What Happens When Decent People Have Had Enough?


Last Night . . . I went to Bed after Feeding the Horses their last Feeding of the Day as Anne Walked Stryker.

Anne was Already in Bed Reading her iPad, when I got under the Covers. Stryker came and Jumped onto the Bed to get his Bedtime Cookies (Several of a Gazillion Cookies he Gets over Every Day), after-which, I Shut the Light & Decided to Listen to Laura Ingraham on SiriusXM . . . And Boy Am I Glad I Did.

Anne & I Heard Rudy Giuliani Destroy This Super-Annoying Uber LEFTIST Lying Piece Of Crap Chris Hahn – Without Mercy . . . As Giuliani Gave It To Hahn With Both Barrels.


I watched Greta Thunberg Speaking On-Camera, the Teenage (16-Year Old) Swedish Climate Activist, and Saw Mental Sickness in her Face & Heard Hate Spewing from her Contorted Angry Lips, as she Railed Against Reality. And I Came to the Conclusion that I was seeing a Teenage Hitler In The Making.

On A Fox Broadcast . . . I Heard Joe DiGenova, a well-known Former Federal Prosecutor, who is Famous for his Legal Acumen and for Not Suffering Fools & Liars Passively; when DiGenova called Judge Napolitano a “Fool”.


Great! . . . Napolitano is a Pompous Jackass, who Purveys the Image that He is a Philosopher King. Where in Fact – Judge Napolitano has become a Media Hack like all the Other Media Hacks, who thinks Far too much of his own “Indefatigable” Legal Knowledge.


This Insanity Over Climate Change Is An Outright Assault On Humanity.

In Essence . . . The LEFT Have Latched-Onto a Fraudulent Threat in Order to Construct an Issue to Rally their Troops in a Battle to Create a Socialized (Communist) One World Government.

This Global Climate Fraud Has Nothing To Do With Saving The Planet.

The Fact That A Seemingly Mentally Deranged “Teenage Girl”, in the name of Greta Thunberg, could Become the Poster-Girl for a Global Assault on our Freedoms, is a Siren Call to the Reality, that there are Powerful Worldwide Elements (Adults) Organizing to Destroy our Culture(s) of Independent Freedoms Built upon a Meritocracy, where Individuals, According to the US Constitution, have Inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.

I had Read that Thunberg suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, which would Explain why she’s a Mental-Bomb Going-Off. But it Doesn’t Explain why Millions of other Children Worldwide are being just as Angry & Nuts.

I WAS YOUNG ONCE TOO . . . And I also Did & Said Stupid things, because I wasn’t Old Enough, Educated Enough or Experienced Enough to Know Better. But I, and None of the People I knew and saw at Protests were Spitting Blood – Angry to the Point of Wanting to Take Apart the Society we Lived in.


Let’s Start With The Voters, who Elect Dumbass, Stupid, Corrupt & Incompetent People into Office, who Bribe us with our Own Money.

Then . . . Let’s Heap Mounds Of Blame On The Parents, who aren’t Paying Attention to what the Teachers are Teaching their Children.

We Assume Teachers Are Smart . . . Why Do We Assume That?

Let’s Blame The Teachers, who are Most Responsible for Corrupting our Society, by Teaching Generations of Students Lies & Innuendoes, while either Hiding, Ignoring or Withholding the Truth.

Maybe Teachers Themselves Are Too Stupid & Ignorant To Know The Truth.

Then There’s Hollywood & The Entertainment Industry . . . Which Peddles Make-Believe Worlds as if they were Real, Creating Phony Scenarios, which are Bought Hook Line & Sinker by a Dumbed-Down Population.

Look at the Corporations who Financially Benefit the Most through Fear-Mongering.

And There’s More Than Enough Blame To Lay At The Feet Of The News & Social Media.

Watching the Propagandized Children . . . who are Effectively the Future Army of the LEFT, Bitterly Take to the Streets, Ready to Fight for a Publicly Irresponsible Non-Existent “Crime” – in the Name of Climate Change, which has been Changing for 4.5-BILLION Years, is Finally Enough for Me to Stop Trying to Fight Back using Reason, Facts & Common Sense.

Hitler Wrote His European Manifesto – Men Kampf In 1925 and 14-Years Before the Outbreak of WWII, when it was Already Too Late to Stop this Madman. Very Few People Took Him Seriously.

In 1935 . . . The Nazis Passed The Infamous Nuremberg Laws – Disenfranchising The Rights Of All German Jews. The World Did Nothing.

By 1945 . . . Stalin was Murdering & Imprisoning Millions of Eastern Europeans, who Opposed Stalin’s Style of Communism (Socialism). Churchill & General Patton were Prepared to Stop Stalin Before he Became Unstoppable – But The World Did Nothing.


More Than 100-Million People Died Because Of Socialism/Communism – Billions More Suffered.

I Sincerely Believe We’re At The Tipping Point . . .  when Good People Simply Won’t Take it any More. And the Time is Rapidly Coming when Antifa, or Groups like Antifa will Show-Up to Disrupt, Intimidate & Fight . . . WHEN THE PEOPLE WILL FIGHT BACK.

The Time Is Coming . . . When the Socialist/Communist Traitors will No Longer have a Free Ride to Create their Nazi-Style Big Lies Without Serious Consequences . . . That Will Go Beyond Just A Battle Of Words.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Very well said everything you said are thoughts most Of most American people that think clearly this country is going in the wrong direction and thanks to President Trump the ship is being righted and God willing we will go in the right direction

  2. The left is using the oldest trick in the book: Instill fear and mass hysteria to control the masses. The children have become the pawns in this war and will suffer as a result. Kids are being given meds to cope with “eco-anxiety”, their minds being poisoned by the devious facists. It ain’t gonna end well.

  3. Right as Rain! I watched NewsMax last evening & Pelosi said (paraphrasing) Trump needs to be stopped. Yes, they are going to start impeachment proceeding hoping Trump will NOT have a second term. Trump released the PHONE conversation with Ukraine PM…& NOTHING about Quid Pro Quo. And yet, Biden & the REST of the DEMONICS are NOT being prosecuted…WHY. Because the ‘elected’ think they CAN do anything they want, because UNINFORMED voters won’t stop them. As a Decent Person, I have had it!

  4. Great insight Howard. We are headed for serious conflict as a major portion of society, including Conservative political leaders in Canada are lending their approval to the asinine concept of global warming. Their message fuels the ignorant and unread amongst us, and tragically, people like Greta Thunberg and her handlers. The same thought overcame me today Howard. The time has come when all options are gone and the great Tree of Liberty is about to be nourished with the blood of the patriots.

  5. Howard, you & your readers are not the only ones being discouraged. It appears that the older generation is fully aware but the younger generations are totally ready to destroy their own society. This is happening only in the Western Civilization – it is not happening in countries where the people are under strict control. Total freedom is only for responsible, informed people – it is not being handled properly in our “free” society. What we can do about it – I have NO idea. Keep fighting!!

  6. I cannot remember which Nazi or communist leader said: indoctrinate the children, they will bring down the rest. We need more like you to level the biased idiotic world. Thanks Howard.

  7. Canada’s Libtards and America’s Demorrhoids are at the very least guilty of child abuse.

  8. We are the same age and I am sure that we both had similar educations: you in Canada and me in the US. I learned about Climate Change, it was called the ICE AGES. How every 20,000 years or so huge blocks of ice would move South from the cold North. How the Great Lakes and the Ohio River were formed as well as how to find deposits of gravel that were left at the leading edge of a glacier or that formed pockets underneath one. Socialist, left-wing, progressive politics has destroyed science.

  9. As always You are Right on! Thanks Howard I also remembered in Pubic School I was told Greenland was called that because at one time, no snow was on the island!!!! It was all rich in Green Trees and soil

  10. Just one thing comes to mind about the brainwashing of our youth. Children of the corn anyone ???? Stephen King !!!!

  11. The USA needs the TEA PARTY to gear up and rear up again for the 2020 election cycle. Voters need conservative Constitutionalists on the ballot, not just two names from establishment party pool. And if Tea Party candidates do really well, the Tea Party needs to give more positive consideration to becoming a separate/conservative political party for future elections. Politics needs a harsh shake-up & they could do it. I’d be among the first ones to sign up & leave GOP behind.

  12. I’ve been saying pretty much the same for years and people thought was paranoid. Glad to see someone else the world agrees. Also, glad to hear you and yours are OK after the accident. Keep fighting we need people like you.

  13. HURRAH for GIULIANI! I watched him too. It’s about time that Conservatives start “showing their teeth” and are not being OVER-TALKED! “The Five” expressed themselves in the same manner during their program today. CONFRONTATION SCARES the RADICALS because they are at a LOST FOR WORDS when this happens. The TRUTH is starting to OVERPOWER them! Napolitano loves himself too much! Keep the CHILDREN out of POLITICS. TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME [TDS] is ALIVE & WELL as proven by the LEFT’S LIES! AMEN!

  14. It’s been said many times over and over again by those who are wise: “People who forget history will be condemned to repeat it.” Like most of us on your site, or maybe even all of us who visit here, I wish there were more people like you, Howard. You truly get it. You always did and I believe you always will. Thanks for another tremendous Editorial…. and more power to you. Best wishes to you and to Ann for the upcoming Rosh Hoshana. – Brucester

  15. One of your best H. An excellent summation of where we are today and where we’re going. Greta T is a disgrace and so are the people pushing her from the wings, she will likely become a severe mental case. Pleased you mentioned that dumb ass Hahn who is so annoying, he does live up to his name Chris Chicken (~german translation). Trudeau is getting really good at crawling out of the mire smelling like roses. Recent Townhall meeting, he said he gave Omar Khadar $10million for the good of Canada ?

  16. Your comments re teachers is right on. We all can recall, during our school days, the “great teachers” and the “dolts” who should have been students in class! and never have been allowed to teach. However, has anyone EVER heard of a teacher being fired for incompetence?

  17. What you say is true and bloody well scary if I may say that. My granddaughter is a teacher & she left the school she was in due to fact she was teaching or trying to teach 7th graders who are 12 & 13 what a nightmare she said it was. She left that school took a cut of 10.000.00 a yr cut in pay and no health Ins. to go to a nursery school to teach little five year old manners and good things they are suppose to learn. She teaches them the things we learned long ago.

  18. Does anyone remember the song from Crosby Stills & Nash, Teach Your Children Well? It was always the “Responsibility of the Parents”To raise their Children, NOT anyone else. ESPECIALLY Washington! I would say the Government, BUT most have forgotten here in these United States “It’s We The People” at one time, Until We the People ABDICATED THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SO! Those who stick their Heads in The Sand, forget the part that sticks up GETS KICKED and DAMN HARD! My Wife and I Home Schooled!

  19. Howard, well said. I’m 85 Army vet living on SS born conservative and wondering why and when “we” will wake up and start to give the far left the same as they are giving to us. My guess…….never

  20. I am putting your editorial on Face Book. I don’t have much of a following, but if every on of your readers would do the same, it sure would increase your message to thousands more. Maybe you could suggest this to your readers. Your message is vital to get out to as many as possible.

  21. Howard, in all your editorials this is the absolute best. Bravo. I am standing on my chair applauding.

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