The Truth Shall Get Me Jailed Or Worse

But Now . . . NASCAR Can Kiss My Non-Prejudicial White Jewish Ass.

Yesterday, June 10, 2020 – David Stevenson . . . of Greenville South Carolina, who Identified Himself as a Recently New Reader of COMMENTED . . . That he Supports 99.44% of What I Write – But Draws the Line on my Statement about Not Wearing a Mask . . . Unless It Is 100% Necessary For My Own Personal Benefit.

David Stevenson Wrote . . .  “show’s a good deal of ignorance on your part. It ain’t all about you, forget the lack luster CDC and others, until absolutely known your a potential carrier and thus a danger including to me. It ain’t about you”.


1 – Thank You for Agreeing with 99.44% Of My Writings. And I Don’t Mean that Factiously. I’m Very Grateful For That.

2 – You’re Wrong. It is All About Me. It is My Life . . . And I’ll Live it as I Choose. You should do the Same.

3 – Going Back To This Past January . . . I Read that there was Some Kind of Virus Coming-Out of China. And in January, I Wrote that the Chinese are being very Coy about this Virus. And because of my Deep Distrust of the Communist Chinese Government, I Wrote that I Think we Should all be Very Concerned.


Funny Thing . . . It seems that I was Just About all by Myself with this Fear of the Chinese Virus. But then President Trump, also in January, just After my Editorial – Placed A Shutdown On All Chinese Flights Coming From Wuhan Province . . . For Which President Trump Was Called A Racist, A Xenophobe & More.

The Chinese Lied . . . and Said the Virus is Contained and is No Big Deal. The WHO (World Health Organization) Agreed with the Communist Chinese Government. And then that Little Prick Fauci, who is Very Much Responsible for Shutting-Down the American Economy Agreed with the Communist Chinese and the WHO.

Then the WHO and the Little Prick said the Virus is Spreading, “But Don’t Worry, It’s Not A Pandemic”. Then the WHO and the Little Prick Finally Said “It Was A Pandemic . . . But Don’t Worry, It’s Not Airborne . . . Just Don’t Touch Anything Without Sterilizing Your Hands Because Of What You Touched”.

Then Came The National Shut-Down, Self-Incarceration, Draconian “Guidelines” & The Bullshit Social Distancing.

Then We Were Told Not To Wear Masks, But Only First Responders Should Wear Masks. Then we were Told we Should Wear Masks Too – But Only Under Certain Conditions. Then we were Told that we Should Wear Masks Under All Conditions.  And then we were Told that the Masks Won’t Protect the People Wearing the Masks, but only the People Not Wearing the Masks.


And Now . . . Bacteriologists/Virologists Are Saying The Masks Are Not Only Useless, But Pose A Big Problem.

It Seems . . . That The Molecular Structure Of The Virus Is So Small – that the Fabric, which these Masks are made out of, Can’t Contain Them. It’s like Trying to Hold Water in a Mosquito Net.

Then we’re Told that the Masks have to be Worn Properly, that is of course, Only if the Mask Material is Sufficient Without any Space Between the Mask and the Face, where the Virus Would Escape.

Have You Seen These Jackasses, Especially the Members of Congress with the Wide-Open Sides of their Masks – whose Masks are More Often than Not Under their Nose as they Take the Mask Off & On while they Speak, or just Sit there Listening with the Mask just Above their Lips? What A Crock!

And To Add Insult To Injury . . . According To The “Experts” – The China Virus Is No Longer Spread By Touch.

So all the Wiping with Anti-Bacterial & Antiviral Solutions, which we’ve Been Doing of Produce like Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Cans, Packaging, Clothing and all Things we Brought Into our Homes . . . Was A Joke?


Anne & I Went To Costco A Week & A Half Ago. We Called First To Verify 2-Things.

1 – Was The Line-up So Big, According to People who Read it on the Internet, that we would Have to Stand-In-Line for an Hour or more? Because if so, we Weren’t Going.

We were Told that the Line-Up was about 5-10 Minutes At The Most. It Only Looked Long, Because there were a Lot of People who Wanted to Get-In, but the Line Moved Really Fast.

2 – Our Next Question Was About The Masks . . . Because, Once Again, we were Told by People who “Really Knew What They Were Talking About”, that the Costco where we were Going Demanded the Wearing of a Mask. And the Geniuses Knew this because they Read it on the Internet, or they Heard it from someone, who Heard it from someone, who Heard it from someone . . . Etc.

And If That Was True . . . Anne and I Wouldn’t Go to that Costco, We Would Shop Somewhere Else, where we Wouldn’t have to Wear a Mask. It Wasn’t True. What was True, was that Before Going Inside the Store, Costco Insisted that we Use their Hand Sanitizer & OFFERED us Masks for Free – If We Wanted One. We Declined.

But A Lot Of Shoppers Wore Masks Because It Was Free & It Made Them Feel Good.

But all of the Preceding is Just the Tip of the China BS Virus Iceberg, which covers Much More of the Misinformation We’ve Been Suffering because of the So-Called “Experts” and the Media for Months.

After Months – I Just Had A Hair Cut In Quebec . . . It Isn’t To My Liking. But Under the Circumstances it Was the Best I could Do, because Ontario Hairdressers were Just Now Allowed to Re-Open. My Question to the New “Barber” Was . . . Do I Have To Wear A Mask? No was his Answer, But I do. OK – I Took An Appointment.

In The Meantime, I Called my Long -Time Ontario Based Barber, who is Slightly Older than me, who Operates out of Her Home & Does a Tremendous Job of ONLY Cutting Men’s Hair.

She has Some Serious Preconditions, which can Screw with Her Immune System & Wants Her Clients to Wear a Mask in Her Home & When on Her Barber Chair. I have an Appointment for July 22, 2020. Hopefully by then, this Terrible Mask Chapter will be over. If Not – I Will Choose To Wear A Proper Mask.

As For All The Professional Sports AssociationsIncluding NASCAR – Because they Caved to a Domestic Anti-American, Anti-White, Anti-Semitic Terrorist Group . . . Black Lives Matter, They will Never see a Dollar from Me – NEVER, Whether Through Ticket Sales, Merchandising or Television Ratings.

Funny Thing . . . Just A Few Days Ago, I told Anne that when in the Ocala Area of Florida this Winter, Perhaps We’ll Take a Drive to Daytona & Take-In a NASCAR Race, since I Never Saw One. But Now . . . NASCAR Can Kiss My Non-Prejudicial White Jewish Ass.

The LEFT & Black Useful Idiots Have Crossed A Line Not Soon To Be Re-Crossed.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I totally agree with you about NASCAR!! I will never even watch another of their races! How disgusting! They are changing customs of very long standing on one persons request??? Surely someone was having an “off day”, and this is not really true!

  2. I too am angry, very angry with all the stuff we have endured the past weeks. Being an avid race fan and someone who has raced professionally in the past, I thought NASCAR would the the last to bow to the politically correct mob. Last nite there was a race and Bubba Wallace, the only black driver, was highlited over and over with his Black Lives Matter paint scheme. Bubba is a great driver with a great personality who was hijacked by the mob. Very disappointing, VERY!!!

  3. We just got home from shopping in Haliburton. Usually , shopping is quite stressful but was pleasantly surprised to see things starting to return somewhat to normalcy. I am getting so sick of our MSM trying to preach to us as to how RACIST we all are and how BLM was treated badly. Well one good piece of news. CBC suspended Wendy Mesley for using a bad word. Hmmm……wonder what that word was. Another good one Mr. G.

  4. Yes, Howard, the masking is ridiculous. If the mask affords any kind of protection for either me or thee, then why the social distancing? And if social distancing affords protection, why a mask?

  5. Love your Web Site Howard. I am a naturalized U.S. Citizen…born in Canada 1944. Your comments are spot on…NASCAR, a sport I love and that I have attended many times at various tracks throughout the U.S. No more. The recent ban on all things “historical” associated with the South has me totally pissed-off! I have a Confederate Flag that will remain in my possession (cold dead hands) forever! The Radical Fascist Democratic Party, has lost its collective mind! MAGA!

  6. The NBA lost me because of their cowardly pandering to China. Now the NFL can kiss my ass. Any business that doesn’t have the guts to stand up to the fascist mob will ever get a dime from me.

  7. Big nascar van all my life,NO MORE.I have a collection of mini nascars,selling them nascar buddies are not interested,they have now given up on this kiss ass to the left sport.all it took was one black driver to throw it under the bus and nascar caved.

  8. Howard in the near future I’ll be flying the Cross(bars) and Stars. take a peek when you drive by.

  9. I’ve had emails from merchants from artist paint to pet food in support of BLM and I’m done with it! ENOUGH ALREADY with the PANDERING! God help us if President Trump decides to take a knee!

  10. Your relating all the changing stages of covid-19 really brought all the changes over time into single focus. Thank you–am posting on FB. I too am quite tired of being jerked around and/or made to feel like I don’t care about others if I choose not to wear a mask. When I do I’m pulling it down from my eyes so I’m touching my face when otherwise I wouldn’t be. Where’s the rationale of wearing one for my safety. Wear for others IN CASE I have IT–how, since I’ve gone out twice in 3 mos for groc.

  11. Excellent Howard, keep telling the truth about FAKE NEWS being perpetrated on Canadians and Americans.

  12. Great editorial Howard, I thought we had a problem with the China Virus in January, President Trump stopped the flights from China. I started telling people to follow the money when I saw how much money was involved in treatment. Bubba wallace is only half black since dad was white and mother black. Wallace hasn’t done any thing in the top tier of Nascar. I have followed Nascar since the very early 50s but no more, I hope Nascar goes broke over this, politics don’t need to be involved in racing.

  13. I stood outside my bank today….really needed to transfer some money to my account. They said I had to come back at 11 tomorrow! Too late for what I needed! Meanwhile next door is Giant with tons of people shopping…..I’ve had it.

  14. I agree with you Howard on a lot of things!! I will never spend a dime or my time watching Nascar!!! Also the mask are a joke!!!

  15. I never realized that there were so many immature people in the USA and Canada. People and organizations saying and doing things that I would expect from a five-year-old. All emotion — reason and common sense are in very short supply these days.

  16. David Stevenson should read the May 21, 2020 article in New England Journal of Medicine, beginning second paragraph, “We know wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any protection from infection.” Transmission is from prolonged, 5 minutes close proximity or even longer. Another “itch” those who pointed to the Normandy Invasion forces as examples of Antifa…..the Nazi party referred to themselves as Socialists. It’s all in the packaging. As fo NASCAR, et al…..Meh!

  17. I watched the news last night showing the takeover in Seattle…I feel so sorry for the people who have businesses and offices in that area. Fox commented that the “protesters” are going around asking for “contributions” from the various store owners and businesses in the area they are controlling… The US is on the brink of a total totalitarian breakdown and no one seems to be doing anything but “taking a knee”. And then we have Trudeau

  18. Howard, to change the subject – What’s with the U.S. Military and their lack of support for the President and pandering to the left. I am befuddled. Actually, rather pissed. As for your current post, YES you are 100% correct and to hell with with the spoiled prissy” beaches”.

  19. Your emotion matches mine, Howard. I’ve been skeptical about the restrictions, closures, masks and “social distancing,” (a contradiction of words) ever since it began. I’m worn out with the interminable advice to wash our hands, etc., and the maddening platitudes. I refuse to wear a mask based on the fears of others. Time is proving that being together is NOT creating more cases. We’ve been deceived, but the fear-mongerers in our country are keeping us restricted. I want to stop feeling angry.

  20. I agree with pretty much everything you write Howard. It’s your blog and you should write what you want and how you want. I also believe we’ve been sold an absurdly huge bill of rancid goods. I’ve read various articles on the riots/lootings/shootings and demand for understanding and acceptance of all the “peaceful” protests – and what should/could be done by the powers that be…how come none of those authors write about the individual’s (inside mob) responsibility and obligation to choose.

  21. Another top-notch Editorial, Howard !!! (so what else is new? hahaha) – To tell you the truth, I was never a fan of NASCAR. Secondly, I was a fan of the rock group “The Who” after watching their musical entitled “Tommy”. The rock group is a far cry from those losers who run the World Health Organization: “WHO” !!! Thirdly, as far as “masks” are concerned, I only wear ’em when I go out to rob a bank !!! (hahaha) – “Jesse James” :>)) { sorry, I needed a laugh ; no more jokes, I promise }

  22. First off I would Not Bitch about Barbers too much: AT LEAST YOU HAVE HAIR ! as to the Knee Takers , BLM groups, and associated deep thinkers : generally stupid ,uneducated, uninformed dolts being led Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way out of this morass . WE have let it go too far WE have elected these fools WE have let them educate our kids and even when WE elect people like Trump WE let the unending battle to overthrow him continue. History good or bad needs to exist .

  23. I agree with every word you wrote. Spot on. what a bloody mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. w/China, Tedross WHO, Fauci, Tam, Birx, Trudeau & Gates order lock-up in our homes, world-wide, I soon recognised a great conspiracy & successful experiment in fear & population control. Read 1984. So many conflicting instructions, totally absurd. Over 80’s have life experience, if they lived in several countries, experienced virus management, & never a penicious lockdown. Masks, BLM, Anarchy, Antifa are the enemy. Banning choke hold restraint renders Police at risk, not the criminal.

  25. Howard, I’m sorry but a had to laugh, first time in a couple weeks with all the BS we’re going through, but this guy says 99.44 % that’s the old Ivory soap commercial since 1882. He pulled that one out of you know where!

  26. I continue to enjoy how you are able to constantly cut to the chase and get through the garbage. I am really disgusted with these jerks that are tearing down statues of historic figures. Especially when there appears to be no punishment. Those figures were certainly not perfect but played key roles in developing the western culture and freedoms that we are slowly losing. You covered the point well when you wrote that we need leaders that show some intestinal fortitude, otherwise know as balls!

  27. I was at Costco yesterday, “Mask Required”. I was told I could not go in without it. I have canceled my membership. My wife cannot wear a mask of any type, she hypervintilates. COPS, Live PD and PAWS are all canceled, Why “?” I think they show the realty of Crime, 70% of crime is caused by 5% of people most of whom are of color. We are nearing a tipping point as NASCAR, NFL, NBA and others push the BLM. My life matters, don’t put me into a position to prove it, I will with out prejudice, of anyo

  28. Some have recommended “herd immunity” vs. hibernation! Well, it’s already happening with the RIOTS, etc… The CHINA VIRUS has SUCCEEDED in making some people INSANE—as proven by the various RIOTS, etc… If ‘black lives matter’ so much, WHY aren’t the Blacks in CHICAGO trying to RESOLVE their own issues? It’s very noticeable that LIBERALS tend to FAVOR MASKS more than the CONSERVATIVES. There is HOPE because of Trump’s being PRESIDENT. Keep SUPPORTING him & PRAY for him! Also, GO HOWARD! AMEN!

  29. Haven’t watched nfl since Namath & the jets. Too much bs since then. Did follow mlb with Ford, Drysdale, Koufax, last Ryan. No more. Never watched NASCAR, boring. Have read 1984. Liked Darwin’s theory of evolution, but think he was only 1/2 right. I’ll let y’all use your on imaginations. Only wear mask to go in stores who require it, & only if I need what’s in their store. Your article hit the nail. Thanks.

  30. Can anyone, especially a BLM supporter, explain to me, why does the lives of the millions of BLACK babies being butchered & suctioned out of their BLACK mother’s wombs, each year..NOT MATTER..all of these babies blood are on their BLACK/LIBERAL hands & hearts.. May God have mercy on all of his human creation who have lost their way. Thank you Howard..we love you. Mary from Utah

  31. Just a comment from a guy who grew up on a dirt farm in Manitoba. Even I knew that no breathable gauze can stop a virus. SO: You wear a mask to stop spitting – which is a carrier of the virus – on people, even those you hate. Since I can’t spit farther than 6 feet or 2 meters I DON”T WEAR A MASK. QED – I think.

  32. Howard, thanks for the return, had I had the space I would have written your response, it was predictable. Please don’t lump me with the pussy American’s or Canadian’s, I am a staunch Constitutionalist. I known fact’s….they are; that I know what I know & I known what isn’t known, what neither of us know. Read the latest blurb’s on the virus, making a come back in some states. Read also other papers one as recently as yesterday on mask, Cambridge & Greenwich Universities. Con’t next comment.

  33. To me, putting on a mask is a lot like joining a protest. Conformity! Too bad some of your readers can’t see something for what it really is.

  34. Howard, has the world gone totally racially insane? BLM members and sympathizers want to erase all traces of history relating to the Civil war. They had to dig up an incident that occurred in 1921 to support their agenda. Everything they do or say is racially inflammatory. The mainstream media also seems to be consumed with fanning the fires of racism. Almost everything that they publicize supports radical racism by blacks. Next they may want to remove references to slavery from the Bible.

  35. Use to be a NASCAR fan for many years. I quit them long ago. They have been losing their fans who made the sport. Now to attract others they have to be PC. Never care about them anymore.

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