Greg Abbott Loves Israel . . . I Love Texas – We’re Even


While The News Networks Have Been Focused (Addicted) To The Impeachment Debacle . . . Some Real Serious Game-Changing “Stuff” has been Happening All over the World.

So – I’m about to Take a Break from the Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Media, LEFTIST . . . Ongoing Attempted Coup D’état of America’s Duly Elected President (Donald Trump) of the United States of America.


In 1624 . . . British Academic/Poet/Philosopher/Cleric – John Donne, Wrote his Famous Poem Beginning with the Line “No Man Is An Island”, which Ends with – “It Tolls For Thee” . . . Defining for all to Read & Evaluate – that what Happens to One Person, will Inevitably Affect all People.

By 1935 – Jews in Germany were Absolutely Disenfranchised from German Society, through the Enactment of the Nuremberg Laws.

By 1938 . . . Jewish Property was Destroyed & Vandalized, as Synagogues Throughout Germany & Austria (Vienna) were Burnt to the Ground, as Jewish Men were Beaten; with as many as 100-Murdered on the Streets, while Jewish Women & Girls were Equally Beaten-Upon & Raped.

The World Came to know November 9, 1938 Extending Through November 10, 1938 as Kristallnacht . . .The Night Of The Broken Glass.

This Wasn’t Something Entirely New, Since Jews have Felt the Misery & Venom of Anti-Semites Dating back to the Crusades, the Spanish & French Inquisitions, the Eastern European Pogroms (Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Czechoslovakia, Siberia) . . . even in Mongolia.

What Did The Entire World Say Or Do About 2000-Years Of Jew-Hatred?


I have No “PERSONAL” Interest in the Crusades, Pogroms, Kristallnacht or the Holocaust, because I wasn’t Alive During any of these Events, and I know of no Relatives, Close or Distant who Died in the Holocaust.


I Care First Of All, because I think Every Human Being Should Care, as John Donne Wrote in the 1600’s – “That No Man Is An Island, (And Ask Not) For Whom The Bell Tolls. It Tolls For Thee”.

At The End Of WWII . . . Pastor Martin Niemoller – A One-Time Advocate of Adolf Hitler & Germany’s Nazi Party, who Himself was once an Anti-Semite, was Imprisoned for 7-Years in Nazi Concentration Camps, because Niemoller Eventually Could No Longer Countenance what the Nazis Stood For . . . Wrote these Famous Lines which Ended with – “. . . Then They Came For The Jews, But I Was Not A Jew, So I Did Not Speak-Up. And When They Came For Me, There Was No One Left To Speak For Me”.


The Ancient Jewish Sage Hillel – Wrote Before the Birth of Jesus Christ . . . “If I Am Not For Myself? Who Will Be For Me? And If I’m Only For Myself, Who Am I? And If Not Now – When”?

The Simple Answer To My Above Question . . . What Did The World Say Or Do? . . . NOTHING!

On September 4, 2003 – Nearly 60-Years After The Holocaust . . . and the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp – Three Israeli F-15’s did what Roosevelt Refused to Do During World War II to Save Jews . . . These F-15’s Flew Low & Slow Following the Railroad Tracks that Brought Europe’s Jews to their Torture, Slaughter & Final Destination, Giving Proof Through The Skies . . . That The Jews Are Still Here.

When I First Saw This Fly-Over 17-Years Ago – I Cried like a Child. When I Re-Saw this Now, as I’m Writing this Editorial, My Eyes Teared-Up Once Again.


If It Wasn’t For This Impeachment Travesty . . . Perhaps we Would all Know that Jews are being Beaten-Up on the Streets of New York City, Los Angeles – Etc Almost on a Daily Basis. You’d also Know that Jews are under Seriously Increasing Physical & Psychological Attack Throughout Europe.

Jews Throughout North America (Canada & USA), as in Europe-Plus, are Under Constant Assault from Every Venue, but None More-So, than From The American & Canadian LEFT . . . Including House & Senate Democrats, Academia from Grade School to University, and from the Media by Not Featuring the Evils of Anti-Semitism, which is Happening Every Day in One Way or Another Before our Eyes.

Islamists . . . Who Immigrate from all Nations Worldwide, come to Canada and the United States with Anti-Semitic Venom Flowing through their very Being, as they have been Inculcated as Jew Haters from their Mother’s Milk.


World Leaders From 46-Nations . . . are in the Process of Leaving Jerusalem-Israel, where they Assembled Together over the Last Few Days to Give Speeches, Lay Wreathes & Pay Homage for the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz.

And as Much as the Leaders of the World Spoke of the Horrors of the Holocaust and the Dread of Auschwitz . . . These Leaders were More Focused on the Level of Anti-Semitism Today (In Their Own Countries & Others), than what Happened Years Ago, because the Threat of Anti-Semitism is as Much Alive & Well Today, As It Has Almost Ever Been.


THIS WEEK . . . More than a Dozen Major Moslem Leaders from Nations Everywhere, Convened at Auschwitz, where they Voiced their Despair at the Holocaust And Most Prominently Against Anti-Semitism, led in Big Part by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa, Secretary General Of The Moslem World League.

So . . . Remember This – When They Come For The Jews, First They’ll Be Coming For Me – And Then For You.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I watched “Eagles Over Auschwitz” in the link you provided. I was moved also, and I’m not Jewish.

  2. Good article, Mr. Galganov. “If” only the masses would take a step back in time. Only engrossed in their own little world not caring what one wit what goes on , until the fit hits the shan.

  3. Indeed the comments and fly-over video was very moving. I’m afraid the unrestrained hate that was in Germany at the time is now expanded over much of the world. I believe the same is building once again and will encompass a large portion of the globe. God help us.

  4. Having lived during that time, I agree with u all the way & U should see what I said when I posted this on FB just now. That part of history is no longer taught & is hidden from children. The socialist(democRATS) are teaching todays students their history, not Americas history. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS OR YOU ARE LOST. Remember 30s & 40s Germany. It could happen here in America TODAY. God help us and may Jesus come back to earth today.

  5. You got to me, Howard. I have always loved Jews and Israel. While I am a hawk, I do not believe in hatred of any form. When one lives with hatred in their hearts, how can they ever learn to love???!!! I do believe in killing evil & evil takes its form, in many different ways. Apathy is possibly the worse form of evil & it seems to be around the world when humans want to be superior to other humans or control their lives completely. It’s time for the US, Canada, UK, & other countries to wake up!!

  6. I watched the flyover video with tears in my eyes. Thank you Howard, and God bless Israel and Jews around the world. Robert Turnbull Richmond. BC

  7. We are really seeing; “Hate Derangement Syndrome” …and the SJW’s are OK with it being the new normal , they are even making BDS support into a form of “Virtue Signaling” We see it in Justin Trudeau and his suppport for the anti semitic UN edicts. even supported by self loathing Jews like Bernie Sanders.

  8. Howard, I quote that poem at each presentation(20-50) I make as a Survivor Speaker. The MOST incredible and rewarding moment happened during last Holocaust Education Week when I asked a grade 8 class if they heard of Pastor Niemueller. YES- and a young boy stood up and we recited the poem together. It was totally unrehearsed and it gave me an incentive to continue in my work because I was playing my part in the future; EDUCATIONG the young. I hugged his teacher and Bikerly hugs to you also Andy

  9. Actions – not words. I’m waiting to see what they do, rather than what they say. In the interim, I go armed.

  10. Thank You Howard, and Shalom. I as a child in the Bronx, in the 50″s I bore witness unfortunately to the verbal hatred towards those who were Jewish in my neighborhood. It scared me, but I was naive, until my later years. To which I learned the Horrific Atrocities committed against the Jewish people! I was mocked, and called Jew Lover and threatened. I learned about Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) I learned much about the suffering I learned the meaning of “NEVER AGAIN”! and Honor That!

  11. Watched the F-15 flyover on youtube. Very emotional !!!! Why is this still happening and why as it been happening since time began. 7.5 billion sheeples on this planet but like President Trump 14.6 million jews are a danger to this planet, SAY WHAT????!!!! I don’t get it and will never get it. Before you look at someone’s strand of straw in their eye, look at the 2×4 in your own. Most world people are sheeples because they let themselves be easily brainwashed and these days it’s anti-Semitism.

  12. Agree that Anti-Semitism is alive and well. But let’s not forget that the greatest assault globally today, is not anti-semitism, but anti Christian. Islam hates Jews and Christians, and most of the “Left” are in the same camp as the Islamists!

  13. Amen! You brought tears to my eyes as well! I have Neidmoeller’s quote in a frame above my computer. It supposedly came from a poster that an Ontario Judge had on his office wall. i was only thirteen when the second wold war ended. My God, I can’t believe that people can be so stupid; especially on the left. i keep saying the USA can only be defeated from within – many of us know that the leftists are trying damn hard!

  14. When I first heard of the Holocaust , while in grade school I ask questions and never got legitimate answers so I am old now and still don’t have answers but I read the Diary of Ann Frank when I was close to the age she would have been when they killed her and I also cried and I also cried for her and her family in Amsterdam and I guess I am trying to say I understand your tears and I am a Christian so so of course, I love Jews also. Thank You

  15. I have a experienced many business deals with Jewish persons and find them people like all people. These experiences are World wide. I am a devoted christan and respect many Jewish friends as the persons they are. So I find persecute as a nationaly revolting. .

  16. People should check the definition of MOSLEM vs. MUSLIM and try to use the proper term! As an example—Michigan, the PROGRESSIVES, and the SQUAD are ENGULFED with MOSLEMS and this “speaks for itself”! The MOSLEMS are, slowly but surely, INVADING the U.S. which is very dangerous for AMERICANS! Pres. Trump NEEDS to be RE-ELECTED and CONGRESS needs to be RECAPTURED by the CONSERVATIVES in November. The TRUTH will be REVEALED by the SENATE today. GO TRUMP GO! Pray for him and his family! AMEN!

  17. Being Jewish was only aproblem in the 30s and early 40s in Phoenix My daughter now is 55 and married to a Catholic in Belgium they had no problem finding a Rabbi for the mixed ceremony but it was difficult to find Catholic priest that would also go along with the ceremony my grandson was Barmitzva and now will go to college in America. My son in law a great guy. Things change over the years. Mixed marriage is no big deal anymore.

  18. Right on Mr Galganov. Most of those born after 1980 have virtually no knowledge of the Horrors perpetrated by Adolph Hitler. Teachers only mention the Holocaust in passing, giving it no importance, therefore after graduation they have not an inkling of the horrors imposed on the Jews. They fail to recognize that the same climate could be imposed on us by a few compliant politicians.

  19. Awesome blog. I quote Niemoller often as it is so thought provoking and true. I stand with Israel and the Jewish people. I try to educate others through my blogs /emails and face to face conversations. BTW Liberalism has infected Biblical scholarship also and I fight that as well. Liberal Biblical scholarship has lulled many Christians (which I am) to sleep. I fight that also. Liberalism is even seen in the study of the Hebrew language! I deal with THAT also! Thanks much , Howard.

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