When Apologizing Becomes Groveling


Make No Mistake About It – The LEFT Is Pushing With All It Has . . . To Destroy “Trump’s” Presidency.

REMEMBER THIS? . . . In Obama’s First White House, Obama Mused about Forming an Internal Armed American Military. For What? Obama Never Explained. And now What are some of the Governors & City Mayors Suggesting?

Do You Think It’s A Coincidence?

When Obama First Became President of the United States of America, his Declaration that he was Going to Fundamentally Change America, Sent Chills Up & Down My Spine. And Now I Know That I Was Sickened By Obama’s Declaration With Good Cause.


As of Today (June 5, 2020) . . . It’s Been 10-Days Since the Death-By-Cop of George Floyd. And They’re Still Marching, Chanting, Blocking Roads & Bridges, Intimidating People, Insulting the Police, the National Guard & Looting where they Can. For What Purpose?

Much Of The Record Of The Phony Reverend All Sharpton . . . Has Been Cleansed (Scrubbed) From The Internet – Why?

Yesterday (Thursday – June 4, 2020)9-Days After The Fact . . . There was a Funeral “Staged” for George Floyd with all the Pomp, Circumstance & Entertainment of a Black Hollywood Production, with Great Music & Fiery Speeches Shouted by Black Race Baiters, the Likes of Al Sharpton, Who is One of the Greatest Dregs of Society, Whose Hands Personally Drip With The Blood Of Jewish People.

And When Watching The News-Media Talking Heads – On Fox News Too . . . After the Funeral Spectacle, even Amongst Conservative Pundits like Laura Graham, there was a Heightened Expression of Enormous Respect & Sympathy for George Floyd, as if Floyd was Martin Luther King & Mother Theresa All Rolled Into One.

I’m Not Going To Comment On The Ignominious Life Of George Floyd . . . Except To Say – Floyd Was No Martin Luther King.

But To Hear It From All The Pundits & Politicians . . . George Floyd Walked On Water. So How Come – Of the Thousands of Black People, Including Black Children who have Been and Continue to Be Murdered by Other Blacks on the Streets of America, None Are So Glorified?

On October 27, 2018 . . . 11-Jews Were Slaughtered In A Pittsburgh Synagogue (Tree Of Life) . . .

Do You Recall The Demonstrations, Marches, Property Destruction, Buildings Set Ablaze (Arson), Beatings, Lootings & Chants – JEW-LIVES MATTER . . . ?

Funny . . . I Pride Myself on Knowing Things like this Kind of Information, but I Can’t Seem to Find Anything of the Sort on the Murder Of 11-Jews At Prayer In Pittsburgh. I know there was some Flower-Laying at the Scene of the Murder – But I Don’t Remember Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Holding Nationwide Vigils in Memory of the Murdered Jews.

I Also Don’t Remember Non-Jewish AmericansBlacks Especially, Starting-Off Every Conversation for Weeks after the Murder of these Pittsburgh Jews, with How Sorry we are as a Non-Jewish Community for what Happened to the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Jews.

And As A Non-Jewish American – I Take The Oath On Bended Knee . . .

“I Pledge To Love & Bow Before All Members Of The American Jewish Community”?

AND RIGHTLY NOT . . . Since the Whole of the Non-Jewish American Community Could & Should NEVER be Held Responsible for what One Seriously Depraved Individual Did in the Name of Anti-Semitism in Pittsburgh . . . ANYMORE than the Entire Nation of America’s Police Force, of More than Three Quarters of a Million Men & Women, Can Be Held Responsible For The Action Of One “Dirty” Cop & 3-Police Onlookers In Minneapolis.


Sure It’s Bad That George Floyd Was Murdered . . . But we Don’t Know the Details. And as Sure as Hell – Neither I, Nor 100% Of The Population, Except for Just one Man can be held Responsible for the Death of George Floyd.

And For All We Know . . . In the Final Analysis – Maybe George Floyd was Responsible for the Death of George Floyd. And Until all the Information Comes to Light, and the Four Accused Police Officers get to have Their Say in a Real Court of Law, and the Missing Police Body-Cam Videos get to Show a Different Perspective . . .

Maybe these Anarchist Bastards who’ve been Trying to Destroy America . . . and their Useful Self-Hating Idiot Child-Followers, White, Black, Media & Politicians, Who Are Holding Their Hands-Up & Taking A Knee For Being Stupid, will be shown for Being the Fools they Really Are.

In the Meantime . . . The Vast Majority of People who are Not-Stupid within the Nation of the United States of America, Aren’t Buying all this Crapola Designed to Overthrow President Trump and to Make President Trump Look Bad for this Coming November Election.

In Fact . . . If I Was ANTIFA, or Associated in Any Way with ANTIFA, I would Start to Become very Worried. ANTIFA Might Think they are Smart, Tough, Organized and Well Financed by Enemies of the United States of America, Making ANTIFA Impervious to Legal Retribution – But Make No Mistake About This . . . ANTIFA is No Match for the FBI, NSA, CIA, Military Intelligence and all the Powers of the American Government.

What Do You Think The Police & All Judicial Authorities Have Been Doing While The Punks Were Attacking America?


If You Think . . . The Judicial Braintrust of the United States of America were Not Taking Pictures & Compiling Information about all the Rioting Thugs, You Haven’t Been Thinking.

So . . . First They Tried – to Sexually Demean President Trump. Then they Tried to Spy on the President & Create a False Narrative. Then they Tried to Destroy President Trump’s Cabinet. Then they Tried to Paint President Trump as a Racist and a Misogynist. Then they Tried to Destroy President Trump for being an Agent of the Russians. Then they Did all they Could to Destroy President Trump’s Pick (Kavanaugh) for the Supreme Court. Then they tried to Impeach President Trump for the Ukraine Scam.

Then . . . It’s the LEFT trying to Destroy (Lock-Down) The American Economy Because of a Virus of Dubious Origin, With The LEFT’S Battle Cry For Mail-In Ballots.

AND NOW . . . It’s – Let’s Find The Excuse To Burn-Down Trump’s America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I posted on Face Book as to how tired I am of being accused of being a WHITE racist. I don’t know any racists among my family and friends and IF there are, they are VERY good at hiding it. Thank you for trying to make some sense out of all this insanity.

  2. Candace Owens said it well. She offered her condolences for George Floyd to the family, but, he was no hero. His autopsy indicated he was using fentanyl and meth. But, was observed by her is that Blacks uses the lowest dregs of their society to make them heros. The Asians do not do it, the Jews do not it, the Hispanics do not do it only the Blacks. She indicated this is despicable.

  3. This may be the beginning of Civil War – the REAL American citizens of all colors against the anti-American Thugs that’s want to destroy America. Divide and Conquer has been a slogan for centuries. The Civil War saw brothers fighting brothers. Are we there? We will be if these Thugs, racists, bigots, anti-American, Socialist, Communist agitators are not stopped.

  4. The Left (Democrats) want to keep the rioting and the virus going till after the election. The Democrats have nothing else that they could come up with except the riots ant the virus and they will blame it all on trump. The virus will be the only way they can get the vote by mail passed. The riots will make it look like Trump has lost control of the blacks. The Democrats know that they must win or some will be going to prison. IF the Democrats do win they don’t realize the after, a civil war.

  5. It will be cold day in hell before I take a knee over this BS.

  6. Wow I love this one Howard I hope and Pray Trump & his GOOD people go after the BAD guys and puts their you know whats in the most horrible Federal PRISON there is in the entire world never to be allowed to patrol ever ever. Can you image the virus all those people have spread all over the U.S.? How many do you think will come down with that deadly virus? If it is truly out there I would image thousands. I am sorry about the people in Phil. sir that were slaughtered. Take care be safe and well.

  7. I was sickened today seeing Mark Saunders, Toronto Chief of Police and our own prime minister, Justin Trudeau taking a knee in front of the George Floyd protesters. Have they no shame? Groveling is right.

  8. The USA and the rest of the world needs Trump more than ever. I was so disgusted by the riots and felt so sorry for the businesses. People are crazy anymore, they have lost their sense of purpose. I won’t even comment about about Canada, it’s so done.

  9. Yes Canada is Done and most of the nitwits who live here think it has improved and is headed for Utopia . At least if Trump gets re-elected I will still have somewhere to go ( if they let me over the wall ) to claim asylum .

  10. The more I see of this the more disgusted I get. It has to stop. About policemen. I feel very sorry for them. They deal with scum all day and people think this is just a video game. It’s hard and fierce and they can be killed any second. They act rough because they have to!

  11. We respectfully submit our views to President Mr. Trump and the following note was made part of two emails. Seotoro Obama planned sabotage, coup and Insurrection. Antifa blm and Ms 13 have been trained to the later stage. The only response of consequence against the ANTIFADA are in the Waco protocols.

  12. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the man I want to be. It sickens me and breaks my heart that people, so many people, are caught in the MSM and do not check any further, and “think” they know all there is to know. I know our founding fathers didn’t agree on everything, but they worked out a compromise that if followed as written…works. As long as we have a majority in office who are honest and ethical. But that’s not the case anymore. I worry about what comes next from the left/liberals.

  13. Yeah there is the Antifa and BLM all trying to force Obama’s undefined change in the US; but what is it with Canada? Yesterday in Lethbridge the Conservative MP Rachel Harder in front of a thousand protestors at Lethbridge City Hall took a knee literally to bow and apologize to Blacks in Canada supporting Trudeau’s accusation of Systemic Racism – and the entire Crowd of Leftists all took a knee with her. It wasn’t for 1st nations – just Blacks Leaderless Tory’s committing suicide

  14. If the blacks BELIEVE black lives matter, why don’t they do something, especially in Chicago, about all the BLACKS being MURDERED BY OTHER BLACKS? Because they are RACIST against whites, stirred again after 50 years by Obama. AND I truly believe George Soros is financing these riots, no doubt part of their payment is whatever they take as bounty. Soros has a god complex & uses his wealth to manipulate countries. Evidently US is a difficult target since he’s been at it since Obama took office.

  15. I agree with Harold Pomerantz & David MacKay, disgusted with the antics of Trudeau, also remembering his gagging for 26 secs on TV the other day on his 11.00am Wyerton Willie appearance. I fear that if the knee cop doesn’t get the maximum sentence, whenever it is made known, America will burn like never before. Antifa will take that opportunity. The world needs Trump more than ever now.

  16. I’d like somebody to go into the jails in Chicago and ask the guys who murdered their black brothers if black lives matter. One thing we DO KNOW is, unborn babies’ lives don’t matter. Man on the street to Democrat: “Why are you a Democrat?” Idiot on the street: “My parents are Democrats!” The government has done absolutely NOTHING for blacks except spend trillions. Baltimore built a bunch of high rise projects in the 60’s that were demolished 30 years later. Now, THAT’s a DISGRACE!

  17. Breaking news, Gun and Ammo sales have gone thru the roof, even heard a media person say he purchase a weapon as he lives in NY and saw his neighborhood destroyed. Honest folks are tired of it, the try to destroy a non politician President, the lock down for what was supposed to be the plague, and the riots. Be vigilant my friends for the Libs are going to try to bring in the UN forces to “help” with the unrest. Then the gun confiscation will be pushed, only from my cold dead hands. RESIST.

  18. OUCH !!! Forgive me, Howard, but the TRUTH hurts !!! Good thing I got some painkillers handy…and I promise not to overdose although at times it seems so damn tempting !!! Oh, what I would give for a leader like Donald Trump to be Prime Minister of Canada. You perhaps ??? (not kidding) Anyhow, watching Justin Trudeau “take a knee” made me wanna throw up. I’m heading to our local pharmacy to buy “Gravol” !!! – Be Well / Stay Safe – (signed) Brucester

  19. Howard, another great editorial! All of this makes me sick to my stomach. Never thought I’d live to see all of this and I’m 89! Been through many protests but not like this one, never ending! Go Trump GO! Agree with all comments also. Stay well and safe.

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