Just Following Orders


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Whomever Suggests History Doesn’t Repeat Itself Knows Nothing About History.


This Editorial Is A Warning . . . You’d Be Remiss Not To Pay Attention – History Repeats Itself.

The Beginning of this Editorial Gives you the Foundational Perspective of what’s Happening Worldwide, But Especially Here & Now in our Home Countries (USA & Canada).

Between November 20, 1945 & October 1, 1946 – The World Was Fixated On The Nuremburg Nazi War-Crime Trials.


Of The Twelve Million Murdered Souls . . . Half were Murdered because they were either Considered Enemies of the German State, Mentally Ill, Physically Diminished or Gypsies, with the Greater Amount Dying from Forced Labor under Atrocious Inhumane Conditions . . .

But Six Million Were Murdered . . . Only Because They Were Jews.

For Those Who Don’t Know . . . Even though the Greatest Cost to Germany from the Onset to the End of World War II was the War Itself . . . And even in Times of a World War . . . The SECOND Highest Cost, Even At The Expense Of Providing For The German People, Was For The Exclusive Purpose Of Killing Jews.


Imagine That? . . . The Nazis Were Fighting A World War – But Their Second Most Important Focus Was Killing Jews.

A Tremendous Historian & Writer . . . Professor – Daniel Jonah Goldhagen (Harvard), Wrote an Incredibly In-Depth Analysis of the Holocaust, which Pretty Much Ignored the Ugliest Images of the Holocaust – in his World-Famous Book – “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” (1996), where Goldhagen Focused NOT so Much on what Happened . . . as Much as – How It Was Made To Happen . . . And Who Really Did It.

The German/European Mantra Was Two-Fold . . .

1 – “I Didn’t Know”.
2 – “I Was Just Following Orders”.

It Was Remarkable . . . After a Year of Trial (Nuremburg) & High Drama Concerning the Second Most Expensive & Involved Endeavor within the European World War II Intention, which was Created & Executed Specifically to Murder Jews . . . Only A Smattering Of Men & Women Were Held Culpable For The Slaughter Of 6-Million Jews.

How Could This Be . . . When Goldhagen so Masterfully Recorded in Hitler’s Willing Executioners, how an Enterprise the Size & Scope of the Holocaust – COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED . . . Without Massive Participation from the People as Well as from the Military . . . But More So From The People, Since The Military Were More Important To Be Used Fighting The War?


The Reason Why So Few Nazis & Nazi Supporters Were Indicted, Prosecuted, Found Guilty & Punished for What Happened During the Holocaust is Two-Fold . . . Because the Common Mantra was – WE DIDN’T KNOW . . . AND/OR WE WERE JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS.

But There Was A Third Reason, Which Is The Most Important Reason . . . It was that the Allied Governments Didn’t Really Want to Prosecute. What they Really Wanted . . . was to Get The War Behind them as Fast as they Could, while Giving the Impression through this Enormous Show-Trial . . . that they were Seeking the Truth and that Justice would be Served.

So . . . How Could People Who Didn’t Know be Prosecuted for a Crime they Didn’t Know they were Participating in? Just as . . . How could you Prosecute Someone who was Following Judicial (Democratic) Orders Issued from a Duly Elected or Appointed Government Member of the Hierarchy?

Just As An Aside . . . Because of the Nazi Defense of “Just Following Orders”, Israeli Members of the Military are Expected to Disregard or Refuse to Follow Direct Orders which they Believe are Contrary to Human Rights & Dignity.


Compare What Happened to President Trump from the Time Donald Trump & Melania Descended on the Trump-Tower Escalator . . . To The Big Show & Expectations Of The Barr/Durham “Report”.

Why After 4-Years . . . were there No Senate & House Subpoenas & Indictments to People like Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Clapper – Etc for Amongst other things . . . Lying To Congress? And Why Wasn’t Crooked Hillary Charged & Arrested for Ignoring A Dutiful Congressional Subpoena & the Destruction of Subpoenaed Property?


Who’s Been Indicted, Arrested, Tried, Convicted & Imprisoned For The Greatest Coup D’état Attempt In American History?


Nothing Personal . . . But I’ve Got To Shut You Down!

Every Time a City Inspector, City Cop, State Cop, Provincial Cop, Deputy Sheriff – Etc . . . Uses the Heavy Hand of a Knock on the Door of a Retailer, Doing all that He or She Could to Provide a Product or a Service for them to Stay in Business, Feed their Families, Keep their Employees Employed . . . And Basically To Just Stay Alive – Think Of The Nazis . . . “JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS”.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You nailed it, again. As a Pole I am constantly telling people about what relatives of ours experienced in Poland after my part of the family came to the US in the mid-20s of last century. No one believes me who either did not have family there or who is under 50 and whose knowledge of history is, at best, typical of what passes for education from our public school system. I have watched history playout for the past 70+ years here in the US. Nothing is new. Wonder if anyone will admit it?

  2. So very true. The communist empire rises and America falls. When America falls so does the rest of the world.

  3. Howard, this world is full of double-dealing backstabbing individuals that will do whatever it takes to get whatever they want. We know that! There will come a day when each of us will be held to account for those things that we did, or didn’t do. That Is my belief. I believe that there is a life after this time on earth. There are two directions one will go based on one’s choices during this life. I have chosen to follow Jesus and pray that I can encourage others to do as well. Merry Christmas!

  4. After visiting Poland and the Western Europe Countries a year ago I talked with the people about what is happening in the U.S. They have lived it and they do not like what is happening to our country. The Democratic Socialist Party of Germany used some of the tactics we see today – out in the open and under the table. Read the Socialist Rules for control. Everyone should visit one of the German camps just like the Jewish Children do!

  5. I’m so angry how the election was stolen and how both Republican and Democratic parties don’t give a darn. No wonder Pres. Trump wanted to get rid of the “swamp”, he knew what existed in those muddy waters. I know that term limits will never be on a ballot, or if we have any say about if they can vote themselves another raise, but it galls me to think they are so much better than we are. I feel so sorry for the shop owners who are fighting tooth and nail for their businesses. Thanks, HG

  6. I will never understand how Soros escaped any ramifications of his collaboration. And look where he is now controlling major US media and preaching one world socialism. Yes, we scrambled and grabbed Werner Von Braun but whatever does Soros bring?

  7. I have been watching State Hearings on the election fraud, usually on The Epoch Times website. I listen to the questions being asked by these members and I can’t help but want to smash something.Today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was watching the CEO of Dominion Voting lie his way through the entire hearing because nobody knew what to ask. More importantly, where were the experts? The group that did the forensic audit of the machines. Why weren’t they asking the questions?

  8. Excellent commentary, Howard. Everything you say is so very true. I wonder, however, if anything about WWII and specifically the Nazis’ murdering of millions of Jews is even mentioned in today’s public education system. My husband’s family (multiple family members of his parents’ generation) fled Poland and settled in Nova Scotia, Toronto, etc. Yes, ‘just following orders’ does seem to be the mantra of today’s politicians. That’s one reason we voted for Trump – he’s not a politician.

  9. You know why Switzerland was not taken over by Hitler, they all had guns, each and every household. Every person over the age of 16 was trained in using the weapon in their home. There are plenty of folks to blame for the election mess, it was run crooked on purpose. Our President did not have a chance. Want to see what happened, just look at Congress and the Senate from 2016 to2018 controlled by Rebs, very little got done and total BS thrown at the President, lots of crooks in DC.

  10. I have been asking one simple question of fellow Americans — What will you do when they come for you. There is no question that we are headed down the exact same path, using the same tools, and similar tactics to what the National Socialists used in pre-WWII Germany. We are headed down the exact same path, using the same tools, and similar tactics to what the Communists used in Russia/USSR under Stalin. Anyone who believes that the end result will be any different for us is a fool.

  11. Everyone is familiar with “RULES FOR THEE AND NOT FOR ME”, thus the more POWER and MONEY people have, the more they can “get away with”! JANUARY 6, 2021 will be quite REVEALING—-more so than anyone could even imagine! There is STILL HOPE for Trump to be re-elected and EVERYONE should be PRAYING for this feat. He IS a WINNER and to our surprise, has proven as such many times. It would be interesting to see what Las Vegas would BET on this chance??? Let’s PRAY for a WIN! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  12. The Georgia Jan 5 Senate run-off election is crucial. WE MUST HOLD ON TO SENATE MAJORITY!!! If not, we are lost. I can’t even imagine what four years under a leftist, socialist government will be, other than hell on earth. The Congressional possibility to change the outcome is one of our last hopes. But w/McConnell urging GOP senators to not object to Electoral College vote, makes me think he’s again moving to RINO mode. God help us because our efforts so far have = Nothing.

  13. I did not realize the wide spread antisemitism in Europe at the time of WWII until I saw the documentary “Exodus 1947” Also on JBS the documentaries “Witness”. They showed how the newly released death camp survivors had no place to go and were not welcome in but a very few places. I never knew. I see it happening here. When they are talking lists and punishing Trump supporters, I believe them. Trump may be the 1st American President forced to go into exile.

    That’s A Terrifying Thought About President Trump, But Even More Frightening Possible – HG:

  14. Like you Howard, I compare the blind obedience to evil with soldiers of the Nazi regime. I expect to see checkpoints at state lines in the future, and why wouldn’t there be? There are already “checkpoints” at airports. No one may board without a temperature check. It’s happening in doctor’s offices right now. Will businesses to the same, joining this move to humiliate and deny our right to move innocently through society? Masks are symbols of tyranny. How long will we patriots tolerate this?

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