Let Them Burn It All Down


As Far As I’m Concerned – Any Person who Can Find any Justification for any Professional & Amateur Sports Team/League, Which Condones Taking A Knee – Or Bows to the Anti-American, Socialist, Domestic-American-Terrorist, Violent, Anti-White, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel & Racist – Black Lives Matter . . . Who can also Find even a Semblance of Good in Antifa . . . Can All Rot In The Excrement Of Their Own Making.

But That’s Just A Start . . . Because All The People Who Elect Stupid & Deceitful Politicians Who Are Responsible For Doing What These Anarchists Are Doing In Seattle For Example – Deserve Their Comeuppance.

Destroying Cities Because Of One Bad Police Officer . . . And Proclaiming that all Police Officers are Somehow Inherently Racist – Is Akin to Destroying the Capital Building (Congress) of the United States of America, while Proclaiming that all Members of Congress are Liars, Thieves & Cheats, Who Should All Be Removed From The Senate & The House.

The Difference Is . . . That Very Few Cops Are Bad & Most Members Of Congress Are Scum.

The Real Truth . . . is that the United States of America (Canada Too) Could (Would) Do Far Better with Many Fewer Politicians and Far Better-Equipped, Well-Paid & Super-Trained Police.

But Then Again – Upon Reflection, Just about Every Cop I Know, have Known, and have had the Opportunity to have had an Exchange with, save a Very Few – Are Already Well Trained, First Class, Honorable & Self Sacrificing On The Job.

Of Course, . . . There Are Some Bad Apples In Various Police Forces . . . But so are there Plenty of Bad Apples Amongst Many Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers (Especially Lawyers) and all the Professions with which we Interact Every Day.

If I Was Disparaged At A Local Grocery Store By A Clerk . . . Should We Burn Down That Store & The National Grocery Chain?


Lately, I’ve been Receiving YouTubes & Links of Black Americans who are as Aghast, at what Black & White Rioters have been Doing for Two Weeks in the name of Black Lives Matter . . .  As Are You & I.

In Fact . . . These Black People who are Making YouTubes Condemning Black Lives Matter, Understand that in the Long Run – Decent Black People have a Great Deal More to Lose than Do White People.

These Black YouTubers Also Understand . . . that None of What’s Happening Now, Since the First Peaceful Demonstration Against the Murder of George Floyd, has Anything to do with Black Rights or George Floyd, and Realize that the American Black Community has Been Duped into Becoming Useful Idiots . . . For An Anarchist Anti-American Revolution.

When The Dust Settles, As It Will – These Black American Freedom-Patriots Know Who Will Be Left Holding The Bag.

I Truly Feel Very Sorry For Them . . . They Didn’t Do Anything To Deserve This. But Regardless Of Their Innocence & Zero Culpability – Society Will Probably Paint All Black People With The Same Unfair Brush.

The Second Issue Is This . . . The Rioters & So-Called Demonstrators are Seizing City Territories and are Still Looting . . . But Where Are They Seizing Territory & Still Looting?

Simple Answer – Democrat Controlled States & Cities.

As I See It . . . After Hearing from Texas Law Enforcement – If Any of these Bad-Ass Anarchists Try to Have a Seattle-Like Repeat in Texas . . . They Better Be Prepared to Face – And I Quote – National Guard, City Police, Deputy Sheriffs, State Police & Texas Rangers. And I Doubt if they will be all that Gentle.

So Here’s My Solution . . . Let The Rioters Do Whatever they Want in the Democrat Governed States & Cities, since these Cities & States have all been too Big for their Own Britches. They Wanted to Spend Money like it was Water. They Wanted Sanctuary Cities. They Wanted to Demean, Disparage & Defy Federal Police (ICE). They Wanted to Let Loose Imprisoned Criminals. They Wanted Sidewalk Drug Villages on the People’s Streets. And they Wanted to Tax the Makers into Poverty.

The People Elected Their Governments – And Now They’re Now Getting What They Elected (Deserve).

PS – These People Will Never Elect Conservatives With Wholesome Values Anyway. So Where’s the Loss to Decent American People if the Rioters of the LEFT’S Own Making Burns Down their Own Cities?

My Worry . . . Is that the People who Created these LEFTIST City Dystopias will Leave the Shit-Holes of their Own Making & Bring their Insanity to Decent States & Cities where the People Care about what is Right and what is Wrong . . . and Can see the Difference Between the Two.

These LEFTISTS Are Like The China Virus . . . They Spread Their Sickness Insidiously.


The LEFT has Thrown Everything Including the Kitchen Sink at President Trump, Yet they’ve Failed Miserably . . . This Last Racial/Riot of the LEFT’S Own Making is in my Opinion . . .Their Biggest Self-Induced Disaster Of Them All.

Forget The Polls . . . They Are Nothing More Than LEFTIST Propagandized BS. These Riots have Shown all the People throughout the United States of America, Especially Blue-Dog Democrats, Moderate Republicans, Fence-Sitters (Independents), Black & Hispanic Voters & Women . . . Just What America Will Look Like Under Democrat (LEFTIST) Governance.


The Riots, Arson, Beatings, Murders, Smashed Glass & Picture Windows, Wholesale Property Destruction, Shutting of Streets, Tunnels & Bridges, Looting, Seizure of Seattle & The Daily Demonstrations . . . Belong 100% To The Democrats.

People Ask Me All The Time – Why Doesn’t “Trump” Send In The Army – At Least To Seattle?

The Democrats (LEFT) Would Love Nothing More . . . Than to Paint President Donald Trump as the Tyrant they’ve Been Trying to Brand Him as . . . since Citizen Donald Trump Won the Presidency in 2016.

Do You Remember The Kent State Shooting? Ruby Ridge? Waco? How Did All Of Those Work Out For The Government?

If Anything . . . Seattle Could Face Serious Police Action From Washington State Police & The Federal Police (FBI) – Without Dirtying The Hands Of The President. And Once The Mess Of The LEFT is Cleaned Up – President Trump Can Take A Bow.

Then Again . . . At One Point The People Will BEG President Trump To Take Action . . . And That Will Work Too.

If President Trump Were To Send-In The Troops, and the Thugs (Antifa & Black Lives Matter) were to Cause a Serious Confrontation, which they would likely do,  where People, Especially the Stupid Ideological “Children” Demonstrating . . . were to be Killed, Maimed or just Bloodied-Up Some . . . Seen to be Carried-Out on Stretchers and in Body Bags – for all the LEFTIST Media Cameras to Make a Massive Production out of . . . How Will That Play-Out For President Donald Trump?

When A Visceral Enemy (The LEFT) Is About To Commit Suicide – Just Stand-By, Watch & Enjoy The Show.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Romans 1 vs.22 Professing themselves to be wise they became fools.My mother passed at age 53 in 1970,she spoke of her fear of what we would someday be faced with.I have to confess I didn’t think I would live to see it.Evidently I was wrong.

  2. Regarding taking a knee instead of saluting the flag, I will never attend or watch another NFL or NASCAR event. Regarding Cops, in the US as well as here in Canada, I don’t think many are racist, but I do think based on my own experience with RCMP, many are lazy and not very good at their jobs. I blame this on the fact they are unionized. Protected just like our many useless teachers. Abolish Police Unions, and we will have a much superior police force!

  3. The Demorrhoids asked for it. Let them stew in their own excrement. If Trump lifts a finger he will be roundly denounced by the corrupt left-leaning media as a fascist. Let this drama play out and the bad actors will hang themselves. By the way, if you’re not watching Tucker Carlson weeknights you’re doing yourself a disservice.

  4. To tell you the truth, the vast majority of Police Officers are good people, decent people, and brave people, who are dedicated to their jobs and who risk their lives each and every day. Thank you again, Howard, for telling it like it is. Julie & I love reading your Editorials – the only trouble is….the TRUTH hurts !!! :>( OUCH – ps: we’re also sick of this ‘taking a knee’ business – enough already !!! ENOUGH !!! – Brucester

  5. The President is limited by law in use of active military inside US borders. That’s where National Guards within states come in. But even they are limited to non-police type aid. Only difference for either involves insurrection & a couple other limited situations. Dems are shooting themselves in the foot in allowing this destruction because it’s their citizens who are paying the price. So come elections, those ‘leaders’ hopefully will get voted out.

  6. Before you criticize Trump for his actions re. Seattle (not you Howard) be sure to think out what you would have him do….and the consequences! Howard has some real words of wisdom here! dick black Kansas

  7. Yes, “forget the polls”! Pres. Trump will shortly begin his rallies and they will SHOW, as before, the great number of people who are SUPPORTING him. The question is, “Will Antifa DARE to ATTACK his rallies? If so, they had better be PREPARED for its REPERCUSSIONS. Remember the following quote—-“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. The beasts released by direct or tacit orders from the Seotoro Obama “legacy” are mostly black yet many whites joined the ANTIFADA. That paramilitary force has been trained to cause or perform the disasters. Waco represents the way to deal with the leaders and antifa blm. Obama is their leader. concept.

  9. ISIS trained Antifans tried to rally bodies for another anarchist run against civility in Coeur d’Allene Idaho. When they got there, the cowards that they are behaved themselves until they left – tails between their legs. Civic minded armed people stood in front of shops in their hometown protecting them from anyone intending a Seattle.

  10. I am just sitting back watching each day what will come next waiting to hear from you as well. AS always Howard you write a wonderful editorial and I thank you for doing it for all of us. God bless you sir. Take care of you and Ann be safe and keep well.

  11. In case you didn’t hear Mr. G, ANTIFA and their scum came to my hometown, Yucaipa, California, and tried to cause havoc here. What they were met with was resistance and armed people protecting their stores and businesses. They ran with their tail between their legs and left without even a wimpier. People just need to stand up and protect their home towns. God bless you for everything you do.

  12. To digress. New rules today, to appease the people going nuts from stress of lockdown, it’s called SOCIAL CIRCLES. Groups of up to ten family members can assemble together anywhere, hug, kiss and probably have consensual social sex courtesy of the Ministry of Experts, Lies and Deception. A daily world data report once agreed #’s now indicates Canada MSM is considerably under reporting infections and deaths. Probably false numbers to justify ending lockdown that will bite the experts in the ass

  13. Like any disease, it starts small and spreads to the weak. I look at the RIOTERS, Black and weak minded folks that believe they are in control. Unions have weakened the Working Class be it Teachers, Police, Sports, Welders or Electricians,etc. they “Protect the lazy, alcoholics, non rule following and bad workers”. Try firing someone that is a strong union worker, a lesson in frustration. Been there done that. There are BAD COPS but 90%+ of the others are GREAT People doing a hard JOB.

  14. “But That’s Just A Start . . . Because All The People Who Elect Stupid & Deceitful Politicians Who Are Responsible For Doing What These Anarchists Are Doing In Seattle For Example – Deserve Their Comeuppance.” I am one to advocate for democrat state separation so that they can form their own country, that is my first thought that comes to mind knowing it’s not going to happen. But what about all those who DIDN’T vote democrat? It’s not their fault that democrats are in power in their state?

  15. Howard, I am a white female who once had a black man who was in a group that I was also in. I never met him, but we emailed and even talked to each other. He told me one time that he was stopped by a white policeman for speeding and gave him a ticket. He said he was stopped because he was black. I asked him “Were you speeding?” and his answer was “Yes”. My reply to him was “Well. then” I wonder what he would have done if the policeman was black??

  16. I read that almost 1/2 billion $$$ was spent on BLM riots. I wonder if any of the smaller protests got any $$ and if not could that be there were no riots, beatings, burnings, and take overs? Also how much $$ went to State and local Mayors for allowing all of this BS.

  17. Howard I wish that I could add something to the picture you paint but I’m unable to…… you said it all !!!!

  18. 1 st off, I voted for Mr.Trump in 2016 and I Will Again In Nov.2020! That said,I know President Trump is from NYC. So am I. Sometimes (well maybe more) we run our mouths before engaging our Brains. Saying that,I was dismayed when President Trump mentioned he’d all in the Military, knowing that was an overstep, it came out of his mouth. Our Military has one agenda when called.Destroy our Enemy & WIN! Our National Guard is who can balance civility and mission, to bring Law and Order when needed!

  19. I agree with everything in this article but the very last comment is something I had not fully recognized. If Pres Trump sent in troops it would no doubt be his downfall. “Black Bag” better approach??

    The Left is Praying for an Excuse to Brand President Trump as a Malevolent Dictator. Why should he give them what they want?-HG.

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