Meaningless Overused Words . . . Racism & Democracy

GIVEN THAT . . . Hitler Won Control Of Germany By The "Democratic" Process.

The Word Democracy Has No Real Meaning Beyond Propaganda.

The Generally Associated Meaning of the Word “Democracy” Connotes the Concept of Freedom. But Democracy Never Referred to being Free. The Actual Meaning of Democracy Taken from its Ancient Greek Origin Means . . . Rule Of The Majority By The People.

GIVEN THAT . . . Hitler Won Control Of Germany By The Democratic Process.

Do You Remember . . . when the Severely Restrictive Communist State of East Germany Before “Reunification”, was Called the “DDR”, commonly Referred to by its English Translation, as the Democratic Republic of Germany, with a Special Emphasis on the Word “Democratic”?

East Germany Called Itself Democratic . . . But Was NOTHING even Close to being Free or Democratic – in the way we Understand it to be, since it Seems that the Word Democratic Means Whatever the Speaker or Beholder Wants it to Mean.

In Fact, the DDR was a Malevolent Dictatorship where East Germans were Tortured & Murdered for trying to Escape to the West, or were found Guilty of Carrying-On UNSANCTIONED Government Fiscal Enterprises.


Worse . . . The Educational System was the First Weapon Used to Brainwash Children from the Youngest Age to Believe First & Foremost in the State & State Control, where Children were Encouraged to Spy on their Parents, Siblings & Extended Family, right into their Adulthood, where even Husbands & Wives couldn’t Trust Each Other from not being Turned-In to the “Authorities”.

THERE WAS PLENTY OF PRESS . . .  Regrettably – it was Controlled Press, where the Government told the People Everything the Government WANTED the People to Know.

And to Illustrate how Great the DDR was . . . Enormous amounts of Effort & National Treasure were “Invested” by this Bankrupt Nation into National Sports Teams & Athletes, to give a Downtrodden People something to Cheer about, and to have Pride in their Nation, even when WINNING for the DDR usually meant Cheating, where Female Athletes were Given Male Hormones, some Effeminate Men Competed in Women’s Classes, and DDR Judges were Usually “Fixed”.


To Even Suggest . . . that there was – or is even a Hint of Democracy in China, Especially as we understand Democracy to be, after the Great Communist Revolution of Mao Zedong, would be a Monumental Lie, Yet That Was Exactly How China Referred To Itself.

And How About The DPRK – The “Democratic” People’s Republic of (North) Korea. How Democratic is North Korea, which Starves, Tortures & Enslaves its Own People, as this Utterly Impoverished Nation Launches Test Missiles over Sovereign Neighboring Territories, Explodes Nuclear Bombs Underground, Threatens the World with Armageddon & Sells its Nuclear Technology & Rockets to Nefarious Hate-Filled Global Customers?

Yet . . . To Hear It From The American LEFT – Freedom Is Somehow A Threat To Democracy?


Understand This . . . The United States Of America Is NOT A Racist Country.

There will always be People in Any and in Every Society who are Racist to some Degree. It Can’t be helped, since it’s just the way Human Nature is, whether we cast Dispersions upon certain People who are Different in one way or another from Oneself.

But that Doesn’t Mean People are Evil or Harmful. It just means that Most People are more Comfortable being with People of Kind . . . Not In Anyway Discriminating Against People Who Are Different.

We’re All Different . . . And We all Stand-Out For Our Differences.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . The United States of America might very Well Be the Least Racist Country on the Planet, with the Exception of the American LEFT, which wants the People of America to See Racism Wherever the People Look, using the Term Racism as a Socio/Political Weapon for the LEFT to Press Forward with the LEFT’S Insane Drive to a Socialist One World Government.

If The United States Of America Was Really Racist – Would The American People Have Voted In A Black Man To Be President Of America . . . Not Once – But Twice? I Rest My Case.


Screw The LEFT! Israel . . . like any other Country has the Right to Ban anyone it does not want to Enter into its Sovereign Territory, just like America Bans People from Entering into the USA, Including Foreign Politicians.

These Two Female Democrat Members Of Congress . . . Support BDS, which if Successful, would Mean the End of the Jewish State. And if that Meant a Militarily Weakened Israel, it Could even Lead to a Second Holocaust.

So Why Would Israel Allow-In Two Women Who Want To Destroy Israel?


If You Want To Know What Is All About . . . Simply Read my Mission Statement on the Home Page of this BLOG, and it will Fully Describe why I Write, Say & Advocate for the Things that I Do.

IF WE WANT TO REMAIN FREE . . . Or more Appropriately – Win Back our Freedoms, which have Slowly been Revoked by the People we Elect in the False Premise of Doing What’s Good for the Majority . . . There Better Be No Shortage Of People Like Me, Who Will Truthfully Write & Speak Honestly For People Like You.

I Just Spent A Ton Of Money Upgrading . . . with more to be Spent, as you Can See in the Revised Look of the BLOG. The Real Cost though, is in what you Can’t see in the “Backdoor” of the BLOG where all the Work Happens.

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And As I Always Write . . . Whether you Help Support or Not, I will still Continue to Write, Speak & Advocate for the Freedoms we Have, and to Help Win Back the Freedoms we’ve Lost.

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Thank You In Advance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Rule of thumb: If a country has the word “Democratic” in its official name, it ain’t democratic. Even America’s “Democratic” Party has rules whereby superdelegates have more votes at their convention, putting their finger on the scale for their preferred candidate (“some animals are more equal than others…”), so it’s anything but ‘democratic”. Kudos to Bibi (&Trump). No country has to allow it’s enemies to roam freely within its borders. Omar & Tlaib are enemies of Israel – and of Jews

  2. In the early 1960’s I went to Germany to visit relatives, who just happened lived close to the East German Wall. A ribbon of cleared forrest, with mine fields, for as far as the eye could see, with guard towers at every high point. It was really an amazing thing to see. I think Trump might be able to find some of those East German Engineers to help with our Southern Border.

  3. Fascists, Socialists and their Dictator’s use democracy to get into power …after which democracy is no longer needed.

  4. Democracy was once defined as “three foxes and two hens voting on what’s for lunch.” Majority rule — potentially a tyranny — must always be balanced by protection of individual rights. That’s why s. 1 of Canada’s charter of rights defines the country as “free and democratic” not just “democratic.” A laudable ideal and one that Canada should live up to, considering the existence of Bill 101 in Quebec.

  5. Too many people in the USA do not have a clue regarding the difference between a Democracy and a Republic.. This is part of the problem as well.

  6. You did not mention the fact the USA was founded as a Republic but has been, very deliberately morphed into a Democracy, i.e., rule by majority ——– freedom is not mentioned ——- as per the definition given above. That is exactly where the USA is headed as the Liberal’s gain more & more control All enabled by the, so called, educational system and their liberal bias.

  7. Thank God for our Forefathers setting up the Electoral College. Otherwise we would be ruled by the popular vote – meaning New York and California.

  8. Howard you live in a country where everyone boasts of our democracy and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Isn’t it ironic that the Charter was first major step forward in taking away our rights and freedoms? In the first paragraph it states, …except where…reasonable…”. It was designed from the beginning to enable the government to take freedoms away. Now we have an Election Debates Commission which has designed the rules so as to exclude a bonafide new political party. Some democracy!

  9. Hey, Perry Birman! Those two clowns are also enemies of the U.S.A. We’d better watch out for social media and the millennials in the next election. Pocahontas wants to give them whatever freebies they’re looking for.

  10. Venezuela turned to socialism under democracy. Look where they are now. I lived there for two years and saw the beginning of this.

  11. Howard, the BDS boycott is nothing less than antisemitism and anti-Israel. The “left” can put any spin on it they want to… but the truth is BDS is against Israel and the Jewish people. How the “left” or supporters of BDS can be so damn BLIND is beyond me….but there is also another truth: There is none so blind who cannot see. :>( Brucester

  12. What eats at my craw is Leftist stating everyone on the right is racist but the left in high voices support the BDS movement and are anti-semitic. With the left, it’s always to as I say, not as I do. The left demon rats candidates have openly talked against obama, a black president. Now if that doesn’t make them racist themselves, what does?

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