Self-Hate Is A Mental Sickness


Hating Yourself Or Your “Kind” Because Of How You Were Born Is A Sickness With Few Parallels.


If Ever There Was a Modern People who Deserved to be Self-Shamed, it Would have to have Been the German People for what Happened During WWII.

But, as Insidious as the War and the Holocaust Were, that was Then and this is Now . . . And even Israel Recognizes that the War is Over, and Germany has Become a Major Trading Partner & Military Supplier to Israel.

There was a Time When I Wouldn’t Buy or Lease a German Made Car because of the Holocaust. And then I went to Israel, and some of the Most Popular Cars in Israel were Various Models Manufactured by Mercedes Benz & BMW.

Civilized People Do Not Shame Other People For The Sins Of Their Parents . . . Especially Sins Ended Generations Ago.

Finally – A Sick Comparison . . . White Self-Hate Doesn’t Explain Jewish Self-Hate, But it Certainly Mirrors the Comparison. As a Proud Member (Non-Religious) of the Orthodox Jewish Community, I have Great Revulsion for Jewish People who are Almost Exclusively on the LEFT (Reform Jews), who Disparage Jewish People (Themselves), because of Jewish Success in the Face of the Failure by Others.

I Always Understood This Sickness . . . But I Could Never Explain It – But Now I Can.

When  I See Hundreds of Thousands, Maybe even Millions of White People, Many of Whom are Young, Many Who are Not so Young, Many Who are Poor, and Many Who are Rich Athletes, Team Owners & League Directors – I Know We’ve Breached The Limits Of Group Insanity, when  they Hate Themselves because they were Born White – To Me . . . It Explains Jewish Self-Hate.


The Explanation Is Simple . . . People who Hate who they are, Because of who they were Born to, and Because of their Earned or Inherited Position in Life, Especially Earned . . . Can 100% be Defined As Idiots. Which Explains It All.

When I See White Athletes – NFL Players for Example, who Sacrificed so Much to Train as Hard as they Had to in the Dim Hope of Winning a Position on a Professional Football Team, and they Think that they are Where they’re at, Because they’re White . . . They’re Too Stupid To Even Be On A Playing Field.

Jackie Robinson . . . The First Black Professional Baseball Player Wasn’t Chosen to Play for the MBL because he was the Best Looking or Most Charismatic Black Ball Player, Robinson was Chosen because Jackie Robinson Could Really Play Ball & WON his Position in Major League Baseball. Did That Give Jackie Robinson Black Privilege?

Or Was It Hard Work, Courage & Determination That Got Robinson To Where He Was?

I’m So Happy . . . Finally – I No Longer Have to be Racking my Brains Trying to Understand or Explain Self-Hate (Jewish Or Otherwise) to Myself & Others, because the Schmucks who Take a Knee to the American Flag & Anthem, which Extolls the Greatest & Freest Nation that has Ever Existed Explains it all . . . They’re Ignorant & In Many Cases Greedy (Team Owners) Idiots.


As White People Like Me – Who Were Never Racist . . . Turn-Off Professional Sports, Stop Going to Professional Games, even University Games – Where White People are Denigrated because We’re White . . . What do these Black Lives Matter Schmucks think is Going to Happen When the Revenue Dries-Up from a Lack of Paid Attendance, Lack of Advertising & No One Wants To Wear Their Stinking Over Priced Jerseys?

What Do These Media Race-Baiters . . . Think is Going to Happen to their TV Shows, when Sponsors Stop Buying Ads on Productions White People Won’t Want to Watch, because White People like Me are Sick & Tired of Being Insulted Because we’re White People?

And What Do These Ignorant Racist Black Americans . . . Think is Going to Happen when White Employers will Not Want to Hire Black People, because who Wants to Hire Someone with a Chip on his or her Shoulder, who very Possibly Hates the Potential Employer because Black Lives Matter – But White Lives Don’t?

Imagine . . . Black Athletes, who are Millionaires & Famous ONLY Because they Can Play a Child’s Game Better than Most People, who are Made Millionaires by White Owners, are Too Stupid to even Know how Privileged they are, as they Insult all the People who Made them What they Are, Only because a Racist Dumb-Ass Prick like Colin Kaepernick, who Wasn’t Good Enough to be a First String Quarter-Back, Decided to Insult the Flag, Anthem & Country that gave Him Riches Beyond his Wildest Dreams?

And As Best I Know . . . The People who Own & Control NIKE, Kaepernick’s Corporate Sugar Daddy, and the NFL Team Owners who Made Kaepernick so Wealthy, are all White People.

For The White Players Going Along With This Insanity . . . They Can Take Their Professional Sports Careers & Shove-It.

A Florida Friend of Mine Sent me a Link to An Oprah Winfrey Production, Where the Billionaire Oprah Hosts Several White Women on her Television Show, who Hate Themselves because they’re White, as Oprah . . . Hawks The Canard Of White Privilege. Can You See A “Bit” Of A Contradiction There?


Ellen DeGeneres is in the News a Lot because – Not only is Ellen DeGeneres a Phony and a Hypocrite . . . It Appears that Ellen – the Contrived Queen of Nice, is Anything but Nice.

But Why Should I Care, Since They’re All Phonies With Created Personas?


It’s Called Passive-Aggression.

I Care . . . Because People like Ellen DeGeneres Have Literally Made a Career & Fortune by Shaming & Guilting People who Aren’t Gay or Lesbian, who Can be Blamed as Gender Racists when People like DeGeneres Don’t Get their Own Way.

People Like DeGeneres Have Terrified Straight People Into Thinking There’s Something Racist With Heterosexuality.

Why Is Ellen DeGeneres’ “Spouse” – Portia De Rossi Defined as Ellen’s Wife? Does that Mean Ellen DeGeneres is De Rossi’s Husband? And What Does that Mean? How do People of the Same Sex Decide who is the Husband and who is the Wife . . . Isn’t That A Definition Of Sexism?

I’m Sick & Tired Of The Whole Sordid Mess Of All These Pompous Jackasses. And I Bet So Are You.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree that selfhaters of any kind eg selfhating jewish americans,almost exclusively leftists,just fall over themselves disparaging ISRAEL and israelis,when if they were normal,they would be very proud of us in israel and what we have achieved in such a short time.Aside from that could you please write about the awful things going on in the USA,and what you think will happen??

  2. My friend, you are right on some many things in this article. My wife and I spend no money on televised sports, Pro games or any of their products. We both were in Rodeo for many years, if you did not place because of hard work and talent, you made no money, period. We like Golf for the same reason, you rarely hear of a golfer in the criminal news, not saying they have no faults, but they have to work to get money. When we started with everyone gets a trophy we lost the American edge

  3. Ellen took its spouse to their room. Question – if anyone is interested – who did what , with which and to whom? For the answer enroll in a university – I think.

  4. I enjoy your blog and many like minded people I share it with regurally.

  5. The coddled, multi–millionaire athletes who disrespect the flag got their cue from an anti-American pathological liar named B. Hussein Obama, the most divisive president in US history.

  6. Howard, you can’t see what I’m doing now that I have finished reading this, so I’ll tell you. I just sat down after standing up and screaming out loud………. ‘I’m Mad as Hell, and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore’

    I Think Many Of Us Are Screaming! – HG

  7. Howard, another excellent observation on your part. Whites should bring professional sports to their “KNEES,” financially, and stop supporting the Race Baiters and the America Haters!

  8. Boy oh boy, you’ve nailed this one. Agree with you 100% on every word you said.

  9. Howard… just WONDERFUL my words and feeling exactly !!!! God only knows just how the football players got thru college someone looked the other way. Wish I could do something positive, but I can’t…

  10. At least I’m glad that the NHL did not take a knee in any team. They are proudly Canadian and Americans. Can’t say about players from other countries that play in the NHL. I am with Gary Andersen, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore !!!!” Alas, I think only 20% of Canadians and Americans feel this way because it feels like most people in both countries are still fast asleep still brainwashed by the fake news leftist lamestream media that life is still honky dory.

    Sorry – Wrong! The NHL took a Knee in Edmonton this past Week. A Canadian stood at Center Ice for the Canadian Anthem and took a Knee for the American Anthem – HG.

  11. I have already turned off about 70% of the tv I watch, which has itself shrunk by half over the last few years because of Hollywood degeneracy and lunacy. I’ve cut out most media because it has become mostly leftist lies and propaganda. Movies are less frequent because Hollywood fools keep opening their spoiled mouths to tell me how bad I am. I refuse to play into the pointless, ignorant, warped and hateful games that now sadly shape our modern society. I have nothing to apologize for.

  12. I’m so glad to know I’m not the last sane person on the planet! Self hatred is worse than stupid. It’s an insult to what you have become in spite of as well as because of what you have experienced. And, worse of all, it’s an affectation that says, “Look at me! See how virtuous I am!” when, in fact, you’re not being at all virtuous. Rant ended!

  13. I am a product of the culture I was raised in–Some of it was good, some bad–some shaped by war, some by reason and logic and faith in GOD. I am not ashamed of being White, heterosexual, male, Lutheran, and Republican! If this offends anyone–I DON’T CARE! You don’t pay my bills or walk in my shoes.

  14. i have a Lesbian cousin. She told me how sick their lifestyle is. I dated an OB/GYN doctor yrs. ago. He said they are sick. He said the theory that they are born that way is sicker. It is like the theory of the “flat earth” yrs. ago. he said if they think they are “gay,” they should come to the hospital and see the ER as to the high % come in from beatings and wounds.Ellen was also not “gay” but was also sick like other homos. They need treatment, not inclusion.

  15. WOW !!!!! Great editorial & so true. I have felt this way for years. I don’t even watch cable News or regular News because I am told to shut up !!! I can’t stop commenting on the stupidity of the average human being. It frustrates me to no end & I also get Mad as Hell !!! Thanks for the “pick me up” writing so that I know I am not alone either, with thinking on those thoughts of yours.

  16. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I’ve succeeded with hard work, edu & experience despite being white, & I am quite comfortable and proud. I once told my niece in S.Africa who was denigrating blacks that if her mother had swapped her for a black baby she would be living in a mud hut & I would be talking to an intelligent black girl. You can imagine the furor that ensued. If you’re a success, at any level, be proud no matter your colour. It can be tough for some I know but never give up.

  17. I can’t comprehend ‘white privilege’ since I have had to work hard my entire life, even picking strawberries as a child for 2 summers, working hard to put myself through 4 years of college, etc. I like to base a person on his/her kindness, education, skills, compassion and contribution to humanity.

  18. This insanity of hating oneself has to end!! One should not be ashamed to belong to a race that has created the Western Civilization. In the fight for the Survival of the Fittest (which is the Law of Nature), only the Fittest should survive. This will annoy the Socialists who believe in suppressing the productive genes & promoting the failed genes. Western Civilization has been created by productive people as a result of their legacy for hard work & determination. Appreciate & stay strong!!

  19. Sick and tired doesn’t begin to describe my feeling toward this entire mess, but thanks for taking a crack at it. Your commentary on the matter should go a fair way to helping a lot of people begin to clear up their own thinking.

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