When All The Cards Are Stacked Against You


I Have No Idea If This Supposition Of Mine Is Accurate . . . But It’s Certainly Something Worth Thinking About.

This Is Not The Way To Celebrate Christmas Day 2020, but then Again – 2020 Wasn’t the Year any of us Expected to see Cursed with “Staged” Mass Demonstrations Disturbing the Social Order & Peace of the People of the United States of America – Over Contrived Grievances.

Before The Created Explosion . . . of Riots Over Faked-Racism, Beatings, Burnings, Lootings & Targeted Mayhem, America Might have been the Least Racist Country on the Planet, Especially Considering America’s Size, Stature & History.

But It Didn’t Take Much Besides A Dishonest Media & A Superbly Funded Professional Propaganda Campaign To Literally Stand America On Its Ear.


The LEFT & Their Antifa/Black Lives-Matter Shock-Troops Ran Amok UNABATED Throughout Much Of America.

How Is It . . . That Hundreds, or Perhaps even Thousands of American THUGS, who are No Better than Hoodlums; who Range in Age Between Boys, Men, Girls & Women, all Dressed Uniformly in Black with Full Face Covers . . . are Able to Terrify a Nation, while Carrying Weapons of all Description – Causing Severe Bodily Injury to Absolutely Non-Threating Innocent People . . . CAN DO THIS WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE?

And Why Is It . . . That When the Victims Fight Back, or even Threaten to Defend themselves by Brandishing LEGAL Weapons as Deterrents on their Own Property, they are Arrested & Charged for Criminal Activities, while Protecting themselves & Property from a Threatening Mob, which Invaded their Private Community?


It’s No Secret . . . The Clintons are Monster Law Breakers, as are Thousands of Other Swamp Dwellers – Including High-Up Members of Congress, the Justice Department, FBI, NSA, the Judiciary (State & Local Judges) and Members of State Legislatures . . . So Why Aren’t They All In Jail? If Not All Of Them, Why Not Most Of Them? And If Not Most Of Them, Why Not Many Of Them? Why Not Even Some Of Them?

Why Is It . . . That When a Democrat Breaks the Law and is More or Less Caught Red-Handed in Doing-So, There has to be an Investigation that is Slow-Walked for Years Until Everyone Forgets the Crime and the Charges are Dropped?

But . . . When Someone who Isn’t a Member in Good Standing of the Swamp, Especially if He or She is an Outspoken Conservative, the Charges, Indictments, Arrests & Public Perp-Walks are Withering & Immediate Whether the Accusations are True or Contrived?

Why Is It That Virtually Everyone In America On The LEFT Gets A Hearing? But When President Donald Trump or his Supporters, even the Conservative State of Texas with 17-Other States & The PresidentONLY Want Approval to be Heard at the Supreme Court of the United States of America for Nothing More than the RIGHT to Have a Hearing? . . . None Of The States Plus The President Have Standing?


When Cornered . . . With No Options, With Nowhere To Run & Nowhere To Hide, Even A Mouse Will Fight Back.

The American Neo-Communists Have Pushed America To The Limit . . . to the Point, where Men & Women who have Been Denied Justice & Equal Treatment Under the Law, whether Personally or as a Group, whether by City, State or Federal Legislatures, who have seen Criminal Goons Given a Free Ride to Destroy & Terrorize America in the Name of FAKE RACISM . . . And Then To Watch The Wielders Of Swamp-Power Steal An Election . . . There Comes A Time When Enough Is Enough.

To Watch the Media (Hollywood, Television, Social Media) and Academia Promote Wanton Sex & Gender-Perversion to Propagandize . . . that Somehow this Behavior is Normal for Children to Learn to Live With, while Judeo/Christian Values are Subjugated, Mocked and even Made Illegal . . . Goes Beyond What Most People Of Value Can Endure.

To Hear the Constant Harangue Against Social Values & Forced to Accept the LEFTIST Disease of their Social Aberration as Normal . . . Is A Societal Bridge Too Far To Cross.

To See The LEFT . . . Disparage & Destroy the Meaning & Intent of the Declaration Of Independence & The US Constitution . . . Is Too Much For Any Patriot, Same as is Watching Millionaire Goofball Athletes Denigrate the American Flag & Anthem before Professional & Amateur Sporting Events . . . is Both a Disgrace and an Insult, Especially to the Men, Women, their Families & Loved-Ones of the US Military who Served & Sacrificed Under the Stars & Stripes.

To Witness The Nazi-Like Destruction . . . Of America’s History, as Statues & Monuments have been either Desecrated, Destroyed or Torn Down as the Police Stood-By Helplessly, Watching America being Torn-Asunder . . . Is Like A Slow Boil To The Brain Of People Who Care & Are Proud Of Their National History.


. . . As if Conservative Patriots are Somehow Social Idiots Unworthy of Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions . . . Coupled with Everything you just Read . . . Plus much More that Hasn’t even Been Written in this Editorial, is the Kind of Rhetoric – Which BEGS For A Response That Isn’t What The LEFT Expects.

You Can Only Push So Far . . . Until The Pushed Becomes The Push-Backers.

I Have No Idea . . . If the Nashville Christmas Bombers were Domestic or Foreign, if they were Caused by Moslems, Christians or Others – But, From What I Can Personally Deduce . . . I Imagine the Bombers were Very Possibly American Patriots Wanting to Send a Strong Message to the Government and to the Courts of the United States of America, by the Way they (He, She or They ) Set-Up the Bombing, the Time, the Place, the Forewarning and the Recorded Warning Broadcast from the Motorhome as a Measured Warning of Things Perhaps to Come . . . More-So – Than As An Attempt To Cause Massive Death & Destruction.

If It Was Caused By Islamic Terrorists . . . There Would have been No Warning. The Bomb Wouldn’t be Set to Go-Off so Early in the Morning, on a Day When Most People Sleep-In and in an Area where Few People Live. The Bomb would have Exploded at a Time, at a Place and on a Day When it Could have Caused the Maximum Amount of Human & Property Carnage Possible.


Remember This . . . It Only Takes A Single Tiny Spark To Cause The Biggest Forest Fire Imaginable.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Boston Tea Party protestors unlike salt of the earth Patriot Farmers of today did not have millions of tons of Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer – But in both cases the enemy oppressors were warned.

  2. What still remains to be seen is the big “right” uprising that I hope is still coming and soon Howard. The suspense is killing me and it also makes me lose faith at what the “left” as been able to get away with and then you have all those cops that somehow have tasered themselves in the brain to go after people not following social distancing or not wearing a mask instead of going after real crimes which is what we pay them for. We are their bosses, we pay their salaries with our tax money !!!!!

  3. America’s good people are beginning to get fed up with all of this voter fraud. If and when it is found that Trump won look for an uprising from the Democrats and the war begins. Obama won twice by voter fraud and the Democrats did not estimate how much fraud was needed for Hillary to win but she lost because the good people of America came out and voted. The Democrats knew after Hillary lost that in the next election they would have to fraud so much that it would be next to impossible to count.

  4. I think not only is everybody fed up with this obvious voter fraud, they are also tired of nothing getting done about it. I hear a lot of people asking the same question…Why is this taking so long? The evidence is so overwhelming! If this stolen election is allowed to stand as is, we will not stand for it and we will have to fight to get our country back. Tempers are starting to boil over. I think something is going to happen.Trump knows stuff that we don’t, and he has an ace up his sleeve!

  5. Can someone please explain to me why haven’t those Dominion voting machines been seized yet. What in the hell are they waiting for?

  6. Howard, did you ever wonder why in state and federal jobs that it is almost always that a Democrat get the promotions. I did and I found out that the Dems control all of the unions and in fact dictate, who gets what and when, I am proud to say I was an initiating factor in taking out, not only the people in charge but aided in the downfall of the union itself to the point that it was challenged and finally beat. i had help from the FBI and a couple other employees.

  7. By now it should be obvious to true patriots that the war has already begun. The main thing we lack is organization to bring resources to the front.

  8. The massive protest scheduled for Washington Jan 6 will separate the patriots from the pretenders. Every American should take note of which GOP politicians participate or, most especially, don’t.

  9. It’s about time that the POLITICAL QUOTE—“Rules for THEE and not for ME” be changed to the PEOPLE’S QUOTE—“Rules for ME and not for THEE”!The reason why OFFENDERS are NOT in JAIL and do NOT SUFFER the CONSEQUENCES of their ACTIONS is because they are ALLOWED to PERFORM their EVIL DEEDS!The LEFTIST DISEASE affects the SOCIAL IDIOTS [RADICALS] and there is NO CURE for it!America is not only suffering Islamic Terrorist attacks BUT by its OWN CITIZENRY. SATAN is definitely AMONG US! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  10. Another excellent editorial Howard. Think the left wants us to give up and be frustrated. I will not give up but tired of the 90 per cent left wing media, voter fraud, a government both state and federal that is corrupt, liberal judges,. Why do we have laws? Even 2 sets. The people are fed up. This is not the country I put on a uniform for!

  11. Watching the contestants @ the NFR during the playing of their national anthem, every one of them stood @ attention w/ their cowboy hats off and their hands over their hearts , as all Americans USED to do. It was wonderful and so refreshing to see. Not a ‘knee’ amongst them!!


  12. Hope you and Anne had a lovely Christmas, wishing you both the very best of the New Year ahead. Your editorial as always was top gun. Thank you as always A:) )

  13. This editorial really hit home with me. As a full career Military Wife retired I am screaming inside for real justice or the hammer to come down on all of this communism. Our life ( us & kids) for over 25 years was patriotism. Now my husband of 52 years & I watch the communism and wonder if our Constitution Republic will stand through this time of horror. Communism is grinding on our souls, Republic, and who we are as humans. Thank you Howard for putting in writing how we feel. God Bless all.

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