If Any Culture Is Owed The Right To Hate . . .


As A Canadian . . . Even Though Canada is a Sovereign Country with our Own Constitution (For What It’s Worth), Canada Remains a Member of the Commonwealth, Represented by the British Monarch as Canada’s Head of State.

Yesterday (September 8, 2022) it was Queen Elizabeth II . . . The Moment The Queen Took Her Last Breath . . . Canada’s New Head Of State Was Charles III.


Even Though the Monarchy is Virtually a Titular Institution with Little to No Power Throughout the Commonwealth (More Than 50-States) . . . The World Needs Continuity & A Moral Compass To Steer Civilization In A Civil Direction.


America’s Royalty Are Narcissistic Hollywood, Entertainment & Athletic Scum, who Worship Greed, Debauchery & Extreme Personal Wealth, who are Self-Absorbed in their Personal World of Privilege . . . That Is Becoming More & More Influential To A Despotic Society Every Day.


I Wasn’t Aghast at the LEFTIST Convoluted Media Spin of the Death of Queen Elizabeth II since I Expected No Less from Uneducated People with a Seriously Dangerous Ignorance of History.

But . . . For America’s LEFTIST Media & Influencers to State Publicly that the Death of the Queen was a Good Thing, Especially By Black Americans, because Queen Elizabeth II Represented a Nation (Great Britain) that Colonized the World & Dealt in the Slavery of Black Human Beings . . . Goes Beyond The Pale.

Abraham Lincoln Passed The Emancipation Proclamation On January 1, 1863, which Freed America’s Slave Population . . . And If The Dumb-Ass American Anti-Monarchists Knew Anything About History . . . They would Know that the British Monarchy Outlawed any Trade Whatsoever in Slavery on March 25, 1807 By Royal Decree Through King George III . . . 56-Years Before America’s Proclamation Of Emancipation.

And Not To Defend The History Of Great Britain . . . But To Defend History Itself. Great Britain Brought Modernity, Literacy, Democracy & Wealth to More than a Hundred Countries, Most of Which After Centuries . . . Still Choose to Remain as Commonwealth Countries.


If Harry & Meghan Markle Are The New Faces Of Royalty – The End Has Come.


We’re Not In Trouble Because Of What We Know – We’re In Trouble For What We Don’t Know.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am an American, but the death of Queen Elizabeth has impacted me. She has been queen almost my entire life of 73 years, and I actually remember watching her coronation as a small child of 4. I have now lost an important element from the wallpaper of my mind’s eye, and I feel the loss as I did when Rush Limbaugh passed on. Now we have King Charles, who is an utter leftist idiot. Last night Tucker Carlson explained how much good Britain has done for the world. Excellent.

  2. All these people spouting off about colonization, death of queen being a good thing and so on, are nothing but ignorants of history and the world in which we live. Not one of them can show you a proper degree in World History, Geography, Politics and Economics that shape our world. Not one ever read a damned book on the topic. They all mindlessly watch junk media that fills their empty heads with cartoon news and nonsensical garbage. The intellectual zombies rule our planet today.

  3. A Great Majestic Lady has passed. Long live our memories of her compassion and unblemished record throughout her 70 year reign. Charles will be a much different story.

  4. I was 12 when Queen Elizabeth was crowned Queen. She projected and lived God, Country, Family. She was never involved in politics, but was extremely made aware of all that her country was doing as well as other countries. No other Monarch ever applied her values. Service to others was her dedication. I will miss her deeply. I sincerely pray her values will be followed by King Charles.

  5. Hi Howard I think your 4th paragraph actually also describes the British royalty best.

  6. God Bless the Queen for all she endured in her last decade. Meghan has been the Yoko Ono equivalent at the Palace, egged on by the “prophet” Oprah who once begged a younger Donald Trump to run for President. Prince Charles (I will start calling him King if and when he ever deserves it), has been the Gold Standard Anti-Semite who refused for decades to visit Israel. I thought we had rid ourselves of his type in 1948 (thank you Menachem Begin). A must read ” The Prime Ministers” (re his life).

  7. Remember the WWII photo of the Queen driving an Army truck? Showing that everyone needs to do their part for the country. Also look at the countries that England colonized – how much more progressive/modern they became.

  8. Back in the day the King and Queen ruled England and and the rest of their countries, even Canada. As of now the King and Queen play no part in politics. So, for the last 70 years the people of England supported the King and Queen of England and they had very little control of the government. To lots of people, the King and Queen were nothing more than freeloaders. This is where the people of England are at now. Are they (the people of England) going to keep on supporting a King and Queen.

  9. She was a great lady who led a lifetime of service to her country. I can’t imagine her not being there anymore! She was queen since before I was born. My condolences to the UK for your great loss.

  10. Lincoln, in 1863 freed only the slaves in the confederate state, he freed no slaves in the north!

  11. Howard Great Ed: in 1964 I have pledged Loyalty to Her Majesty The Queen. This holds true to this day. The Queen is Dead Long Live The King

  12. I remember watching her coronation. Hearing how much the robe & crown weighed, I wondered how she was standing, much less walking down that long aisle. But she held herself erect with grace. The whole thing including the procession with the carriage carrying her & Prince Philip to Buckingham Palace was like a fairy tale – but then I was just 10 at the time. She will definitely be remembered & missed very much.

  13. This is only roughly on the same topic. Back in 1973 I became a taxi driver in Ottawa. Before starting I interviewed older drivers. One man looked distinguished and his reading material was heavy. He was also from India. I asked him what he thought of the European missionaries who came to India. He said, “I’m a Catholic myself. Without a shadow of doubt if today there is any vestige of integrity in the governing of India, it comes as the direct result of the influence of European missionaries.

  14. It is difficult for me to admire anyone born to Royalty. It is also hard for me to admire Sports Figures who make tons of money paying games. As far as Actors if all of them were beamed up by Aliens I would not shed a tear. As a Veteran, I feel pain in my heart each time I go to the VA and see the real cost of freedom paid for with the Blood and Bodies of Real Men and Women who served, them I look up too. Billions are spent on these Royal Freeloaders.

  15. Your statement “We’re not in trouble because of what we know–We’re in trouble for what we don’t know” SUMS UP the real problems of Americans today. Maybe even better to say “that the real reason America is in trouble today is because of what we think we know.”

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