Welcome To The New American Banana Republic


Understand This . . . The LEFT Has Absolutely Destroyed Trust & Integrity In The American Constitutional Republic.

The American Fools . . . Including the Vast Majority of the Media, Have Succeeded in Stripping America from the Constitutional Republic America was Founded Upon, to Become the Democracy these Idiots have been Promoting for Years.

Let Me Remind You Again – Hitler Became The Leader Of Germany Through The Democratic Process.

Like Tens Upon Tens Of Millions Of Others . . . I Stayed-Up Late into the Night, even by West Coast Standards, Hoping to Cheer for the Re-Election of President Donald Trump – To My Incredible Disappointment.

I’m Not Disappointed That President Trump Might Not Have Won, But Rather . . . That President Trump Most Probably Did Win And The Election Results Were Rigged.


I Believe that there Was Indeed a Massive Vote for President Trump by all the People who Actually Showed-Up at Voting (Polling) Stations, who Physically Placed their Sealed Vote Into the Ballot Box.

But I Don’t Believe . . . that all of a Sudden – Millions Upon Millions of People Decided to Vote, Who Never Voted Before . . . Virtually – All Of Them Who Voted LEFT (Biden).

It Bothered Me More Than Just Somewhat . . . That all of a Sudden, Dickheads in Government, but Not Necessarily the Elected Government in Various States & Counties, began Changing the Voting Rules in the Middle of the Campaigns.

It’s Much Like The China Virus . . . No One Elected Or “Democratically” Empowered Governors & Mayors to Strip all Constitutional Rights from the People, which they Did Anyway. So what would Stop these Same Bad Actors from Screwing with the Freedoms of the Electoral Process?

For Years . . . I’ve Been Writing & Speaking About The Dishonesty Of The Media & The Consequences There-Of.


This is like Shouting After the Horse has Left the Barn, because a Dufus Forgot to Shut the Barn Door. But the Dufus was We the People . . . No Fair & Honest Election Should Ever Be Run Like What Happened Yesterday.


I Fear . . . that What Happened Yesterday (November 3, 2020) in the Election with Almost 100-Million Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots, is the New Standard to Rigged Elections, Unless things Change by some Miracle in the US Supreme Court, which I Doubt – That Free, Fair & Honest Elections With Trusted Results Are Now Doomed In The United States Of America.

What We Witnessed Yesterday In America . . . Was Not The Best In America, But In Reality – America’s Worst.

If the People in a Supposedly Free & Open Society Cannot Trust their Electoral Process, that Society is Neither Free Nor Open. And That’s A Fact!

Outside of an Honest Supreme Court Decision to Overthrow the Many Millions of Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots, and the way they were Disseminated and to Whom, where the Word Honest in Association with the Supreme Court is Now in Doubt, Given Many of the Horrific LEFTIST Rulings by Chief Justice Roberts and the Remaining Three LEFTIST Judges . . . The Results Are A Fait Accompli.

I See No Good Future For The Continuation Of The American Dream.

For Me – This Was The Most Dishonest Election In American History . . . From the Fixed Mainstream Media to the Tyrannical (Oligopolies) Social Media . . . The LEFT Destroyed Whatever Credibility They Might Have Had Left. Destroying Whatever Trust the People had in the American Constitutional Republic.


Sadly . . . I Believe that Governors & Legislators of Conservative States Should (MUST) go the People of their Respective States & Explain the Trouble In-Which America Finds Itself, and give the People of the States, Perhaps by Referendum a Choice in what’s Going to Happen Next & Why.

Yesterday’s Election & Media Fiasco . . . Has Proven Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, that the “Deal” the American States Made to Join the Union No Longer Resembles the Promises Made through the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence, September 25, 1789 Bill of Rights & Subsequently the US Constitution from where all Laws Flow.


There Is No Doubt In My Mind – NONE WHATSOEVER . . . That Once it is Determined, that the LEFT has Won this Election, the Likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and People like her, who are Ignorant of How the Business of the Community & the World Really Works & How the Laws, which Flow from the Constitution are the Only Guarantee which the Freedoms of the People Have . . . Are the Guarantees for the People to be Protected From Charismatic, Insane & Ignorant Opportunists like her.


Through The Backdoor Of Cheating, Lying & Conniving . . . The LEFT Will Realize Obama’s Dream & Promise to Fundamentally Change the United States of America.

The LEFT will Tear Into the American Dream with their Insane Drive to the Utopia of their Sick Brains, as if they are on Steroids. And Before the People Wake-Up, America Will No Longer Be The Epitome Of Global Freedom.

That Is – If America As We Know It . . . Will Even Continue To Exist.


I Truly Believe That It’s Time For The States To Invoke The 10th Amendment To Its Full-Scale & Beyond If Necessary.


What The People Allowed Our Educators To Get Away With Is Criminal On The People Who Allowed It & On The Educators.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • You are so right Howard. I have already told my husband if biden is declared the winner then I will have to go to Austin for an extended time because I will be pushing for Texas to secede. We will NOT be a communist country. Texas was it’s own sovereign country with it’s own president before it was a state in the USA. We also have the power to secede from the USA without permission from congress.

    Sherry Phipps, Chireno, Texas, United States
  • Good bye Western Civilization

    John Ross, Ancaster ON, ,
  • There are no words.

    Tammy A. Hart, Newington, Ontario,
  • Truth told as always! I believe that God’s got this and that all the EVIL, straight from the pits of hell, will pay the price for what they’ve done. This battle is no longer our, but the Lords! Pray for America and our GREAT President, Donald J. Trump!

    Marilyn Relva-Papcun, Torrington, Connecticut, United States
  • America is finished without Trump. I could just weep for her.

    Teri Newman, Belleville, Illinois, United States
  • I think the free world as we know it is no more if Biden takes the win. Hope and pray justice will prevail. USA is the last bastion standing for freedom but without a Trump victory no more.

    John Loosdrecht, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
  • I can’t understand how any sane person could have voted for Biden and that idiot Harris, let alone 50% of the voters. Can you say ‘dumb American’? Cities destroyed by rioting democrat goons, and they still voted democrat!

    John Sugden, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
  • If Sherry Phipps is right and Texas were to secede from the Union then I’ll be moving to Texas. Yesterday was a tragedy. I’m am terrified that the United States is now doomed. I truly pray that I am wrong. I’m fearful that I am not.

    Traci Bell, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • I have no words for the loss that I feel. “Stupid is as stupid does.”( Forrest Gump)

    Frank Kaimer, Mayer, AZ, United States
  • Mr. Galganov, Your analysis is accurate and sad. President Trump will continue to fight, some hope is still alive. He usually has a card left to play, I watched the coverage by The Western Journal and really appreciated their honesty. Since we could all use a smile today, I can’t resist.The vaccine – Brilliant! Here’s something that perhaps we can all agree on: The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don’t, the country is safe.

    Susan Sheldon, Coral Springs, Florida,
  • I am at a loss for words, I can’t believe what has happened. I totally agree with you and how to fix it is another story. For us in Alberta, it will even worse, Justin wants our oil to stay and the and Joe wants to tear up the last agreement that was make between the US gov and Alberta oil. I bet that will make Papa Pierre turn in his grave ( he’d find it delightful ) Ray Moscato Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta,
  • Hey Howard. Just watching Rudy Giuliani explaining that sudden blocks of thousands of Dem votes suddenly appeared and were counted in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania with dramatic effect. This is what Trump was worried about with the Dem promoted voting changes. Hopefully it can be investigated. Smells bad.

    James Moffat, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
  • Not really shocked because of all the $$ from various sources pouring into those battleground states. Personally feel there was vast manipulation of votes or illegal votes (like thousands suddenly appearing & all for Biden–not 1 for Trump). Sad & very uneasy for the future if Biden takes it – rather Harris takes it. Pawns they are/will be. Our best hope in such a situation is that GOP maintains the Senate tho majority is slimmer. Perhaps many conservatives will relocate to Texas.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • My heart is broken for my country and for your’s as well. I do not kown what to say, I am in shock. God please help us all. Take care Howad & Anne be safe & well.

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • Yo Howard, sounds like you are as pissed as I am. Texas was a republic before it was a state. History could repeat itself !!!

    Rich Parr, Lubbock, Texas, USA
  • The confirmation of the appointment of Judge Amy Barret is serendipitous the only thing in the way of the Leftist Idiots of Globalism is the SCOTUS The Globalist purpose is to destroy America as Trump and the US Constitution, 1st and 2nd ammendment are all that stand in the way of World Wide Tyranny. Also on Nov3rd the World Economic Fund/IMF and UN come to an agreement on forcing a one world system incl total elimination of property rights & Freedom aka the GREAT RESET -Coincidence?

    David MacKAY, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
  • It was great Country. Good bye to the good old USA……Unless the truth becomes known!

    R.E.Ted Ross, Miramichi, N.B., 44, Canada
  • Americans badly need DJT, and Canadians, who’s country is now being converted into a UN sponsored, socialist enclave, need Donald Trump even more. It was depressing to watch the election results, especially when one realizes that Biden could not possibly receive that many votes in his sad condition. Simple logic points to massive election fraud. We hope and trust a remedy is at hand. What remains of people who cherish freedom in the democratic world await the outcome with bated breath.

    Ben Eby, Calgary, AB,
  • Most definitely, I’m with you!!!

    John Smith, Toronto, ON,
  • Yes HG what you say re Education System But you forgot China Virus . The whole LEFT world wanted Trump out : the Chinese , Europeans , Canadians , most Asians. Build a Virus , Set it Loose , be dammed who it Kills ( mostly old folks) . Create Panic , Have Media promote it 24/7. Scare people into believing Trump failed them. Well Done – The last holdout has fallen. Biden is poised to reawaken Climate Change , New Economy , Equality , Gun Control ,BLM , and 35 yr old White Educated Women demands

    Bruce Caskenette, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
  • I guess we’re one step closer to a global-government…

    Michel Trahan, Montreal, Quebec,
  • You and Susan Sheldon nailed it.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • Welcome America to a world Canadians know only too well. Group think , identity politics , supported by more government , and very little individual freedoms. Ps: wait till you see how well “ free “ healthcare works , especially after you’ ve been taxed through the ying yang. Bob Pytel. Vankleek Hill , Ontario, Canada.

    Pytel Bob, Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada
  • Shut the TV off ,this isn’t over.

    Norm Vandeberg, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States
  • Soooooo Lucid, but what do we do now that the inmates have taken control of what is now a prison?

    Van D Kleiner, Corinth, TX, United States
  • It’s everyone for him/her self now. We’ve been betrayed. There is no law of the land in the USA or Canada or anywhere else. This is the lesson of the election. USA, and on behalf of Canada, you have the Second Amendment . USE IT! That’s what it’s there for. No more Queensbury Rules. I think.

    R. Anthony Crane, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

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