The Treason Of Democracy


When Universities Created Safe Spaces . . . They Created The Conditions To Muzzle Freedom Of Expression.

After Watching What we Have all been Able to Bear Witness to for a Generation or More, because even the Most Accomplished Perpetrators of Evil, Ignorance & Fraud Can’t Bury their Filth Forever, the Word Democracy has Become so Perverted by the People we Entrust with our Freedoms (Liberals & Conservatives) . . . that the Accepted Meaning of the Word is Anathema to How “American Democracy” used to be Perceived. Canada No Less.


From My Earliest Perception Of Socio/Political Cognition, there was Always a Niggling Thought in the Back of my Mind, Not Quite a Fear, but Nonetheless a very Bothersome Thought that was just Under the Surface, That One Day – Our Freedoms will be the Weapon in the Arsenal of Tyrants . . . Used To Take Our Freedoms Away.

That Thought Is Now A Fear . . . And That Fear Is Coming To Fruition.

I Like People Of Strong Character, who are Doers . . . Who are Not Afraid to Say What they Mean & Mean What they Say. Even if that Person is Somewhat of a Braggart & Embellisher . . . Hence I Like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Is Not Afraid To Strike A Blow & He’s Not Afraid To Take One Either.


And Any Man Or Woman Who Has Fallen & Not Gotten-Up – Deserves To Lie Where He Or She Had Fallen.

I Met A Man The Other Day . . . From Quebec (Montreal South Shore), who Like Anne & Myself has Journeyed Across Canada to British Columbia with his RV, to Escape the Winter Snow, who Generally Spends his Winter on the West Coast of Florida, who also, like More than a Million other Canadians, Couldn’t Cross the US Border from Canada because of the China Virus.

He was Happy to Find a Fellow Easterner, Especially a Former Montrealer on the West Coast of British Columbia, because we Might be the Only Two “Quebecers” (Being A Former Quebecer) in this Park of About 150-RVS, Especially Someone Who Can Speak French.

In Our Case . . . I Speak Better French than he Speaks English, which should Have been a Bonus for me, because if things had Worked-Out Differently, it would Have given me the Opportunity to Use a Language that is too Easily Forgotten if Not Used.

During Our Meet & Greet . . . I Mentioned that it was Too Bad that our Government Wouldn’t Open the Border, Especially to RV’ers, since we Already Travel Quarantined in our “Homes On Wheels”, with No Need for the Use of Public Bathrooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms & Most other Facilities.

His Response Was Succinct . . . As Long as that Maniac is in the White House, I Don’t Really want to Go Back to the United States.

My Response Was . . . Why Is President Trump A Maniac?

His Response Was The Usual Bromide . . . Which You’d Expect from the LEFT, that Trump is a Liar, a Cheat, a Womanizer, a Man who has Gone Bankrupt Numerous Times, who was a Russian Spy & Impeached in Congress, who is Effectively Broke, but whose Children are Making Billions of Dollars off Trump’s Presidency . . . And Trump Is Bad For Canada.

To That – My Response Was . . . I Like President Trump, and Whether you Like him or Not, President Trump is Not the President of Canada, he is the President of the United States of America, Whose First & Only Obligation is to Serve the Best Interests of the American People.

It’s Up To Our Prime Minister To Do For Canada – What President Trump Is Doing For The American People.

And for a Man who is Broke & Who has Gone Bankrupt Numerous Times, Isn’t it Strange to Perceive how Donald Trump the Businessman Employed & Paid Thousands of People throughout the United States of America & Around the World to Work for him, As His Sons & Daughter Still do?

And Before The Quebecer Could Say Another Word – I Added . . . And Isn’t it Strange how a Man Without Money could Travel in his Own Luxurious Jumbo-Jet all Over the World, when People Without Money could Barely Maintain a Car Payment?

And To Add Good Measure – I Reminded Him . . . When Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister was the Leader of the Opposition, Trudeau Sold Himself to the Highest Bidder for him to Make Paid Appearances & Speeches.

And Even Though It Wasn’t Illegal – It Was Certainly Unethical.

And while Prime Minister Trudeau is Knee-Deep in Charitable Fraud (WE) & Graft (SNC Lavalin) for Himself & Members of his Family, Including Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for his Mother . . . Please Explain to Me How & Why the “Broke” Man you Love to Hate so Much in the White House . . . Donates His Entire $450,000 Presidential Salary To Charity?

At the End of our Conversion, which Didn’t End in Acrimony, the Quebecer Wished me Well & Asked if we could Get Together Again in the Future, to which I Smiled & Said Certainly . . . I Lied.

I Imagine the Quebecer was a Decent Guy, who Like so Many Other “Decent” People was a Victim of his Education, Upbringing & the Media. But While the Man from Quebec was a Victim of Ignorance, which was Perhaps an Excuse . . .

. . . It Nonetheless Still Makes Me A Victim Of Him.

That’s A Major Part Of The Problem – We as a Society have Become so Dumbed-Down by all the People we Trust & Trusted to Inform & Educate us . . . That We Can’t Possibly Know What We Don’t Know. And Have to Rely Upon People Who Lie, Cheat . . . And Have Reason For All Of Us – Not To Know.


Stifling Freedom Of Information Is Akin To The Strangulation Of An Entire Nation – It Should Be A Crime.

If President Trump was to Lose this Election, it would Not be Because President Trump Didn’t Deserve to Win. It would be Because Ignorance would have Triumphed Over Knowledge, And Ignorance Will Rule The Future.


People Have Become So Void Of Critical Thinking, That The Merit Of Freedom Of Speech Has Become Unimportant.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well speaking for myself I fall into your category Howard. I do research on both the right side and left side and as always the left is in a deep mud hole in a 4×4 Hummer with its 4 wheels spinning endlessly and digging itself deeper and deeper but it is a hard fight when you have the left, antifa, blm and all of the leftist fake news lamestream media to fight all at once. I still see a light at the end of the tunnel & President Trump will win with a landslide taking the house and senate.

  2. Thank you for you insight. I have forwarded many of your blog to many of my dear friends who are unfortunately “liberal” minded…all for not…they just don’t get it. Could it be us? Who is the problem here???

  3. I call them “sheep people”. They wonder around listening and reading liberal garbage from news sources while never researching facts for themselves. The ignorance of these voters is alarming. Would have loved to hear your conversation with that guy.

  4. Right on Howard about President Trump… Wish Canada had a Business man as our Leader and not Politicans who are out for themselves! Trump 2020 Our family feel the same. Trump for the People of USA.

  5. Wonderfully presented. I too, research, research, research and stay actively involved. If only others actually ‘took an interest’ and didn’t just TAKE for truth what is ‘offered’ to them. Ignorance may be BLISS for them, but an UPHEAVAL for the remaining people who have to LIVE with their Blissful voting decisions. Trump for 2020. God Bless PS: Term Limits must be a priority for Local, State & Federal Levels of Government Elected Positions.

  6. I look at all of the democracies around the world and I see mob rule. If only the US when we were helping to create a new government in Afganistan and Iraq had created a republic like in the US. The diversity of populations and needs of each community would have been very much like the problems that the founding fathers dealt. Iraq would have much more peace if it was reestablished as a republic rather than a democracy.

  7. Good one Howard! That sounds like many, many Canadians who relentlessly attack Donald Trump. When asked to elaborate on their mindless blathering’s they are never prepared to answer, they are not equipped to answer, and in reality they have no answer! Ignorance is bliss for far too many people when the touch on political issues they know very little about, and that is where IGNORANCE becomes a dangerous enemy to the well being of society.

  8. Quoting: Trump a Liar, a Cheat, a Womanizer, Bankrupt Numerous Times, a Russian Spy, Impeached in Congress, sums what I get when I ask people why they don’t like Trump. I ask, tell me something you don’t like about what Trump has done – absolutely no response. Such people get their news from CNN & Canadians from CBC & CTV extreme anti Trumpers. Trudeau avoided an election today and there was a sigh of relief because he still leads in the polls if you can believe that – unbelievable!

  9. I have had many similar discussions with Libs. I always ask” So you know Donald Trump personally?” The answer is always NO. So I explain that I also do not know him personally. He is a hardcore business man who loves this country and is doing what he can despite the Career Politicians, both sides, can throw at him. I personally have had a very positive 4 years, the VA has been able to do more for me and my health, my taxes are down, and I feel strongly that he will continue to improve life for U

  10. Howard, most of the people here have been brainwashed by our bought-off by Trudeau media, so your acquaintance’s reaction is not surprising. You handled it quite well though. Most of the time, when I come across lefties like that, I find myself wishing I had a machete in my hand. As for Facebook & Twitter, by doing what they have done, in my eyes, makes them publishers, and should no longer have the protections anymore. Section 230 should just be re-defined, it should be eliminated completely!

  11. Vladimir Lenin stated “Give Me One Generation AND I’ll Transform The Whole World”! Obama stated “I Will Transform America”. Since the 70’s my wife and I noticed a change taking place in our “Public Schools” so much so we removed them all, and Home Schooled. It was a sacrifice, she gave up her potential career with Motorola to stay home. My 40-45 hour week went to a 60 to 70 hour per week. A sacrifice we would do over again!

  12. Loved your 1st statement, “When Universities Created Safe Spaces . . . They Created The Conditions To Muzzle Freedom Of Expression.” There was a name back in my day for those who couldn’t stand up to teasing, critical words, etc., -“sissy”. The name for those who teased or criticized was “bully”. Point is the ‘sissy’ needed to grow courage & self-defense; the bully needed to be “put in his place” by someone who would fight back. In this covid era, we’ve been bullied & have cowered by obeying.

  13. Our America is not perfect nor has it ever been or will it ever be. Why do the people of Canada keep voting in the same Primementor? Is he the only one that runs ? I am sorry so many people there in your country are so unhappy. I pray & hope things get better in your country.

  14. Howard, A PhD friend of mine once said…………., “You don’t know that you don’t know, until you realize that you don’t know what you don’t know, you won’t know what you should know!” This saying can be applied to many of the Trump haters out there. Take care!

  15. “I Like People Of Strong Character, who are Doers . . . Who are Not Afraid to Say What they Mean & Mean What they Say. Even if that Person is Somewhat of a Braggart & Embellisher “. . Howard, I suggest you go back and tell him you don’t want to get together again in the future! End of story.

    To What Point? – HG

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