By Hook Or Crook – Whatever Works


Black Folk Think These “Freaks” Are Their Friends – They’re Not . . . And They’ll Leave The Black Folk High & Dry.


George Floyd Was A Thug – A Walking, Talking Piece Of Human Excrement Whose Death Was No Loss To Society.

Self-Hating White Radicals – Black Race Baiters, Pandering Politicians, Promoters Of Affirmative Action, Antifa, Socialists/Communists, Stupid White Ignorant Youth, Media, Academia, Hollywood, Music-Entertainment, Netflix, Professional Sports – Etc . . . ARE NOT THE FRIENDS OF BLACK PEOPLE!

So Let Me Tell The Black Community – Who Their Friends Really Are . . . People like me are Friends to the Black Community, who Like me . . . are Not Afraid to Tell the Black Community the Truth, that the Black Community is the Black Community’s Own Worst Enemy, And It’s Getting Worse . . . Much Worse – Not Better.

Let Me Tell You – What All The Aforementioned Jerks Can’t Do . . .

1 – They Can’t Force Me . . . to Invest in Rental Properties in Black Communities, so as Not to become Embroiled as a Slum Lord Giving Shelter to Black People, who have a Proven or Perceived Reputation of being Desecrators of Communities.

2 – They Can’t Force Me . . . to Eat at Black Owned or Black Frequented Restaurants. Or Invest in Black Owned Businesses.

3 – They Can’t Force Me . . . to Spend my Money & my Time Watching Black Acted & Black Produced Movies.

4 – They Can’t Force Me . . . To Listen To Black (Rap) Music.

5 – They Can’t Force Me . . . To Invest One Penny of my Money or my Time Watching Sports Events that Pander to Black Athletes, whether it is – to “Take A Knee”, Walk-Off the Court or Field During the Playing of the American Anthem, or Having a Pro Black Message Scrawled on the Field or on the Back of a Uniform.

6 – They Can’t Force Me . . . to Stand for the Playing of what the Jerks Consider to be the Black Anthem.

7 – They Can’t Force Me . . . to Hire Black People, who Unknowingly to me, Might Hate my Guts because I’m White, or Because I’m Jewish, or Because I’m Both, since Black Lives Matter and so Many Prominent Black People have Already Shown their Animus to White People & Jewish People.

Why Would I Want To Hire Someone . . . Who Chances Are . . . Hates Me Because I’m White & Jewish?


Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I have Spent 6-Months a Year, every Year in the USA over the Past 6-Years during each Winter. But Probably Not This Year . . . Not Because of the China Virus, or that the US/Canada Border “Might” Not Be Opened for RV Travel from Canada . . . But because we Don’t Want to take the Chance of Being Set-Upon by Black Thugs on the Way through the USA . . . or Once we Get to Where we’re Going.

A Good Friend of Mine was Heading Home to his House in Florida from Atlanta, when he Stopped for Gas in Gainesville Florida. Before I Continue, Let me Make this Abundantly Clear. I will Not Have a Friend who is a Racist – And He Is Not.

At The Gas Station Where He Stopped For Fuel . . . All the People there were Black. And Until this Juncture in his Life, being from the Deep South, this Friend of Mine was no Stranger to Multi-Racial Co-Existence. Yet, for the First Time in his Life, my Friend Felt Uncomfortable being in a Situation where Everyone around him was Black.

My Friend Wasn’t Threatened Or Stared-At – But He Couldn’t Wait To Get Into His Car & Get The Hell Out Of There . . . And That’s What The Black Community Is Doing To Itself.

Anne & I Are Far From Being Financially-Set – Like Many People, we’re OK. But Also – Like Most People, we have to Measure What we Spend our Money-On. So, We’re Not Big Lavish Spenders.

But Even Being Somewhat Frugal – Anne & I Probably Spend As Much As – If Not More than $20-Thousand Dollars Per Season in the United States of America, Including: Travel, Gas, RV Lodging, Services, Food & Entertainment.


Now Multiply $20,000 by More than a Million Canadians & Millions of Europeans Who Might Not Want to Visit the United States of America this Year, because of the Specter of Black-On-White Violence? And to Get to Where Anne & I would be Going, we Need to Travel through Many Black Communities.

Who The Hell Wants To Be Caught-Up In A Race Riot Or A Shakedown?

There Are Roughly 330-Million People in the United States of America . . . Of Which Just 13% Are Black Americans. When Taken into Consideration, that Black Americans Comprise so Little of the Total Population of America, but Lead the Country in Failed Academics, Most Jailed People Per Capita, Largest Number of Single Parent (Fatherless) Family Units, Largest Proportion of People on Food Stamps and the Highest Inter-Race Violence & Murder-Rate . . . to Name just a Few Serious Negatives . . . I Think Black Americans Have a Great Deal More To Worry About Than A Few Bad Cops . . . And The Murder Of A Black Thug By A Bad Cop.

Anne & I Have Made Winter Reservations In Both North Central Florida & Fort Langley British Columbia, so as to Guarantee that we will have a Place to Spend a Mild Winter this Year. Both Reservations have been Secured by Sizeable Deposits. Our Question – Which Reservation Will We Utilize.

Will we Travel about 3,000-Miles Across the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Leaving Ontario where we Live on or about October 1st to Make Certain to Avoid Rocky Mountain Snowfall and the Possibility of Avalanches . . .  or will we Leave Ontario on or about November 1st as we Usually do for the United States, where we Don’t Really have to Worry about Mountains, Snow and the Travel will be Half the Distance?

After Doing An In-Depth Financial Spreadsheet . . . Taking All The Parameters Into Account, Including The Exchange Rate (US/Canadian), Health Insurance (Canada Is Comprehensive & “Free”), Travel Expenses (Coming & Going) – The Total Difference In Money Either Way – Is Just $100.

And In Canada . . . We Don’t Have to Jump Through Hoops Transporting Our Guns.


Given What We Know Now . . . Both Destinations Are Gorgeous – What Would You Do If You Were Us?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. So right on this Howard, Sick and tired of BLM George Floyd was a Druggie with a Crime Sheet a Mile long! Just watch this on Judge Judy when he was 16 years old.

  2. I could not agree with u more. Black people are failing black communities. And since u asked for my two cents here it is. I love America I am Canadian but consider myself a patriotic American at heart and if I were u I would travel to BC and skip the US this year especially with the elections comjng up it’s going to get worse before it gets better and the Democrats are already making sure of that I enjoy reading ur article and I would not want anything to happen to you and ur family

  3. Neither. Stay home and keep writing. The enemy – Antifa, Black Lies Murder, the mainstream and social media, academia, the fascist Demorrhoids – need to be exposed for the virulent traitors that they are. There is no substitute for the truth, and we need it now more than ever.

  4. So Howard, why don’t you tell us how you feel. -:) Actually, I agree with you 100% Quite frankly I would opt for BC because I think things will get worse until Trump gets elected. Then he will lower the boom, which is one of the reasons he WILL be reelected in a landslide. People here are seething with rage due to the antics of the Left’s anarchist forces, namely Antifa and BLM. We live in Northern California about 90-minutes from the Oregon border and have had it with Emperor Newsom too.

  5. I’d stick to Canada this year. Make sure ya got woolies for those cooler wet days. 🙂

  6. Howard Come a little bit further south in Florida to SW FL perhaps Fort Myers or Punta Gorda. It is warmer and (A/C a lot of the time) we don’t any of the problems concerning you. There is a beautiful campground on Sanibel Island right on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico. Paradise!

  7. Our accomodation in Clearwater fla was sold and is no longer available. So, end of sept for three weeks, its’ off to BC by air one way and car the other way.

  8. I live in western part of Virginia & our small ‘city’ hasn’t had any of the march/riot issues; so I’m thankful & will stay put. My sister lives in Florida, also in small community in panhandle not far from Air Force Base. I doubt they will experience that mess either. If you choose US, make sure your stay is in a place governed by a Republican, not a Democrat. That’s best advice I can give. If you decide to go to BC instead, WE WILL MISS having you with us this fall/next spring.

  9. I took my daughter to NY Christmas time and spent easily 2000 to 3000 usd. I was told that purism in NYC is a multi billion dollar industry and very important To the local economy….virus aside I wonder how many tourist $ won’t flow into the city because of the likes of diBlassio ?

  10. Recommend Osoyoos BC with a safer drive through Radium than the Rogers Pass when pulling a 5th wheel. Bonus! Fewer wilfully ignorant leftists there.

  11. In my tiny town I haven’t seen any change, we all get along together. But I know your final destination is not what’s in question, it’s the places you have to drive through to get there. I would go to BC. Normally I would drive from East Texas to VA to visit family, but, not this year. I always go north or south of Atlanta but there are still too many stops for me to feel safe now. So this year I stay home. As a travel hint, the cleanest restrooms are at Harley dealerships & great souvenirs too

  12. Howard, For safety reasons I would “STAY OUT OF THE USA” until President gets this under control. Good luck, have fun, and please be safe….. PS: Your editorial is “Spot On”!!!!! God Bless……..

  13. Howard, Stay safe & stay in Canada! Even here in ND we have BLM demanding Fargo Police Chief resign because an internal e-mail was leaked that he felt like he was in a war zone during the BLM rioting during the same time that Lake Street in Minneapolis was up in flame! Most BLM leadrs are not originally from here And some not even employed. Makes you wonder who is paying their rent & meals?!?

  14. Sad to say Howard but I believe you’re better off staying in Canada. I agree with others that this isn’t going to get better until the election is over. Be safe wherever your travels take you.

  15. Howard- I think things will get worse here until the election. Hopefully Trump will get reelected because if Biden and the Democrats win we can kiss America goodbye. The far left will impose their radical Marxist agenda as far as possible. Biden is only their puppet but they will be steering the ship.

  16. You said it. You don’t have to!!!! And neither do we. Using Common Sense is the BEST! God Bless

  17. I would pick the Victoria area as the rainfall is half the amount of the lower mainland and the people are much more conservative! Jim Creasser Balzac Alberta

  18. #1 The USA can un-proudly account for roughly 1/4 of the global corona cases and no matter where you go here, you will be confronted with literally tons of dangerously irresponsible morons #2 There are stretches of interstate highways in the southwest that you are forced to drive through regardless if you need gas, food or a pit stop #3 I’ve followed you for years and I would feel so much better regarding your health and safety if you opted for a “friendlier” environment. Blessings to you

  19. At this point I would wish you to stay in Canada to be safe. Next year when Trump gets reelected, you can come back to a safer America. Right now, we are NOT the America you want to come to. I wish you a blessed trip whatever your decision is. JUST STAY SAFE. God be with you wherever you go.

  20. I’d stay home this year Howard or fly West and rent a spot somewhere. Your articles have deep meaning to me and are always spot on. Keep em coming please.

  21. I spent many winters in .Mexico.. Stopped going in 2006 because of Drug problems. I miss my 87 degree Christmas swims in the Pacific Oceans. We will miss you but I understand Curt Pyeatt’ Los Banos, CA

  22. This mess will not be over in the near future. Sad part is that only a small amount of Lib and Antifa are speaking out for the total black population. The US is going to end up in a Civil Action like something out of a horror movie. Many thousands will die because of Political BS. I am not banking on President Trump being reelected, there is too much against him that is coming from both sides of the Political aisle. There is a huge segment of White Lib Idiots that are pouring money into this mes

  23. HG, I agree with those who recommended that you remain in Canada. The U.S. is a BIG MESS right now and you and yours would CHANCE in getting severely hurt. If America is to SURVIVE, Trump will have to be RE-ELECTED. Much more will be REVEALED regarding the ELECTION in the near future! Trump hasn’t YET begun to make his POINTS! Sooner or later, BIDEN will have to come out of his CAVE! He can be HIDDEN for just so long. The BLM is HURTING the Blacks, which some Blacks are now REALIZING this! AMEN!

  24. Stay home. The democrats say that Mr. Trump would not leave office easily if the left cheats enough to win the White House. If the left does cheat enough to win the White House our country is lost, war will reign. When Mr. Trump wins, the thugs, BLM, Antifa, etc. will rise up to oppose inauguration Mr. Trump will have his hands full, because I feel the LEFT will do everything they can to stop him, the USA will be in heavier turmoil(war). Safe travels to you and Anne. God help the USA and Canada.

  25. Coronavirus and the riots will disappear on November 4th if the demon rats win the white house. If President Trump is re-elected the status quo will continue 4 more years unless President Trump sends in the army. Patriotism is someone who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies foreign or/AND DOMESTIC !!!! What we have here in the riots are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS !!!! Time to send in the army and crush this illegal rebellion.

  26. Howard, now everyone wants to head to BC for the winter. I live on the Eastern part of BC, and we are more aligned with Alberta than what we call the “Left Coast”. Western BC and Vancouver Island are filled with Leftists and Marxists, much the same as Seattle and Portland. They have shut down pipelines out of AB, just like Quebec has. Alberta should put up a border patrol, and not let anyone from Quebec pass through Alberta to get to BC.

  27. Sadly, I would tell you to stay out of the US. Despite the more dangerous mountains that you’ll have to drive. Hopefully next year you can return and things will be calmer.

  28. As the saying goes ,”no place to hide”. I lived on the Mexican border of the USA for 22 yrs. I saw all the illegal voting, the corruption, the power grab and it increasing toward the North a long time ago. They (drug lords, anarchists, power and money grabbers) want to turn the North American continent into the South American continent where they are in control. They will stop are nothing. They never counted on Pres. Trump. They have got to get rid of him, or else he will ruin their plans.

  29. Neither, Come to Crocket TX. You will not have any problems here. And you can enjoy the piney woods and friendly people.

  30. Yes Howard, there are so many causes marching and creating even worst situations that perhaps one should stay in Canada. We are fortunate that we have a small property near Jaffray, B.C.. I would suggest that there is a good campground in Osoyoos called Nk’MIP operated by a very progressive Reserve. They even operate a winery! Some friends have stayed there over the winter months and it was enjoyable. We have stayed there a few times during the summer and had a good time.

  31. Stay in Canada right now a whole lot less Negatives

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