The World’s Greatest Blunder – Ever . . . Simon Says


First Order Of “Business” . . . Thank You – To All The People Who Financially Helped-Out You Were Very Generous.

Personal Thank You Emails Will Be On Their Way Shortly.

SIMON SAYS . . . Close Your Business. Simon Says . . . Social Distance. Simon Says . . . Stay At Home. Simon Says . . . Lock-Down Your Life. Simon Says . . . Don’t Wear A Mask. Simon Says . . . Wear A Mask. Simon Says . . . You Can Work. Simon Says You Can’t Work, But Others Can. Simon Says . . . You Can’t Go To The Beach. You Can’t Play Golf. You Can’t Have More Than One Golfer Per Cart. You Can’t Play Ball In A Public Park With Your Child . . .

Simon Says You Live To Serve Me – Because I Don’t Live To Serve You.


Do you Realize, According to the CDC (Centers For Disease Control & Prevention), Up ‘Till May 1, 2020, there have been as many as 62,000 Flu Related Deaths In America. Have you seen a Scorecard Published Anywhere with this Gruesome Statistic? Because if you Did, I sure Didn’t.

Yet . . . We’re Treated to a Daily Counting of China Virus Deaths. Do You Trust The Government, the CDC and all the other “Experts” who told all of us that in Order to Save Ourselves, we have to Commit Economic Suicide & Suspend our Rights & Freedoms in the Process?

How Many of the Predicted 100,000-Deaths thus far, which will be Attributed to the China Virus, will Actually be Deaths Caused by the Flu or other Health Factors . . . And Not By The China Virus?

Do You Know? Because Sure as Hell . . . No One Else Seems To Know. But what We’re Learning now, is that Cities, States & Counties which Record Deaths Caused by COVID-19, Receive a Lot More Money from the Federal Government than for Deaths Caused by other Factors. What Does That Tell you?

Why Are The Mayors, County Supervisors, Governors (Premiers-Canada) & Police Getting Away With Suspending Our Rights & Freedoms? . . . LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

Why Are There Debilitating Rules & Regulations Forced Upon The People, Which Makes Individual Freedoms Subject To The Whims & Will Of The Bureaucrats, Whom We The People Employ? LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

Why Are Our Cities, Counties, States & Provinces Swamped In Suffocating Debt? . . . LOOK IN THE MIRROR.


To Borrow A Favorite Line From The Democrats . . . “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste”.


We All Know Who The Bureaucrats & Politicians Are . . . Who’ve Dropped the Hammer of Tyranny upon the People because they Could. You Know who the Politicians, Sheriffs and others in “Command” are, who Forgot their Commitment to the Constitution, if ever they Really Knew it, because they Could.

In About 6-Months . . . in the United States of America, it will be Voting-Time, when ALL the House Members will Come Forward and BEG THE PEOPLE On Hand & Knee for the People’s Trust, Support & Vote, While 35-Senators Will also Do The Same, as Will a Number of Governors (Thus Far 11).


Before you Panic because some Media Announces a Spike in the Percentage of Positive China Virus Cases . . . it Doesn’t Mean People who Tested Positive Are . . . Or Will-Be Sick. All it Means, is that the Person who Tested Positive has Contracted the Virus.

Remember . . . The VAST Majority – of People who’ve Contracted the China Virus Don’t even know they Have It. So, when the Media Makes a Huge Hubbub about Hundreds of People being Tested Positive for the Virus at a Meat Packing Plant, it Doesn’t Mean the People are Deathly Sick. It Means They Have The Virus In Their Body. It Doesn’t Mean They’re About to Become Violently Ill & Die.


Let Me Repeat . . . “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste”.

There Is No Question In My Mind . . . That this China Virus is Bad – Really Bad. But there is Also No Question in my Mind, that the Governments Handled this Problem so Poorly, that they Took a Bad Situation & Made it So Much Worse than it had to be, that the World will Never Fully Recover in my Lifetime from their Panicked & Horrendous Decisions.

There Was No Reason To Shut-Down America & Canada. There was Great Reason for the Government to Give all of us as Much Information & Guidance as they Could. But Make No Mistake about this . . . There’s A World Of Difference Between Guidance & Commands.

And Even After All Of The Horrendously Wrong Government Predictions – They’re Still At It.

I’m Encouraged By The Number of People who have Taken to the Streets to Protest. And I’m Really Looking Forward to Election-Day (November 3, 2020), when the Government will Not Only Get What’s Coming to Them, But that the People MIGHT Wake-Up & Realize that the People do Not Work for the Government But Rather, that the Government Works for the People.

If The LEFT Imagined This China Virus . . . was Going to Do-In President Trump, the LEFT were Not just Sadly Mistaken . . . But have Played this Pandemic so Badly, that the New World Order, which the LEFT has been Scheming to Foist upon all of us, will Indeed be a New World Order, but a New World Order with No Room for the LEFT’S One World Government Socialist Dream.

If President Trump & Conservative Republicans do as well as I suspect they will do on November 3, 2020 – There will be the Opportunity for the People to Make some Real Wholesale Long-Overdue Changes . . . Meaning Less Government, Term Limits, More Accountability, Reigned-In Judiciary, Responsible Academia & Defamation Laws, which will Apply to the Media as Much as Defamation Laws Apply to People like You & Me.

If This Crisis Is Played Well By Conservatives . . . This Can Be The Reawakening We’ve Been Waiting & Hoping For.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m proud to say that in my county the board chair defied Jabba the Hutt Pritzker and reopened the county while standing firm against Pritzker’s unlawful lockdown and Mafia-boss threats. Madison county is 100% open for business. We had a grand total of 34 deaths and 20 were in a nursing home in a county where the population is 263,000 people. This whole thing was a lot of crap. More people died in car accidents during the quarantine.

  2. There are: (1) those that currently have covid-19; and (2) those that had it, recovered, no longer have, but have the antibody to covid-19. Until April17th and the release of the first antibody study (Stanford) Fauci and WHO never bothered to include antibody carriers in the denominator of the mortality rate formula (# of deaths/# of cases) which inflated the rate. Stanford told us there was between 50 and 85 antibody carriers for every infected. IOW, covid-19 is the seasonal flu (0.1%).

  3. What you foresee Howard cannot happen fast enough. I want my life back. I want to earn money so I can go to my barber, who is currently closed and has been for 2 months, so I can just get a haircut. But I cannot because of the draconian measures dumped on us.

  4. FYI, the House is voted in on a staggered cycle just like the Senate. They don’t have the same number of years, but are never all replaced in one election. Everything else is spot on. We should have opened after 2 weeks when we knew lots more than the China lies. Hard to believe President Trump fell for Faucci, he was not vetted well!!!!! Or Trump wanted the US to see for themselves just what democratic socialism looks like up close and real.

    FYI – Each Senator Sits For 6-Years with staggered Elections Every Two Years with 1/3 of the Senate up for Reelection. The Entire House is up for Reelection every Two Years – HG.

  5. I must take exception to the comment of Susan Sheldon of Coral Springs Florida as all 435 members of the US House of representatives are elected every two years. In the US Senate approximately 1/3 of the senators are elected every two years.

  6. Another excellent editorial, Howard. Spot on !!! Anyhow, now you know why the only “Simon” I listen to is… Paul Simon. Even though he claims to be… “Still Crazy After All These Years” (hahaha) ps: I’m a big fan of Simon & Garfunkel

  7. I’m watching from Canada and because we’ve gone socialist, all I can do is pray for our neighbours to the South. Trump 2020..

  8. Most of the citizens of two Canadian provinces – Alberta and Saskatchewan – know what’s up. They get it.. The others are useful idiots who don’t have a clue. Trudeau is a despot. He is turning Canada into a police state. Incredibly, his popularity is rising. What does that tell you about the power of the liberal media?

  9. The only politician who speaks my language in Canada is Derek Sloan. Maybe I am disillusioned but I am fed up with this creep to the left. by most.

  10. I would fain be optimistic about November, BUT there are out there far, far too many Trump haters, MSM lemmings, and those for whom socialism is the golden grail. One can hope that Trump can rekindle the fires that bring a prospering economy which can influence the above-mentioned to use a little common sense at the polls.

  11. HC I put it all in our Lords hands and trust and have faith in Him alone. We must have faith in our Lord and get on our knees to ask Him for His help. It is not what we can He do for us, but what we should love and do for Him. :Let Him know we Love him for all that He has given to us. WE need to show him how grateful we are for loving us and all that He die for our sins. Thank you dear God for sending your son down to do all that He did for all of us. Now have patience and love for Him .

  12. I am beginning to see signs of common sense returning in peoples lives. Had a local small business owner tell me today “I am opening. They will have to lock me up to close my door again”.

  13. For SDG & PR Ontario, look up EOHU for up to date report on corona, you’ll be very surprised to find there is hardly any in the whole of the two Counties. The daily TV briefings are just scare mongering, Fauci, Birx Tam & Trudeau haven’t a clue how to get out of the mess they are responsible for. Look at Quebec, shut the schools, open the schools, one kid infected, shut the schools again. It’s utter mindless nonsense. Years maybe till there is zero corona? It will never happen & we will survive

  14. On target, Howard. I am still a bit doubtful, but I am cynical by nature. It has always helped me to stay on my toes. I am praying that the idiots are truly waking up to the reality of life … Not what the media, Congress & the rest tell us it is. I am still amazed at how so many people honestly do not know how our Government is supposed to run. As for the virus b/s, that is exactly what it is … B/S!!!

  15. Wife and I and a couple friends went to dinner at our favorite Rib Shake last night. Great food, lots of people helping bring this business back to life. Freedom of Choice. But wait my friend, the LIBS are pushing Vote By Mail, they probably already have Millions of Votes filled out from the DEAD, Illegals and multiple from whomever. They are going to try to steal this election just because Donald J Trump has shown the world how corrupt they are. Vote for term limits, no longer slaves to WA.

  16. People seem to often be influenced by quotes. Yes, HG, “ There’s A World Of Difference Between Guidance & Commands.” Here’s a few more quotes…“You can fool SOME of the people SOME of the time but not ALL the people ALL of the time.” “There’s a time to LET things happen, and there’s a time to MAKE things happen.” “Do not be afraid of IMPROVING SLOWLY. Be afraid of STANDING STILL.” You noted 62,000 Flu Related Deaths In America.There is still no vaccine which MATCHES the FLU of the SEASON! AMEN!

  17. Just read an article from The Hill. Says Conservatives/Republicans are wimps and liberals/Left Wing Dems are fighters! Past time for Republicans to step up to the plate instead of taking a passive approach!

  18. Great editorial Howard. would like to know how those governors, mayors, judges etc., etc. were allowed to consider their remarks to be laws. I have always thought that Laws were made by the legislature and that only laws are enforceable. Did I sleep through a government class?

  19. Legislation for term limits has been introduced in Congress before. We all know they will NEVER vote themselves term limits. There is presently a move for Convention of States to effect term limits and balanced budget. But so far not enough states involved plus I’ve read that it’s not closed to particular items & so could be ‘high-jacked’ for other (opposing) items, thus nullifying real purpose. That’s the kind of thing Soros would use his $$$ to take over. LOVE of $$ IS ROOT OF EVIL.

  20. Well the governments have found a way to the baby boomers money through this false crisis

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