Disgraceful Doesn’t Begin To Describe-It


I Haven’t Watched Chris Wallace’s Sunday Show For Years . . . Because, as Hard as Wallace Might Try, Wallace seems not to be able to Separate his Democrat Bias from his Supposedly Objective Journalism.

When I Used To Watch . . . I was always Annoyed Watching Wallace Interview Democrats with a Level of Courtesy, which Wallace seemed not to Have Afforded to Real Conservatives.

So I Just Stopped Watching. If I Wanted To Have My Intelligence Insulted I Could Better Spend My Time Watching CNN.

But . . . Because this Interview was a One-On-One with President Trump, I felt Compelled to Watch the Whole Deal from Start to Finish. Actually, I Listened to the Entire Interview over Sirius/XM in my Pick-Up. I Guess That Makes Me A Red-Neck.

This Morning (July 20, 2020) . . . As Usual, I Watched Fox & Friends, which I Always find to be Fair, Informative & Reasoned. And during this Morning’s Fox & Friends, there were Multiple Promotions Concerning Sunday’s Chris Wallace Interview with President Trump, which Varied from Sensational to Outstanding . . .

But This Is How I Saw-It (Heard-It) . . . I Watched 8-Years of Barack Hussein Obama, who in My Opinion was the Worst & Most Destructive President America Ever Had. And to a Great Extent, was Responsible for Laying the Seeds which have today Blossomed into The Self-Hating American Narrative.

And as Much as I Detested Barak Obama, as Did a Huge Number of Americans, I Never Saw an Interview with Obama, even the Famous Fox News Bret Baier Interview which Pissed-Off Obama . . . To Be Even One Tenth Of 1% As Disgraceful As Was The Chris Wallace/President Trump Inquisition.

This Wasn’t An Interview . . . As I Just Wrote – THIS WAS AN INQUISITION – This Was A Media Confrontation Designed to Defame, Demean & Embarrass President Trump. If President Trump Was Black . . . They’d Call it A Lynching.

Nowhere During the Entire Chris Wallace Inquisition, did I Hear One Positive thing from Chris Wallace – that President Trump Achieved in his First Three & A Half Years in the White House . . . NOTHING!

I Won’t List The Achievements Of President Trump’s First Three & A Half Years, Because They’re Far Too Many . . . BUT NOTHING?

So Basically . . . In Addition to Doing Wallace’s Best to Humiliate the President of the United  States of America, Chris Wallace left the Impression, not by what Wallace Said or Asked, but Rather by What Wallace Didn’t Say or Ask, that President Donald Trump’s First Three & A Half Years in the White House Accomplished Nothing.

As I See It . . . Fox News Sunday Disgraced Itself & Chris Wallace Far More Than It Damaged President Trump.


After Being Billed All Week-Long As Must-See-TV . . . Promoting that Faulkner was Going to Do an In-depth Analysis on What’s Happening In America, What’s Tearing America Apart, it was NOTHING MORE than a Rehash of all the Crap we’ve Been Watching now for More than a Month.

NOTHING NEW . . . Was Brought into Perspective & Nothing was Discussed by Faulkner about the Real Issues, such as what’s Happening in America with the Never-Ending “Demonstrations”, the Violence, Graffiti, Looting & Unabashed Attacks on the Men & Women in Blue, And That All Of This Was An Internal Insurgency Against America.

And Not Only Was This A Grotesque Mockery & Waste Of Time & Effort . . . NOTHING Was even Mentioned about the Self-Inflicted Abject Failure of the Black American Community.

And Finally . . . Faulkner’s Two Last Guests Included Mark Cuban (Owner Of The NBA Mavericks) who is an Unabashed Trump-Hater & Panderer to Black Lives Matter, and Herschel Walker, who is an Unbelievably Accomplished (Black) Athlete & Former Star NFL Player.

Faulkner Leaned Heavily On The Pandering Mark Cuban – who Kissed as much Ass as he Could, as Cuban Pontificated from on High, and then Faulkner Ran out of Time for Herschel Walker, who Stood Proudly for the American Flag, who Opposed the Playing of the Black National Anthem Before the American National Anthem, who is Opposed to the Black Lives Matter Emblem Being Displayed on Various Playing Fields.


1 – All Mainstream Social Media Is Skewed Against President Trump.

2 – All Mainstream Television . . . Including Fox News from 9:AM to 5:PM – from 6:PM Until 8:PM & 11:PM Until Fox & Friends in the Morning . . . Is Unequivocally Against President Donald Trump.

3 – And Outside Of A Smattering Of Newspapers & Magazines – Print Media Is Just As Bad.


I’m Just One Conservative Guy With A Computer & A Professional Blog . . . But I’m Just One Guy With Thousands Of Readers. Now Multiply that by Thousands of other Guys & Gals, or More Likely Tens of Thousands or Hundreds of Thousands of People Just like Me. Maybe Even A Million Or Millions Of People Just Like Me – With From A Small To A Huge Number Of Followers?

Now We’re Talking Really Big Numbers . . . But There’s Far More.

Conservative Talk Radio Is Mammoth Throughout America, where Opinions of such Talk Luminaries like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Hundreds of Others just like them – are Heard Every Day in America by the MILLIONS. And not just a Few Million, Perhaps As Many As 100-Million Listeners Combined. And they’re Not Children.

But It Doesn’t Stop There . . . Even Though Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter – Etc Do all they Can to Ban, Diminish or Dispel Conservative Opinions – Conservative Opinions Still Get Through.

But More Telling, is How Much Effort all these Social Media Giants Expense to Block so Much Conservative Pro-Trump Opinions, which Tells me that the Number of Pro-Trump Users of these Social Media Is Significant . . . Why Else Would The Social Media Go To All The Trouble To Block Them?


If President Trump . . . Is So far Down In The Polls, and that a Nearly Non-Existent Befuddled Adversary (Joe Biden), who Says Nothing of Consequence – and in Nearly 50-Years In Government . . . Never Did Anything of Positive Consequence – is so Far Ahead of President Trump – as all the Media, Pollsters, Democrats, RINOS – Etc Say That Biden Is . . . Why Are They So Focused On President Donald Trump?

TRUTH IS . . . The More They Hammer “Trump” – The More Frightened They Are, The More They’re Going To Lose.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I didn’t watch Wallace, I just couldn’t. A new to me media American Thinker is fast becoming my favorite. I follow them on Facebook but they do have a web site. Like you I’m watching less and less FOX news… I am so tired of the HATE for our President and our Country. Praying for a tsunami for President Trump!

  2. Good one Howard. Have you checked out thedonald.win! Sage, Colorado

  3. Media is good-for-nothing these days. They keep spewing radical, leftwing, slanted garbage, and the ignorant public keep lapping it up like a dog finding a bit of yesterday’s burger on the floor. The whole premise of respectability and credible journalism is out the window, but people cling and pretend it all actually means something of value. Frankly, the whole lot of media, gov’t and radical protestors is nothing but a 3 ring circus.

  4. Once again ,you are right on target. Thank You Howard and God bless you and Anne

  5. I sure hope you are right. I hate the thought of everything that Trump has done will be undone as soon as the Democrats take control. I find it difficult to watch Canadian TV or listen to Canadian radio when it comes to US politics as the Canadian view seems to be more anti-Trump than the US view.

  6. It actually ‘hurt’ me to watch Wallace’s ‘confrontation’ (of Pres. Trump) yesterday.

  7. As usual Howard you are right on point! I never watch Wallace as I still hate his father and I think that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If you want to take time to listen to a very pro Trump host, try Jeffrey Kuhner on WRKO Boston every morning from 6 – 10AM. He is a breath of fresh air and provides the real news for his listening audience. He doesn’t disappoint.

  9. I wish there was an alternative to FOX news. The only one is OAN but that would never be allowed in Canada. Too right wing for this country. I guess you can’t be surprised after the hired ex republican turncoat Paul Ryan to sit on the board. Then, to make things even worse, they hire Donna Brazil’s. You know who she is, right? The question stealer for Broom Hillary.

  10. Fox Cable News features Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham every weeknight. They are reliably conservative and honest. Weekends FCN televises Jesse Waters, Judge Jeanine, Mark Levin and Steve Hilton. They are awesome. Anyone who believes the lunatics at CNN or MSNBC is an imbecile.

  11. I agree with you about Wallace, he is a horse’s A__ in my opinion. Most of these long time NEWS folks are just plan jealous of OUR President. He has made fools of most of them by winning and keeping promises. Should President Trump not win in 100 days there will be a Civil War unlike the World has ever seen. Christian and Conservatives against the Liberals and the groups that are destroying our country. millions will fall before it is over and China will stroll in and finish us off.

  12. I must say Howard I was somewhat dismayed too, at what I witnessed/observed, regarding Harris Faulkner. I find myself wanting to watch Fox News less and less. BUT I”m at a loss as where else to turn. That said, I have no red flags as of yet as I watch Laura Ingraham, Jessie Waters, Judge Jeanine, Mark Levin. I remember as Obama-Bin-Laden said He would Transform America. He has AND as much I don’t want to say it “We The People” to a degree, helped it to happen. ABDICATION has Consequences.

  13. I, also, used to watch Wallace and it didn’t take me but one or two times , that I realilzed he was nothing more that dumbass Democrate. Fox should show him the door!

  14. Howard, I would like to recommend that you watch Stuart Varney on Fox Business. He tells it like it is and he definitely leans Trump. Thank you Howard for all that you do.

  15. I gave up on FOX when they hired donna brazile, that was the last straw. Now it’s only local news and the Internet so thank you Howard for helping to keep me informed. The Whitehouse.gov website will have the interview to read for those of us who can’t stand chuckie’s voice. I’ve been seeing ads for a new 24 hour new channel coming soon WGN America, it says no opinions, just news. I sure hope it’s true.

  16. I had much faith in Fox unbiased reporting until recently and this put them on my dump list. When President Trump said get my charter plane here he should have walked out. I am so ashamed of Fox to allow this I could just scream.

  17. OANN (One American News Network) is available streaming through my Roku Box.. It’s a “breath of fresh air” for me as I absolutely never torture myself with Canadian news and Fox, other than Tucker Carlson, is now primarily leftist in their political views……

  18. Remember in 2016, hellary was 40 points ahead of Trump. Well, look who became president. I hope that biden gets 200 points ahead of Trump which will mean no one will vote demon rat, period, and good riddance. The more points the leftist fake news lamestream media says the demon rat chosen gets, the more it says that President Trump will win a second term with a huge land slide while retaking the house with a super majority and same with the senate.

  19. Well I have been putting your blog on facebook until today. I am no longer welcome there because of the content. Isn’t that just proving what you are saying? What a shame but thank you anyway. I try to redo your blog for editorials and depending on where I am, depends on them accepting them. Cheyenne, Wy No Amelia Island, Always. Every little bit helps though. Thanks for your time and great, and I mean great words of wisdom.

  20. I did away with syndicated TV/cable almost a year ago & don’t miss it one bit (esp. all the commercials). All I have now is internet with its available streaming channels, Netflix, Roku & FireStick. Generally watch series or movies in evenings only, or occasionally a music channel during the day. On my computer more than I should be for sure, but that’s where I get my news – my choice, most of which are conservative/honest (OANN, Epoch Times, Newsmax & a couple others), BBC & even CNN for fun.

  21. Howard, unlike many of your followers, I watch the so called news on ABC & NBC, the reason being that I will know to oppose whatever they air and whomever they promote. Keep up the good work.

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