The Panicked Insurrection Of The LEFT


The Communists (LEFT) Understand . . . This Is Their Last Best Shot.

Why are the Government & “Normal” People even Negotiating the Extent to which “Some” People (Black & White Useful Idiots – Antifa) have Freedom to “Occupy” Property that Isn’t Theirs to Occupy, which Includes Blocked Roads, Bridges & Tunnels, while they March & Desecrate Private & Public Property with Graffiti, Destroy Statues & Historical Icons while Threatening Police with Vitriol & Violence?

Why Are We Trying To Figure What To Do About It – When The Solution Is Easy?

Why Does Everyone Walk On Eggshells Around Black People . . . Especially Considering that there is an Internal and Visceral Black Enemy in the Name of Black Lives Matter – where in my own Opinion . . .  Rioters, Arsonists, Looters, Intimidators & the Lives of Thugs . . . Don’t Matter Whatsoever?

Since When Is Burning, Looting & Beating Innocent People Normally Accepted Behavior?

LET ME BE CLEAR . . . The Life Of George Floyd Was A Disgrace. He was Living Human Trash and a Thug who Hurt Innocent People. His Death was No Loss to Society. And even in Death, Floyd’s Legacy of Torment & Disdain for Decency Exploded as the Excuse for Anarchists, Racist Black Americans and all the Useless White Idiots and their LEFTIST Democrat Brethren, was Used to Cause Mayhem and so Much Racial Division, that I Don’t Know if the Division could Possibly be Repaired in my Lifetime.

I Was Born & Raised In Montreal, Quebec, Canada & So Were My Parents.

French Quebec was, as Far as I know, Always a Hateful Place to Jewish People. And During the Time of the Nazis, Before, During and after WWII, French Quebecers, in Large & Significant Numbers Sided with the Nazis. Even a Younger Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who Went-On to Become one of Canada’s Prime Ministers . . . During WWII, While my Dad was Fighting Nazis throughout Europe, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was Riding His Motorcycle in Quebec . . . Wearing Nazi Regalia.

And In The Province Of Quebec – To This Day . . . Noted Past French Speaking Anti-Semites, who were Also English Speaker & Canada-Haters, are Icons to Many of the French Speakers of the Province, such as the Priest Lionel Groulx, who Commanded French Catholics NOT to Do any Business with Jews, at the Risk of Being Excommunicated for Committing such a “Crime”.

Groulx was just One of an Army of Hateful Xenophobic French Quebecers, whose Legacy can be Seen in Statues & Named Buildings throughout the Province of Quebec. These Despicable Men have Subway Stations, Colleges, Libraries, Parks, Streets – Etc . . . Prominently Named After Them.

Would I Want To See These Hateful Quebec Icons Defiled, Torn Down Or Removed?

As Much as I Detest Everything these Disgusting Men Stood For . . . these Horrible Racist People Had their Time in their Day, which Brought us to Where We’re at Now.

As I’ve Written Many Times . . . If We Don’t Know Our Past, We Can’t Know Our Present & We Can’t See Our Future.


As Much As I Loathe The LEFT . . . I Equally Detest The Moronic Talking-Heads Of The Media.

No Matter Which Mainstream Media Outlet I Read, Listen-To Or Watch . . . This Absolute Assault on the Freedoms of the United States of America is Prime Ratings Programming. Save But A Few – Where Are The Patriots Amongst The Media?

Can’t The Media Understand . . . That There’s A Civil War Brewing?

To the Media . . . FOX NEWS INCLUDED – all this American Heartbreak, which we’re Seeing Day-In & Day-Out is a Ratings Bonanza for the Media. And it Gives all of the Media’s Mid-Day Talking Heads Something to Pontificate Over, as they Debate Endlessly over a Situation that Merits No Debate in the Context of their Gibberish Philosophizing . . . But Rather – Immediate Action.

America’s Burning . . . And I’m Sick & Tired of these Duplicitous Media Schmucks & Politicians Twisting Themselves into Pretzels Trying to Find the Politically Correct thing to Say, so as Not to Offend Miscreants & Jeopardize their Cushy Entitlements.


Instead Of Demonizing . . . The Men & Women Who Have Volunteered To Serve & Protect (Police) . . . Just Weed-Out the Few Bad Actors (Police) – as is Constantly Done in Every Other Industry where there’s Always Someone who Shouldn’t be There & Empower, Equip & Finance the Police to do their Jobs, which Includes Smashing the Heads of the People Smashing the Icons of America.

Let Me Tell You One Better . . . Assault A Cop – Get A Mandatory 1-Year Prison Sentence. Kill A Cop – Get The Death Penalty.


If You Want To Control The Future . . . Inculcate the Children of the Present, so when they Have Children of their Own, the Lies & Propaganda Fed to Today’s Progeny will become the Uncontested Truth of Tomorrow’s Generation.

Demonize the Past, Terrify the Detractors of their Propaganda & Stifle Freedom of Expression – to be Defined as Hate Speech. Where Wrong Becomes Right – Tyranny Becomes Freedom – War Is Peace . . . And Welcome To Orwell’s 1984.


If The Good People Of The United States Of America Remain Silent & Passive in the Face of this All-Out Socialist Assault . . . America Will be Lost & the Free World will be Lost With It.

Put Lipstick On A Pig – It’s Still A Pig. Call Communism Socialism – It’s Still Communism.

Make No Mistake About It . . . What’s Happening in the United States of America Today, throughout America, has NOTHING Whatsoever to do with Anti-Black Racism, and EVERYTHING to do with the Anti-Freedom One World Government Push to Global Socialism (Communism).

If The Good People Of America Are Not Prepared To Physically Fight-Back Now! Tomorrow Will Be Too Late.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hi Howard and my fellow followers I too detest the media, pretty much all of them. But please listen to Tucker Carlson who is carrying on the good fight at what I’m sure is great danger to him and his family. Like you he is a true hero. I pray for you both.

  2. White Americans were indoctrinated to hate their own race while all people of color were then taught to resent the white race. Moreover, and more importantly, all races were taught to hate and disrespect America. Obama’s esprit de corps, liberal educators, infused in the minds of young Americans that they are the beneficiaries of an inequitable “white-privileged,” free-market economy to which African Americans have been denied entry because of racism.

  3. Excellent commentary Howard. The rioters are useful idiots of the Democrat left. They are uneducated morons and retards. Still under the spell of their Marxist teachers, they grew older but never grew up. They can’t debate, so they whine and smash things like spoiled brats. Unable to use reason to promote their “cause,” they thrash about like wild animals. Whereas peace-loving conservatives ascended from the apes, the rioting goons descended from the apes.

  4. The fake pandemic was used to crash the economy &will be reused to continue the manufactured flu depression and to prevent Trump Rallies. America stands on the brink of civil war. The media is fanning the flames in the hope of deposing President Trump. “Get Trump” has been their mantra and goal since November 9th 2016. Are We The People going to allow this? 2 more generations of my family born in my lifetime are why I will do whatever I can to help America. Everything I do I do for them.

  5. Well said. Communism is the greatest threat to America and the American People. Civil War II? Possible but not probable. There will most certainly be a rebellion at the voting booth. Which is why the “demonrats” are panicked.

  6. I take exception that the rioters are uneducated. They have been educated by the likes of those who teach that America is evil, that socialism is the way to go, that religion is irrelevant, and that whites are still slave-drivers. They know exactly what they are doing, and it’s all based on teachings of Alinski, Soros, Obama, et al.

  7. Well done Howard… I think that many on the right don’t need a wakeup call if they are awake and breathing they need to get up off their ass and get moving with “something” to fight the left with. I just don’t have any answer.

    Publicly SUPPORT – SUPPORT – SUPPORT The Police! – HG.

  8. Besides our dog-paddling around in a PC sewage pool, there is the problem of fear..or lack of. From the snotty brat who tells his teacher to f…off ..with no fear of appreciable backlash to the loon-heads in the streets these days. There is no fear of any appropriate reaction by police or anything else. not afraid of anything? Do as you like! There are only two things that motivate man…FEAR and greed. Peter Crampton, Barrie, Ontario

  9. George Lloyd’s death is repugnant to everyone of all ethnicities, but you are right that in life he was a thug. The city bus system near my town required all bus drivers to stop their buses for one minute at 7:25 PM yesterday to “HONOR” George Lloyd. One family member is a driver and objected to this, so did not stop, having had no passengers at that time, but is deeply against the “honoring” of a criminal. Lawful citizens get murdered, but who honors them with a minute of silence? Insanity!

  10. George Floyd’s life WAS a DISGRACE! However, he should NOT have died the way he did—killed by a cop in the MANNER which he was!The DEMOCRATS USED HIM to PROMOTE their RADICAL AGENDA and to STIR UP its followers. Isn’t it PECULIAR that those who EXCEL receive NO ACCOLADES, but those who COMMIT CRIMES, etc… gain the MOST attention. Agree– “ASSAULT A Cop, Get A Mandatory 1-Year Prison Sentence & KILL A Cop, Get The Death Penalty. COPS have wives and children too! Our Country is REGRESSING. AMEN!

    The Cop (Chauvin) was wrong and deserves what he gets. But that changes Nothing. Floyd was a Despicable Human Being, not worth any of the Fake Adulation and Grief his Murder has Caused. No Excuses. No Apologies. No Repentance – HG.

  11. A Jewish girl on the Rush show said: Jews were slaves for hundreds of years, have been persecuted, prosecuted and almost eliminate under the title “the final solution”. She’s never heard a Jewish organization, a Jewish person demanding reparation for ‘past crimes’ against Jews. “We were knocked down”, we got up, educated ourselves, worked hard and became successful again, but never looked to the world for a handout. So why do black people feel ‘we own them’ because their ancestry were slaves?

  12. Your posts re: “During WWII, While my Dad was Fighting Nazis throughout Europe, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was Riding His Motorcycle in Quebec . . . Wearing Nazi Regalia.” Are mind-boggling. I was not aware of this and the hatred toward Jews by French Canadians. Thanks for posting and best of luck to you!

  13. I grew up on the same streets as you in the same city and not far away from you. I encountered the same virulent anti-semitism from French kids on the way to school and later from French teens and then adults. I’d come home every other week with broken glasses, a bloody nose and cuts and bruises. My mother was horrified. She wanted me to run. My dad told me to stand and fight. That’s what I did. I have a crooked nose to prove it. I won, and I lost but I fought back, dirty if I had to.

  14. Howard, EXCELLENT COMMENTARY and a correct observation as always!

  15. You are so right with your comments. I thank you so much! May so called “intelligent” friends in the US wake up!

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