It Could Have Been Worse & You Couldn’t Have Been Better


Thank Everyone For Your Good Wishes . . . The Crash, which Anne, Stryker, the Woman in the other Car & I Survived this Past Friday 13th could have been Even Worse.

Our Truck is a 2017 F-250, built like a Tank . . .  and even now, the Repair Center, our Insurance Provider & I are Debating whether to Repair or Scrap the F-250. We’ll have a better Idea by Tomorrow (Thursday September 19, 2019), when they get to check the Frame – Etc.

I Read All The Comments & All The Emails . . . Anne & I are Very Grateful for your Concerns and Supportive Words.

As for the Financial Support many of you Contributed this Month, as you can Imagine, I’ve been Inundated with Taking Care of the Aftermath of this Accident. And I was somewhat Stressed-Out as a Result.


Every Thank You Email I send out for your support, I do Personally. These Thank You Emails ARE NOT Sent Out as Part of an Algorithm. They are Sent Out One by One by Me. I will Start Sending the Thank You Letters out Later Today or Tomorrow.


Israel Is On The Cusp Of Committing Political Suicide . . . Because of a Litany of Issues. The Most Important is the Political Power-Greed amongst Israel’s Leaders, no less really than in Canada & the USA. And the fact that more than Half of the Israeli Voting Population Wants to be “SO FAIR & ACCOMMODATING” . . . That Israel Will “Fair & Accommodate” Itself out of Existence.

I Think Netanyahu Did A Great Job As The Israeli Prime Minister . . . But Netanyahu is in my Opinion . . . The Poster-Boy For Fixed-Terms In Office.

Two Terms (Or 8-Year Total) Is More Than Enough.

I also think Israel is a Perfect Example for how Convoluted a Government can and does Become, when Everyone has a Political Opinion within a Plethora of Parties & Special Interest Groups, which Guarantees Political Grid Lock & Bad Government.


Also . . . No One Is More Pro-Israel Than Me – And I can Tell you through Personal Experience as a former Student of an Ultra-Religious Montreal Yeshiva (Rabbinical College), and Face to Face Interactions I had with the Ultra-Religious Population in Israel – There Is No Room For A Mix Of Religion & Government, other than to Establish Decency through Secular Laws Based Upon the VALUES of Judeo/Christianity.

And Finally . . . Israel Needs A Constitution just like America Enjoys. Because, without a Real Constitution that Spells-Out the Jurisdictional Authorities and the Do’s & Don’ts of Rights . . . the Judicial Branch of Government, as in Israel, Makes Laws in Spite of the Elected Will of the People.


“The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost”.

Kaepernick Disrespects the Freest Country In The World by Taking a Knee to the US Anthem and the American Flag, which Made him Famous & Wealthy, while the NFL has Done Nothing to Take a Pro-American Stand Against Kaepernick’s Insolence.


These American Thugs Are Not Role Models.

Mostly Black NFL Players, Mostly, because Most NFL Players who are Black, are Constantly Involved in Nefarious Deeds, from Drunk Driving, Possessing Illegal Firearms, Beating-Up Girlfriends & Wives, Getting into Bar Fights, Taking Drugs – Etc . . . Virtually All Of Which, Without Serious Consequences.

Couple the Preceding with The Fact, that Many of these Black Millionaire Players . . . are Unintelligible when they Speak, and unless things have Changed, can Hardly Read & Write. And have Zero Commitment to the City where they Play.

And the Average American who wishes to go to a “Game” – Can’t Afford the Obscene Ticket Prices, Parking and the Usurious Costs of Refreshments . . . to Cheer on Players, who couldn’t Really give a Crap about the Fans.


It’s No Wonder The Stadiums Are Showing Massive Empty Game-Day Seats.


If We Can’t Sue The Media For “Un-Truths” . . . Freedom Of Expression Is A Joke.

BUT WHY STOP THERE? Politicians & Judges Must Also Be Held to Account & Prosecuted for Willingly & Knowingly Creating & Perpetuating Lies & Disinformation.

If We Can’t Trust The Media, The Judiciary & Our Politicians . . . Who Can We Trust?

AS FOR WHITE PRIVILEGE . . . The Anti-White Racists – Including Self-Hating Whites, would do very well to Rethink what they Say and How they Say It. What They Call White Privilege . . . Built North America . . . With Risk, Personal Ruin, Blood, Sweat & Tears.

And The Last Thing People Of Color Want Or Need Is A White Backlash.


With Every Passing-Day, the LEFT are Embarrassing Themselves & the United States of America, with their Outlandish & Fantastic Anti-American Claims, about how Racist America is as a Country; and how Badly America is doing Internally and on the International Stage, while America is the Singular Bulwark for World Freedom, and is Sporting the Best “Peacetime” Economy the World has ever Seen.

It Is Unfathomable . . . How the LEFT are Digging such a Hole for Themselves, that the Democrat Party very well Might Not Survive the Result of the Forthcoming 2020 Election . . . And Deservedly So.

As For Canada’s Impending Federal Election – Trudeau Might Get What He Deserves . . . Wouldn’t That Be Grand?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Quote; ” the Judicial Branch of Government, as in Israel, Makes Laws in Spite of the Elected Will of the People.” That is the way Marxist mendacity works – change or make law without public input – to benefit…Marzism.

  2. Don’t forget the Demorrhoid contenders are talking down to a huge demographic of useful idiots. Also don’t underestimate the power of the corrupt left-wing media to influence millions of low-information voters. A Trump/GOP landslide is not a sure thing. Note how Pocohantas Warren wows the crowds who cheer her lunacy. I fear that sanity will not prevail in 2020.

  3. Canada also would have been better off with a Constitution similar to that of the US. The concept of the House and the Senate was to even out the needs ad wants of various constituencies represented at that time by the 13 colonies. It was also to prevent the domination of the most populous states. We can see this problem in modern-day Canada where 3 provinces lord it over all of the others because of their populations and not because of their contributions to the benefit of the others.

  4. I quit watching NFL when the kneeling started. These useful (useless) idiots should be fired on the spot, and removed from the field! Yes, in Canada we need an elected Senate, with 2 reps from each Province. Everything passed by the House, must then go to the Senate for a binding vote. But this is not likely to happen because the Marxists are in control, and like it just the way it is. All the power in Quebec and Ontario. The West doesn’t have a hope until they separate. Soon I hope.

  5. Good one Howard. The truth in writing comes hard these days for so many journalists. Nice to see someone with the courage and conviction you have, to tell the stories that need to be told, such as this one, and in full honesty!

  6. Great Editorial !!! The Nike video w/Kaepernick just won a ‘coveted’ award & he wants back into the NFL. I stopped watching, attending & buying any & ALL NFL memorabilia when ‘K’ took a knee. And THAT is why there are EMPTY seats as well as Prices for tickets & goodies. I think Israel is DUE for a ‘change’. I only hope a CONSTITUTION is in their future. Term Limits in every government should be mandatory.

  7. I quit watching baseball the last time the poor little rich guys went on strike for more money. I quit watching football when kaepernick and company took over the nfl. I’m considering stopping na$car because of their stance against guns. I don’t care for soccer, basketball or hockey. I guess i’ll watch chick-flicks with my wife…

  8. Umm Chick Flicks ! On another note 8 yrs max terms PLUS and age requirement Anything past 65 is too old in my opinion to represent any part of the population . Also I believe Politicians were and are elected to Govern as in make things work Not Change the world into their vision of Nirvana . Somehow that basic principle has eroded into what we see today.

  9. What a wonderful way you have with words. You are spot on but the ninnies of today can barely read write or do math.’ You are way above their head. Some will not know what they had until they loose it.. send me your new address in Texas. I prefer to send my little bit to you there. Have a safe and wonderful trip south, Amore Billie

  10. Howard, I’m so glad you Ann and Stryker are well. Hope the truck is too.

  11. Janet Clement, to adjust the print size, simply hold down you control (Ctrl) key and move your mouse wheel forward or backward.

  12. Do take some time to rest and recoup after the accident. Your readers will understand if next editorial doesn’t come for a week or so. The accident not only caused physical aches/pains but the stress takes a heavy toll as well. It won’t hurt to take some time to recoup, and it most definitely will help. Take care of yourself so you can keep going for years to come. God bless & give you renewed strength.

  13. Howard Your comment America is the Singular Bulwark for World Freedom is the main reason America is so hated by so many.

  14. Jane Clement – press the buttons “ctrl” and “shift” simultaneously and then press “+” (it’s on the opposite corner of the keyboard) and all the print gets larger. Repeat until you feel comfortable with the font size. And Howard, you’re the best! Shana tova. Sending my support. Wish I could afford more.

  15. Just learned of your accident. Glad you are okay! We wish you a Shuna Tovah! 5780… to you and all….

  16. I am glad you are all okay. Am going through my own difficulties at this time or I would support you more.

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