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Once Again . . . Even though I Personally Thank Everyone by Email for Their (Your) Financial Support for . . . I Can’t Thank You Enough.

Just For Your Information . . . Moneris, which is the Giant Canadian Credit Card Agency we use for Handling all the Credit Card Deposits Made to Support, is Bending-Over Backwards to Help-Us Deal with the Costs of the Payback Charges ($25 Each), which has to Pay in Services Charges to Mastercard & Visa. And even Though we are Not Out of the Woods . . .

We Are Very Grateful To Moneris.


Because of the Enormous Flood of Fraud over the Internet, Especially in Banking with Credit Cards . . . Some American Banks have Placed a “BLOCK” on Credit Card Use Outside the United States of America.

I Know This . . . Because all of a Sudden, some US Credit Cards, which were Used to Support In The Past Were Recently Declined. Not a Lot, but Enough to Make me Curious, since I didn’t Imagine the Declines were for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF). So we Checked with our IT Manager to see if our Increased Security Created a Problem. It Didn’t.

So We Checked With Moneris To See Why Some US Cards Were Declined . . . And Here Is Why.

Every Time we Hear about a Massive Breach in Giant Corporation Websites, Especially Financial Websites . . . what the Hackers are Looking For are Credit Card Numbers & Personal Financial Information. And Once they have the Credit Card Numbers . . . Even Without The 3-Digit Security Code on the Back of the Cards – The Hackers use these Card Numbers to Make Fraudulent Transactions.

Or – With These Fraudulent Card Numbers . . . The Hackers Can Overwhelm A Site Like

So . . . In The Final Analysis – If This Happens to You (Declined Card), I’ll let you Know, and You Can Call your Bank Credit Card Department to Lift the Block.

Interestingly . . . Anne & I have a Special Canadian Credit Card (MasterCard) from a Canadian Bank, that Trades in US Dollars. And when in the United States of America, We Use This US-Dollar Credit Card 100% Of The Time, Yet, from Time-To-Time, this Credit Card is also Rejected by Some On-Line American Merchants.


In My Previous Editorial . . . I Wrote:

“After Watching The District Attorney’s Synopsis Of What Happened . . . There is Little Doubt in my Mind that the Charged Police Officer (Garrett Rolfe) is very Much Guilty of Excess Force & Aggravated Murder – And Must Face Appropriate Punishment”.

But I Also Wrote . . .

“Brooks Should Not Have Been Driving Drunk. He should Not have Fallen Asleep in his Car (Probably Because He Was Drunk) Blocking the Take-Out Line At The Wendy’s. He should Not have Resisted Arrest. He should Not have Hit the Police Officers. He should Not have Taken the Police Taser. He should Not have Fled the Scene. And He Should Not have Fired the Taser at the Pursuing Police”.

Since Intently Watching The Press Conference Of The Atlanta District Attorney, and the Subsequent Defense Explanation of the Attorney for the Shooting-Cop Garrett Rolfe, I Now Know Much More of the Whole Story.

My Opinion Has Thus Changed.

My Opinion . . . After Learning So Much More – Is That Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard – Lied, Exaggerated & Convicted Police Officer Garret Rolfe in Public at his Hastily Called Press Conference . . . For Despicable Personal Gain.

And If Anyone Deserves To Go To Jail Because Of This Sordid Mess – It Is District Attorney Paul Howard . . . Whose Poorly Couched Race Provoking Choice of Words for what Paul Howard Didn’t Say & Howard’s Rush to Judgement . . . is Nothing Short of Establishing the Basis for Another Race Riot, while Destroying the Name, Reputation, Income & Freedom of a Cop who was just Doing his Job . . .

While Confronting a Violent Drunk.

Not Only That . . . Because Of Paul Howard’s Sickening Public Theater – Howard Set Atlanta Policing Back Years & Set the Stage for More Black Rioting, Arson, Vandalism, Brutality & Racial Hatred.

How Long Do Black Americans Think White Americans Are Simply Going To Continue To Passively Stand By & Take This Crap?


I Believe President Trump was Warned to Stay Away from John Bolton, Because Bolton was Untrustworthy and was all About John Bolton. But Because it Seems that there are So Many People who are Part of the Never Trumpers & Bolton had the Reputation of being a Political Street Fighter Without Being a Never Trumper – Trump Gave Bolton An Opportunity.

To President Trump – As For John Bolton’s Scurrilous Book . . . Sleep With Dogs Wake With Fleas.

In The Past Week . . . The Supreme Court of the United States of America Turned Social Justice on its Ear, Giving Credence to the LEFTIST Belief that Men & Women of Physical Sexual Birth – are Not Whom they Were Born as, but Rather, are Whom they Sexually Want to be at the Moment.


As For The DACA “Kids” . . . who Through no Fault of their Own, are in the United States of America Illegally, Because of their Illegal Parents . . . It seems that Past President Obama’s ILLEGAL Executive Order, which Gave these Illegal Aliens Legal Status was Somehow Acceptable, While the Supreme Court Deigned to Rejecting the Same Constitutional Right (Executive Order) of President Donald Trump to Undo the Illegal Executive Order of Obama . . . With Opprobrium Towards President Trump.

Legislating With Double Standards From The Bench – The Conservative Judges Aren’t So Conservative.


If You Can Believe The Pundits . . . Even – The Before 8:00 O’Clock Slate Of Pundits On Fox News – Excluding Watters, Gutfeld and the Fox News After 8:00 Pm Weekend Hosts, Who all of a Sudden are the China Virus Expert Immunologists/Virologists . . . who are Guaranteeing an Enormous Second-Wave of the Virus, because Trump is Going to Have a Massive Rally . . . Forget About The Ongoing Nightly LEFTIST Pan American Protests – And The Fact They’re NOT Social Distancing.

Let Me Explain This As Succinctly As I Could . . . If I Could Cross The Border, Jump On A Plane & Go To The Rally – I Would!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Just so you know, I sent my check by snail mail, and maybe others did also and so hopefully, you’ll be getting help. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Attending a Trump rally is on my bucket list. This courageous man is suffering a tsunami of vicious attacks from lesser persons who are not worthy to shine his shoes. We must not allow the Demorrhoids to prevail in November. Again, I remind you that the finest hour in all of television is Tucker Carlson weeknights at 8 on FNC.

  3. And just a couple of hours ago, Comrade Gavin Newsom ordered all subjects of the People’s Republik of Kalifornia to wear face masks. Same spirit as those mentioned in today’s editorial. I cannot attend that rally but would if I could. I can and will, however, decline to comply with the order to wear a face mask. Full disclosure: my “courageous” stand is compromised by the fact that I qualify as an exemption due to a hearing disability. Joke! It’s the other guy’s lips I need to read!)

  4. If credit card companies allow the use of cards without the 3-digit security code, they should be responsible for fraudulent charges as well as charge backs. With hacking so prevalent, it should be a given. A million RED FLAGS should have gone up. On BLM, indeed if black lives matter to those blacks, head to Chicago & try to make a change there, or other black neighborhoods in big cities. I agree, the marches w/Antifa infiltrators looting, destroying, maiming & even killing, Need To Be ENDED.

  5. Trump Rallies are a blast. I went to one in FL in November. The people you meet in line are ardent patriots and the 12-hour wait in line flew by like halftime at a game. If you go: Take a lawnchair and an umbrella for sun protection. Buy them at goodwill because you can’t take them inside. I left my chair and umbrella outside and it was right where I left it when we came out–but just in case, buy them at a thrift shop. There are food trucks that come and well stocked (TP and handwashing) port-a-potties as well. A cheap Styrofoam cooler with ice and water is also good. Sunscreen is a definite plus. If you bring a roll of duct tape, you can tape the umbrella to the chair and you don’t have to hold it for shade.

  6. Going in to watch Tucker on Fox. see what he has to say tonight. As always you are great Howard. Wish you could fly over here and stay you and Anne and kitty. Keep well and safe sir. God blessings to you three.

  7. Howard I am glad to see you walked back your comment about Police Officer Garret Rolfe. Rolfe deserved DUE PROCESS! The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was asked to investigate. However District Attorney Paul Howard announced charges against Rolfe before the GBI had barely started their investigation. A Taser is considered a deadly weapon in GA. Brooks assaulted Rolfe and then ran. He was on probation and would have been sent back to prison for a DUI. He pointed a deadly weapon at Rolfe.

  8. I’d go too Howard. In a heartbeat. Look, all Trump has to do is call the rally a “protest” and then he’s good to go. Everybody knows there’s no COVID at a protest, right? /sarc

  9. May I suggest that you read the dissenting opinion of Justice Thomas. He said that Justice Roberts made a weak political decision rather than basing his opinion on law and the Constitution. A very interesting read.

  10. Supreme Court Opinions are just that, opinions like a certain part of the body, everybody has one. People are born having certain body parts, perversion makes them decide to change sexes or in some cases being raised by perverted people cause a person to have certain desires, female dressing like males and so on. I don’t care what a person likes or dislikes it is their right just do not push it at me or others nor want the working tax payers to pay for their perverted surgical change

  11. I understand that the Seotoro Obama mobs are stealing every new or used kitchen sink they can find. insurrection seem to be petering out or soon will be tracked over. The new “dossier” by Bolton will not carry much water. The other one in preparation will crush as well. After that the mobs will opt for… kitchen sinks. And now seriously. Antifa BLM will attack with deadly weapons. That is why they were trained for by…

  12. Well, you can’t second guess the cop, but I think, since they knew he was, they could have let him run, picked him up later, when he was sober and charged him with a whole bunch of stuff. Now, had that been you or me, we’d be in cuffs within 15 minutes.

  13. Right on all counts and willing to admit a mistake, which Liberal Democrats cannot seem to do. I cannot even imagine giving credence to a person who wishes they had been born the opposite sex, or perhaps without any gender at all but they want us to pay for their dreams. I do not believe that GOD makes mistakes, but HE allows us to do so.

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