Kristallnacht 1938 . . . 2019 BDS – The New Precursor To Kristallnacht


Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Arrived in Spicewood Texas Yesterday (November 9, 2019) Afternoon, after 2100-Miles on the Road from South Eastern Ontario Canada to the Lone Star State.


It was Wonderful Being Greeted by Friendly Faces who Run this Brand New RV Park, which is Somewhat still in the Making, as we Await more than a Dozen Friends from all across the United States of America, and one Canadian, who are also on their way to Spend the Winter far Removed from Really Cold Temperatures, Snow, Freezing Rain & Ice.

I Thank Everyone For Your Patience In The Lack Of Me Writing, While We Traveled.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day (Canadian Description) & Veterans’ Day (American Description), which are Basically One in the Same.

When I was Growing-Up, many of the Adults Referred to November 11th As Armistice Day . . . which was when the Germans & their Axis Partners Surrendered to the Allies to End the First World War – “The War To End All Wars”.

Whether We Like It Or Not . . . Believe It Or Not – Wars Will Never End.


Therefore – Our Guarantee, which is as Best as we can Guarantee Anything to our Freedoms . . . is Paramount to the Strength of our Military, our Politicians’ Willingness to Fight when Necessary & Called Upon . . . And A Strong Leader.

By 1939 . . . My Dad (Eddy Galganov) Enlisted, as did Three of his Brothers (My Uncles) who Donned Canadian Uniforms and Headed Across the Atlantic to Fight the Germans, as did Millions of other North Americans (Canadians & Americans), and Others  who Freed the World from Unbelievable Evil in  the Name of the Nazis – and to the South Pacific to Fight Hirohito of Japan.

Make No Mistake About It . . . Today’s Germans Lay The Blame For WWII At The Feet Of The Nazis, where in all Reality, as De Tocqueville once Wrote (To Paraphrase) . . .  No Matter How Charismatic A Leader Might Be, He Can’t Lead A Nation In A Direction The People Are Not Prepared To Follow.

And It Wasn’t Just The Germans . . . All of Europe was Culpable in the Holocaust, as were Canadian Leaders (Canada’s Prime Minister King & America’s President Roosevelt).

My Weapons Are Words, Truth, Honesty & History – But If Necessary – I Would Go Beyond.

I Wear My Poppy On November 11th . . . To Pay Homage To The Brave Men & Women who Sacrificed So Much for our World to be Free. I NEVER Want to Forget the Patriots of Freedom who Fought for Me and Countless Others, so I Wouldn’t Have to Pick-Up a Weapon to Fight for Myself.

On This Week . . . We Pay Tribute To Remembrance/Veterans’ Day – And To The 30th Anniversary Of The Fall Of The Berlin Wall. But We All SHOULD Remember & Pay Tribute To The Day Of Broken GlassKristallnacht – when on November 9th & 10th . . . 1938, Throughout Germany & Austria – Jews by the Hundreds of Thousands were Disenfranchised.

Tens of Thousands of Jews were Beaten by Government Sanctioned Thugs, Hundreds of Jews were Murdered, Jewish Women were Raped, Synagogues & Jewish Owned Businesses were Torched & Virtually all Jewish Owned Businesses Suffered at the Very Least from Shattered Windows – Hence the Term Kristallnacht . . . “The Night Of Broken Glass”.

If You’re Jewish . . . And You Believe That This Is Somehow “Ancient” History, which is Over & Done with, Which Happened 81-Years Ago, and can Never Happen Again . . . That’s What So Many Hopeful but Ignorant Jews Thought After the Roman Defeat of Israel at the time of Jesus Christ, then the Crusades, then the Inquisitions, then the Anti-Jewish European Laws, the Jewish Poll Taxes and the Pogroms . . . Ending CURRENTLY with the Holocaust.

I Write Currently . . . Because It’s Never Going To End – There Will Only Be Respites!


JEW-HATRED IS A MAGNIFICATION OF EVIL . . . That Grows like a Cancer, Indiscriminate of who it Destroys. When they Come for Me Because I’m A Jew – Understand This . . . Next – They’ll Be Coming For You.

6-Millions Jews Were Slaughtered In European Holocaust Death Camps . . . But So Also Were 6-Millions Non-Jews.

I Don’t Know If You Remember Who Tony Randall Was . . . But to Shake your Memory, Tony Randall was a Brilliant Stage & Screen Actor, who for Years Starred beside Jack Klugman in the Television Sensation we Knew as the “Odd Couple”.

Randall & Klugman Were Both Jewish . . . Both were Born in the USA and Served During WWII. Both were Diehard Patriotic Americans & Champions of Freedom.

Tony Randall Was A Brilliant Man . . . in many Regards besides his Multitude of Stage, Screen & Musical Talents . . . Randall was a Semanticist, a Person with an Unbelievable Grasp of the English Language’s many Nuances.

Many Years Ago . . . At a Time Before the Fall of the Berlin Wall, I Saw Tony Randall on the Johnny Carson Show, when Randall gave Thanks that the Berlin Wall Existed, Saying that if Germany was Ever to Re-Unite as a Nation, he Feared that the Time will Come Again, when America will have to Save the World from Germany.

So Here We Are Celebrating, or more Appropriately-Stated . . . Memorializing all the Men & Women who Served, who were Wounded, who Died and the Millions more who were Permanently Mentally Damaged (PTSD) Fighting Germany Twice, while the World Celebrates the Fall of the Berlin Wall, which was Caused Exclusively by Germany’s Two World Wars.

And Here I Am . . . Remembering My Dad & Others Who Sacrificed so Much Fighting the Germans, while also Remembering Kristallnacht, which was the Precursor to the Slaughter Of Europe’s Jewish Population, at the Hands of the People we are now Paying Homage to this Week, because of the Fall of the Wall of their Own Making.

As We’re Memorializing Our Brave Warriors Of Multiple Wars . . . The World Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket. And wherever there are Jews, Anti-Semitism (Jew-Hatred) is on the Rise in Horrific Numbers, which can also be Said throughout the World, even where there Aren’t Jews, or an Appreciable Community of Jewish People.

And After More Than 80-Years Of Extreme Anti-Semitism . . . And Tens of Millions Of People who Paid the Ultimate Sacrifice in More Ways than I can Describe, Jew-Hatred In Germany Is Once Again On The Public Stage & On The March. And Not just Amongst Islamists.


In This Week Of Remembering . . . There’s An Awful Lot – Not To Forget.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your comment are right on. I saw the problems during the war and remember my parents rescuing Jewish on the way to Sweden. They housed them during the day and sent them on in the morning. Then the Germans came during the day to spend time on the farm. They never saw it. Us small children was warned not to say anything to them or we would all die. Next month I will give a speech about my experiences as a 5 year old. My parents were heroes!

  2. HG I concur with you that most of us never learn from history and it repeats itself over and over again sadly to say. Antisemitism is again on the rise throughout the world including North America. This continuing reoccurring reason being is that Satan despises the chosen people of God the apple of His eye, the Jews and knows his time is short. We know who ultimately wins this battle and it is one of the things me and my family look forward too. I believe we are living in that generation.

  3. Sadly so, HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF! Jewish hatred, in Germany, is not only on the rise, but it’s cancerous venom has spread throughout Europe, once again. Must you become old in order to see it and how it, also, affects Israel?

  4. This is also on the rise here in America and it makes me disgusted with the so called Americans who are responsible for it.

  5. Christians the world over are also being persecuted and murdered, non believers are are also being murdered by the Islamists. Many HUMANS are being slaughtered for the coming of the Muslim fanatics who want nothing less than to rule the world…a world of Muslims only.

  6. Times are getting more & more “as in the days of Noah”. I never imagined we’d be witnessing such times, esp. in the USA–a nation founded on Biblical principles, known as a Christian nation. Not anymore with chaos & hatred in general & of Jewish spreading like wildfire; LGBTQ++ legalized & now forced down our throats & expanding. Pedofiles will be added next as ok. Upside-down/inside-out I believe is result of delusion & growing numbers added daily. If this isn’t end times, can’t be far off.

  7. I agree with your comments about Jewish hatred increasing globally. But also included in the “hated” group, are Christians, and Conservative or right of centre thinkers. The synopsis in Canada now, is that the Conservatives (Scheer) were defeated because Scheer is a Catholic who doesn’t agree with the So called Progressives on same sex marriage etc, even though he vowed not to change what is. At the same time the Islamists, who hate Jews and Christians, are being imported into Canada in droves.

  8. My heritage comes from Poland. About 5.2 million ethnic Poles were also killed in the holocaust. Just a note. On our memorial day ceremony the air cadet band was a total mix of every ethnicity and race. To be there each kid was obviously encouraged by their family. The key to an everlasing peaceful world is the FAMILY – I think.

  9. As a child, I lived (just after WWII) for two years in an area occupied by Jewish refugees liberated after the war. They taught me so many lessons about gratitude. We moved from there to an area within a mile of a German POW camp. The fear that one might escape was palpable. Children walking to school had to walk in threes. Interesting times with both curses and blessings.

  10. WARNING: Keep your eyes on Quebec. “La belle province”… which has been infected with ethnocentric “French” nationalism, exceeding 2 decades, is now run by Neo-Nazis who call themselves the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Quebec). Premier Legault and his “CAQ” regime are nothing more than petty small minded racist ‘French Quebecois Nationalists’ who are allergic to the English Language and Minorities (Muslims, Jews, Blacks, etc…)… and Immigrants !!! :>( – Brucester

  11. I saw a poster today that says it all…”If you want to thank a soldier, then be the kind of American (or Canadian) worth fighting for!”

  12. EXCELLENT Retrospect, (future outlook advice)! Perhaps our “stock Market gains, and Savings and IRA’s have been sufficient to deem 1938’s precursors of next year and the years after that! I at least have complete confidence that a “docile” United States will hasten the repeat of history. God help us all!!!

  13. Welcome back to you and yours Howard. it is not just Jews that are being earmarked for destruction. Hatred is being fueled by liberals all over the USA. The fuel is disguised as approval and support of values that are contrary to God’s word. I need not list those convoluted issues because they are known by all. Satan seems to be in temporary control of the whole world.

  14. In an effort to stand with Israel, to keep truth in front of people, I have ridden with you Howard, to Canada, Florida, & Texas as final destinations. I have shipped 30 bikes and took 74 people to Israel in 2011, 2017 found us riding from London to Jerusalem with Israel and USA flags on our bikes, currently, working on a ride from Auschwitz to Moscow in Aug. 2020. Silence no my option – I will continue to do what I can with my bike to stand with Israel – you keep writing! Welcome to Texas –

  15. My Dad was a captain on the Lancasters,over there.Canada manufactured approx.500 right here in Malton,Ontario.throughout the war.Many thousands were built in Britain starting up in 1931 ,yes 1931.I wonder why?There was a Big storm comin’…

  16. Welcome to the great state of Texas. May your stay be blessed with new and old friends. Send new address so i can contribute to your wonderful words of hope and incites. I believe that God is still in control and pray that He will still bless our countries as He has in the pass. Keep faith. Billie

  17. Gen 16:12 “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers”. And along comes Mohammad. And the “brotherhood” of man has continued killing each other in the name of the Lord ever since. USNR(TAR) Retired. Thanks to all who sacrificed for our countries and to God, Who has blessed us.

  18. Growing up in the Bronx during the 50’s and being Italian & Catholic(Gentile)I witnessed the hatred toward those who were Jewish.NO EXPLANATION GIVEN but for being Jewish! That DID NOT BODE Well with/for me, young as I was! I was targeted by those who would call me Jew Lover, I was scared but did not cave. Really didn’t know why, except that it seemed SO WRONG.I learned History, some of my neighbors were BRANDED survivors of Nazi Death Camps.I Learned more History. NEVER AGAIN, burned within me.

  19. Welcome back to the USA! You are correct in that “The World Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket.” More HATRED exists in this World than ever before.No one can DENY that SATAN’S presence is being felt by everyone. The only way “he” can be DEFEATED is with CHRISTIANITY & PRAYERS! I swear that if one would HOLD a CRUCIFIX in front of certain HATERS that they would FALL to the ground! We do have some HOPE, however, due to a CONSERVATIVE/Trump being our leader vs. a RADICAL! He MUST BE RE-ELECTED! AMEN!

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