China – On Purpose Or By Accident . . . It Doesn’t Matter


China Is Not Our Friend – Period! Full Stop! No Discussion! China Is Not Our Friend!

Before Getting Into This Editorial . . . I Work my Ass-Off to Deliver Honest, Cogent Information. And I Spend a Tremendous Amount of Personal Money & Money Good People who can Afford it Contribute to this Blog, Which I Don’t Really have to Spare, to keep this Website ( Up & Running.

SO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY . . . Like You – I too am Stressed-Out Dealing with this Disaster, trying to Make Heads & Tails of “Fake” News & Repugnant Politicians & Bureaucrats who are Making a Bad Situation Worse by Sensationalizing It.

And Unlike Other Blogs . . . I Give all the People (Thousands) who Read the Ability & Respect to Comment and Email their Opinions, Information and even Advice to Me. And Also Out Of Respect, I Read all the Comments & Emails, and I Respond as Best I Can.

I REALLY DON’T LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE PLAY DEVIL’S ADVOCATE . . . To Make Themselves Seem Smarter Than Me or Smarter than Everyone Else.

In My Last Editorial . . . My Sub-Headline Read: PRICE GOUGING DURING A CALAMITY IS NOT JUST A CRIME – IT’S A SIN. And I followed it up by Mentioning How President Trump had to Force General Motors – By Law – to Manufacture Ventilators, because GM was Holding out for Too Much of a Better Deal for GM during the Time of a Crisis.

I Also Wrote About How Gouging Isn’t Only Restricted . . . To Products – and Can be Extended to the Government Vis-à-vis how Pelosi, the RINOS and the LEFT were Squeezing Trump’s Corona Bailout Law to Stimulate the Economy, Industries, Manufacturers, Jobs, Income & Services by INCLUDING BULLSHIT PORK like Financing the Kennedy Center, Abortions & other Socialist (Communist) Permanent Legislation into the Senate Bill.


“During this crisis, I haven’t experienced any price gouging at all, yet Howard insists it’s happening”.

And then Kondaks went out of his way to show how Trivial my Editorial (Observation) was by Illustrating his Opinion.

No One Is More Focused On True Information (Journalism) Than Me . . . as is Represented with Every Editorial I Publish. And I Don’t Want Bullshit Comments which are Irrelevant to the Accompanying Editorial, Especially if they are Not True, Accurate or Disparaging of the Things I Write.

SO HERE IT IS . . . Read The Editorial Again, and I Defy anyone to Find Where I Accused Society of Gouging, even though we all Know that there is Plenty of Gouging & Fraud Happening Throughout North America. BUT DON’T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH.


If you Comment on, and you use MY OPINION SPACE . . . to Lie, Disparage or Play Fancy Word Games to show how Smart you are . . . You will be Forever Blocked from The Registry & From Commenting Again.


During These Troubling Times . . . is being Inundated with Readers Visiting the Site Simultaneously, which Forced me to move from one Server to a Much Larger & More Expensive Server. And to have my IT Manager Further Optimize the Blog to Continue to Function, because for a Short Time, which you Aren’t Aware-Of, It Was Panic-City Here, because the Blog was Overwhelmed and the Back-Door where the IT Business Happens – Crashed.

As Long As I Can Afford It – And As Long As The Site Functions – If You Want To Read It . . . I Will Be Here.


I Have Written Repeatedly . . . Not just now Because of the China Virus, but for as Long as I Can Remember, Anne & I have Gone out of our Way to Buy North American, Whether it was Made in the United States or Canada – It Didn’t Matter.

Our Purchasing Policy Was Buy China When There Was No Alternative.

That Was Then And This Is Now . . . Because of the China Virus, I Will Rather Do Without, if it Doesn’t Mean Life or Death, than to Buy Chinese Made Goods.

Anne & I Have iPhones. The Moment a Manufacturer makes a US Built Smart Phone, Regardless of Operating System. Goodbye iPhone Replacements, if Apple Doesn’t Start Manufacturing in North America.

The Same Can Be Said About Everything We Consume.

Our Governments Better Start Mandating Made In North America . . . Especially our Pharmaceuticals, Communications Equipment and other Commodities Essential to our Way of Life.

We Should Never Have Been So Invested In Such An Evil Society . . . which Imprisons Political Dissenters, Forces Slave Labor, Murders People they Perceive to be Enemies of the Communist Party, Stifles Freedom of Expression, Spies on all Foreign Governments, Creates Global Dissent, Builds Military Islands in International Waterways, Supports Equally Evil Regimes such as North Korea & Iran & Constantly Bangs on the Drums of War.

When This Will Be Over . . . So Better Will Be Our Current Relationship With China.

As Far As I’m Concerned . . . The Only Reason For North American Factories To Be Building Anything In China Amounts To Nothing More Or Less Than Greed.

Everyone Wants Far More Than What They Deserve . . . The Government, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Academics (Teachers), Manufacturers & Retailers . . . All the way Down the Line from Food Suppliers, Restaurants, Travel, Hotels – Etc.

The Takers Have Killed The Golden Goose – It’s Time For The Rebirth Of The Makers.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I was one who also bought into the premise that if we treated China like a business partner they would come around to our way of life. We were duped. They have not changed. They murder and enslave. On a side note: from a source in China: the crematoriums are running night and day.

  2. I also have decided not to purchase any good manufactured in China, period

  3. Howard you are an extraordinay visionary with a moral compass set to true north. I admit to having been asleep at the switch when purchasing Made in China products. NEVER AGAIN!!! From now on I’m willing to pay a premium for anything NOT made in China. The Chinese Communist Party started this war and anyone invested in preserving our cherished Western values should be determined to win it.

  4. The question I have concerning those who believe that the virus was manufactured by China: Why send a virus that barely kills more than the regular flu? Why not send a virus that will kill 70-80-90% of the population? And why would they want to attack their own first? Either way, it doesn’t change the outcome. By the way, 6 millions persons die each year from tobacco smoking and no one gives a damn and life goes on. I am not picking on tobacco smokers, I could have taken other examples.

  5. Remember when teachers were paid for the months they worked, but they demanded their salaries be divided between the 12 months. People said that was not a wise decision since they were only working 9 ½ months a year and wud forget that if they suddenly were paid as 12 months of work. Well here we R w/ teachers constantly demanding higher wages even tho they R still only working 9 ½ months a year. We said “Don’t Do It”, but they insisted they wudn’t forget. Hmmmmmmm

  6. KONDAKS is talking about oil. Gas up the street is $1.65 a gallon. Look on Amazon and price gouging galore for hand sanitizer, etc. Amazon said they would fix but have not. Also tremendous price gouging on Ebay. What a shame that these heartless souls are trying to profiteer on a crisis.

  7. Howard I read your blog everyday. Always agree with you. I too will check more thoroughly when purchasing all things. I find tho that sometimes it’s so hard to find where things are made. Keep up the good work and may God bless you, Anne and animals. Anne Brown, Lake Toxaway, NC

  8. Agree. I check where the product is made and put it back if it is China. I would rather do without than support China. As for price gouging, I know of a man with a pickup who was purchasing packs of water, placing them in his truck and going back into the store for more using a different checker each time. He had several packs in his truck when he was seen & because he had a camper shell on the truck, not everyone paid attention. Why buy a truckload if not to resale?

  9. I and my family are 1,000,000,000% in agreement! Thank you for all you do to speak truth. Refreshing and helpful..

  10. SATAN is definitely among our midst! He has DIVIDED the world into 2 forces—EVIL & GOOD—as proven by today’s people having very little MORAL SENSE [no conscience] in their daily lives. Beware to those people who have made a deal w/SATAN to ATTACK CHRISTIANITY & REJECT the TEN COMMANDMENTS! These ‘GUIDELINES’ make them feel GUILTY re: their PROFANE activities! The BACKLASH from their SINFUL ACTIONS will NOT be easily tolerated! “The good suffer with the bad”…hence the HUWAN VIRUS! AMEN!

  11. The sad part is, there are many things that we are not able to buy, if we try to avoid products from China. Walmart and Canadian tire are 2 examples of companies that are almost all made in China products. Food products are the ones that worry us the most. I will not buy food products from China, and Super Store carries a lot. We like snow peas, and they carry snow peas grown in China. Something seriously wrong with this picture. Are they FDA approved? I doubt it. Buyer beware!

  12. One of the big insane thing that happen in the beginning of dealing with China was to close our steel mills. My father was a wise common since guy. I remember him saying at the time that we would regret the closing the steel mills. Trusting another country to make our military steel would be a mistake. He had no idea how bad trusting them would get. A big lie at the time was things would cost less buying from overseas. That didn’t last. Buy American!

  13. It may be a bit of a hassle now but I’m happy to hear your readership is increasing! More people reading your level thoughts is a good thing.

  14. For many years now, I have not bought anything made in China. I saw how they prepared food which made me sick. They treat some of their own people as animals. Keep up the good work Howard. I have been following you since Montreal. Henry Jolley, Vancouver Island.

  15. Well said, again, Howard. I’ve been silent here in your comments section, but I’ve been posting many of them on my facebook page, because I truly respect the thought that you give your editorials…. What sickens me (interesting in these times) is that our country RELIES on China for major medical products of all varieties… We MUST bring the production of those back to this country ASAP this crisis is over. Companies need to be financially penalized (taxes?) if they don’t…

  16. Let’s not forget how cruel animals are treated in China. It’s disgusting what they do to every species, from snakes to bats, pangolins, dogs, name it. They are kept in the most horrific conditions and slaughtered in ways that would sicken any decent person.

  17. I was going to write this comment but, Howard you beat me to it, “Our Governments Better Start Mandating Made In North America . . . Especially our Pharmaceuticals, Communications Equipment and other Commodities Essential to our Way of Life..” And I’ll add and medical equipment and food. Food of all items we have been getting this from Communist China; and add all of the non-essential products. In many ways this nation has bowed down to CC. It’s about time be stopped completely.

  18. I run a very small business and I can personally attest to the fact that some of my input costs went up as much as 25% in the past week. I cannot sell if I pass those increases on. I am looking for different suppliers hoping to keep my business profitable.

  19. Right on, Howard!! I appreciate all the time, hard work and cost that you put in to bringing us your blog! God Bless to you, Anne and all the animals!

  20. My stimulus check will stay in my community for local goods and services.

  21. I always appreciate the effort, as well as I’m able, you put in to your editorials Howard, and I thank you very much. I too prefer to buy American, or North American, if possible. Perhaps we’d have more employment in our country if the big companies brought the work & factories home.

  22. It’s nearly impossible to “buy from China”. That’s because China’s manufacturing sectors are much newer than the U.S. industrial base. So we may buy a new car in the Middle East, Europe, the Americas or Africa and still have components that have been made in China regardless who assembles it.

  23. Greed and gouging will always be with us. President Trump was on the proper path to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.A. first with Mexico during the new trade deal negotiations when he was going to impose a 25% duty on all Americans cars made in Mexico crossing back the border to be sold in the states. He did the same thing with china to get them to sign on his new deal to bring trade deficits much lower than the present. Impose huge tariffs on imported goods. Arrest people for gouging.

  24. If it’s not made in Canada or USA I don’t buy it.( or do without) Have done this for many years and will continue so.

  25. Thanks, Howard. I will work on Ben Sasse to get you a better visa! You are welcome at our place in Kearney, NE ANYTIME! Give Ann a hug for us. Jim

  26. Well said Howard! CHINA IS “OUR ENEMY”! Making a treaty, and an Ally is ludicrous! Allowing them to make anything for us is BETRAYING AMERICANS and Letting OUR ENEMY into us, which in my opinion is absolutely RETARDED AND DANGEROUS! There was a time when almost everything was made was Made in the USA it “was” COMMON! IF it wasn’t made in the USA is simply wasn’t bought! Remember GOD, Family, Country NOT ENEMIES!

  27. 30 years ago, WalMart sold mostly American-made products. The company was quite proud of calling attention to many small American businesses they called “WalMart partners” and seemed to be a very pro-American company. Then, in 2017 at age 80 I went to work at a WalMart store. I was well-treated there but soon noticed that almost everything in the store was made in China. I left after 4 months. I now buy only enter a WalMart store to buy motor oil, which is American made.

  28. I’ve observed during this crisis….our own family is taken in by the leftist propaganda. Am I a racist, for calling the virus the Chinese ? Virus? Is geography designation artist? Or just more PC crap and sacred cows designed to shut down my free speech….?

  29. This pandemic made many people aware of the dangers of farming out the manufacturing of the strategic goods to a foreign country. Well, in fact, this is stupid!

  30. Trump must be re-elected, he will take care of China, Democrats are weasels and will just do whatever they get paid for regardless of consequences. I too am reading labels to avoid any Chinese products but sometimes things are assembled or processed in China but distributed by US companies…very sneaky!

  31. The Chi-coms are pissed because Trump crashed their economy which was based on theft and slave labor. They also sell human organs to the world and these are harvested from living donors to avoid the decomposition between the time of death and surgical removal. There’s tons of evidence but the media ignores this because they need Chinese ad revenue and the politicians are paid off by China–i.e. the 1.5 billion they gave Hunter Biden and say nothing.

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