On September 23, 1779 . . .  a Young Sea Captain in the Fledgling American Navy, by the Name of John Paul Jones, Commanding an Old Converted Merchant Ship to become a Combat Vessel (Bonhomme Richard), as a Gift to the Revolutionary American Colonies from France, which was Crewed by a Ragtag Inexperienced Crew of Sailors, Many of Whom Couldn’t even Speak English . . . Confronted the Newly Minted British War Ship – Serapis, Manned By An Experienced Battle Trained Crew.

As the Sea Battle Waged, the British Captain of the Serapis Asked John Paul Jones, whose Ship was Taking a Beating . . . If Captain Jones Was Prepared To Surrender?

With That Demand To Surrender . . . John Paul Jones Responded With The Most Famous Words Of Any Battle . . . “I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT”. And with those Words, Captain John Paul Jones Defeated the Serapis & Made Military History.


241-Years Later . . . The Same Can Be Said About President Donald Trump – As I Witnessed “Trump’s” First Legal Counter-Attack Today (November 19, 2020) – “Trump Has Not Yet Begun To Fight” as President Trump’s Legal Team Fired its First Round, Not Over the Bow of the “Enemy” . . .

But Rather – As A Direct Broadside Making Full Contact.

From What I Know . . . and From what I Heard Today, and from what More than 72-Million Americans Are Now Saying, and Tens of Millions of Americans who did Not Vote for “Trump” will Say in the Near Future, America as a Free Constitutional Republic has Come Under a Vicious Attack by Elements of the Globalist World, From Within & Abroad.


The Consequences Of Today’s Press Conference . . . And the Ramifications of what we Learned Today, will Not Only Destroy the Democrat Party; they will also Destroy the LEFTIST Elitist March Towards their Century-Old One World Socialist Government, and the Kind of Unfettered Leadership Destroying Our Freedoms in Countries like Canada and the European Union, which will Fall Politically as a Result of How the LEFT did all it Could to STEAL an Election through Fraud & Cheating.


Either the LEFT will Persevere with the Unbridled Assistance of the Media (Mainstream & Social), Keeping the People Ignorant in Collusion with the Courts Appointed through the Years, by the Likes of the Administrations of Clinton, the Bush’s & Obama . . .

Which Will Result In The End Of The American Dream . . . For America & the Greater World, Leaving Individual States to Reconsider their Position in the Confederacy of the Union, very Possibly Leading to Civil War.


The Other Remedy Is The 12th Amendment . . . And Even At That:

If the States in Question Decide Not to Certify an Election Winner . . . And Neither Candidate Reaches the 270-Electoral College Mandate, or a State Decides to Order their Electoral College Voters to Vote in One Way or Another Against the Will of the People, or Under Judicial Order Can’t Validate the Election Result . . .

The Decision Of The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America Will Travel Through The States.

Who Will Be President Of The United States . . . Will Ultimately be Decided in Congress by One Delegate of Each State, which, Unless Republicans Join the Mob, President Trump Will be Re-Elected as the President of the United States of America, that is, if the Supreme Court of the United States of America is Loyal to their Oath to Follow the Precise Laws & Guidance of the Constitution of the United States of America, as it Was Written a Quarter of a Millennium Ago by the Constitutional Framers.

And If This Happens . . . Which is a Real Possibility – I Imagine a Political “Round-Up” of all the Conspirators who Attempted to Overthrow the Legitimate Government of the United States of America, from the Time of the Phony Dossier to this Fixed Election . . . For Being The Criminals They Are.

And If & When This Happens . . . The Jails Will Be Overflowing With Perpetrators.


You Know How Fox News Always Likes To Brag About Their Numbers . . . As In – We’re Number One.

I & Others Wrote & Spoke About Newsmax . . . As a Result, Fox News is Taking a Shit-Kicking (No Other Way To Say-It) in the Ratings, to the Point where Fox & Friends, which is a Fabulous Morning Show, Lost-Out for the First Time in Decades (Since 2001) To The Cable News Morning Show . . . “Morning Joe”.

I’ve Been in the Media Business from all Angles for Most of my Adult Life – So I Know How It Works. There’s an Advertising Metric Called GRP (Gross Rating Points), which is the Bible to How Much an Advertising Agency will Pay for Ads in General.

And to Lose even a Fraction of a Gross Rating Point, to Large Media, Culminates in the Loss of Millions of Dollars. And if the Morning Show, which is the Anchor of Day-Long Programming is Losing Viewers (Or Listeners) . . . The Rest Of The Programming Will Follow-Suit.

FOX NEWS IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE . . . Who Did It? Fox News Did It To Themselves. And We Finished The Job.

Fox News Will Never Admit-It . . . But when all of a Sudden you have Fox News Anchors “EXPLAINING” that they are still the Real-Deal, when Anchors like Tucker Carlson have to Explain that Fox News is Still the Bearer of News Fairness & Legitimacy . . . That In Itself Rings Hollow – Since Only Losers Explain.

I Don’t Watch Fox News Any More . . . Certainly Not Since Election Night, to the Point That I Only Watch Newsmax, which is a Refreshing Change from Juan Williams, Donna Brazile and all the Other LEFTISTS who Fox News Shoves in our Face to Laugh at us.

I’m Really at that Point, Where Anne & I Prefer to Watch Something Else Rather than the Hysterical Sean Hannity with his Never Ending “Breaking-News” . . . and Hannity’s Nightly Guest – South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, One Of The Biggest Bull-Shitters In The Swamp.

I’m Also Not Interested In Laura Ingraham Either. As Far As I’m Concerned . . . They Can All Suck-Air.

Fox News Understands . . . That Once your Audience Begins to Drift – It’s the Beginning of the End . . . Fox News Had A Great Run & They Blew-It. And it’s Only a Matter of Time Until Newsmax Assumes the Title of the Voice of the Common People.

YOU ALL DID IT . . . You Took Your Voice, Your Viewership, Your Money & You Told Fox News Where To Go.

And That Should Only Be The Beginning. Now it’s Time to Rally Around the People who are Willing to Stand-Up Against the Forced Wearing of Masks & Unconstitutional Lockdowns.

Separately – We’re Sitting Ducks Without A Chance – But Together . . . We’re A Force To Be Reckoned-With.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Undoubtedly one your best Howard. Loved your category five attack on FOX. They deserved it and more. It still remains a mystery as to why they would so openly destroy themselves. My vanishing point occurred when Harris Faulkner was interviewing Newt Gingrich and a non-hosting person from the backroom interrupted Harris on air, and then physically appeared from behind the set to strongly advise that it was verboten to verbally assault, or defame George Soros on FOX. That was my signal to leave!

  2. If Camel Harris is so confident that she’s Vice President-elect, why hasn’t she relinquished her senate seat? F.M.Patterson, Hartland, Michigan

  3. If we lose Trump, we lose it all and Civil War will be upon us. This “Resistance” ore “Reset” carries communism it its bowels. God forbid we let that happen. I am an old lady but I am retired medical and proficient with firearms. I will go to war with the rest of the Trumplicans, no matter what the price because I love this country more than my life. Everything I have, I owe to being an American and I will never fail to defend America at all cost.

  4. From what I heard from Rudy during his presentation today if and when he and his team present the supporting testimony and other evidence in a legitimate court of law (legitimate like Federal for the most part) the proverbial stuff should hit the wall big time. BUT, will they be afforded the opportunity to do so and if they do will the sitting justice(s) have the character and scope of knowledge to render a decision in the favor of the facts? We shall see.

    The Justices have the Scope and the Knowledge – The Question is . . . Do they have the Character? – HG.

  5. I heard a couple of interviews with Sidney Powell, one of Trumps attorneys, saying that Dominion Voting System is Canadian, that the Servers were in Frankfurt, Germany etc.. That in 2018 Trump signed an EO making it illegal for any American to deal with a foreign company that interferes with US Elections. These Dominion machines did manipulate the votes..’supposedly’. Then the votes were these machines were used are illegal votes. Trump wins 4 more years. Have you heard about this….?

  6. The left spent 4 years trying to prove “Trump” is not my president…but yet are unwilling to allow a few weeks for proper due diligence to figure out who the truly elected president is…Something is rotten in Denmark!

  7. Howard, again you are spot on, and honestly, I can’t see this going any other way. As for Dominion, they do have a head office in Toronto, and that office apparently shares the space with another company which “coincidentally” has ties to everybody’s favourite leftist George Soros. Imagine that. Apparently the FBI raided some office in Germany where one of these machines were found. Now, if that isn’t foreign interference, I don’t know what is!!

  8. I agree. Lindsey Graham is a joke, begged for help and did a Blowhard job on us. I have zero confidence in Washington, look at the Clinton Mess, no one has gone to jail yet. President Trump has been in a battle for 4 years, only if the SC does what it supposed to do will we have an end to the cheating. This country has had some unbelievable wars and they will continue over power and money. The Swamp must be destroyed with criminals on both sides of the isle, hell is upon us, stand up for God.

  9. The real problem is the masses continually brainwashed by media. People are so dumbed down after decades of being told how to think and act by “swamp” media and govts that it is a tough stone to dislodge. The cancer runs so deep that at this point the so-called ‘puppet masters’ have now begun to believe their own liberal garbage and have become the dancing puppets themselves, as predictable in thought and actions as the average dimwitted voter.

  10. I have a fear for America (and Canada) in terms of a question: If it comes down to the Supreme Court , will the Court interpret in accordance to the Constitution, as it should, or and even and should it rule/interpret to save the Constitution, as I hope it should, and thereby save America. The men on the Court can be devious and the question before the Court can be open to contrary meanings by design. I think.

  11. This was fantastic. Well spoken and direct which is exactly what is needed. I posted this on my Facebook and do so regularly with your postings. This knowledge has to get out. Willful Ignorance is unacceptable to have a Free America holding the Lighthouse of Hope for the World. May God Great Spirit hold you and your family healthy and strong, speaking through your words.

  12. Durham and Barr, I hope you have the balls to do what you know HAS to be done NOW to save the Republic from the fascist Demorrhoids.

  13. I am also an ‘old lady’ ready to FIGHT for my country even if it means losing my own life. I know there must be many more ‘out there’ that are ready to pick up their ‘muskets’ and go to it! FOX news has sunk itself – lost credibility when they chose Donna Brazille. Juan W. – always a joke. Linsey G. can kiss our collective you know what’s!! Onward Howard and thank you for keeping the faith for all of us!!

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