A Very Frightening Conversation


Before This Editorial Please Note . . . Anne & I Decided Without Being Coerced To Vaccinate, So Please Save Your Consternation.

In North America . . . After almost 8-Months – and after Almost 200-Million People who have been Vaccinated, the Number of Severe Reactions to the Vaccine are so Infinitesimal – so as Not to Reflect More than a Hiccup as a Percentage.

Also . . . In Spite of all the Nonsense I am Reading & Hearing, Anne & I Listened to People who we Really Trusted, Namely . . . the People who were Already Vaccinated and the Israeli Government, which is and was so Far Above the Curve About the Virus and the Vaccines . . . that their Opinion is and was Based on Real Science & Results.

If I Have To Trust Anyone . . . Is It A Hacker On His/Her Keyboard? – Or Is It The Doctors & Scientists Of Israel?

I Know Of No Other Country In The World . . . That Cares More for its People than Israel . . . And Certainly Not More than the Israeli Military, which was the First Group in Israel to be Fully Vaccinated.

And There Is No Military In The World That Is More Important To Its Country Than The IDF Is To Israel.

I Don’t Recommend . . . Nor Do I Suggest that the Readers of Galganov.com Make the Same Choice that Anne & I Made Based on Why Anne & I Decided to Get Vaccinated. And if you Decide to Get Vaccinated or Not . . . That’s Your Business – Period!

But At The Same Time, Understand This . . . The Internet is Flooded with Garbage that is Attributed to Fact, and Just as I Won’t try to Convince Someone to Do as Anne & I have Done, People Shouldn’t try to Convince other People to Do the Opposite – Because With All Due Respect . .. Those Screaming That The Sky Is Falling Don’t Know.

Here’s Our Bottom Line – Anne & I Are Vaccinated – We Feel Protected. If You Don’t Want to be Vaccinated that’s on you . . . And your Decision will Have No Effect on Me. I’ll Still Shake your Hand & Enjoy a Meal Together with You.


A Friend Of Mine – For As Many As 40-Years . . . Who I Know Slants to the LEFT, But Tries Not to Become Engaged in Political Discussions – is Retired from Being a Major Player in the Montreal Radio Industry . . . Who Shocked The Crap Out Of Me A Week Or So Ago.

This Friend of Mine is Basically My Age (I’m Seventy-One), He’s Older than me by just a Few Months, who is No Dummy, Especially Considering that as a Young Man He was a Radio News Reporter in Various Canadian Cities before He Graduated to Become a Network Radio VP & General Manager of Two Really Successful Montreal Radio Stations – Who Asked Me . . .

What Anne & Are Going To Do If The US Border Isn’t Once Again Opened To Canadians This Coming Autumn?

I Told Him The Following . . . If the Americans Don’t Open the Border to Canadians this Fall, Anne, Tavor & I will Most Probably Head Back-Out West.

And then I Concluded by Saying (Asking) – Isn’t it Crazy that Vaccinated Canadians with Passports (Nexus Card) such as Anne & Myself have, who have ZERO Intentions of Staying Past our Allotted Time in the USA (6-Months), who will 100% Pay our Own Way Once in the United States of America with our Own Healthcare . . . Are Persona Non Grata In America?

Not Only that – we are Fully Comfortable with American Customs, Laws, Foods – Etc, Since American Customs & Values are Really No Different than our Canadian Customs & Values . . . And We Speak English . . . Who Can’t Cross Into The United States Of America By Road, while MILLIONS of Illegal Immigrants are Invited by the American Government to Cross the Southern US Border ILLEGALLY from Mexico?

Yet Canadians Who Can Afford To Fly South Into The USA Are Welcomed . . . HUH?

And Once Across The Border, the American Government Gives the Illegal Border-Crossers Free Transportation (Air, Bus & Rail) to Wherever in the Continental United States of America they want to Travel, Free Accommodations, Free Food, Free Healthcare, Free Education for the Illegal Children & Whatever Else the American Government Deems should Also be Free to the Illegal Immigrants.


And Incredulously I Asked My Friend . . . “You’re Joking Right? To Which He Reiterated . . . What Are You Talking About”?

Unbelievably . . . My Friend, who Not that Long Ago Sat Atop the Media Food Chain as a Newsman and as a Media Executive, who Always Loved to Travel as much as he Could, Especially by Road and even More Especially Throughout the USA . . . Really Didn’t Know.

My Friend’s Ignorance Illustrates Three Serious Problems . . . AND I DO MEAN SERIOUS:

1 – How Could He Not Know, since the Open Southern Border in the United States is One of the Most Egregious Assaults on the USA, since I Don’t Know When, even More-So than the Attack on 9/11.

9/11 Was A Terrible One-Time Assault On America – What’s Happening At The Southern Border Is Permanent.

2 – His Ignorance Reflects as Poorly as Possible on the Canadian News Media, which like the American News Media Avoids Anything that Could Make the American LEFT Look Bad, which Downplays Everything that could Possibly Damage the LEFT.

3 – But There’s An Even More Onerous Spin On My Friend’s Ignorance . . . The Canadian Liberal Trudeau Government GAVE Select Canadian Media, which the Trudeau Government Selected . . . $600-Million Taxpayer Dollars – Spread Over a Period of Time – Using the Excuse that Social-Media is Damaging Legacy Media, which Needs the Assistance of Government for their Very Survival.

This Was Nothing More Than Buying The Silence & Compliance Of The Canadian Media.

So When Canadians Ask Me . . . Why Don’t I Write More about Canada? What Should I Write? Should I Write that the Media in Canada is All But Bought & Paid For by the Government? That the Majority of Canadians Don’t have a Clue about Alternative News Sources & Competing Opinions? That Canadians are Ignorant about the Truth of What’s Happening Across the Border in the USA? Or should I Write that in Canada there is No such thing as Primaries with which to Choose Candidates? And that all Members of Parliament, whether Federal (National) Parliamentarians or Provincial Parliamentarians (10-Provinces) . . . All Dance To The Tune Of The Leader?

Should I Tell Canadians That The Majority Prime Minister Is Without Checks & Balances – Same As Provincial Premiers?


If Canada Is To Be Saved . . . America Has To Be Saved First!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hello…..As always, ya hit the nail perfectly ! thank you for your voice. so unfortunate that stupidity is everywhere.

  2. My brother and his wife picked up a neighboring couple at the airport who came down with Covid-19 days later. They hadn’t been vaccinated and sadly the husband died. Vaccinated brother and wife never came down with it or tested positive since.

  3. Largely agree with you. However, I also am of the opinion whether one be a citizen/resident of the US and/or Canada one has the responsibility to gather information from and through whatever source may or may not be available. To not “know” about anything because the local media controlled by a government omits if not down right ignores facts and the truth is only an excuse. In a world where socialism is powerful one has to find ways and sources to off set that power and seek the truth.

  4. I had to get vaccinated even though I was against it to be able to visit my fully vaccinated 91 years old Mother who is still scared of the percentage that the vaccine doesn’t cover or protect even if it’s only 10%. I know about Newsmax, OAN, the Conservative Fox News hosts, InfoWars, Parler, Rumble, etc… There is a new one out there, FrankSpeech with My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell. I keep informed of what’s going on and it makes me angry as hell that the “left” was allowed to become so powerful !

    Robert – It should Make us all Angry as Hell that we Let the LEFT Become so Powerful. While we were Sleeping they were scheming – HG

  5. Howard–was it trudope who decides what media company receives the bribes, or was that “privilege not assigned to Unifor?

  6. What you said about the US and their ridiculous failure to allow you to allow your formerly annual visit to central Texas to continue is amazing. Re: the vaccine. Good for you. However, I have decided that my seven week journey through hospital and rehab facilities, was due to my daily complications from my 2012 West Nile Virus infection. Therefore, I feel my life is in danger if I take the vaccine. Qualified doctors have reported the antibodies I gained will keep me safe in the future.

  7. The sad thing is that the socialists have been scheming since FDR, and we did nothing to stop the trend. Rember Kruschev? He said, “We will bury your grandchildren without firing a shot!”. He didn’t mean they were going to dig our graves. He meant that we will destroy ourselves by allowing Socialism to slowly creep and grow in our country. How long it took didn’t matter. Now I am afraid that too many of us are not willing to give up all the free stuff. And freedom is a small price to pay.

  8. I was seriously I’ll in December 2019 & all of January 2020. In ICU for at least 6 weeks. All my VA doctors told me I am good with all the Antibodies I got for my almost death experience. So, I am not getting the Covis shot!!

  9. Howard/Ann, No Consternation from me Howard. It’s a Choice. I Don’t Need To Justify My Refusal, But Those in Washington That Chose To Have Their Cronies Come After Me, Confront/Threaten Me & My Wife when we went out to a Dinner just because I had a support Trump badge etc on have Lost ALL My Faith/Trust in the DEMOcratic Party Especially BIDEN Because, After ALL He Is The DEMOcratic Party. Now, That Said, Those same People Need To PROVE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO “FORCE ME”!!!

  10. I support Israel and wish our leaders did. Cannot understand how low our government has sunk with so much corruption in the swamp. Your comments have convinced me to get vaccinated soon. I had covid19 and came through it fine (light case). The doctor prescribed the antibody IV drip immediately; probably because I am 85 years old. In January I slept in hospital room while my husband was going through pneumonia, then @ home gave him RX drip every 6 hrs. Both came out fine. Enjoy your comments.

  11. Howard, I am 90 and so far, am sane and of clear mind. The media used to be trustworthy and label opinion as such but now they offer opinion as factual, therefore I do not trust anything they publish. My wife and I had both Phizer shots in February as our Doctor recommended, (and I trust him).

  12. Howard you and Anne along with Tavor do what you need to do to keep safe. I am so blessed each day to wake up I trust my Lord whatever he has in store for me I will accept it for I no longer trust our Government .,I do thank you for all your Editorials you sent out they are wonderful.==============================================================================================================================================================================================\======================

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