We Are Going To Get Through This – Not If . . . But When – And Sooner Rather Than Later!


Now That We’re Into This Mess . . . Now’s The Time To Start Planning For The Days After.

It Will Never Be Like It Was Before . . . which Might Not be such a Bad Thing, Considering where the World was Going, Specifically the USA & Canada, where our Governments . . . through Generations of LEFTIST Propagandized Academia, Reality TV, Television Productions that always Hyped Against Conservative Government, News Media which had Developed into its own Version of Politically LEFTIST  Propaganda . . . And Social Norms, which are Insane, such as Gender Identity & Sexual Depravity that was Foisted upon our Society as “Normal”.

I Realize That Times Are Tough . . . And People Can’t Afford to be Generous in their Financial Support for Galganov.com, but let me Assure Everyone . . . I Am Extremely Grateful For The Support We Just Received, and Hopefully, By The 15th Of April, when I Once Again Turn to the Readers & Listeners of Galganov.com . . . Things Will Be Better For All Of Us.

Other Than Following Commonsense Rules of Keeping a Reasonable Distance (6-Feet) Between Yourself and other People, Staying away from Crowds, Especially People Coughing & Sneezing . . . And Practicing “Normal” Hygiene, such as Hand-Washing or Wiping Surfaces with Anti-Bacterial Disinfectants if you come in Contact with Items like Shopping Carts . . . LIVE YOUR LIFE & WAIT THIS SUCKER-OUT!

I Don’t Believe For A Second . . . That Our Lives Are Done.


What Is Happening Here & Now, is an Extreme Wake-Up Call, which Was in One-Way Or Another Bound to Happen, if not Because of this Global Epidemic Caused by the China Coronavirus – It Would Have Been Because Of Something Else.


I’m Not Suggesting In The Least, that this Virus is Biblical and a Test or Punishment from God, as Some if Not Many Might Believe. BUT WHAT I AM “SAYING”, is that History Repeats Itself – ALWAYS, and the Bible is Without Question the Greatest History Book of all Time & Best Narrator of Human Experiences when Looking Back on History and the Experiences & Progress of Humanity . . .


I Am Not A Socialist – But I Am Also Someone Who Believes In Personal Responsibility. And our Societies (Canada & The USA) have Created a System of Government Social Responsibility, where we have Crafted a System of Financial Social Checks & Balances, where the Population has Willingly Paid Taxes to Give a Hand-Up to People in Real Need of Socio/Financial Support.

But That Hand-Up . . . Has Become An Entitlement To Many – Far Too Many!


We The People . . .  Have Allowed, Convinced & Encouraged (For Generations Since The 1960’s), Academia to Pollute the Minds of our Children to Become Socialists.

We have Also Allowed our Government Employees (Politicians, Members of Parliament (Canada), Members of Congress (USA) & Bureaucrats) to Feed-Off the Hard Work & Sacrifice of the “Working” Population, in order to Drain as Many Tax-Dollars as Possible for their Own Greedy Benefit.

People Often Wonder Why America Is So Successful, While Europe Limps Along In Economic Ignorant Bliss?

You Can Also Ask – Why are the Asians (Japanese, Taiwanese & South Koreans) so Successful? Why are the Israelis Outpacing much of the World? And why are these Countries Excelling at all the Things that Once Made North America Great? It’s Because These Countries Have Become More Like We Used To-Be.

And How Did China Become A World Powerhouse . . . Because, if the People Didn’t Work Hard in China, Really Hard, they Wouldn’t Eat – and/or the Communist Party would Force the People through Draconian Measures to Perform . . . Or In Many Cases Die.

China Also Utilized (Utilizes) Slave Labor, which Produced (Produces) items like Nike Shoes, with which to make a Mega-Billion-Dollar Corporation (Nike) Wealthier than Imaginable. And We Readily Bought Those Shoes Made By Forced Chinese Slave Labor.

Please Tell Me . . . How does it make Sense for a Product Made in China for Pennies, to Sell in North America for Dozens of Dollars at the Expense of North American Workers?

Explain . . . How American Taxpayers Bailed-Out GM (General Motors) to the Tune of 80-BILLION DOLLARS . . . Only for GM to Open up Manufacturing & Assembly Plants in Communist China?

How Did Apple . . . Which Prided itself on being 100% Made In America, Become 100% Made In China? And what Gives Google the Right to Restrict Freedom of Expression through Communist China’s Population, while Lecturing us in North America about the Virtue of Google’s Freedom Of Speech?

And We’ve Allowed Our Biggest Corporations . . . To Have Become Welfare Recipients Amongst Themselves, who in Many Ways have Morphed into Greedy Globalists, Caring More for their Wealth, Power & Prestige than they Do for the People of their National State.


We Can Try To Live Our Lives As Business As Usual . . . allowing Academia, Big Labor, Big Business, Fake News Etc . . . To Continue After this Crisis – as they Did Before. But to Coin an Expression from the Excremental Rahm Emanuel . . . “You Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”.

So Let’s Not Waste It.

Let’s Not Allow Our Politicians . . . Bureaucrats, Educators, Media, Big Business, Big Banks – Etc, Etc, Etc . . . Do To Us Again, What They’ve Gotten Away With – Just Up-To Yesterday.

It’s Enough That Nike . . . (Just As An Example) Makes (Blood) Running Shoes with Chinese Slave Labor at the Cost of Pennies, while (Nike) Sells These “Penny Sneakers” at Home (Canada & The USA) For Hundreds Of Dollars.

We Have A Chance To Do It Right When This Is Over – Let’s Not Blow-It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Chi-coms crashed the market and released a virus they manufactured. They want to go back to robbing us blind and stupid. Make no mistake, China wants to return to the days of Obama, Bush, and Clinton when it was allowed to do pretty much whatever it wanted, including stealing intellectual property and TRILLIONS from the U.S. economy over that time period.

  2. I was on a path thinking that the coronavirus was created in a lab and released on the population being taken completely out of proportion by the fake news lamestream media and lame politicians because of the political left has been losing a lot of ground for 1 world government with countries electing politicians like Trump and to regain control, crash the economy and tell sheeples that “only big and bigger governments can stop this so vote demon rat or fiberal or any left political parties now!

  3. Govts are full of crap. I don’t trust any of them. It’s all about their power, money and control (and saving their own cowardly hides) and our subservience. The rest of it they tell you is a lie. I will always believe they have alterior motives to whatever the situation. Look at Canada, illegals still flying across the border even though our fearless PM lies otherwise.

  4. Howard, My best to you and Anne, have sent a small token of our appreciation. Am hoping that we can contribute more in the future. We consider your work and efforts, invaluable. Thank you and travel safe if you’re coming back home…as per Turdeau announcement this morning. Colleen and Steven

  5. Great missive, as usual, Howard! I would add one more group in the “WE’RE NOW HARVESTING THE CHAFF OF WHAT WE’VE SOWN” portion and that is we have tolerated way too much bias from the media since the 1960s until it has devolved into nothing more than a Marketing and Propaganda Wing of the Democrat Party and its socialist/communist agenda.

  6. I believe we were lucky to have Trump as President to put a stop to all of the crap that the Democrats and the left were doing in order to have the working people supporting them. It is very plain that the left wants Trump gone so they can continue as they were. These rotten to the core Democrats are trying to blame Trump for the virus and some people will believe them.

  7. Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Canada, our dollar hit 70 cents today. Ouch. The border at Roxham Rd. is still open for infected people to freely cross over. No appropriate screening at airports yet. We have a corrupted federal government of amateurs that continue to lie to Canadians. Trudeau is evil. His absenteeism from the government is appalling. His tardiness to a national presser inexcusable. When will Canadians “storm the Bastille”?

  8. One of the many things I love about Trump: he brings out the worst in Dems. e. g. Rep James Clyburn stated, Trump is racist and America could “go the way of Germany in the 1930s”. This gives voters a far easier choice.

  9. CHINA has done America a BIG FAVOR. It has ALERTED us of all the HEALTH PRODUCTS which are made THERE and should be made HERE, in the U.S. People will also better APPRECIATE how FORTUNATE they are to live in AMERICA! The CORONAVIRUS is/was a WAKE-UP CALL for our Country. Pres. Trump will be COMMENDED for how he HANDLED this CRISIS. It appears that since this is a fairly new CRISIS, the MILLENNIALS have not yet REALIZED its EFFECTS! They need to “TOUCH fire to know that it BURNS”! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  10. Howard, you said for us to stand 6 ft. from another person, when some Doctor on TV said to stand at least TEN feet from another. We are elderly and have many medical problems so we do not leave the house except to go outdoors and walk around the yard getting fresh air. Our son and granddaughter do our grocery shopping, bring it to the door and leave. After they are gone, my husband goes to the porch and brings the bags in. God bless them!

  11. We are hunkering down here in CA. Still no case close by. I still say it is not as bad as the other corona viruses we have had before and also the regular flu. We will come through it fine and will rebuild the country to be even better. Keep up the good work and we will try to keep you going with our small contributions.

  12. On a lighter note, Happy St. Patrick’s Day – albeit nearly over. Stay safe on your journey back to Canada, traveling wise as well as health-wise. We’re in for a bad time. Schools closed, people are being told to work from home, tele-communicate, etc. Wise people are beginning to isolate themselves in an effort to not get covid-19, or if so, keep it from spreading by remaining quarantined. That’s the only way to minimize the effect as much as possible. AND PRAY for our nation’s citizenry.

  13. My family and I arrived from Austria via Germany last Saturday night and though the media on the internet harped on what the federal government(LIBERALS) had put in place for screening upon arrival at the Toronto airport there where no notices, no questionnaires, etc. to be seen anywhere. We went on voluntary isolation as was asked for on the internet but it all showed the true Liberal character – all talk, little action. Have a save trip home.

  14. My husband and I arrive from Spain via Amsterdam Saturday night and were very surprised by the lack of screening while going through customs in Toronto. The machines we had to use (by hundreds before us), to self register our arrival, seemed as if they all needed to be sanitized. We have self isolated ourselves since our return, but if we do come down with the virus, it will probably be because of our encounter at the airport. Hundreds of people processed like cattle in very close proximity.

  15. Dr: You have a curable illness. The cure is rather expensive. Me: How much does it cost? Dr: 2 million dollars. Me: Kill me now and give my money to my kids.

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