Are You Ready To Stand Up & Fight?


In Every Revolution . . . There Are Talkers & Walkers – Do You Talk The Talk Or Walk The Walk?

If the Process is Really Complicated and the Explanation is even More Complicated, you Have to Know that the Process & Explanation were Created by the LEFT, whether Intentionally Dishonest or Not, Because that’s the Hallmark of the LEFT, which is Akin to adding 1 + 1 to Come-Up with New Math Giving us the Time of Day Opposed to the Simple Answer of 2.

If The Cage Is Open – The Canary Is Gone & The Cat Has Blood & Feathers On Its Lips . . . What Would Be Your Conclusion?

I Don’t Believe The Answer Was UNINTENTIONALLY Dishonest – Since I & More than Half the American Population Believe the Entire Electoral Process was a Screw-Job From The Get-Go.

There Can’t Be Such A Conformity Of Evidence In All LEFT Controlled States & Districts To Write Them Off As Anecdotal.


I Believe the Democrats and all their Socialist Comrades In-Arms – Domestically & Internationally – Rolled The Dice . . . Intentionally Running the Risk of Destroying the Very Foundation of the American Dream, by Usurping the Most Basic National Right in a Free Society, By Cheating The Vote, Thinking they could Get Away with it with the Help of a Deluge of Social & Mainstream Media.

The LEFT Never Expected The Extreme Legal Pushback Nor Conservative Broiling Rage That Might Be Ready To Explode.

The Definition Of Insanity . . . Is Doing the Same Thing Over & Over Again Expecting a Different Result. Isn’t that what the Republicans & Democrats are Doing Now with a Vote Recount of Unverifiable Ballots, which have Already Been Put Into the Mix?

Why Should The Count Be Different . . . If They’re Counting The Same Dishonest Ballots?

Maybe the Dishonest (LEFTIST) State Elections Boards Will Throw a Couple of Crumbs the way of Conservative Republicans to Assuage the Masses – But That Won’t Change Anything.

There Are Only Two Routes That Can Restore A Semblance Of Trust In The American Electoral System.

1 – In the Contested States, Hold New Elections without Mail-In Ballots. If the Democrats have that Many People who Really Want to Vote for their Policies, they’ll Turn-Out to Vote. If Not – They Don’t Deserve To Win – Same With Republicans.

However . . . Let’s Assume there is a Re-Vote & President Trump Wins a Massive Victory, as I assume “Trump” Would . . . What would that Say about where the Election Was in Terms of Integrity?

2 – The Supreme Court Must Refuse to Pick a Winner, since there is no Practical Way to Really Prove the Cheating on the LEFT, since the LEFT has been “Mostly” Efficient in Burying the Evidence . . . And Turn The Election Back To The States Where It Belongs – By Way Of The 12th Amendment, which was Created Specifically for Events such as This.

I’m Fearful, that this Rot Runs So Deep . . . That Short of Civil War or the Real Threat of Secession of Conservative States, as a Result of this Coup D’état Against the American People, that it Could Lead to an Upheaval Undreamt-Of.

In Any Event . . . By Use of the China Virus, which Led to the Violation of Virtually all Constitutional Rights (Lockdowns, Masks, Phony Test Results, Hyper Media-Propaganda – Etc), Resulting in Massive Mail-In Voter Fraud – The Communist One World Government Globalists Have Already Succeeded In Doing what Might Be Irreparable Damage to the Fabric of the United States of America.

Saul Alinsky’s (Rules For Radicals) Key Strategy To Bring Down The United States of America – Was To Overwhelm The System.

The World Is Now In Such A Crisis Of Global Debt . . . that Seemingly – Now that American Exceptionalism Appears to be Taking a Fall . . . the Only Salvation Being Presented for the Entire World, is to Come Together to Make Multinational Laws to be Enforced on a Global Scale through the United Nations.

That Has Been The Globalists’ Dream Forever . . . And Now They’re Close.


Last Night I Watched . . . What Seemed to me to be a Somewhat Toned-Down Tucker Carlson (Might Have Been My Imagination) and Decided to Stick around to Hear what Hannity had to Say, so here came the Blowhard Par Extraordinaire Geraldo Rivera, who Introduced Himself as the Man who Just Spoke with “My FRIEND” President Trump.

With Despicable Bullshit Friends Like Rivera . . . Who Needs Enemies?

Rivera Went-On To Intimate . . . That President Trump Was Discouraged & Seemed Ready to Throw-In the Towel . . . At that – I Shut-Off Hannity & Changed Channels to Watch a Canadian Made . . . Non Political Fluff Series.

I’d Rather Watch The Fireplace Channel . . . Than This Type Of Tripe.

Several Canadian Readers Of . . . have Asked How they could also Watch NEWSMAX in Canada . . . It’s Simple: Just Look-Up NEWSMAX TV Live Stream . . . And There You’ll Have-It. Or Download the NEWSMAX App.

Anne & I Link NEWSMAX from our Computer to our Television via an HDMI Cable. Or you Can Just Watch it on your Computer or Smart Phone.

Newsmax is on Cable Television in Quite a Few American Cities & Growing, but Also on all Computers Worldwide . . . And Growing There TooExponentially, to the Point that Many of Fox News Advertisers are Now Advertising on Newsmax . . . Such As The My Pillow Guy.

As I’m Writing This Editorial . . . Newsmax Is Playing In The Background & I’m Loving It.

Fox News . . . Is In Broadcast Panic Mode, as Fox News is Watching Millions of their Viewers, which Feed the Fox Advertisers . . . BLEED FROM FOX NEWS TO NEWSMAX.

As I’ve Written – Rewritten & Wrote Just Yesterday . . . We Have The Enormous Power Of The Purse, which Includes What We Buy, Which Publications We Read, Which Radio Broadcasters We Listen to & What We Choose to Watch on Television or on the Internet.

We Have The Power To Organize, Inform & Rally – In Spite Of Government Directives.

We Also Have The Right . . . Not to Accept the Garbage the Government & Media Feed us, as if for Some Reason, the Government Believes that We The People . . . Work for the Government Opposed to the Government Working for We The People.

I’ll Ask Again . . . Do You Just Talk The Talk Or Do You Walk The Walk?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with the move to Newsmax and have noticed the same “tone down” with Tuckjer and Sean. Both have in the past week moved slowly but surely away from their original positions so much so that try as I might I simply cannot tolerate watching a man commit intellectual suicide on my TV so I switch to NM or old movies (at least there were some talented folks in those movies). Thanks Howard.

  2. “My Friday Happy Hour yesterday had a great discussion on this subject. I’ve come to the conclusion that the following is a possibility: Noted that the 2020 election is not official until the Electoral College votes. The voters may be obligated to vote what their state demands that they do. However, if neither Biden nor Trump gets the 270 number to elect the president, then they can vote anyway they want to. So it is possible that Trump will be elected this way!

  3. I walk the walk, to the point where my Liberal MP won’t even acknowledge my phone calls or emails any more. He’s as phony as a one-dollar bill. Typical lefty. Our Justin is as much an empty suit as Joke Bidin’. Remove the Chinese Communist Party Virus and even with the appalling media bias The Donald wins a massive victory. We must put a stop to Obama’s fascist FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of the United States of America NOW, before it’s too late.

  4. You pose a question I have wondered about from the onset. Counting the same ballots twice will not change the outcome. If you throw x number of road apples in a bag, dump them out and count them, and then count them again a week later, the number will not change. Liberals thought they had it in the bag in 2016, but not so. They had to refine their techniques! (which are basically road apples!) A very corrupt and “deplorable” group. Useful idiots are a big help when things are crooked!

  5. Great commentaries as usual Howard. Last week I sent a comment to Fox News lambasting them for their election coverage and how slanted their overall “news reporting” had become. Then I read your commentary from a few days ago (behind on my emails) and tonight just called my cable provider and changed my cable line up to add NewsmaxTV channel. I’ll pay a little more but I will no longer watch Fox News and will have not only NewsmaxTV, but also OAN. I talk with my monetary support!

  6. Another great article…..I look forward to your clear insights on a regular basis. Just a note on this Plandemic and the unreliability of testing. The CEO of Tesla… Elon Musk took 4 COVID-19 tests on the same machine and operated by the same nurse and the results were SHOCKING. ONE tested Positive, next one tested Negative, next one tested Positive and the last one tested Negative again. HOW CAN ONE BELIEVE and TRUST THE NUMBERS THAT THE GOVERNMENTS ARE REPORTING.Howard..have you heard this?

  7. Three things about the current recounts: First, if the voting machine software was programmed to switch a Trump vote to a Biden vote, that can be determined; Second, if, as was reported, election personnel re-inserted the same ballot a number of times to record a vote each time, that would also result in a lower number of votes; and third, the suspicious nature of several thousand ballots with ONLY the box for president and vice-president is a leading indicator of ballot fraud to be considered.

  8. I was really enjoying NewsMax until that PITA pillow guy came on with his annoying advertisment, too many times as he did on Fox. Read the negative reviews and boycott his products. Huge Trump Supporters Rally around the White house, very encouraging and maybe, if Biden is elected, they will prevent him from moving into the White House. The prospect of Civil War is a possibility. Trumpers are awake, prepared to defend FREEDOM and seems they’ll do whatever it takes.

  9. I’m sorry I still watch FOX (news and business) only because there are still some good people at Fox. But I watch to see what the other side says……my folks told me to keep my friends close but keep your enemies closer. I watch NewsMax as well but don’t get much of the other side. The secret is, know who your enemies are so that you can counter attack. Have a great day.

  10. TRUE—The LEFT NEVER EXPECTED the EXTREME LEGAL PUSHBACK it’s receiving. NEWSMAX is getting a LOT of NEW CUSTOMERS. Maria Batoromo [FOX Business] interviewed Atty. Sidney Powell this morning. The Attys. have gathered much MORE information than can BE REVEALED to the PUBLIC! AND “it ain’t over YET”! It’ll be very INTERESTING to see WHICH SONG “the fat lady will be singing”? Trump is NO fool! He’s WON all his BATTLES and WAS PREPARED for this one as well! We can’t LOSE FAITH! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!


  12. I got disenchanted by the ultra-liberal programming on ABC, CBS, and NBC several months ago and had not watched FOX for some time, so I tuned in to FOX just as it changed abruptly to liberal news and programming. With little or no other choice, I am now changing to NEWSMAX in hopes that liberals do not get control of that outlet also, but I would not bet against it. I had never considered that FOX would become a turncoat but money talks very loudly.

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