At Least Prostitutes Give Honest Value For Dollar Received


THERE WEREN’T NEARLY . . . The Number of Accolades I Expected for the Late Congressman Elijah Cummings, who was only Slightly Canonized by the LEFT & Kiss-Ass Republicans & “So-Called Conservative” Pundits, who Wanted to Appear to have a Heart Above & Beyond Politics.

They’re Mostly All Liars, Pretenders & Performers.

How many Times have you been to Funerals, where the Priest, Minister or Rabbi Spoke so Glowingly about the Dead to be Buried, who you knew was a Real Piece of Crap in Life, yet Everyone says the Perfunctory Lies about what he or she was Like, Before he or she Bit The Bullet?


What we See & Hear before the Cameras and by the Microphones, when the Politicians Exercise their Indignation against each Other . . . Is Mostly BS, Because they’re all Swimming in the same Swamp. And they’re all Feeding from the same Trough, Fed with our Tax Money.

I have no Doubt that many of the Politicians Start-Out with Fine & Honorable Intentions, which are Generally Usurped once they Become Inculcated with the Belief in their own Intellectual Supremacy, because that’s What Generally Happens when you get to Tell other People how to Live their Collective Lives.

I’ve Met Many People . . . who once Elected, all of a Sudden Dawn this Superiority Cloak, as they Huddle with Others – “Their New Friends” . . . who are all of a Sudden Part of their Newly Minted Same-Kind.


I Remember how Aghast I Was, when I Sat as a Guest of a Member of Parliament, for my First Time in the Canadian Parliamentary Dining Room, as I Watched Members of Parliament from Different Parties, who are Always seen on Television in near Combat with each Other, but . . .  Who in the Privacy of the Dining Room – Couldn’t be More Cordial & Friendly.


What was even more Shocking, or at Least Shocking to me, were the Members of the Media who were Also in the Dining Room, who were Guests just like me, who Enjoyed the Comradery with the Politicians.

It’s All One Incestuous Club Of Insiders – Politicians, Media & Bureaucrats. And We’re Not Invited To Join.


Three Congresswomen Amongst Hundreds of Men & Women in Congress, in the names of – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib – Who I Wouldn’t Trust To Muck-Out Our Horse-Stalls . . . Are Lauded Like Rock-Stars.

If this is the Standard we have Decided to Set, in order to Gauge & Trust the People we Elect and the People the Politicians Appoint . . . It Explains The Disaster, Which We Call Government.

Pelosi Is In Jordan Discussing American Foreign Policy . . . Why?

As I Understand The Separation of American Political Powers . . . It is the President of the United States of America who Decides Foreign Policy . . . and in the Words of Several Presidents who said – One President At A Time. Is Pelosi The President of the United States of America?

So what Gives Nancy Pelosi the Right to Discuss Foreign Policy with the Government (King) of Jordan? And being that the President of the United States of America is President Trump, whatever Pelosi says to Jordan – at Best is Irrelevant . . . and at Worst Usurps the President of the United States of America and the American People.

It is Unbelievable how much Damage Pelosi is Doing to the United States of America at Home & Abroad. And how so many of the People of America are Either too Stupid or too Ignorant to Realize it. It’s like a Professional Football Team, which has Multiple Head Coaches all Calling the Plays.


For Those Very Few Readers Who Might Not Fully Understand The Meaning Of Quid-Pro-Quo.

There is NOTHING in Life that I can Relate to, which Isn’t a Quid-Pro-Quo. Give Me This & I’ll Give You That, which is as Simple and as Basic as the Title of this Editorial.

Consensual Sex is a Quid-Pro-Quo. Marriage is a Quid-Pro-Quo. Getting a Job is a Quid-Pro-Quo. Passing your Exams in School is a Quid-Pro-Quo. Even Losing Weight is a Quid-Pro-Quo with yourself.

SO . . . When President Trump Is Accused Of Making A Quid-Pro-Quo With The Ukrainians . . . What Is The LEFT Talking About?

Before Anne & I Decided To Get Serious With Each Other, We Made A Quid-Pro-Quo.

We both Promised not to Be with Anyone else but Each other. We had to Make Compromises on Everything to Satisfy each Other. That Was A Gargantuan Quid-Pro-Quo, which has thus far Lasted More than 46-Years.

EVERY BUSINESS DEAL IN THE WORLD . . . Is a Quid-Pro-Quo. So why are the LEFT so Shit-Faced about a Quid-Pro-Quo between the President of the USA and the President of Ukraine? Especially since President Trump Didn’t Ask for a Quid-Pro-Quo.

I Read The Transcript . . . and I am very Capable of Understanding what I Read. And Nowhere in the Transcript does President Trump Say or Ask the President of Ukraine for any kind of Quid-Pro-Quo.

And Even If President Trump Asked The President Of Ukraine . . . for a Quid-Pro-Quo, where the President Doesn’t Get anything of Personal Value, like a Seat on the Board of a Foreign Corporation for the President’s Son . . . Like You Know Who? So Again, I Ask – What Is The LEFT Talking About?

What I Find Most Revolting . . . Is How The LEFT Is Willing To Destroy America To Create A Socialist One World Government . . . By All Means Possible. Using the Stupidity of the Voting Public Against Itself, all Courtesy of the Media & Academia Where it all Begins.

PS . . . If You Haven’t Voted Conservative Yet In The Canadian Election – Get Out Tomorrow (Monday) & Do It!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. the more I read what you write,the more valium I take,just kidding,but damn the truth hurts.stay with it.

  2. My quid pro quo is still in effect at 59 years. Hope you beat that Howard. What happens when politicians get elected wit or without good intentions? They castrate themselves. In this regard I have a problem with Elizabeth May of the Green Party who sat on, without a peep, 8 billion liters of Montreal poop being dumped in the Saint/Sainte Lawrence river. Similar kudos to Elijah Cummins who still carries his band aid that he got during the march to Selma Alabama. His badge of courage – I think.

  3. I feel your concern for all the nefarious deeds done by the Liberals in both countries. Your words are a constant reminder that what I feel as with so many others, is not wrong.My main question is how do we the Left disappear and take their unpatriotic ways with them?? They will not listen to us so a show of force is completely necessary. Voting seems like the only, best way to keep those Liberals from ever gaining power AGAIN!! Good luck on Monday. We will be rooting form ya!!!

  4. Excellent Editorial. Quid Pro Quo is just ‘Old Fashioned Compromise’. And this is something our HOUSE/SENATE have yet to learn HOW TO DO! We do this in our daily lives. Those who do NOT/WILL NOT compromise MAY be considered BULLIES? Biden/Hunter? And Dishonest. The Demonics have Tunnel Vision it’s called ME ME ME. (Only MY Way). People who can THINK & are INFORMED actually understand what Quid Pro Quo is & does. MYPOV

  5. We with any smarts know that Nancy P and her band of KKK are doing their best to destroy this country. Not all of us are stupid. I am not smart like you are for you are very intelligent like my brother, half the time I have no idea what U R both talking about. But I get a drift of it . I would love to see Nancy P. and her group out of the White house and never return again. Howard once again thank you for your great Editorial. Think they are all nutty as squirrels .Am I allowed to say that?

  6. Very well stated, Howard! Its’ so TRUE that MOST politicians are “…all Feeding from the same Trough…fed with our Tax Money.” MOST of them are HYPOCRITES! Love the term, “Superiority Cloak”! We must remember that Pelosi is THIRD in line for the Presidency which is WHY the LEFT also wanted to get RID of PENCE! There is nothing wrong with Quid-Pro-Quo activities as long as they are done LEGALLY! The RADICALS DO have a GOAL which is to create A SOCIALIST One World Government. GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  7. Hey Howard. Read the letter too. A conversation between two people with almost nothing in common except aid which Trump mentions. Ran out of conversation and he asked for a request. No big deal. No quid pro quo. A quid pro quo means that IF you do for me then I do for you. If you don’t do for me then I don’t do for you. Conditions are attached. Never happened. That bird can’t fly.

  8. biden the father did a $1.5 Billion quid pro quo with the ex-president of ukraine to get a prosecutor removed from office that was investigating biden the son. biden senior even boasted on TV and the video is available that as vice-president he would withhold the $1.5 Billion from ukraine if that prosecutor wasn’t fired. So far everything the left and the demon rats have accused Trump of doing wrong, they did the wrong and broke the law. Anything than a Conservative majority and Canada is doomed

  9. Howard, excellent editorial!!! I have a better understanding about what is truly going on in my US Congress. If, I am not mistaken, Pelousi is treading of thin ice. It NOT the place of the Speaker of the House to go to a foreign country & talk about foreign policy!!! She has overstepped her boundaries & it may she may be considered a traitor. Foreign policy in the US is handled by the Sec. of State & primarily the US President. No one else should be involved with any of it, period end of quote!

  10. Ok fellow Canadians. Very important day tomorrow. If we don’t elect a Conservative Majority, we are doomed, especially in Western Canada. All we will hear from the Left, is Climate Change Hysteria so they can continue to rape and pillage we, the taxpayer, with more Carbon Tax, etc. CO2 is not a pollutant, but is essential for all vegetation, along with water. We need more CO2, not less! Canada’s only 1.6% of global CO2. CO2 only .04% of atmosphere. A gigantic leftist hoax!

  11. I hope there is an underling disgust with the liberals we will be rid of them and try and bring some unity back to my country. The division caused between east and west is this sad man (JT). I had tears in my eyes listening to mt western friend feeling isolated especially because the catering to Quebec that continually make us poorer

  12. When Quid Pro Quo is unavailable , cash works just as well and in some circumstances better. Furthermore “agreement and verification ” are not required . 1 goat =1 gal of gas or better yet 5$ of currency = 1 gal of gas and no upkeep on the goats required . Overall politicians in Ca are no longer “telling” us how we can get a job and improve our own lot , but focussed on who can give the most free crap to whomever.

    Even a Goat for Gas is Quid Pro Quo – HG

  13. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature will vote for ABT tomorrow. ABT? Anyone But Trudeau. Another 4 years with this doofus clown and we may as well say goodbye to Canada. I voted in the advance polling for Scheer’s Conservatives. A CPC majority is the only way to get rid of the POS.

  14. Two serious problems with people elected to political office; –they soon think that they know everything; –they think that they have to do something & that’s even more dangerous.

  15. As usual spot on. I have to comment about Pelosi’s trip to Jordan. On April 4 2007 after a special request from president Busch for her not to go to Syria at an explosive time then, she still went, nothing new with that piece of you know what. She has showed included, as we speak, her complete disregard for the rules, she seems to be a model for the democrats as well as a model as a great liar together with shifty Schiff but she is good at taking orders from the squad.

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