The Beginning Of The End Of Their Beginning


World War II, ushered-In an Era that went from Cavalry Warfare, Trench Warfare, Massive Battles – Mano-A-Mano & Bi-Plane Air Forces all the way to the Explosion of the Nuclear Bomb. In A Space Of Just 6-Years.

Anne & I Had A British Nanny Years Ago (Margaret) – Who Was Fond Of Saying When Things Got Tough – “Needs . . . Must”. In other Words, when Everything around you seems Desperate . . . That’s when you Reach Deeper Inside of yourself, than you ever Imagined you could Reach, and bring-out Whatever you can to Deal with the Issue. In Other Words . . . “Needs . . . Must”.

Margaret Left Canada (Back To England) More Than Two Decades Ago . . . We still Communicate on a Regular Basis with Margaret’s Son Andrew, who Took his First Horse Jump as a Young Man, on one of our Horses on our Horse Property.

Margaret is no Longer here in Canada, but Margaret’s Wisdom, about Needs – Must, Never left us, and Never Will. Nothing Focuses The Mind Nearly As Much As Desperation.

Or as Samuel Johnson Wrote – First Published on September 19, 1777 . . . “ . . . When A Man Knows He Is To Be Hanged In A Fortnight, It Concentrates His Mind Wonderfully”.

For The Longest Time . . . For Decades as a Matter of Fact, I’ve Been Speaking Publicly at Rallies, on my Extremely Popular Daily Montreal Radio Show (Galganov At High Noon – CIQC Radio), in Books I’ve Written (National Best Seller – Bastards) and on my – that we Have to be Very Wary, Concerned & Frightened over the Immense Power our Politicians & Bureaucrats have Surreptitiously Seized for Themselves.

But as long as the Wealthy got Wealthier, the Unions became More Powerful, and the Bureaucrats were able to Gorge themselves on the Public Purse . . . There would be little Resistance. And whether Politicians Considered himself or herself in the Modern Context a Liberal or a Conservative . . . the Differential between the Two was very Slight, since the Philosophy between Political Parties was Incremental far more than Philosophical.


The Nazis Understood Better Than Any Group, that the Future to their Philosophy of National Socialism is Only Guaranteed through Intimidation & Slaughter if Necessary, and could only be Achieved in the Long Run by Educating their Youth to their Philosophy. But more than that . . . To Guarantee That No Other Form Of Education Would Be Permissible.

THINK ABOUT THAT . . . Isn’t this what our Current Position of Academia is all About? Teaching Just One Philosophy from Pre-School, while Stifling Debate throughout High School & University, where Conservative Speakers are Persona Non Grata on Campus, Who are kept away by School Policies or by Means of Violence by Fascist Groups like Antifa.

Why Are There Safe Spaces In Universities? Safe From What Or From Whom?

These Safe Spaces have been Created to keep Soft Propagandized Minds Ignorant & Un-Inquiring by Not Hearing Countervailing Opinions.

Remember – In Nazi Germany – Dissent Was A National Crime. But Dissent was No Less a Crime in Societies like the Failed Soviet Union, Current China, Cuba, Venezuela – Etc . . . and Amongst Far Too Many Arab/Moslem States, Including the Failed Palestinian Authority, which is a Society Entirely Constructed on Lies – where Freedom of Expression is also a Severe Crime.

Global Warming – AKA Climate Change . . . Is A Worldwide Lie, which too has become a Cause Célèbre to Attack all Manner of Freedoms . . . Used to Defame any and all in Opposition.


The Bad News . . . is that we have been Driven to the Edge of Dystopia, where our Small to Medium Size Industries are in Full Collapse. Tens of Millions of People are out of Work. We have been ORDERED . . . Not Simply Sequestered by Choice, but Ordered by the Government – To Abide By What Is Tantamount To House Arrest By The State.

We have been Ordered not to Work, not to Socialize with Friends . . . and in some Cases as in Canada, we have been Ordered to Restrict What we Say or Write Against Government Policies at the Risk of Fines and or Imprisonment.

All Of This Is Bad – REALLY BAD . . . But The Good Part, is that the People of the Supposedly Free World, Especially in the Most Important Country that Counts (The United States Of America) are Finally Seeing for Themselves that the Media, Government Appointed Academics, Bureaucrats and the Elected Government Itself are Not Friends of Freedom, But Rather A Socio/Political Enemy To Be Feared.

From All I Can Garner . . . The European Union is all but Done and is Not much Greater than a Group of Talking Heads, as European Union Nations are Re-Resurrecting National Boundaries.

The Vast Majority Of Americans (80%) Want Controlled Immigration (Build That Wall) . . . And The War Against Fossil Fuels is on a Permanent Hiatus. In other Words, Sick-Minded Activists like Greta Thunberg can Take her Media-Driven Global Warming Temper Tantrums & Shove them Up-Her-Skinny-Ass.

Because This Experience Of The China Virus Has Been So Extremely Negative . . . and Many of the People in Government Have Behaved so Badly (Many Though Did And a Are Doing An Admirable Job), the People had More than just a Peek into what a Society  Looks like Under an Authoritarian Government . . . where Freedom of Group Religion, Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Association, Freedom to Work, and in my Canadian Case, Freedom of Expression are no Longer the People’s Choice.

THERE ARE MANY CONSPIRACY THEORISTS . . . Who see all of this as a Globalist Attempt to Force the World into a One World Socialist Government – But I See All Of This With A Substantially Contrary View.

What I See . . . Is The Death Knell For A One World Socialist Government, as it will Take All Hands-On-Deck (The Makers) with Minimal Government Interference & Regulations to Rebuild what this Virus has Thus Far Destroyed.

I See Conservatives Who Will Be Far Less Patient – Polite & Understanding to the Crazy LEFT. I see Fence Sitters who Didn’t Think one Way or the Other between Socialists & Conservatives . . . Who Are Thinking Now. And I See a whole Bunch of Ignorant (Brainwashed) LEFTIST Millennials who can Whistle Dixie, since that will be all they’ll be Able to do as Conservatives Work to Rebuild what we Lost.

After The Government Quits Spending Trillions of Dollars just Trying to Save America from Total Collapse, and the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars being Spent by Canada . . . Where are these Two Governments Going to Get the Money to Give to the LEFT, Who Always Have Their Hands Extended For Their Free Crap?

TRUE . . . There will be No Shortage of LEFTISTS who will Keep-On-Trying, because they Don’t Know what Else they could Do. But, when President Trump & Real Conservatives Win the House, the Senate and the White House this November . . .

There Will Be a New World Order – But Nothing Like The Global LEFT Ever Imagined . . . Needs – Must!

Yesterday Was The Last Day Of Holocaust Memorial – You Can Kill The People. But You Can’t Kill The Belief.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Re: Academia as poison. Eisenhower’s last speech as president is famous for its warnings about the military-industrial complex. But little known is other parts of his speech in which he warns against the scientific research in academia being co-opted by government funding which limits free and open debate and thinking. I believe it holds true for what Howard says, above.

  2. I always enjoy your emails, and I especially like the tone of this one. Praying you are correct.

  3. It’s amazing what rules people will bow to when you dangle the ideas of “safety” and “protection” over their heads. Life is full of risks we all take everyday. But draw someone’s attention to one of those risks in their daily living and they will cower like a mouse and fold like a house of cards. Govts and big business feed and live off this notion. And we like dumb sheep keep proving it to them.

  4. It’s amazing how positive and uplifted after reading your stuff

  5. my grandson in Belgium will be going to Purdue in the USA this next fall and I worry about how he will adapt to a big American University and the wild things that can go on. (he is a good person at this point)

  6. As millions of sheeple hold out their wrists for the chains, I pray that you are right.

  7. Like I said before, WE THE PEOPLE need to TAKE BACK our COUNTRY. Perhaps a New World Order, by reviving the Good, Ethical & Moral order among nations; & the Revival of our Constitutional Republic for the USA. All your followers would celebrate ecstatically with every Constitutionalist here & with all free-seeking peoples everywhere. God grant us a revival of rights, freedoms, moral & ethical living; grant a renewal of belief in & obedience to God our Creator.

  8. Think it’s been bad, imprisoned for weeks? Worse coming when people are released & Corona rebounds. Millions confined to a virus free home will be virus victims from those who will still be contagious without knowing it. The second wave is coming thanks to Trudeau and his infamous Dr.Tam Team. The Fauci Team will see the same in America on a larger scale. They did it all wrong in MHO. A virus will take its natural course & some people die while others build immunity. Excellent editorial H

  9. China is ready to buy,at wholesale prices and Mr.Trudeau is more than willing to sell. all canada will do is borrow more money from China and put us deeper in debt to our masters. This country was bought and paid for a long time ago.Time to get “some” and freeze all foreign assets.Take Canada back.

  10. I agree with what you say Howard, thank you for your wonderful editorial as always. On T.V. they want everyone to take the virus shot. well B.S. to that one. last time I took a flu shot I got the terrible flu from it swore I would never get another shot and have not since. Knock on wood have not had the flu since then. I am going to die one day sooner or later it sure as all get out is not from them sticking a needle in my arm saying I am not going to get flu. Because they told me to. Take care

  11. I’m with you all the way Howard. People like Nancy P or AOC can eat all the freakin’ cake they want and go back to where they came from and NOT SOON ENOUGH! Thank you so much again for doing what you do.

  12. Howard I am afraid we are heading toward a dictatorship, not with Trump at the head, but if the dems win in November it will be dreadful. It really is the bureaucrats that want and might get the power. I see all around signs of voter fraud coming. The virus problem is helping them achieve it. Trump is doing his best, but it is very hard to fight against the established bunch in Washington. We all need to fight for Trump!!

  13. Release the criminals! They did in many states, now law enforcement is picking them up for crimes committed. Release the illegal Immigrants that ICE is holding at the border! I think they will to protect them from the Virus, but how do you protect us from them. Guns and ammo sales have gone through the roof again. Here in Idaho my neighbors have been talking about how to protect each other, Our President is being fought at every corner, it is good to have a leader that cares.

  14. Howard, I too pray that you are correct in your analysis!!!

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