No One Should Know Better Than Hollywood


This Is 100% Accurate . . . Hollywood Always Makes Movies where the Hero is Bigger Than Life, who Suffers Every Calamity the Hollywood Screen Writers can Imagine; from Falling off Buildings onto Parked Cars, Cascading down Mountains, Jumping from Crashing Airplanes using a sheet as a Parachute – Etc – Etc.

You All Know Exactly What I’m Writing About . . .

And when Everything Bad that Can Happen Does Happen to the Hero, and we all Believe there is No Way in Heaven or on Earth for the Hero to Survive . . . by some Miracle, the Hero Not Only Survives, The Hero Comes Back Bigger, Better & Invulnerable . . . Enough So – As To Kick The Crap Out Of His Enemies.

Now How’s That For A Script?


When The Talking Heads, Including Pelosi, Schumer & The Media all Convey their Prayers for the Recovery of President Trump . . . NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

They Were Praying All Right . . . But Not For The President’s Recovery.

Think About This – According to the Media and the LEFT (Democrats), President Trump is Responsible for Russia’s Intelligence Assault on the American Elections. President Trump is a Racist & a White Supremacist, even though Everything President Trump has Said & Done Screams to the Contrary & President Trump’s Unbelievable Economy is Somehow a Sham.

And Not Only Is President Trump Responsible For The China Virus . . . President Trump is Personally Responsible for Obama/Biden’s Failure to Restock Ventilators & Hospital Masks, Gowns & Gloves – But More-So, President Trump, According to the Media and the LEFT is Responsible For The Death Of More Than 200,000 Americans.


The Last Poll I Heard . . . Has Biden Up By 14%, which Says that Biden is in Free-Fall, Because No One Is Up 14%, Except Maybe President Donald Trump.

Perhaps I’m Not Smart Enough To Figure This Out, but it Sort of Confuses me How a Man who Won’t Leave the Security of his Basement (Biden) or Give an Off-The-Cuff (Non-Teleprompter) Speech in front of a Live Audience, or Only Answers Prepared Media Questions from Preselected “Journalists” . . . Can Be 14% Ahead of a Man who is in all Manner an Honest-To-Goodness Hero, who Takes on All-Comers, while Surviving the Deadly China Virus with Courage, Dignity & Aplomb?

I Know Much About Polls . . .

Polls Are All About . . . the Question Asked, How the Question is Framed, to Whom the Question is Asked, When the Question is Asked, Where the Question was Asked . . . And Who The Person Was – Who Tallied The Result.


These Polls are Nothing Short of Political Psychological Warfare, Designed to Depress one Side while Offering Encouragement to the Other. In Fact, the Polls are quite Revealing, in as Much as the Losing Side, is the Side that is Engineering these Fantastic Pro-Biden Results.

And Anyone who Thinks that Big-Name Pollsters or Big-Name Media Actually Gives Credibility to the Polls – Hasn’t Really Been Paying Attention, since it was the Same Big Names who Got it So God-Awful Wrong Some 4-Years Ago. And they’re Doing the Same Thing all Over Again . . . Intentionally, or Because they’re that Much out of Touch with the People they Purport to Measure.


DON’T BELIEVE ME? Then Perhaps you should Believe the Democrats, Because the Democrats Keep Telling Everyone who will Listen, that Forcing People to Vote Conventionally (At A Ballot Station) is RACIST!

Really – How Is It Racist Only Against Black & Brown People To Vote Conventionally, But Not Racist Against White Americans?

So I’ve Got To Deduce . . . that in the Mind of the Democrats, Black & Brown People are Either Too Stupid, Too Lazy or Incapable of Showing-Up on Election Day (November 3, 2020), Unless there is a LEGITIMATE Reason why they Cannot Cast a Ballot for the Candidate of His or Her Choice at a Predesignated Polling Station.

Funny Thing . . . White People & Conservatives Have No Problem Honoring A Centuries Old Voting Tradition While People Of Color Can’t.


At This Point – We’ve Basically Traveled Half-Way Through The Canadian Rockies Heading West. . . and all I can Say Thus Far – IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!

First-Off . . . Let me Set the Record Straight, since I Never Made this Trip Before, and Could Only Expect What People Told me, which Ranged from What a Gorgeous Trip, to Hold Onto your Seat, because this will be a White Knuckle Drive.

Maybe it was a Tough & Challenging Drive for Some People, But In 100% Truth – Not Only Was This (So-Far) A Spectacular Drive, the Road was Close to Perfect, the Hills & Long Grades were Worse Going through Northern Ontario on Highway 17 Towards Thunder Bay than Anything we have So Far Experienced on Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) . . . And I Can’t Count My Blessings Enough For Seeing The Majesty This Drive Has To Offer.

Tomorrow (Tuesday – October 6, 2020), Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I will be at Kamloops British Columbia for 10-Days, before we Head off to Fort Langley British Columbia where we will Spend the Winter. In the Ten-Day Kamloops Interim, I will have the Time & Opportunity to Catch-Up with my Emails & Get Back to all the People I Couldn’t Respond to . . . During the Past 11-Days.

This Trip Is Just Reminding Me Of Something I Already Know . . . Life Is Too Good To Waste.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I was there in 2010 and the best drive is between Banff and Jasper passing through Lake Louise using Highway 1 and then on the 93 Icefield Parkway. Halfway to Jasper, you get to see the Athabaskan Glacier where you can ride those huge buses to go walk on the Glacier. What an experience. 286 Km of the best drive in Canada but not made for a 5th wheel, the hills are to sharp. High peaks, waterfalls, wildlife galore. I wish biden was ahead by 50 points, this way I know Trump will win a landslide !!

  2. RE: The Trump……He is the Real Deal. And RE:: Life Is Too Good To Waste….you betcha!!! Enjoy. God Bless

  3. I knew you wouldn’t be disappointed with travelling through the Rockies. I travelled between Golden and Revelstoke every Tuesday for about 5 years or more and loved every minute…except for the winter months. Kamloops is different terrain but will be a nice rest spot. Hope the weather holds when you travel the Coquihalla Highway. The Pass is highest point along the way and remains beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your journey.

  4. I can remember, although its been probably close to 40 years ago, flying into Calgary from Los Angeles, then driving a rented car up the Icefields Highway to Jasper. WONDERFULLY, SPECTACULARLY BEAUTIFUL TRIP!!!

  5. Just a note to say that your appreciation and beauty of the parts of Canada you’ve never seen before and the majesty of the scenery you are enjoying has me smiling all the way through the wonders you, Anne, Stryker and April the Cat are experiencing. It sounds pretty awesome, Howard. 🙂

  6. Howard: you are making me very much wanting to plan a trip across Canada; however, we would be leaving from Portland, OR, traveling north to B.C. and then head east all the way to Nova Scotia, hopefully. I hope my dream comes true next year! If Trump gets re-elected, I believe that dream can be realized.

  7. Some people call the south end of the Coquihalla “The Death Spiral”. Do it on a Dry day and gear that F250 down at the top. Take care.

  8. Trump looked really good tonight arriving back at the White House. I’m sure all the positive prayers FOR his recovery over-road all the negative thoughts spewing out of the minds of the Dems, MM crowd. He has given HOPE to the other covid patients. One ‘news’ person from Yahoo should be fired for suggesting Trump was a ‘super-spreader’ of the virus. The hateful people came out of the woodwork. I hope this wakes up anyone still sleeping through this verbal carnage of the President!

  9. I have never had the pleasure of driving the drive you and family are doing. Wish I could but did drive back in 1970 on the Ukon Hwy it was muddy then but the beauty around us was unbelievable. I am sure you are an excellent driver and the roads you were on were just fine. Have you traveled to Ireland & Scotland yet? Aye Mate you must do that in your life time with Anne and kitty.I had many heart attacks on their roads ha. Praying for our President to get well and 1st lady. God be with them.

  10. Been there, done that… nope, I’m lying…seen and heard a lot of this lately here across North America…Hope you and the gang have a great experience out there.

  11. Polls are a joke, as in statistics I can gather data points to reach what ever conclusion I wish. I and my wife nor any of my family have ever been asked to take a poll. And depending on the questions, you can make a Positive Trump supporter look like they are undecided or not going to vote. Politics is a big hoax, time for term limits, put people in jail who have lied continuously and stole or taken monies to gain favor. I believe that Our President is a True Man not perfect but loves USA

  12. Not a clue what your weather will be like up there over winter as opposed to Texas or Florida, but no doubt the beauty you’re seeing/enjoying will by far make up for the cooler/colder temps. I’ve not traveled much in my life; mainly ‘visit’ places through pictures. Whenever I was able to go to new places, I always bought postcards to remember what I’d seen. Enjoy your beautiful country – for me too. Continued safe travels. P.S. Trump is ‘trumping’ Biden in all ways.

  13. Enjoy your trip. I have travelled through the US and the Canadian Rockies. They are magnificent. They should be covered at the top with fresh snow. That trip is a great escape from American politics. If God himself came to visit and commended Trump, liberals would find fault with His assessment. Love your comments.

  14. Enjoy your trip. I have travelled through the US and the Canadian Rockies. They are magnificent. They should be covered at the top with fresh snow. That trip is a great escape from American politics. If God himself came to visit and commended Trump, liberals would find fault with His assessment. Love your comments.

  15. Blessings to you, Anne and your pets on what sounds like a wonderful, beautiful trip across Canada. Be safe. I don’t believe the polls, no matter who takes them. If I were asked for my opinion, I would lie so they would think I was for the left. I wonder how many do the same. Pres. Trump is the greatest president we have had in decades and I pray for him every night. I really think it was God’s plan to have him become president so he could save this country. Stay safe. Thanks, Howard

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