Don’t Let The Bastards Beat You Down


Anne & I Just Completed the “Purchase” Of A Winter Insurance Travel Policy – But Not In The Way You Might Think.


At 70-Years Old . . . Schlepping a 41-Foot 5th Wheel RV across Several Mountain Ranges over 2,000-Miles to Texas is a Really Taxing Endeavor (This Will Be Our Seventh Season), so Anne and I Decided to Spend the Winter at a Beautiful RV Park in North Central Florida, which is only 1,400-Miles from where we Live in Canada, over Mostly Flat Terrain, Located 20-Miles from Ocala in one Direction & 20-Miles from Gainesville in the Other.

But We Don’t Know . . . if the US/Canada Border will be Open when we Have to Leave Canada (Because Of The Weather) . . . and we (Anne & I) Share some Concern about the Potential for Violence Along the Way from South Eastern Ontario to North Central Florida. But the Risk of Violence by Black Lives Matter – Etc, Isn’t Much of a Consideration for us, Although it is in the Back of our Minds.

Before Leaving Florida This Past April . . . Anne & I Paid a Substantial Amount of Money to the RV Park to Reserve this Coming Season, which if we Don’t Use it, the Money will be Applied to Future Seasons, which is a Pretty Good Deal for us.

So Here’s Our Insurance Policy . . .

We also Reserved a 5-Star RV Spot Near Vancouver (Canada), which is More than a 3,000-Mile Trip Over the Canadian Rocky Mountains, which Makes the Trip to Texas Seem like a Walk-In-The-Park (But One Does What One Must) by Way of a Non-Refundable Down-Payment.

Therefore . . . If the Border Isn’t Opened in a Timely Manner, Anne and I will Leave in October to Travel Across the Rockies Before the Mountain Snow Falls. But if the Border is Opened Before or by October, Anne & I will Probably Head South, since I Really Want to be in the United States to Revel in the Second Presidential Victory of Donald Trump . . . Black Lives Matter, Antifa & The Collection Of Other Socialist Idiots-Be-Damned.


IGNORE . . . The Polls, they are all Full-Of-Beans, even the Pretend Fair & Balanced Polls by Pollsters Paid for by the Likes of Fox News are Full-Of-Beans, they Either Lie, Slant, Ask the Wrong Questions, Ask the Wrong People or Don’t Publish the Answers they Don’t Want you to Know.

IGNORE . . . The Vast Number of Pundits, Since they are No Smarter than You or Me, whose Opinions are No Better Nor Worse than Yours or Mine . . . CORRECTION – Not as Good as Yours or Mine, since We’re not as Full of Ourselves as they are with their own Self Perceived Sense of Political Infallibility.

ALSO . . . Many if Not Most of these Pundits Have an Agenda, Considering they were Educated by the same CREEPS who are Turning-Out so many Angry, Ignorant Socialist (Communist) Children, who are so Down to the LEFT, that they couldn’t See the Center if they Had a Compass & Stood on a Ladder.

The Media – Pundits . . . They’re Nothing Like You & Me.

The Pundits Don’t Live in the Same World as You & Me. Their World is all about Elitist Politics, which Includes Who they Know, Whose Phone Number they have in their Directory, Who will Take their Call, and What Insider Crap, which Makes them Titillate (Accurate Or Not), which Leads them to Believe they Know Something the Rest of us Don’t.


When you see Democrat Spokespeople on Fox News, or Wherever . . . And Listen to their BS, you Have to Wonder Why there’s Even Going to be a National Election at all, since According to Democrat Operatives . . . It’s A Forgone Conclusion – The Presidency For Biden Is Already In The Bag.

Remember 4-Years Ago . . . There Is No Path Possible For Trump To Win 270 Electoral Seats . . . Surprise – Surprise.


Forget About Mitt Romney . . . He’s Just A PECKERHEAD We Know Of. The Worry I have is About all the Peckerheads we Don’t Know Of. We know of Conspiracists like John Kasich & Bill Kristol, who Have Done and Will Continue to Do all they Can to Undermine the Re-Election of President Trump . . . But I’m More Worried About People Like Karl Rove – Who’s A Card-Carrying Swamp Dweller.

I Worry About The People (Republicans) . . . who Give the Appearance of Being Onside with the President, who are Constantly TELLING the President & Everyone Else who Will Listen, that President Trump has to STOP Tweeting. And that President Trump should Change his Message.

Wasn’t It The Tweeting & The Trump-Message That Won The Republicans The White House In The First Place?

And Wasn’t it President Trump with his Message & Plethora of Tweets that Won the Senate (2016) & Kept the Senate (2018) for the Republicans? And Wasn’t it the RINOS, Led by the Uber-Disappointing Paul Ryan who Pissed-Away the House (2018) to Pelosi, Because Ryan Wouldn’t Follow the Trump-Message?

I Wasn’t Blowing Smoke In My Last Editorial . . . President Trump Is Going To Re-Win The White House!

But I’m Also Quite Certain that the Senate will Stay Republican and the House Will Become Republican Once Again. BUT IT’S ALL UP TO YOU!

I’m Not An American . . . I Can’t Vote in Your Election. And I Can’t Contribute Money to Candidates or Parties . . . But You Can. More Importantly, you Also Have an ENORMOUS Voice. You Might Not Think So . . . So Think Again.

Your “List” Of Friends, Family & Contacts Is Much Bigger Than You Can Imagine.

Your “List” might Not be Gargantuan on Its Own – But Think About how Many People you Can Reach through the People you can Reach, through the People they Can Reach, and Before you Know It – You’re Your Own Twitter.

AS A CANADIAN . . . I’m Leaning On All Right-Minded Americans To Save Canada From Its Socialist Self. And the Only Way you Can Do That . . . Is to Re-Elect President Trump & Deliver a Conservative Congress (Senate & House) . . . Otherwise My Canada Will Be Doomed.

So . . . Re-Electing President Trump Isn’t Just For Yourself – It’s For Me Too!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Last year I listened to a lecture by someone who would normally be considered smart. That is until he decided to say that OBAMA was his ideal of a politician and leader. This was in Edmonton. I saidf to myself, as an American living in Canada, God help Canada.

  2. Interesting column. We have spent the first two months of the past several years in Clearwater Fla (Not far from where you plan to settle) and have come to be very comfortable with the area and our U.S. friends. However, the unit that we rented has been sold and is no longer available. I am also concerned about the escalating cost of health coverage for me [ 77 years]. I would be interested in who you insure with in the U.S.. Interestingly enough we are planning on a trip to BC this fall.

  3. I live in Canada and I am praying President Trump wins. I will be honest, I am worried. If Trump loses; I worry for the Republicans and Conservatives; they will be bullied into obliteration. The Democrats are a mean, controlling and self righteous bunch of people. The media’s controlling the message. The same has happened in Canada. We allowed it to happen. We are now a controlled people. United States is my only hope, it’s the worlds only hope. Trump 2020.

  4. Don’t know how familiar you are with western Canada Howard but the weather in the fall is nothing like Texas! I recommend you pack a warm coat and a rain slicker if you come out this way.

    I’ve spent many Trips to Vancouver & Seattle, on Business and with Anne for Pleasure. I’m expecting a very Wet but Mild Winter. Who knows what’s going to happen? – HG

  5. Yep, just like 4 yrs ago with the prognostications, polls, pundits – even mentally handicapped Biden has it in the bag. My hope is Trump takes it by a LANDSLIDE. The Dems deserve everything they’re getting in these rioted cities, since they don’t have the moxy to stand up against rioters OR they too are bent on destruction of USA and its values.

  6. As always, RIGHT ON! Love it and I do share your messages every chance I get! Hope your travel plans to Florida work out for you and Anne. Be Blessed!

  7. Trump 2020 We need him in Canada! Trudeau is not the Leader who should be the head of a Country. More like a Pot smoking Drama Teacher which he is! Drain the Swamp in USA and Canada

  8. I have spent 4 winter seasons near Sebring, Fla. We ordered Stand Up For Your Country bumper stickers that we plan to display. No patriotic American refuses to stand for our National Anthem and Flag. We must stand up to the current assault on our values and fight for our freedoms.

  9. Sorry Howard, the border has been ordered closed until at least August 11, 2020. On the polls… I check with the people who put their money where their mouth is…. Las Vegas Bookies. Betting odds are for Trump, against Biden. Vietnam Vet. We never forget, never forgive.

  10. Don’t let the Bastards wear you down in latin – illigitimus non carborundum.

  11. Sounds like a real tedious trip : whatever the direction , West , South West, or South East . May be dangerous as well as you say . Having been locked down in Ca. for the last 3 months , all you really need to do is buy a snow shovel and continue with the lockdown protocol ( maybe snow tires and a parka as well , ski masks will qualify as a mask this winter regardless)

  12. I thought you said in earlier postings that you didn’t want to spend to much time in Florida because of too many bugs and mosquitos, that’s why you were staying in Texas. Also didn’t you mention something about going to live in Osoyoos, BC because of its semi-arid desert-like climate? Wouldn’t that be a dryer place than the Vancouver area? In any shape or form, hope your winter getaway is as warm as possible and as dry as possible to make it as comfortable as possible.

    I have no idea what you’re trying to Prove or Say? – HG

  13. Pres. Trump said it best in his speech today…..the SILENT MAJORITY is BIGGER than anyone can imagine. This is truly BELIEVABLE, especially when viewing “Sleepy Joe” trying to give a speech and FUMBLING through his words, etc… GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  14. Hope your winter plans work out well for you. And even more, for Canada’s sake, I hope you’re right!

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