See-It . . . Atlas Shrugged


But To The Great Credit Of Amazon, they Have Included Ayn Rand’s Classic Atlas Shrugged to their Streaming Choices, which is Without Question the Bible of Actual Constitutional Conservatism.

And Perhaps The Most Important Book Ever Written As A Precursor To Tyranny.

The Atlas Shrugged Series on Amazon is Three Parts, which Very Closely Follows the Tome (More than 1,000 Pages) Written More than a Half Century Ago (63-Years) by Ayn Rand, which was the Warning of Her Time & Prescient of What the United States of America & Much of the World is Experiencing Today, Almost As A Roadmap To Where We Are Heading.

Even Though Atlas Shrugged Is Entertaining . . . Atlas Shrugged Is A Crucial Guide To Where We Are & Where We’re Going.


If You’ve Read Atlas Shrugged . . . You Will Appreciate How True This Conservative Movie Is To The Written Novel. And if you Haven’t Read Atlas Shrugged, Here’s your Opportunity to Know Why I Make so Many References to Atlas Shrugged . . . To Where We Are Today . . . Politically & Socially.

If you’re Not an Amazon Member, And you Can Afford to Join Amazon Prime Membership, even for just One Month (Approximately $15) . . . It Will Be $15 Dollars Well Spent.


What The Left Have Achieved Is Nothing New . . . It Is A Repeat Of Tyrannical Societies Throughout History.

REMEMBER THE WORDS OF THE NAZIS – Create The Lie. Tell The Lie, Make The Lie Big Enough & Repeat It Often Enough . . . Until The People Believe It.

What Kind Of A Society Is It That So Aggressively Shouts The Words . . . Saving Democracy – As it FORBIDS Free Speech in Academia, from High School to Post Grad University? That Believes in Censorship? And Can be Relied Upon to Overthrow the Supreme Court of America Because Not all the Judgments Go to the Decisions the LEFT Demands?

Had American Academia Put As Much Effort Into Teaching The 3-R’s . . . As it Has into Teaching Sedition, Racism & Debauchery . . . The American Youth Would be the Stellar Global Leaders of Educational Prowess . . . Rather Than Being Ranked Amongst The Worst Educated Young People Amongst Civilized Societies.


I’ve Written For As Long As I Can Remember . . . that the Greatest Threat to our Freedoms are the Freedoms that Give Tyrants a Green Light to Institutionalized Tyranny . . . In The Name Of Democracy.

If You Need A Current Example Of My Above Claim . . . Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s Suspension of Canada’s Civil Rights & Liberty . . . by the Passage of Canada’s Emergency Act, which in Trudeau’s Words . . . Was To Defend Canada’s Democracy.

You Take Away Canada’s Freedoms To Promote Freedom . . . Remarkably – A Frightening Number Of Canadians Buy That Bullshit.

Where’s The Democracy In Threatening Politicians Who Are In Opposition, and the Lives, Privacy & Sanctity of Supreme Court Justices? Or the Use of the State to Hold Kangaroo Court Hearings to Overthrow Politicians who the LEFT Can’t Defeat?

Our Youth Of Today Are So Brainwashed By The Media . . . to Hate the Country (USA) that has Led & Inspired the World for Far More than a Century . . . by Way of Academia, Legacy News Media, Social-Media, Hollywood, the Music Industry, Globalist Corporations, Organized Communist Strategies & Foreign Conspiracies . . . For Our Youth To Believe That Freedom Is A Threat To The Essence Of Our Societies.

Ask A Young Leftist Today . . . How Is Your Right To Censor Me Now, Going To Guarantee Your Right To Free Speech Tomorrow?

Atlas Shrugged The Movie . . . in Several Significant Ways Reminds Me of The Great Dictator, Written & Created Almost Single Handedly by Charlie Chaplin in 1940.


The Modern Streaming-Movie Of Atlas Shrugged, which the Writers, Directors, Actors, Producers and all Others Associated with the Production & Distribution of the Three Part Series Couldn’t Get Support or Financing – which Made it Almost Impossible for the Production to Have Three Completed Episodes, which you will see for yourselves with Wholesale Actor Changes in Each Episode.

What Likens Atlas Shrugged – to Charlie Chaplin’s Great Dictator’s Warning about the Evil of Adolf Hitler & Nazism . . . is How Charlie Chaplin Couldn’t Find any Support for his Movie, which Later Became one of the Most Important Comments on the Nazis and the Consequences to the Jews.

Not Only Did Chaplin Write, Direct & Produce The Great Dictator – He Also Financed-It.

Neither Production (Atlas Shrugged Or The Great Dictator) Had the Support of Hollywood & The Movie Houses Throughout America, which Attempted to Block & Silence the Showing of Both.

Ayn Rand Was A Committed Capitalist . . . Charlie Chaplin Was A Committed Communist . . . What Did They Have In Common?

Even Though the Social/Economic Views of Rand & Chaplin Couldn’t Have been More Different . . . They Both Feared The Exact Same Evil Of Fascism . . . which are Simply Opposite Sides of the Same Coin.


Crap Lustful Movies Get Academy Awards . . . Movies Of Conservative Social Values Become Venerated.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What a sad, sad world we live in….governments have done this on purpose…government IS the problem $$$$….Canada is a mess…..just follow the money….crooked and corrupt to the core….governments = judges = police = teachers = doctors…..ALL on the take…..all delusional, brain dead order takers…. $$$….divide and conquer…..while ALL getting full pay…lolllll….what a mess. It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.

  2. Have read it often over the years (first read in college back in the early 60s). Amazing how closely our country has followed Ayn’s story line into Hades over the years. Even more amazing that so few folks saw much less understood what was happening to our country during this time. Will read again just to remind myself that there are people who think in this world.

  3. “Crap Lustful Movies Get Academy Awards . . . Movies Of Conservative Social Values Become Venerated.” Indeed, this is where we are, and have been, for the last 50 years at least. Thanks for the heads up on ‘Atlas Shrugged’.

  4. Many years ago I read Atlas I think that it’s about time I read it once again. Howard you get a home run on todays blog keep it up !!!!

  5. Communists have taken over our FBI, CIA, AG, NEA, much of congress, media, etc. CNN (Communist News Network) is a brainwashing machine. NO ONE INVESTIGATES THE CLINTONS, OBAMAS, BIDENS, ET AL They are the criminals of this country. I personally witnessed the corrupt election of LBJ. No one will listen or pay mention to these facts. They just keeop asking for donations. Why should I?

  6. I just checked Prime for Atlas Shruged and it’s listed twice, one set is from prime, all of which say “Unavailable”. The second set of three can be watched with ads via FREEVEE. Great article, Howard!

  7. I believe Gary Cooper played the hero. Dead on predictive as to the now. Also at my time then, 1950’s, there were no child murders in schools and teen age killers. Read ” On Killing” by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (circa 1995) and you’ll see why Donald Trump called the soldier in the trenches heroes and not Mc Cain. The why today in all in there and in Ayn Rand. Fear not for our future, the veterans will protect us.

  8. I’ve read “Atlas Shrugged” cover to cover a total of 4 times, learning something new every time. The 3rd time was at the beginning of the Obama administration, when I realized that we were rapidly heading down the prescient path Ms Rand had laid out. President Trump’s term temporarily halted that head-long rush but the current admin has us recklessly moving ahead again. To all readers of Howard’s blog, if you haven’t read the book, you need to take the time and do so.

  9. You are correct, Mr. G. My first semester of College literature our assignment was to read Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged and give a dissertation of 5,000 words +. Our Professor was adamant that this COULD happen if we did not change our way of life. They don’t teach this way any longer. It actually started me to get involved in MY government, which in itself was an eye opener. I, like Mr. Vavra has, re-read this book more than once. I want a tomorrow, but not as we have today. God Bless

  10. A wonderful book, a must read. It’s also available on Audible for those who spend many hours driving and want to listen to a great book. The movie was an excellent effort to convey Rands thoughts and perhaps better for not having Hollywood involved. I’m inspired by your comments to read the book again.

  11. Atlas Shrugged is a great read. The movie kind of did it justice. New movies full of garbage language, sex and blood letting seem to win awards. Who votes for the awards, the idiots that make the movies. Most of the Actors could not hold down a real job with their drugged/alcohol brains. They via to see who can be the most Outlandish. Sports figures seem to be the same way, criminals who get paid to play a game. $36+ million to play basketball? Yes, just signed. What a Role Model for Kids.

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