Biden & Obama Are The Great National Dividers


Please Stop Commenting On The Second Amendment As If Civil War Is A Fait Accompli . . . And I Don’t Want To Read About Who Has The Bigger Guns & More.

I Take Responsibility for What is Written on this BLOG. And I will Not Give the LEFT the Opportunity to Cause Misery. Especially Misery, which I and this BLOG Cannot Afford . . . By Being Accused Of Aiding & Abetting The Dissemination Violence.


First & Foremost – America Is Perhaps The Least Racist Country On The Planet & The Most Socially Generous.

AS HARD AS THE LEFT TRIES . . . The LEFT Cannot Possibly Explain-Away How a Black Man with Familial Ties from Two Fathers to Islam, Won the Presidency (Obama), Not just Once, but Twice, in a Country that is Supposedly Intrinsically Racist, When Only 13% of the Total American Population is Black & Black Americans (Certainly At That Time) had (Have) the Lowest Proportional Voter Turnout in America?


As Far As I’m Concerned . . . Biden has Not Won the Presidency & Trump has Not Lost the Presidency, Until the Dust is Settled from the Overwhelming Evidence & Factual Claims of Serious Election Fraud – to be Decided by the Courts & Mandated Recounts.

So It Behooves Me . . . to Wonder Why World Leaders, Especially Supposed Friends & Allies like Israel’s Netanyahu – are so Warmly Congratulating Biden & Harris on Biden’s Election Victory . . . When There Is No Victorious Candidate As Of Yet?

What are Netanyahu & all the other Global Ass-Kissers Going to Say if the Supreme Court And/Or State & District Recounts . . . Give the Presidency Back To Donald Trump?

Especially Israel – Where Trump Laid It All On The Line For The Jewish State.

The LEFT and their Media Acolytes Keep Saying there’s No Evidence of Electoral Fraud . . . So Let’s Just Get On With It. Whoop-De-Doo -That Should Settle It No?

But isn’t this the Same LEFTIST Mob, which also Swore Up & Down about Trump’s (Non-Existent) Russian Collusion and the Impeachable Phone Call with the President of Ukraine . . . Which Was Contrived By Democrat Adam Schiff?

Where Were The Media Hordes Asking For Proof When Such Unsubstantiated Charges Were Laid Against President Trump?

WINNING AT ALL COSTS . . . Screw Ethics & Integrity – Cheat Until It Hurts . . . Then Accuse Your Victim Of Doing What You’re Doing. That Is & Has Regrettably Been the LEFTIST Strategy . . . And Thus Far – It Has Been Working Brilliantly For The LEFT.


I Assure You – Contrary To Biden’s Proclamations That He Will Be A Socio/Political Uniter – Biden Will Be Anything But.

Perhaps Biden & his Handlers Expect the 70-Million Or More Trump Voters to Forget the FACT, that They & President Donald Trump were Cheated out of What should Have Been an Honest Election . . . I Don’t See That Happening Any Time Soon.


The 70-Million Or More – Who Were Disparaged, Ridiculed & Spat Upon . . . Are Not Going To Forget & Forgive.

Just Like The Democrats & Their Horde Of Trump-Haters . . . Unremittingly Tormented President Trump for More than 4-Years . . . Why Would Or Should The Biden/Democrats Expect To Be Treated Differently?

What Happened Is Only Relevant To What Will Happen Next (Now).

How Did the Democrats Know that “Trump” Would Win a Huge Initial Victory with Early VERIFIABLE In-Personal Ballots, but “Trump” Would Lose as the Unsolicited Non-Verified Mail-In Votes Began to be Counted?


Under What Metric Did The Democrats (Media) Know This . . . Unless They Knew It Before The Votes Were Even Cast?

How Many Times Before The Vote – Did We Hear The Democrats Crow About The Blue Wave After The Walk-In Votes?

Do Only Democrats Vote By Mail?

It Doesn’t Matter What The Media & Biden Declare – They’ve Killed the Golden Goose of Electoral Trust & Free Elections in Order to Steal Power, which has Long Lasting and Unintended Consequences . . . Which Can’t And Won’t Be Healed With More Of The Same Bullshit.

Overall – Fox News Is 100% Dead To Me – Becoming Part Of The Fix, By Rushing To Declare Arizona, Was Their Bridge Too Far.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’ve been watching FOX for quite some time. I became obvious something had changed when Juan Williams joined in, then Brazille, as so it goes. ADIOS FOX—-HELLO NEWS MAX

  2. The decline of America just accelerated. And please recognize Tucker Carlson for his brave stand against the socialists. Agree with you on all the MSM but Tucker is a must listen. He’s the only show I watch. I just pray he stays safe.

  3. I am thoroughly sickened by all the bloviating and facade of the left and their kumbaya rhetoric. As you’ve said Howard, if anyone could have healed the racial divide, supposed or otherwise, it would have been Obama. But it seems he has, does and will continue to use every opportunity to divide our country. How could Biden/Harris be any different? How will they “fix” anything without raising taxes more & more and further divide us?

  4. I am so pissed after Trump’s over-achievements plus the mass attendance to his rallies that Biden won after almost zero achievements in half a century and remaining home during the campaign. The Biden victory makes no sense whatsoever!!!

  5. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show cancelled last evening, a new “LOW” for the left because they don’t want to hear the truth. I still listen to FOX News for Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin if his show is allowed this evening and will continue to listen to the judge if she’s allowed to resume her show. I never listen to Laura Ingram even if she is a Conservatives because I am already saturated with news. Hope the courts rule for Trump and how crooked this election was. Only time will tell !!!!!

  6. Yes to News Max and OANN. Re: the divide: This is EXACTLY what bho wants. He talked about it almost openly in the first edition of his book: Dreams From My Father. That discussion is NOT found in later editions. I gave my first edition away and now I CANNOT find another first edition. And, in later editions those words have been removed. I am continuing to pray for President Trump’s counterpunch to the election fraud. I “think” it will be devastating to the D’s..

  7. It just shows the democrats along with their organ grinder monkeys, the media, through hate, lies and fraud can get a brain addled moron elected “President of the United States of America”. I use to think the American people had some brains, I guess I was wrong.

  8. I plan on following the no handshake rule…with leftist democrats…until and after I die! No forget and forgive here!

  9. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show on Fox was suspended this weekend over her very staunch defense of President Trump and wanted to expose the vote fraud that took place in the election. It had extended coverage of Democrat Joe Biden’s acceptance speech of a contested election. It is unknown how long the suspension will last or if the show will even return at all. Fox continues its move leftward. Soon there will be nothing to distinguish it from CNN or MSNBC.

  10. When I first heard the news, I got sick! Then I remember Who put Trump in the White House. What news should I listen to? Fox says they are Fair and Balanced, which is the reason they added Juan as a contributor. When he talks, I close my ears. I think there is a news channel that strictly reports news, no opinions. We use Directv which is c. 311, I think, I don’t know what time. I have faith in the Supreme Court that they will rule for President Trump!

  11. Biden, in his speech last night, said he will reach across the aisle and we will work together in Congress. They sure weren’t ever willing to work together with Trump. And if the Biden does reach across the aisle, I promise you the Left will be grabbing for our throats.

  12. Dems are still trying to eek out a Senate win, or so media hopes. Isn’t it odd they declare Biden the winner but still holding out for more seats in Senate to switch to Dem? They were hoping for sweep so open borders, amnesty for illegals (likely w/voting rights), etc. From ‘THE SPECTER OF COMMUNISM IS RULING OUR WORLD’ “The instigation of revolution can be divided into the following steps: 1. Foment hatred and discord among the people. 2. Deceive the public with lies and establish a revolutionary united front. 3. Defeat the forces of resistance one at a time. 4. Use violence to create an atmosphere of terror and chaos. 5. Launch a coup to seize power. 6. Suppress the reactionaries. 7. Build and maintain a new order using the terror of revolution.”

  13. Not rocket science to observe that “Too many” leftist Mayors and Gov’s behave as if they will never face another election by how they trearted voters over Covid. The “Dominion Computer” Tallies are at the root of the Dem voting numbers, which would only change in audited recounts. The Dominion software was used in Canadian elections 2015 -Surprise? And in the Conservative party Leadership race that installed “Globalist Scheer” – what software was that? Trudeau’s “RESET” needs Biden/Harris

  14. I am surprised that no one has suggested that in the case of fraud and/or other serious election law violation the electoral college votes for the offending state; e. g., Pennsylvania, be transferred to the victim of the crimes, in this case, Trump,

  15. I find it difficult to believe that the USA has stooped to such levels. The Deep State, Corrupt, Bangsters and bought politicians are a shameful lot and if President Trump doesn’t successfully deal with that lot, North America is lost. As for Canada, we are already on a very slippery slope.

  16. I have faith that between the Supreme Court and Republican state legislations that Trump will emerge victorious. Not even Putin in Moscow or any other district of Russia got 100% of the vote. The questions of Democrat collusion, corruption and fraud are too many and their techniques too obvious to go unnoticed. As a Union Admiral said at Mobile Bay, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

  17. Now that Fox news is dead we need alternatives. Two to consider are One America News Network (OANN.COM) and the online newspaper The Epoch Times (TheEpochTimes.Com). Interesting commentary, in addition to the great stuff from Howard, are in the videos posted at BillWhittle.Com. We need all these voices so that we can stay informed in this era of social media censorship. Thank you, Howard, for all that you do.

  18. Claiming we’ll all be friends is nothing but an empty political platitude for the ignorant masses. The media and universities will not disappoint and continue to divide people and force them to stay separate to advance radical leftist causes.

  19. Howard, EXCELLENT commentary, as usual. Important for all voters to know there is still 1 MAJOR FIGHT which the Republicans MUST win to SAVE this country: voting for the 2 Republican SENATORIAL CANDIDATES from Georgia: Loeffler and Perdue. Their runoff is Jan 5, 2021. If they lose, the Fed gov will be totally Democrat! Schumer is going to pour $$$’s into the Dem candidates. People who truly love this country must not let that happen. Please speak to this issue in your upcoming posts.

  20. Howard, I attempted to send today’s editorial to our daughter Sarah and friends this morning but it could not be sent! Apparently our messages are being censored and conservative thoughts favorable to Trump are not welcome and are denied – just like the MSM. This is the second time this has happened recently. I believe that it is simply confirming how rotten things are today, and how crooked things have become. I pray for Trump to succeed against the odds as our country needs him. Paul Rothband

  21. Watching what has been done to Trump since being elected as POTUS has been nothing short of a witch trial. The president was persecuted and tortured for four years then burned at the stake. I am fearful for my kids future for the very first time.

  22. I am done with Fox. The left drive me crazy. Democrats are such hypocrites and they riot when they don’t get their way. I need time to digest what just happened. I feel bad for President Trump and his family.

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