them. God I hope so!! Travel safely and enjoy your stay!! God Bless

  4. I am a Thomas on all of this. I’ll believe it when I see it. They are little victories here and there but not enough yet to stop communism from taking over both the U.S.A. and Canada. Most sheeples are still asleep. I don’t know how much worse it will have to become before they all finally wake up and retake our houses of parliament in both countries, arrest all politicians present and past in municipal, provincial, federal, state etc… and throw them in jail for treason !!!!!

  5. Being born in the early 40s whose brothers went off to fight in WWII, I never thought I’d see “war” on US soil. But if the mid-term elections also get hijacked, we may have another civil war on our hands. I pray not, but the left keeps pushing & the ‘sleeping giant’ may soon have enough, especially if the left tries to mess with elections again.  The idea of Harris as president is only better in Senate votes; but can’t trust RINOs either. It’s a crap shoot, as everything seems to be these days.

  6. With Big Tech throwing big money at elections, Liberals stacking the vote counting teams, how do you think a Conservative will have a chance to win. I am seeking a seat on our local Election Board, should I get the chance, I will not be told to observe from a distance. I will demand the right to see ballots up close and personal. This is how anyone that is a conservative can help insure we have honest elections. Just take the time and do something positive for our Country, You can serve.

  7. Love those last two tidbits Howard…good to know ! Congratulations on making it to your winter camping ground. Send photos of Tovar when you can. We’d love to see him as he grows. Have a wonderful winter !

  8. Howard, when I read your writings, you give me hope…that wrongs will be righted, that truth and justice will prevail, that the sleeping masses will wake up, that the Left will go down in defeat. We’re glad you all have made it to your west coast destination safely; looking forward to more good commentary from you.

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