Down The Long Road To Perdition


Let Me Answer Clearly . . . Who’s Against A Donald Trump Victory? Almost Everyone!

The Entire LEFT, which also Includes Mega Intellectual Industries – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Social Media & Mainstream Media, Financial & Investment Firms, Organized Labor, the Entire Entertainment Spectrum of Television, Movies & Music, Bureaucrats, Academia . . . And All The People Who Want Something For Nothing – Or More Precisely . . . Socialists Who Feel Entitled To The Fruit Of The Labor & Hard Work Of Others (The Makers).


The European Union (EU), China, Russia, Iran, Canada, Cuba & Much of South America – Why?

Why Would all these Countries be so Much in Favor of Making Sure that Donald Trump Doesn’t Get to Carry-On his MAGA (Make America Great Again) Agenda?

IT’S SIMPLE . . . The Freer Americans Become by Shucking the Shackles of Big Government, Big Labor, Big Money & Big Industries – The Least Amount of Control all the Bad Actors will Literally Have as Freedom Removes the Chains of the LEFT . . . To Enslave The Masses.


The Romans . . . More than 2,000 Years Ago – Used the Colosseum for 400-Years to Assuage the Bloodthirst of the People from Revolt, by Way of Morbid Entertainment, which is Just One Example of How Entertainment Had & Continues to be Used after Thousands of Years to Control the People.


Not Just The Nazis . . . But the Soviets as well as Other Despotic Ruled Societies Used (And Use) Education to Propagandize & Inculcate (Brainwash) the Children, which after WWII – for almost 7-Decades, it has been Happening throughout Western Academia, to the Point where our Young & Younger Adults Believe the Untruths (Lies) they’ve Been Taught & Have Grown-Up Watching on Television and in the Movies. . . Fairytales they Believed-In, who Have also Not Been Taught to have Critical Thought About our History, which has Brought us to Where we are Today.


Before I Answer That . . . Imagine How Dumbed-Down our People have Become, to Vote for a Career Politician, who for 47-Years did Nothing to Make America a Better Country, Who in Fact has a Checkered Personal History as a Gladhander & Racist Political Profiteer, who used his Position for the Illicit, Unethical & Immoral Financial Benefit of Family & Friends?

But Let Me Go Even Further . . . How Could any Person of Sound-Mind Vote for a Candidate who Did Not Campaign? Who Took No Questions of Consequence from the Media? And who only Occasionally Delivered Prepared Speeches by Teleprompter, who Even at that was Often Incoherent?


There Is No Question Concerning The Legitimacy Of 72-Million Republican Votes . . . Can The Democrats Say The Same?

More Than SEVENTY-TWO MILLION Americans Wanted 4-More Years of President Donald Trump, and I Believe that Number was Even Far Greater Than 72-Million, who Mostly Voted in Person for the Re-Election of President Trump, In-Spite of the China Virus Fear Mongering – Caused by the LEFT & their Media Accomplices.

So Why Could As Many As . . . And even More than 72-Million Americans Show-Up at Polling Stations to Vote . . . When Democrat Voters Couldn’t? And How Could it be Possible that Millions Upon Millions of Unsolicited Mail-In-Votes go Almost Exclusively for a Man of Zero Accomplishments, who Refused – Because of a Lack of Policy, or was Mentally Incapable of Campaigning or Most Probably Both?

If President Trump Is Not Re-Elected . . . America & The World Will Pay A Price Beyond Comprehension.

The Young People Have become so Ignorant to History & Consequence, who have been Brainwashed with Make Believe History & Television, that when the Reality of a LEFTIST Government Takes Hold . . . They Will Not Know What It Will Be That Will Hit Them.

Unless The Supreme Court Is Willing To Violate Their Oath To The US Constitution . . . Trump Will Remain President.

But Just In Case . . . The Supreme Court Waves Their Obligation – And the Unrelenting Political Cheating Prevails & Biden Becomes the 46th President, do you Believe that More than Half the American People who are Convinced that this was Not a Fair Election . . . Will Forgive & Forget?


Do You Believe . . . Just by Judging the Reactions Right Here & Now by Millions Upon Millions of People Like Me, who have Told Fox News to F-Off in No Uncertain Terms, along with Netflix, which Still Begs me to Renew my Cancelled Subscription and to the Two Canadian Pretend Conservative Parties (Federal & Provincial – Ontario) who will Never Again See a Dime of My Money or Support at the Polls . . . That if Biden Were to Win, THE RESISTANCE To Biden’s Illegitimate Presidency Will Be Never Ending & Formidable?


For The LEFT Who Are In The Final Stages Of Committing A Bloodless Coup D’état Against Conservative America, who think They Can Ride the Storm of Moderate Protest by Conservatives to their Fixed Election, The Result In The Final Analysis Might Not Be All That Bloodless.

At Stake . . . The Freedoms Of The People Are Too Much To Walk Away From.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Did you hear Biden say and this is an exact quote. “We’ve put together I believe the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”. But who hears this?

  2. I truly believe that the Democrats are working overtime. They are of the mindset that “We lost last time, we will make sure that we will win this time no matter what it takes”! Ballot dumping, switching votes from Trump to Biden…..

  3. Please let’s not give up on Tucker Carlson. His 8-9 pm slot on Fox weeknights is by far the finest hour in all of television. If Biden succeeds in stealing the presidency, pray that Trump remains in the fight to lead a resurging GOP to victory in 2022 and 2024. Election 2020 will be remembered as a turning point when conservative populism came to represent the will of the majority of American voters. With the contagion behind us and the liberal media bias exposed, nothing will stop us.

  4. I have started watching Newsmax as well. To answer John Ross of Ancaster, Ontario, all you have to do is download the Newsmax app. It’s that easy.

  5. I also am watching NewsMax. I am also watching Fox Business because Lou Dobbs is a fav of mine. Trump is NOT done by a long shot. I PRAY that he has another 4 years & Pelosi is NOT voted in for Speaker of the House come January 2021. It will be another 4 years of DemoRats crucifying Trump, but Dog Gone It, he still takes care of business. I have great respect for him. He gets the job done! Go Trump Go. GOD BLESS

  6. I love OANN. I watched Newsmax for the first time the other day and it appears that there is a huge market for Trump news that tells the truth. and people have an uncanny ability to recognize the truth. We cannot lose this election to fraud. If we got beat fair and square, I could and would live with it, but this is just beyond the pale. We may have to revote the election in the 5 states to get a somewhat fair election results. There’s NO POSSIBLE WAY Biden could have won honestly

  7. For all those Canukians like me, you can get Newsmax on Android and iOS, and even watch it on your television, and it won’t cost a lot. If you have a Smart TV, you may be able to get the app directly from the app store of your TV, i.e. Samsung store, LG, etc.. I got the Amazon Fire TV stick 4k/UHD for $70 cdn, downloaded the Newsmax TV app, and can now watch it on my tv in HD. You can do the same with Apple TV. If you use Google chromecast, download the app on tablet or phone, then cast to tv.

  8. I am not positive of the 12th amendment language but here goes. With as many states reporting irregularities, wrong signatures on ballots, dead people voting, non registered voting, etc., the SC must declare this a nonvalid election. They then must send it back to Congress and Senate. They get one vote per state, and must vote along declared party. With there being more Rep states than Dem states, Donald Trump and Mike Pence retain the White House. I read this in a legal memo by a lawyer.

  9. I too have switched to Newsmax. However, I record Tucker Carlson ever weeknight!

  10. I don’t have OAN on DISH, but I do have NEWSMAX and AMERICA’S VOICE. Love ‘War Room Pandemic’!

  11. NEWSMAX is the BEST–along with very few FOX hosts & Lou Dobbs!Thanks to the PROGRESSIVES, people have become LAZY and want EVERYTHING FREE!They’ve also become DUMBED-DOWN via our Country’s PATHETIC EDUCATION system.The CHINA VIRUS was CREATED ALONG with the VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION, as PROVEN by Sleepy Joe’s HIDING in his cellar! He THOUGHT he wouldn’t have to WORRY! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! It’s most important to continue to “Make America Great Again”! GO TRUMP GO! PRAY for a TRUMP WIN! MAGA! AMEN!

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