The Demonstrations (Protests) Were & Are A Big Lie


To Believe The Demonstrations (Protests) Were Justified – We Have To Believe There Is Endemic Racism, Which There’s Not.


It Was Called The Underground Railroad, where Slaves who were Able to Shuck the Chains of Slavery Found Refuge, Safety & Freedom in What Canadians Describe as The Great White North, because of our Very Snowy Winter Climate.

Canada Never Had Slaves Of Any Color . . .  Nor Did Canada Have Appreciable Indian Wars . . . So What Gives?

This Past Weekend (Saturday, August 29, 2020) . . . A Group of Thugs in Montreal Tore Down a 150-Year Old Statue of John A Macdonald, Canada’s First Prime Minister (1867).

I was Born & Raised in Montreal, where with a Few Respites, I Lived Most of My Life. Today – Over the Spring, Summer & Fall, Anne & I Live just Outside Montreal in the Province of Ontario. My Parents were Also Born in Montreal, and as I Hope you Can Appreciate, I Have More than Just a Passing Interest in History – Politically & Socially.

I Wasn’t A Couch Potato – As a Young Man, from as Far Back as I Can Clearly Remember, I Played all Manner of Group & Individual Sports & I had a Robust Social Life. I was Raised in Multi-Cultural Areas, where I Met & Befriended People of all Cultures. I was Never One to Avoid People who Didn’t Share my Jewish Faith, had a Dark Complexion or Spoke a Different Language . . .

I’m “Telling” You This . . . Because, in a Cosmopolitan City like Montreal, if there Ever was REAL Inherent Racist Issues that Posed Serious Consternation or Threats, I Would Know, Since the Primary Racism in Montreal (Quebec) was Against Jews . . . and over the Past Few Decades, Against Quebec’s English Community. But we Persevered.


When Jackie Robinson Broke The Professional Baseball Color Barrier . . . It Was in Montreal, where my Parents – Especially my Late Mother Used to Tell me all the Time About the Great Black Baseball Player Jackie Robinson, who Played for the Montreal Royals.

In Fact & Truth . . . Jackie Robinson Was A Black American – Montreal Hero!

So . . . Why On This Past Saturday – Did THUGS in Montreal, but Not All Necessarily from Montreal, Riot in Downtown Montreal to Destroy a 150-Year Old Statue Of A Canadian Icon?

The Thugs Tried To Explain That It Wasn’t A Riot . . . That it was a Peaceful Demonstration, and it was Caused in the Name of Social Justice to Answer the Call of Inherent Racism and to Defund The Police.


There Were Violent Demonstrations Across Canada . . . All With The Same Intent.

But It Supersedes Canada, since there were Similar Riots Throughout Europe, all of which had the Same Manufactured Theme . . . With the Same Prepared Riot Kits for Supposedly Peaceful Demonstrators . . . Including Clubs, Accelerants, Helmets, Face Masks, Face & Body Shields . . . And in the American Context – Guns of Multiple Description.


What They’re Really Saying . . .  is that the Global LEFT are in Open Panic, as they are Witnessing their Socialist One World Government Dream (Conspiracy) Falling Apart, In-Spite of all their Efforts to Destroy Donald Trump in Every Way They Could.

Donald Trump . . . Is Without Question – The Last Guardian To Keep The Barbarians From Breaching The Gate.


If President Trump Were To Win A Resounding Victory . . . this November Third, which I Truly Believe “Trump” Will . . . And Keep the Senate & Win the House . . . This Would Spell Disaster For The Global Socialist LEFT, Destroying their Long Held Communist Dream of a One World Marxist Government, Governed NOT By The People, But Rather By Appointed Bureaucrats.

I Truly Believe The Democrats Will Do Whatever They Can To Steal The Election.

The Riots are Not Demonstrations (Protests) and were Never Demonstrations (Protests) – The Killing of the Black Thug George Floyd was Nothing More & Less than an Excuse for Antifa & Black Lives Matter to do the Bidding of the Democrat LEFT.

Make No Mistake About This . . . The Closer We Come to the Presidential Election, and the Greater the Polls Show a Clear Victory for President Trump, the More Violent the Riots will Become, Pushing the Envelope Towards National Guerilla Style Civil War, with the Purpose of Either Stopping the Election or Placing the Election Results in Extreme Doubt.

And Besides the LEFT (Democrats) . . . Using the Media to Propagandize their Campaign, they’re Also Using Mail-In Ballots to Cheat the Vote – Plus Using Young Ignorant Inculcated Socialist Thugs (Antifa/Black Lives Matter) as Shock Troops – To Destroy The People’s Confidence In America’s Constitutional Republic.

I Can’t Think Of Any Man Other Than Donald J Trump Who Could Have Thus Far Not Crumbled Under This Assault.

I Believe . . . That in Addition to Seeing their Globalist Communist Dream in Such Jeopardy, that What’s Terrifying the LEFT (Democrats & Swamp Republicans) Even More-So, is the Blow-Back & Extreme Comeuppance that will Come from a Fully Conservative Republican Government (Executive, Senate, House & Judiciary) After November 3, 2020, which is Why Pelosi is in Verbal Panic, Schumer is Mute, Obama is Visibly Nervous & Hillary Clinton who is Telling Biden NOT to Concede Under any Circumstances, Because, Once President Trump Seizes the Full Reigns of Constitutional Power, there will be a Full Reckoning for their Malfeasance . . . From Obama, Clinton – On Down.

At The End Of The Day . . . The Republic – Like The “Tree Of Liberty” – Will Refresh Itself.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “At The End Of The Day . . . The Republic – Like The “Tree Of Liberty” – Will Refresh Itself.” Hopefully that will be with minimal loss of blood!!

  2. Vote in person and we MUST have turnout to counterbalance democrat fraud. If you find blank ballots laying around, pick them up and destroy them. This is the most important election in America’s history. If we lose President Trump, we lose our country with him. We’ve seen the riots and that’s what’s coming in the form of Civil War 2 if the democrats steal the election. God forbid that should happen. Pray for President Trump. A lesser man would have crumbled long ago.

  3. I do not understand the newspapers so left leaning. Being familiar with them they are the the biggest free enterprise companies. Huge press. lots of reporters Delivery truck employees at all leveles it makes to sense to me that they will lose their voice under socialism when they are the apitiny of free enterprise. I have watched our paper became an absolute one sided liberal RAG and if you count the pages and take out the spaces of ads you do not get much for your money.

  4. I am amazed at the energy, vitality and indefatigable nature of this President of ours. Against the incredible roadblocks put up against him by the Democrats, he has managed almost singlehandedly to revitalize America to previously unheard of heights. I truly believe that he does more in a single day than Obama did in his 8 years. Biden doesn’t have one tenth of his energy or dedication. We must all work together to ensure that he wins a second term in spite of all the voter fraud coming!

  5. Greetings: The BIG Q is will Sleepy Joe Biden AGREE TO DEBATE President Trump AND will he ultimately SHOW UP? Nervous Nancy is already sowing the seeds of DOUBT that our President isn’t WORTHY for Biden to RECOGNIZE that he is President. ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL that the Speaker of the House cannot & will recognize our duly elected President. If Biden is WORTHY to be elected, he should be BITING AT THE BIT to debate Trump! Debates are the only chance Democrats or Independents may change their vote!

  6. …and I REALLY hope AG Barr (assuming he’s still in that position) will launch any and all investigations into all of the facets of all of this treasonous activities.

  7. I chalk it all up ( in Canada ) to stupid , useful idiots , wanting to get on the BLM train and extrapolating it into an imaginary Native / Metis issue . Get back to Work : but most of them were likely unemployed before the Pandemic or hiding out in the School system.

  8. How or why is it that ordinary people ( like us ) in Asia, Africa and South America can remove and jail their past and presidents and we can’t. Compare the protests, peaceful and in enormous numbers of people ( like us ) with what is going on in the America ( and Canada ) and think about it. I am – I think.

  9. Never forget, this is all about destroying President Trump and destroying America. Our entire “educational system” —– for decades —– has been teaching socialism and anti-capitalism. In addition, the goal of BHO has always been the destruction of the “big satin” —— America. If you are not connecting these dots you have a problem.

  10. We can thank the unleashing of Communist China via accepted international trade (businesses making $$ off backs of controlled Chinese workers & influx of cheap products). It became like the frog in the pot of water over heat, not realizing what was happening until it was too late. I hope and pray it isn’t too late for the US, Canada and other free nations.

  11. I hope that the Barr, Durham criminal report comes out before the election. What I am afraid of is on the day of the election when people come out to go vote at the poll stations, will they be met by those young uneducated socialist-communist youth brown shirt and will there be violence towards the voters. Will that prospect scare the voters to stay home on election day? I hope that people when they go vote if they have a gun, to bring it with them for self-defense. They will probably need them!

  12. Trump will win and also all hell will break loose when he wins. The left will turn their thugs loose to do whatever they want. I’m thinking that every good American had best have a gun till this is over. The Democrats have been very crooked over the past few years and they are not going to let America rest as lots of them will be going to prison.

  13. You can demonstrate on whatever you want even if it’s a blatant lie. Let people judge about the full displayed facts. However, you are not supposed to loot, vandalize, hurt and kill people in the name of your marxist ideology. Which has been allowed for far too long in democrat states.

  14. These are scary times. So much uncertainty we most prepare I don’t see these paid Antifa and BML going away anytime soon. And I’m afraid that when Trump wins chaos will boil over everywhere in the world

  15. Hoping Howard is right won’t be enough, praying is the answer, start today and don’t slow down, and equally necessary is be willing to speak out when the opportunity arises and be willing to stand for the Creator God of this world regardless of the cost.

  16. I just watched a movie last night about Jackie Robertson and felt so bad for him having to go through all that racist language and actions. I am happy that he endured all that to become one of the world’s greatest baseball players!

  17. Hope I am wrong but here goes. If they allow mail in voting, and as predicted, the counting goes beyond Jan 20, Nancy Pelosi will be our sitting President until the winner is declared. Imagine the damage this Idiot can cause in that time frame. Passing a Gun Control bill, a stop of all Immigration Laws opening the Gates of Hell from the South. This would cause a Civil War like no other, Family Member against Family Member, Neighbor against Neighbor, Are you ready I think it is coming.

    You’re Assuming the Democrats will win the House and the Senate. Besides, before that happens, America will be Deep in its second Civil War – HG.

  18. HG, you are CORRECT re: “I Can’t Think Of Any Man Other Than Donald J Trump Who Could Have Thus Far Not Crumbled Under This Assault.” The LEFT has ALREADY “turned their THUGS loose to do whatever they want”, BUT Pres. Trump and his SUPPORTERS are ALREADY VERY WELL PREPARED to COPE with their TACTICS! Also, the Barr-Durham CRIMINAL REPORTS WILL come out BEFORE the election = a PLUS for Trump! Our “ARCHANGEL”, Trump, will DEFEAT “SATAN”, the Radical Left! PRAY for Pres. Trump! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  19. Thanks for a tidbit of Canadian history. I have no doubt any more that Trump is a God Send. This is a turning point or sinking point for the USA and the world. I know how evil they are and I keep praying for his safety. They will stop at nothing to get Trump out of their way to a take over of the USA and the world. ONE WORLD ORDER is their goal at all cost.

  20. Like it or not, something bad will happen sooner or later. The end of the world, as we know it, is close at hand.

  21. Four years ago God gave us a Trump Card. President Trump will win again and big! God says don’t worry about evil people who prosper; don’t fret about their wicked schemes. Fretting about things that are beyond your control will drain you and discourage you. Remember that God is God of Justice and he knows everything. Eventually he will right all wrongs. God tells us to trust him and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people and their schemes. God has a plan have faith and pray

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