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I Love Writing & I Have An Enormous Amount Of Stories To “Tell”. And as much as I Love to Write, Believe it or Not, all of this Political Analysis is not what I Want to Write About – I Find It All To Be Terribly Depressing.

When the Radio Station, which was Broadcasting my Daily Talk-Show Accepted a Deal from the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Television Commission) Somewhat Akin to the American FCC – to become a NON-TALK-STATION – in order to Receive a Rare Clear Channel License, I and all the Other Talk-Show Hosts on that Station were almost Immediately without a Radio Job.


I Can’t Swear To It – But I’m All But Positive This Deal Was Made Solely To Get Me Off The Air.

When I was Asked (Repeatedly) How I Felt at being “Off-The-Air” – People were Amazed when I told them, that I felt Liberated. Even though, I only Broadcasted an Hour a Day, Every Day, I spent Hours Upon Hours Doing Research & Activism.

So My One Hour Per Day . . . Became All Day – Every Day, 7-Days A Week, and it was Always about Dirty Politics. At the End of Each Day, I was Thoroughly Exhausted & Usually Quite Unhappy, which is Perhaps Why my Radio Show was Amongst the Hottest Tickets In Town . . . Because I Put So Much Of Myself Into It.


Many Years Ago In Montreal, perhaps as long back as 20-Years Ago, I was Giving a Speech at a Rally in Defense of Freedom of Expression for all Canadians in all of Canada, but Specifically, Referring to the Mostly French Speaking Province of Quebec, where – THE UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS AGAINST THE LAW!

A Reporter – One of Many English Language Sell-Outs amongst the English-Speaking Media (Print, Radio & Television), asked Me just after an Impassioned Speech I Gave . . . “Why Are You Always So Angry”?

My Response to that Question was Simple . . . “If You’re Not Angry At Being Treated As A Second Class Citizen In Your Own Country – YOU’RE AN IDIOT!

In Quebec . . . at that Time, Residents of the Province were Defined as Francophones (French Speakers), Anglophones (English Speakers), Allophones (Ethnics), and then all of a Sudden Angryphones – Which Referred To Pissed-Off English Speakers.

I Don’t Know if this Describer of Angry & Disillusioned English Speakers was Created because of my Particular Passion & Willingness to get in the Face of Ethnocentric Quebecois Bigots from the Government – Down . . . to the “Anglo” Sell-Outs who wanted People like me to Shut-Up and Go Away, and let them (Anglo Elitists) Negotiate how Many Rights we should have in an Otherwise Democratic Society?

Or Was It Just Happenstance – That This Describer (Francophone) Was Created Simultaneously with my Speeches, because of My Freedom Of Expression Activism . . . And/Or the Huge Number of English Speakers who were as Angry as a Nest of Hornets?

But It Doesn’t Really Matter, since it Aptly Described how I Felt Every Single Day, which was Neither Pleasant Nor Healthy for Anne or for Me?

If You Want To Get Just A Taste . . . Of My Life Fighting For Freedom of Expression In Quebec, Not Including The Death Threats, 24/7 Bodyguards for Anne & Our Property – Click Here. And if you don’t Want to See the whole Video, Fast Forward To 6:35.

Getting Back Full-Time to Working in our Advertising Agency with Anne, was very much like a Vacation, because it Lacked the Hostility, Anger & Constant Discourse about “DIRTY” Politicians & “DIRTY” Bureaucrats.

Even Though Being On The Radio Show . . . Day-In & Day-Out . . . Made a Huge Difference to the Lives of a Great many People, not because I was a Great Talk-Show Host, which I wasn’t, but Rather, because I was a Great Advocate for the Truth,  Freedom of Expression & Us Against “Them” . . . “Them” Being The Politicians & Assorted Elitists Who Ran (Run) Roughshod Over The People – Drained Me.


I Started BLOGGING About 20-Years Ago, before I even knew what Blogging was. So I Never Stopped Being Somewhat Of An Activist. And Then I Discovered that Podcasting is Nothing more than Broadcasting Information (Expressing Opinions) over the Internet, which is Something I was Doing long before Podcasting Became Fashionable.

When I Started Blogging – It Was Pretty-Much A Psychological Release . . . More Than a War of Words, Because the World Wasn’t Nearly as Crazy Then as it is Now, which has been Developing Unnoticed over the Past Few Dozen Years.

I Didn’t Notice . . . Because here in North America (Canada and the USA), Before Obama and after the Feckless George W Bush . . . We Didn’t Notice How We Were Beginning To Reap What We Had Sowed . . . & It Wasn’t Good.

Very Few Of Us Before Obama . . . Ever Saw It Coming.

But Here I Am . . . Once Again – In The Throes Of A Socio/Political Tsunami, Which is Far Greater to our Countries (Canada and the USA) and the World . . . than Restricted use of a Language in an Ethnocentric Province (Quebec) of Canada.


People Have To Understand . . . President Trump’s Fight Isn’t just with the Democrats, Pelosi, Schumer, the “Squad” – Etc . . . President Trump is FIGHTING the Globalist LEFT, which Includes Most of Europe (all of the EU), Russia, China and Others in Latin America.

This Fight Includes You & Me . . . which we Can’t Afford to Lose. Because, if we Lose, WE LOSE EVERYTHING. We Lose our Freedoms of Expression. Our Freedoms to have the Government Work for us – Opposed to us Working for our Governments. And we become Nothing More than a Cog In The Socialist/Communist One World Government.

I Don’t Want To Fight – I Figure I’ve Fought Enough Over The Years . . .

BUT . . . If This Real Threat To Our Freedoms Isn’t Worth Getting Angry Over; and I Mean Really Angry, Go Back to Sleep, ‘Cause in the Final Analysis, Everyone who Won’t in One Way Or Another Fight . . . Will Get What They Deserve.

I Figure That I & The People Who Want To Be Free, Who Are Willing To Fight To Be Free . . . Makes It Well Worth Me Getting Angry – All Over Again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A Fight – Canda got rid of Canada’s Trump (Mr Harper) just as America got rid of the Globalists and elected Trump. Canada has turned it’s government into a Mendacious Criminal Socialist mess that wants to bankrupt those that agree or disagree with their pursuit of incalculable debting Canada’s constitution to elimiate any and all freedoms not restricted to Canada’s 1% + Parliamentarians. How did this happen?

  2. I say fight to the death,no other choice, theirs,not ours.

  3. Indeed progressivism began in the US shortly before the 20th century (or so I read) & limped along thru FDR and a few others. But when moral/ethical God-fearing;loving people said nothing when prayer was removed from public schools, it began in earnest. Now look at our situation 50-60 years later. Remove God from a nation & this is what we get. I believe Trump is God’s man for present. What comes after is in God’s hands as well. It will get worse. Prayer is all I can do at my age (almost 78).

  4. I watched the YOUTUBE you provided and Your Voice & Operating a BUSINESS w/equal French/English Bilingual Signs STARTED the ‘revolution’ as well as the picketing of those stores NOT willing to Display Bilingual Signs. When we get involved it makes a difference. We can NOT just sit back & do nothing, we have to PARTICIPATE to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Your Blog is doing that as we SHARE with others & WE discuss with others. We have Lost the Respect, now we must TAKE IT BACK by ACTION.

  5. I agree HG. HOWEVER I am convinced it’s time to drive the BUS over the Cliff and Reboot the whole Mess. I left Quebec, I Watched Bilingualism ruin our Country followed by Immigration ruining it further . AND I am presently watching, live, the IDIOTS in Ca. Vote in the same Clowns plus a few more similar likeminded fools . Next I will be in line to hand over my firearms to ensure the World Makeover is Violence Free. Welcome to Venezuela.

  6. I wear a patch on every vest – “DIE FIRST, THEN QUIT” – it is worth the fight! We who fight, all fight differently but fight we must. It is abundantly clear, many are sheep that are being consumed by wolves because there are not enough sheepdogs – I am educated, inspired and encouraged to keep fighting the way I fight by your blogs – I told my wife today, ‘if I let up, I am concerned I would fall among the countless numbers who have given up, therefore, we will stay busy in the fight’ Gary Burd

  7. Awesome video! I have a better understanding of what Canada has been through. Your lifetime fight is well justified. Yes, it is ALL about civil rights & the injustice of the French Elitists. I think, you are a true power house & you aren’t even aware of it, that is the sign of a true leader, like it or not. In the US, today’s progressive ideals started with Pres. Woodrow Wilson & simply went on from there. This is not enough space to go into the lengthy history, resulting in today’s issues.

  8. There is a saying in Ukrainian that loosely translated goes like this “Better to die a Wolf than live the life of a Dog.” Time to be a Wolf. I don’t mean that literally, but it’s time our voices are heard. I work in oil and gas and I can guarantee that all those people screaming about pipelines have never seen one being built or know the hoops that have to be jumped through or know that those builders leave the place better than it was found.

  9. Off topic here, but I just learned Trudeau won another term. I am truly sorry!

  10. Yes, Trudeau won –but lost his majority!–Hopefully this will limit how much damage he can do to Canada until another election cycle. I’m an American so I only have a limited understanding of Canadian politics! It’s still in GOD’s hands.

  11. Greetings: The one and ONLY good takeaway from watching results of Canada’s election last night is that the Liberals, under smug Justin Trudeau did NOT get a Parliamentary majority. This virtually ENSURES another election way BEFORE what could have been 4/5 years had they attained a 170 seat majority! Another thing… HOW ABOUT THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY CHOOSING A REAL LEADER… HUH???!!!

  12. I watched the video and it reminded me whatever English signage we now have in Quebec, we wouldn’t have but for your effort way back when!

  13. I commend you, Howard, for your never-give-up attitude that has led to your continued success. We your readers are thankful for it!

  14. Trudeau has a minority government but with NDP, Bloc and Green all ready to support him it is the death knoll for Alberta and the Pipeline. Quebec is in a position to make demands to benefit just themselves and Singh has vowed to never support Conservatives. It’s game over for Conservatives and who knows what for Canada for the next four years. More globalism, climate hoax, uncontrolled immigration, Marrakesh, 1984 and maybe Atlas Shrugged. Bye bye free speech. MHO.

  15. I am a very sad Canadian voter today. I know that those who voted this party back in even with a minority government will surely get everything that they deserve, the sad thing is that the rest of us will have to suffer with them.

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